Monday, October 28, 1968

Charleston Daily Mail

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 28, 1968, Charleston, West Virginia JHt WBATHSR (Sfonrfegton FINAL EDITION VQiUMg 131-NQ. 102 CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, MONDAY EVENING, OaOBER 21, 1968 TEN CENTS LONDON ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATOR DEMONSTRATES U.S. Ship Flees China Gunboats Firing Rockets HONG KONG w Two Com- munist Chinese gunboats circled and then fired three warning flms across the bow of a U.S. freighter off Chinese-held islands near Hong Kong today. U.S. consulate officials idcnti- shells into the guns, but thank God they did not fire on us." Consulate official.-, said an in- vestigation was under way and that Hodden's account of the in- The Communist gunboats did not give chase. The freighter anchored only briefly in Hong Kong harbor, took on some provisions, and sailed MB taim frora: cident would be made avail- before the incident became able pending that investigation, i known. Other sources, however, saidl The consulate listed its cap- le Thunderhead slowed only I tain as R. A. Sodden. Shipping briefly when the gunboats cir- reference books list the Thunder- 'cled- tnen Pickeu UP 8Peed head as owned by the Bat- tery steamsWP Corp. and reg- listered out of Ve Lema Islands group, about 25 miles south of Hong Kong, when the two Communist gunboats sped up, crossed the Thunder- lead's bow, circled her and fired the warning flares. "There was some confusion SOUTH VIETS TAKE TOLL Red Unit Blunted In Ben Cat March Czechs Show Patriotism By Marches How to flatfoot a London bobby could be the caption for this picture of a demonstrator kicking a police- man after violence broke out during anti-Vietnam war demonstration near the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, over the weekend. AP Wirephoto. LATE BULLETINS TOKYO A mild earthquake shook Tokyo and central _________________________ Japan just before midnight Monday night, the Central Meteor- about exactly what the flares! ologk-al Agency Said. There were no reports of damage Seaman Frank Greene) casualties, was quoted as saying, "but ap- parently they wanted US to stop: PARIS in Homemade bombs exploded today in front of we did not do." three buildings owned by the Citroen Automobile Co. No one Frank said the gunboats bore was iajared bit there was ceasideraMe damage. It was tbongnt the numbers 3471 and 3451. tie attacks might be ta pretest agaiist the that Another crewman, Engine Wip- er Bernie Freehold, was quoted as saying fee gunboats "swivel- led their guns and aimed themj straight at us. I saw them shove JFK MEMORIAL SPLIT PRAGUE (AP) Thou- SAIGON South Vietnamese infantrymen smashed into troops from a veteran North Vietnamese regiment that spear- beaded two offensives on Saigon this year, government military. g a n d s of Czechoslovaks headquarters announced today 'marched' in Prague today in. A government spokesman said 32 soldiers from North v'et-, ,ri ti demonstrations with1 nam's Dong Nai Regiment were killed and 13 others captured in heavy fighting Sunday 24 miles north of Saigon. The prison- h P er. included a Uttalion deputy commander company "Wi mander, the spokeanu. said. a on tb. U, 8. London Protestors Held Short Of Riot LONDON un Police on Sunday contained and controlled The South Vietnamese troops also seized 21 weapons in the i up two tar shells, bazooka-type rockets and grenades. Six South Vietnamese were reported killed and 20 wounded. HANOI DENIES BOMBING END CONCESSIONS marched It was the fust time a sizablclpraen of the Dong Nai Regiment been in action since 5. when the regiment was nut chanting to the gates, of IP'S presirientlnl rastlp "Rus 'Better dead later go home' than the Mn 1 i renjilnii <ii net ni l Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede, west An explosion Saturday night split the seven-ton stone slab dam the middle. The local chief of detectives said it could have been picture brightened at firemen badly mauled in an attack on leaders inside presided over marriage to'Aristotle Onassis" Saigon. Its reappearance anniversary ceremony an antiwar protest or possibly a protest against lira. Kennedy's cated it may be back strength to full! a Then about 3'000 The Dong Nai Regiment also m was in heavy fighting in Pit, inom :tnarchcd behind "We have a lead and we hope of during the Tet offensive last Feb- c cnceslas Square car- i poUce estimated about ruary. South Ithe heart of the capital marched through Lon- don, all but a few hundred peacefully. Some demon- 'site of the American Embassy, Vietnam's official radio denied today that North Vietnam "is ready to accept" any U.S. con- ditions in return for a U.S. bombing halt of North Vietnam, Radio Hanoi thus went one step further than it had in three previous days, during which it denied that North Vietnam had accepted any such conditions Vietnamese ci'y's historicistrated in Grosvenor Square, ters said the Dong Nai Regi- OId Town ment may have been preparing was the first time since the'and In attack the key district town'Soviet-led military invasion in awav for of Ben Cat, and the government, August that Czechoslovaks Plf operation was launched "in a public demonstration in] As theenemv in the .Prague. The march took place Darred their way, the red-del- meted Maoists and anarchists at mounted the demonstration. Be would have taken the blame if the po- lice r....... it. behind tte pmte cordon, ta Board of Educatioa Grosvenor Square and told one detachment: "Well done, Thank you all very much." issued N.Y. TEACHER CHIEF MAKES PEACE OFFER CHrten and Fiat tf Italy kad signed an agreement Itakfag Ike firms. LONDON Diana Dors, 36, bnsty Monde sex symbol of British movies, amnmiced today she win marry Alaa Lake, a IdeviiiM actor nine years her junior. Twice-mimed Miss Dors saM ske met Lake earlier this month and (key decided to get married after a whirlwind romance. LBJ, HUMPHREY RETORT NEW YORK (AP) Teach-( ers' union president Albert Shanker has proposed a plan which be says could end the teachers strike and get 1.1 mil at lion pupils back Wo capital, schools this week Charges By Nixon Lashed As Unfair Meanwhile, fee city's labor announced they were policemen in ending their slowdowns. Shanker's conditions Sunday following icir work the SS.OOO-member United Fed- on hit Friday statement that he eration of Teachers coincided did not believe speculation that cunt? gap and charges about by May Johnson would make "a cynical, Saying some of the proposals 'are negotiable" awl that it ap- peared "to be the only way out area southeast of Ben Cat." It was one of three actions re- ported around Saigon. U.S. and South Vietnamese forces and to the city. another 38 enemy soldiers and; The youthful demonstrators despite warnings the nation's leaders that anti-Soviet oui could bring a return of seized 27 weapons in two clash- es 10 and 12 miles south of the capital. Two Americans were gates several times in an at- lithe last few Radio The US. Command an- Hanoi declared in a Viet--------- namese-language monitored in Hong Kong, U. S. propaganda rnachnu spread new base falsehoods that Hanoi is ready to accept a num- ber of conditions of .reciprocity. "These falsehoods are com- SiwPttanda machine hasZM North Vietnamese weapons rear driveway. 7 Ikn laprtAOl knttWioM Thpro Wpfff in one of the largest battlefield hauls of the war. The troops of the 5th Mecha- nized Division found 242 rifles of war) in exchange for their halting the bombing. tions leading to a ment" of the Vietnam war. tempt to break in. Soviet Ambassador Stefan Chernevenko, a guest at the re- nounced that American infan- ception to which the entire diplo- wounded, and no South Viet- namese losses were reported. that marched on the presidential castle pushed on the locked iron hurled banner poles as spears. Then they charged the police lines with iron pipes. The police slowly pushed and shoved the militants back, pen- ning them into the southwest cor- ner of the square and st any attempt to break out ually the young demonstrators ran out of steam and drifted seen leaving the castle from 9 _ _ mar dritrowau '_ London was quiet again mass of demonstrators, aid I of the Shanker listed the following conditions: Continue the temporary sus- pletely calm under the prereca- tion of disorderly charging. I doubt this sort ef demonstration could have taken place ai in any other part of The demonatratioo had been bifled by the organixen a "day of revotatiM." principals, circles that had boned with rumors government buBdmgs. There were minor scuffles as the demonstrators crashed against police lines at the castle overlooking Prague and against the tail iron gates but no in- pletdy opposed to the truth and and 17 larger weapons on the are aimed only at duping public battleground in the southern wfe opinion half 3 the DMZ where Ameri- More than 100 police reinforce- "Once again we state our po-can infantrymen, tanks outside the gates sition: The United States is thetery, planes and offshore war-iled the demonstrators aggressor and ins no right to ships killed W. North .of bluecapped palace dSJand reciprocity a namese in an all-day fight Fri- msidc kept the gates from North Vietnamese de-escalation day. bursting open. Casualty figures were low. Five policemen and about 40 demonstrators received medical wal treatment, more had although hundreds minor cuts bruises. At the last Vietnam demonstration in embassy on March 17, mounted and foot police battled a croi of and 117 police and demonstrators were injured. Thirty-nine dents for the The larger weapons left be- hind included eight light ma-ce.slas Square- demonstrators 'Once again we state North chine guns, four mortar tubes, i stand: The two heavy antiaircraft United States must absolutely fans and three bazooka-type unconditionaUv stop all bombing rockets. of North Vietnam. The United More weapons have been successful States most do this as the re- found in caches or aboard run- JjyJ it was See RED UNIT. Pg. 8, Col. 7 ON INSIDE PACK 28 SECTIONS News, Sports, Editorial News, Comics, Women's, Classified Page Bridge ...................28 Classified 24 Comics 22 Crossword 23 Dear Ahoy............... 19 21 23 17 16 24 12 21 23 4 12 M "Ytai anNhe tae Weather I At the castle and later at Wen-. climbed statues and planted, The demonstrators appeared good natured. After several they rushes at the gate, started cracking jokes at. banks, the stock exchange ant conservative newspapers would be stormed and occupied. None The London School of Eco- as a bos- spring, they night. left i Paris chains, sticks and bottles as "offensive weapons" and for a brief burst of window-smashing and bottle-throwing in the exclusive Mayfair district around the embassy as the crowd broke up. Defending the British tradition of peaceful protest, Spies Slain SEOUL South Korean patrol killed two North Korean intruders today in a brief clash on the central front, the army announced. There were no Sooth Korean his Soyuz 3 so as to approach the pikttleag sister ship. If any attempt was made to link up the manned and unmanned ships, something the Russians have not done, it was not announced. HUl-Brownsille was trying to squelch the re- ports. "It seemed to me that I was being quite responsibile in nail- ing Nixon said tor, Rhody McCoy; temporarily closing Junior High School 271, scene of violence and threats against about M unwanted union teachers; letting theee teachers teach in the district's seven oth- er schools; and temporary sus- pension of fee district's eight be tfaaokiDg me rather than at- tacking me." Nixon made the comment on Unmanned Soviet Spaceship Lands MOSCOW The unmanned Soviet space ship Soyuz 2 land- ed in me Soviet Union today after three days in space, Tass announced, but Cosmonaut Georgy Beregovoy continued in orbit in me sister siupSoyut 3. Beregovoy had followed the unmanned s h 1 p in tandem around the earth for two days By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Johnson has accused Richard M. Nixon of l unfair charges" on security and peace and publfc Httbart H. Uaamfeay charges Nixon with spreading anmtfaondod rumor that fee Democrats are playing pollUcs with peace. Humphrey accused his Republican presidential opponent Bondey night "of simply using the old Nixon tactic of onsabstsBtMed insinuation" by suggesting White House "insiders" are trying to bring off a Vietnam peace development to boost Humphrey's election chances next week. But Nixon-expanding Sunday' Humphrey's he and unfair charges about our ae- our attempts to win peace in the world." Humphrey issued a statement after Nixon's television appear- imany campaigns." "The tactic: spread an un- founded rumor. Then aay you don't believe Humphrey continued. "If Mr. Noon bis ev- idence that the President or any member of this government is iplaying polities with the peace negotiations, I call on him to a special CBS "Face the Na- tion" program. Johnson, ma _ r-------- appearance in New York, had disputing Nixon's statement accused Nixon of making "ugly spell it out now-opewy." Humphrey also joined John- making a political Sunday and again today in ili liMi J--------J See CHARGES, Pg. S. CoL l heard from the palace window. A girl climbed the 12-foot! fence and dropped into the cas- tle courtyard where she was See THOUSANDS. Pg. S, Col. 4 CHARLEY WEST SAYS; Airline Moral Code Hit Dismissed Married Stewardess Raises Complaint MIAMI, Fla. (AP) An un- all right for a stewardess to live married stewardess with a lover man, but they couldn't she "voluntarily quit work" by or even a baby is fine, Celeste Lansdale says, but an airline clipped her wings over a legal but they couldn't marry." bedmate. Today, Mrs. Unsdate and her lawyer husband. Richard, will der her maiden name, was make ment a claim for unemploy- pay. United Air Lines work and four years of wedded bites. "I have pretended, well, sort that had told them this. of pretended, that with a th I was living the Monde related Suwtay 'and that right." seemed to be an said United decided _______.. ywn ago "tat R wwM bt twlitr dteiita 1MB da Industrial Commission that make it legal. I've known of stewardesses being granted maternity leave, Even after the wedding btUs tolled, Mrs. Lansdale, frying un- asked if she was married. 1 told them no, because I ex- fired her after seven years of pected that was the information dak "violated the rale by get- had known other sttwurdeasei "The uata Wd me to go ahead and lie about M. shame to bt diataMt, bat ttty nave kind of fanny marata st United Air Lam" Mrs. Lanedakia marrying. She said the commission re- fused to consider federal prohi- bitions on discrimination, "We just feel they're very wrong la doing tbnt." Frank Preissle, a United offi- cial ia Atlanta, said Mrs. LSM- Ihat they ste said. "I ting married, so we had no rt- course but to release bsr.' He said a married woman's "first to aM to bt HM'OMMmv V is oat ef a sick If a IbajtdsMn'l w MM _________ lost atawardMt Mrs. Celesta Lansdale MS aecwed (Mr In SMI of having "funny morals" became sbs was fired t dkckKd that aba was married. aaM the to IWWATOMMt VM liVft With HNB mt CVM have babies, but won't employ married V