Thursday, July 31, 1969

Port Angeles Evening News

Location: Port Angeles, Washington

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Port Angeles Evening News (Newspaper) - July 31, 1969, Port Angeles, Washington Netus July 1969 97th Issue of 54th Year 14 Pages 1Q Cent Senate vote close Six more months of surtax ahead Nixons India greeting noisy NEW HOLD DESIGNED The Alaska on her maiden voyage and loading logs at the Port displays the uniqueness of her All logs will be covered when the ship is loaded prohibiting possibility of losing deck loads worth in heavy seas such as on older type The ship is under charter toAtaka Trad ing and is skippered by Sugimoto Evening News photo by Flynn One jailed Police seek two others in theft Office help loins AWPPW One man Is being held in the Port Angeles jail and three oth ers are being sought for ques tioning in connection with a burg lary of Tom Blrk Drugs early Wednesday according to Police Chief Harry Approximately in cash and negotiable as well as a miscellaneous quantity of narcotic drugs was taken from the Kochanek All Filing spots are switched A filing mixup resulted in withdrawal of incumbent Dalton Thomes city council applies tlon for Position Thome said this morning he had agreed to switch position numbers with Councilman Don aid Cornell was as signed Position Cornell filed for Position but Thome said he also filed for 2 by Thorne said he was unsure if he would In other filings Floyd Second and filed for Position 5 and Deane 308 Second filed for Position Filing closes at 5 Fri of the cash and checks and most of the drugs have been recov but there are some drugs still None of the Persons sought by the or the man in jail are local The jailed Is being held for ques tioning and the other one man and two are be lieved associates of th pris The burglary was under pre liminary investigation day and was expected to be re ferred to the prosecutor today or Kochanek The burglars apparently gained entrance to the store by breaking a plate glass window in the front The burglary was not dis covered until the money and checks were found early Wed nesday morning by an unidenti fied person who reported the find to The loot was identified as be longing to the and a sub sequent check of the store show ed that it had been Further investigation was mad to determine the actual amount of checks and cash Cash amounted to approximately and checks amounted to around The amount of all that were was not im mediately Office and clerical workers of one Port Angeles pulp mill and a paper making firm in the Grays Harbor area have voted for representation by the As sociation of Western Pulp and Paper Workers in National La bor Relations Board Norman who repre sented the AWPPW in the or ganization reported day office and clerical workers at the Port Angeles ITT Ray onier mill and the Grays Har bor Paper both voted for AWPPW The Hoqulam ITT Rayonier mill of fice workers turned down the he Weekes noted These two clerical units will be the first among AWPPW coastwide or ganizations of some members in major paper and paper product He added When tlon is the union will ask the companies to meet to gotiate a Russ sailor taken to Forks SEATTLE AP The chief mate of a Russian factory the was taken to a hospital Wednes day night after an object be came lodged in his the Coast Guard The condition of was not known NEW DELHI AP dent Nixon arrived in India to day for a friendly and tumul tuous welcome in 96degree and then sat down alone with Prime Minister Indi ra Gandhi to discuss the prob lems of the worlds largest non Communist Nixon got off to a good start with his Indian hosts by telling them at the airport that the United States wants to work with them for the goals you be lieve are best for not our but goals In which we all The American President also recalled that in 1953 Prime Min ister Jawaharlal Gandhis told him that India wanted a generation of uninterrupted Our major goal now Is to succeed in that dream Neh ru had generation of peace for Asia and the Nixon We want our generation to be remembered as the tion that set foot on the moon and as the one in which we had uninterrupted peace and justice for man on the Thousands of friendly Indians cheered the President along his route into the but at one point about 400 young demon strators waved black flags at him and shouted slogans against the Vietnam Ignoring the Nixon got out of his limousine and shook hands cheering per sons then returned to the car and drove on as the demonstrators surged toward Nixon saw the second American demonstration of the day as he drove to the Mohan das Gandhi Memorial the Rajghat Samadhi near the Jumna River to lay a memorial Near the memorial to the leader of Indian independence several hundred demonstrators waved clenched shouted go home and waved black and red Nixon who stood up in his limousine during much of the sat down while passing the hostile En route to the memorial Nixon escaped possible injury when he stopped his motorcade to greet a crowd standing be hind a concrete He walked over the shake some outstretched Under the press of the the fence toppled toward him but a Secret Service man pulled him out of harms Nixon remained until he saw that no one was hurt then went on his Nixon flew to the Indian capi tal after a threeday visit in Thailand and a side trip to South India is the fourth stop on a global tour that ends Sunday after more stops in Romania and The temperature was 96 grees when Nixon and his wife stepped from thefr plane and a 21gun salute A crowd of about applauded as Nix on was garlanded and Nix on was presented a bouquet of Nixon expressed regret that his third visit to New Delhi was so a sentiment n which his Acting President Mo hammad con Visit just hardened Viet stand PARIS AP North Viet nam said today that President Nixons visit to Saigon only hardened the determination of the Vietnamese people in its struggle against the American aggressors and their Delegate Xuan Thuy de nounced Nixons visit in a speech to the 28th session of the Vietnam ioeace He declared that the Presi dent went to Saigon at a mo ment when the puppet troops Kennedy sticks to stand WASHINGTON AP Edward Kennedy today reaf firmed he will not seek the pres idency In 1972 Milder any circum stances but refused to discuss further the fatal accident in which a 28yearold secretary was drowned in the car he had been I tried to the very best of my in the reports that have been to give the Kennedy said in a hurried news conference outside the senate I think the statement which I made in Boston and the events of the recent past definite what was already an inclination of the Massachusetts Democrat The Boston statement said he would remain in the would run for reelection next year if would serve a full sixyear That would carry him past the 1972 presidential Kennedy said he was grateful to the people of Massachusetts who have been so responsive to his request that they help him decide whether to leave the Sen ate or to I will serve my full Kennedy Asked repeatedly if he would at any time in the future discuss the accident Ken nedy replied I would not have any more I want to resume my duties in the Kennedy said citing his leadership in the legis lative fight for tax revisions and Ills stand against deployment of an antiballistic missile Kennedys news conference statements were a reaffirma tion of what he had to say when he arrived at the Capitol Thurs day The Massachusetts walking through throngs of tour ists up the main steps to the Senate was asked whether his decision no to run was Thats Kennedy re I intend to fill out my Senate term if I am Asked if he would run under any other circumstances Kenne WASHINGTON AP Thr Senate voted today for a six months extension of the 10 per cent income tax surcharge then rejected move to add an other six months as President Nixon had The pair actions cleared the way for Senate passage of the extension which then goes to the Hie original vote was 51 toIS for a halfyear That provision was attached as a rid er to a Housepassed Then the Senate voted 59 to 41 against a longer and thus decided to leave It In effect until The outcome was a major vic tory for the Senate Democratic It had sought to limit the extension to six months in order to try to put on more pressure for enactment of broad tax reform legislation during this Administration officials con tended on the other that a full 12 months continuance was essential to give credence to the governments antiInflationary The Senate moved quickly into voting in the showdown over the bitterly debated surtax Both sides decided to forego most of the time allotted them for While Nixon has been pushing for a 12month extension Senate Democratc seeking to keep up pressure for general tax agreed to support only a Apollos talk over trip with new crew SPACE Houston AP The Apollo 11 moon found free so far of any ef fects from lunar their moon adventure today witli a trio wholl retrace the path they Neil Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins talked witli other members of the astronaut Including the crew of Apollo scheduled to land on the moon In Novem The Apollo 12 Charles Conrad Richard Gordon an J Alan were among a large group of astronauts who listened as Armstrong and his crewmates told tales of the moon from behind the glass wall of their quarantined quar Aldrin and Collins earlier were found free so far of any bacteria that might have come from contact with lunar Craig Fischer said Wednesday that almostcom pleted blood tests of the trio showed Uv3m quite normal with no changes due to contact with lunar scientists In an other part of the lunar receiving laboratory prepared to inject moon dust directly Into veins of an earth creature for the first Syrian jets fire on Israeli posts are in full disarray and the members of the puppet adminisdy replied tration are tearing each other to The senator said he was pieces to get the best slice of the Woman hustling her sters out of a mountain lake when a crowd of mixed flower people stripped and dashed into the water for a swim Car driving along highway with keys dangling from lock on the Lots of teenagers hanging loose last night when band didnt show up for Frenchie LaCourse retrieving his dog that broke loose trailing 30 feet of heavy re turning to take part in the de bate over the surtax and the de Nixon paid his visit to ployment of the proposed quiet these puppets ballistic and he thereby proved that the He held no news conference United States refuses to withbut talked to newsmen who trot draw from South Vietnam and ted behind him through the tries to maintain in power the crowds of camera warlike and corrupt ping TheiuKyHuong administra Capitol police blocked news he referring to men from entering the Capitol President Nguyen Van itself and Kennedy went directly Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky onto the Senate and Premier Tran Van South Vietnam told the meet ing that no decision concerning South Vietnam can be taken without the Saigon Govern ments participation and Ap By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Syrian jets attacked israeli military positions on Har mon today while Syrian lery opened up elsewhere In the Golan captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East It was the first time since that conflict that the Syrians had launched a combined artillery and air attack on the It followed a strike by Israeli jets Wednesday on Arab guerrilla encampments just inside the Syrian and Lebanese which converge with Israels in the Hermon Syria ported 11 soldiers An Israeli army spokesman said that Syrian artillery hit in Quneltra and a small town called Tel A Bu Nlda about five miles southwest of Both are in the territory now occupied by Quneitra was once the largest city In the Golan Heights but Is now The Israeli spokesman report ed no Israeli A Syrian army spokesman said in Damascus that Its planes returned safely to the r bases after the Enemy positions were shelled and he The spokesman Identified the planes only as This would Indicate Sovietbuilt Sukhol But in Tel the Israeli military command said the air attack was carried out by vietsupplyed MIG The Syrian air strike leled action on the Suez Canal In recent where the Egyp tians and Israelis have been staging air It represented a potential sharp escalation in the situation along the normally quiet SyrianIsraeli ceasefire Prays Harbor area asks What is aWilderness Whatzit9 AP What is about 300 pounds and stands eight feet tall Cant guess neither can residents of Grays Harbor County where a parttime sheriffs deputy re ported sighting a creature ting that description on a lonely wooded road early Since residents in the area have reported unusual hap penings A woman told sheriffs deputies the snowman had been at her but that she hadnt seen The deputy who reported the creature now says it was a she a late report said A man reported something strange was bothering his cat who arent normally ered by Grays Harbor deputies combed the area Wednesday where the parttime sheriff dep uty reported seeing the sheriff Gallagher ordered deputies to try and find hair samples for Glallagher says he believes the creature was a female bear but a the Aberdeen Daily World referred to it as the Wilderness The deputy who reported the sighting Its a hard posi tion to be in because people say yourre The creature matches des criptions of the more commonly known Abominable Snowman of the In dian legend tells of the Sas a manliks ape in the Pacific Recent discovery of large size footprints have touched off semiofficial searches in the Members of a camera expedition into north ern California returned about two years ago with movie film showing a creature they claimed fit descriptions of the legendary Love lands fish off Ediz Hook Colorado Governor John Love paid a surprise fishing visit to Port Angeles Cliff ton State Patrol in Port An said the governor had been skunked at Westport near AberdeenHoquiam and Gowler was asked if he could get him some Bill the gov ernor and his aide went out to Green about eight miles east of Ediz Love caught two silvers and one king on about eight to ten pounds The governor had never caught a salmon Gowler said Love was really high on the state join forces for student Quick action by Peninsula Col lege and the Port Angeles Office of Employment Security kept family tragedy for an African student from turning into Saunders Ebuweiarrived Mon day from Flnan cial help was toarrive here from his family which would permit him to begin work on a pre medical degree at a letter was given to 24yearold Ebuwei telling of a fire In his familys village June 18 killing his 18yearold brother and seriously injuring his There would be no money from his In a letter to Peninsula his family wrote We beg you in the name of almighty God to grant this our son finan clal aid or part time job that will not so much affect his full time The sole responsi bility of this student lies on you for Temporary lodging was of fered at the horn of Ray Han YMCA Peninsula College and Em ployment Security went to work looking for a No ment was at Peninsula because Ebuwei Is not a citl Discussion with Ebuwei dis closed he had worsed In a hos pital With the help Sounders Ebuwei of Employment a job was arranged with Olympic Me morial Ebuwei will work with the hos pitals maintenance crew until he can be trained as an orderly In the Tentative arrangements have been made for housing In Ebuwei expects a friend and former classmate from Lagos to join him at Peninsula In the They hope to stay Peninsula College was rec ommended to Ebuwei and his father by a Peace Corps work er in It was Ebuweis fathers wish that he be a doc tor and train in His father is a fisherman and owns Ebuwei has heard no more about his fathers condition or the Ebuwei left his village in May and traveled to Then he flew to New then and to Port He plans to attend the Uni versity of Washington alter his work at Beyond he isnt