Wednesday, January 18, 1911

Centralia Weekly Chronicle

Location: Centralia, Washington

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Centralia Weekly Chronicle on Wednesday, January 18, 1911

Centralia Weekly Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 18, 1911, Centralia, Washington i Centralia Weekly 5 ip n wild Saturday night's orgy with n free-for-all fight early yesterday morning, in Pe KI1, knives worc drmtii by a number of Poles and in the fracas one of their num- ber, named John Lent, was clisem- bowelod. The man was brought to Chohalis and taken by Stlcklln's ambulance to tho St. Helen's hospital in a fear- ful condition, barely living, and his life is flickering faintly with mo- mentary prospect of death. In fact he may bo dead by the time this paper goes on the street. Sheriff Vrquhnrt who had just re- turned from an arduous trip in the mountains after another law-breaker, rushed to Pe Ell and brought back the assailant, who is held pending 'the result of the assault on tho stabbed man. He will probably be booked later on a murder charge. The affair created an intense sen- sation in Pe Ell, which is a dry town, and everyone is asking each other, where the Poles got their booze. I After the stabbing, the crowd of foreigners fled in different directions as quickly as their wobbly legs would carry them, leaving tho injured man on the ground, with his eutrals hang- ing out for three hours before med- ical aid was .summoned. Ho pre- sented a sickening sight when he was brought to the hospital, and the medi- cal men regard his surviving, even for a short time, as little short of mirac- ulous. POLISH BULLY IS SAFELY IN HIS PRISON January 17. Tho Hungarian and Russian ele- ment of Po Ell is breathing easier now that the slasher of John Llnkt Is anfoly ctigod In tho county jail by Sheriff Urqulmrt. The nrrostod Is busy waiting to soo If his victim will live, which seonis doubtful, and In nny case ho Is assured of a con- ildorixblo portion of his future being spent in tho penitentiary. Ills namo is Jack Novinlskl, or something to that effect, and he bears tho reputa- tion of bolug tho star bully of his community. A man of short atnturo, and as wide as ho Is long, with long arma reaching dow nto his kneos, ho poa- sossos gorilla-liko strength and ap- poaranco. and WAS locally known as n terror to bo counted upon at every fracas. It wag tho tomorlty of tho young Pole, whoso life now hangs In tho balance, that brought down the' fury of tho Qutlp of P0 Ell and re- sulted in a tragedy that will probably wind up with a murder charge Tho bully Beomod rathor aurprlsod to Hnd that no grout four was stratod on his arrival at tho shorlB'g ofllco. It with a vory arm grab that Shorlir Unmlmrf. and Deputy Tom Kostor Immilo tholr man when no requires escort.

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