Tuesday, November 7, 1882

Daily Index Appeal

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Index Appeal on Tuesday, November 7, 1882

Daily Index-Appeal (Newspaper) - November 7, 1882, Petersburg, Virginia IIIIP iu ya Weeklytt 1 W Senred by Carriers to their Bulocrtben the Btjr 15 pf payable JKuterod tbe PATAPSCO PATKKT HOLLBR GaniM Magaclnmr NOZZ COMMERCE Tho valuable alimeuUil properties of Maryland and Virginia Wheat have long lecognized by writers on food By tlie application of the Modern Holler Gambrill Manufacturing Company le produc ing with this Flour unequalled in its com binations for Bread Biecuit or giving beautiful unusual moietare and distinctive richnefB of PATAPSCO SUPEKL PATENT FLOUR ie the leading Aek your Grocer for U or any of the Companys well known standard au 15DJbWkBm O K KFF L F FIT K F oo tr u RRR o o u u R R O O U U HER LLLL OO UU K R 125 burrele OUR BBS 150 barrels ffOOtCS 50 barrels BAKERS 100 burrelB PATAPSCO 50 barrels For sale at LOWEST FmmtKS at the e SB 9 DANIEL SUNDRIES PER BlEAMER best Orange Butter and Cream Factory Cheese Extia large Smoked Tongues and Beef Devilled Tongue Corned Beef in cans fresh and spiced Salmon and Lobsters in cans Imported and Americau Pure Olive Oil Swiss and Eagle brand Condensed Milk and Broma Lea Perrius cel ebrated Sauce Curry Pearl Mac tagoj and Oat Meal Spicec of all kiiulB for ket 10 Bank I We offbr to the Trade pounds Virginia 3 harrelB Apple 2 years 25 barrels New jibbeu 10 boxes ClearKib Bacon 10 boxefi Bulk 10 boxes Bacon 50 barrels Pure 25 barrels 25 barrels Cut Loaf lOOtiagu Kio and Lajiuayra 100 barrels Choice Extra 25 tierces and barrels Cassards 25 boxes Summer 00 barrels pure Sugar 50 barrels Merchants All at market aull ALLEN STOCK FIRSTCLASS FAMILY GRO IN most respectfully call the atten tion of purchasers to my large and flne selected as sortmeut of FAMIL T S bought from first and for sale at the LOWEST CASH ruicEs bv New Glass Oc25 5 North Sycamore NEW Cod Atmores Mince Frosts Hominy and Croes Olive OilsSardines Jiist 5 North Sycamore hnd American Orange County Gilt Edged Ferris Smoked Beef and Strips New 2 and 3 New Mess Mackerel five pound Juet received by oc 25 5 North Sycamore hundred barrels just to Ju haud and for nnd Wholesale and Retail Dealere ta Wholesale and I AND BABY 20 SYCAMOrTE COR FRANKLIN AND SYCAMORE With facilities will offer superior In over house in thli ecction and cs duplicate thai of any other home In the we cordiAlir Intite you to examine our extenitn rtodt ASD KE JLJL and that STUTZ is the place to have all MATTKESS WORK done We will take Mnttrcss and return it to you as eood as nnd nt a small We have twouty flve samples of HAIR for you to select When you want a Hair Mattress give ns a STOTZ PC 8 Mattress Ill Halifax street A WORD TO OUR YOU READ OF MEDICINE TRAT IT will cure all beware of for every scientific phvsiciau on earth fallacious such statements But when you read of a med compounded bv a regular physician and sur geon of hiuh that claims to cure only a certain and furnishes Irish proof that it does yon can safely try and with the HSSII rance thatitwili lute Physician and Surgeon of the has placed before the pnTilic a preparation called APETS1A which hodonht is the greatest scientific prepara tion yet discovered for the cure of Dyspepsia in all its and refers to Indies nnd gentlemen of the liiiluvst that they have been cured of cases from five to twenty years and pro nonnced iiicnrahlc by tho best physicians in the following references should he sulhcicut to convince the most skeptical Albert linn of Howard Watch Clock 114 Tremom 13 Noyes Box firm of Clark Jt Phil adelphia case of twenty years Matthew SOf 21 Philadel phia caseol Dyspeptic Record Frank Business manager Reading lion Miss Kate Clarence i9 Levant All tlrstclass Druggists keep oc PEKOIVALL A ftttifntlon lo sales and prompt rot u in hHid for Usmx XXXII NO VAM NOVEMBER PRICE THREE K ITS TllAOB AND NEED TAJl UJEEUANS SOT KKIGUTKNEO THE IMPORTATION OF KOKTUBKN ELECTION XJHfJB STAJTB RICHMOND MINISTER ON A StOW REPORTED JUJX1E HUG UK8 HOTPOUT1CSMOVE MENTOK AND AND Regular Correeuoudeuce of the November I November lias brought flowers instead of The open tall has added mate rially to the prosperity of because it the ootton and made a very excellent As cotton is out main stay for it is easy to see what an advantage the propitious season has been Most of the cotton is shipped to Norfolk when it is then compressed and exported or resold to Northern Our home factories have always boHn liberal but the extension 01 cotton culture to the base ot the mountains and through the Piedmont section of the State by the use of fertilizers that hasten the maturity of cotton so thatiil escapes early frosts has practically brought the cotton fields to the lactory This will of course lessen tlic quantity that they will The facilities for handling cotton here are very The cotton yard covers two acres of and is covered with a sub stantial The Raleigh Gaston Railroad tracks runalong nvo sides of it so that a trivia of twenty cars can be load ed ata deliver it at the platform where itis weighed and There are tour two chosen by the coltoh and two by the Board of county They are paid by the buyers ten cents per and to avoid contusionand vexatious competi the whole amount thus paid is pooled and divided equally amongst the This simple saves the merchants the cost of rehandling drayage and and is no hrtrdshipon the tanners Cotton received by rail is also crop jcquntyills about islargeivthau that of any counly in and is exceeded by only one parish Louis V i i f The of Johnston and Chatham market their cotton here and enter prise of Ralcign merchants b as reached out into the outlying counties along tlie of But sol long as the city is only a market for buying and selling one staple crop it is difficult to see how its growth and wealth can advance beyond a given and it is a serious question whether this limit lias not been the remedy suggested by except who have a weakness for cent mort gages and interest bearing railroad securi When this and it is from his East Tenncsssee mines at less than per the City instead of being a bucolic will be changed now that Heck is delivering coal into a populous the resort of business as well as legislators and lawyers in the Supreme The news from Washington that thugs are to be sent into North Carolina to bully voters and a free ballot and a fair count at the end of brassknuckles does not greatly agitate our Mac Lindsay did not ruffle Grahams and Braggs serenity when he advised that they be They never bothered about him and his If Republi cans resort to this sort weapons they will do it through ignorance of the peo ples and will be the only suffer The really dangerous tactics adopted by them is the False Signal game that they are They pretend that they believe the vote will be neither party will turn out and poll its strength and in this way hope to throw Democrnts off their guard and induce a carelessness that will work entirely to their The Republicans will all The Black Band with white edging will be found drawn around the polling places iu every precinct in the State audit Democrats ure wise they will be there to see them to the LiberalRepublicau AntiProhibition candidate tor Congress recently spoke in this His speech was short but specious and His audience was highly colored but good humored and cheered as much for the fun of the thing as for any demonstration of satisfaction and ap Jams the Tiirboro All the Capitol officers are hurrying away home to vote and the candidates forcounty offices their canvass on The fight and the re sults will belpredicted on Monday and verified or not on j j A large colony of Menonitesgo to Chur okee county to lands purchased there rej Tlie Quakers will build a j meeting house for their annual meet ing in High A new cotion factory is to be bnilt at Randleman i and one is projected at j A new schedule is to be made on he Ral eigh and Gastou Railroad that will enable i their patrons to leave home by a night train and visit Petersburg and I transact business and return home by an i evening train that reaches Raleigh at 8 j oclock This will work to the adj vantage ol your city and to the nience of our Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Laura Witmoru and Miss Witmore is a great niece of Judge and Anderson a prom ising young business The new registration in the city shows slight Democratic In the town including the the black major ity is about A Pennsylvania A valuable mare belonginu to Harry j ol Pocopson Chester met with a narrow escape one lay j She had broken out of her lure and gained the truck of the ton and Northern Railroad just as a tnifn She was struck and thrown up on the pilot of the where she j was carried for considerable and on being thrown olF she fell back in front of the engine and was again picked up by the After being car ried a short distance she was thrown to the i side ofihe when she regained her and when found by her owner wns far I from the point where she was Strangely the mare was but slight ly ami in u low days will be none the worse lor her singular inff For SOZODOXT nil Indies j And or high for For nothing else that they Will give tin mouth its frcsheat CorreBpoudeuce of ttic November The reverend Hawthorne of jhe First church preached yesterday morning to a large He was warm in pursuit of the StateAgricultural Society for permitting the of for tune menfind other gamblers t operate on the The Doctor is very like a great many other He is running on n delayed time and will no more overtake the devil than he will defeat him by so If he had asked from his pulpit last Sunday that the Society ue re spectfully requested to prohibit such vi General Wickuaui might now be held up before a Richmond audience us a wondrous who had actually per mitted it to become not only matter of convenience for ladies to take a chance but that the arrangements allowed were so attractive that the ladies were almost compelled to Your reporter knows one who won f and afterwards lost it at the same flying Hawthorne ought to begin sooner in his labors for the next fair so as to cover the occasion in Itis understood that the Doctor lias been offered a salary iu a Northern church and will go to it unless his church pays him Yesterday was clear and bright but quite cold with some thin ice here and A Dre Saturday night destroyed in a measure the paint shop ot Wigand next to the corner of 8th and Maine having caught from oil which was cooking iu the Saturday and today there has been great activity in and the ollices of tne lax collectors are thronged with par ties desiring to qualify themselves to Anything like interference to prohibit the right of suffrage by any one is going to be watched and promptly and many cases will no doubt grow out of this election go before the United States one registrar bus been sent on for indictment for refusing to permit one to After the closing of my last letter a letter from Judge Hughes to Mahoue wiis sent to the Whig for Judge Hughes says that persons holding receipted tax tickets from officers and clerks of same appointed by the Auditor are entitled to and if refused parties reported will be dealt with according to The upperten of the city has been ram pant for a week because of some fitting allusion column to the wicked ten of the mutual admiration They declare their curls are not and that their hands are not and we will have to take it all and in inno cence what manner of lolk are any way Let us have your own estimate of your own and forth with the world shall know Little business is doing anywhere in the city The city hall is packedwith black and white struggling to get an opr portunity to vote by paying the last dol lor Many of them will not be able to get in in It is to be presumed open one or more additional schools for tbe 500 children a well known citizen and died here this morningThe deceased was a member of Fran and of this who will escort his remains to their final Harrison has leased the White Sulphur Springs for a term ol five A large number Virginianscame down Washington today to Ihey stopped at almost every Wheat sold on Change today of this has bought I Davis Gold Joseph was for a long time chief operator in the Western Union office has returned to Richmond from the far There wei e fewer cases before the police court this morning than usual for Mon The Chancery Court of Richmond is iu session for the Six hundred and fifty shares of Rich Danville stock were sold in New York last One of the largest stock brokers Of New York Wall street says that stock dealers of that city have no confidence in the judgment and management of the Rich mond and Danville Company since StoKes and TSutherlin sold out their and in a short while other direc tors of the company will be j Sales of West Point Terminal last week j amounted to 300 j The movement of cotton from the South j is very i THE EXECTIOX THE Novombvr The salts were mailu KIchmoud city tis at du at do al gSuXto North ut Second HUaros Columbia aud Atlanta railroad slock at 10 Oo at shares do at 11 Kicliiuuud aud Jau ville gold 6s at NBW November quiet aud KxchdUKo 4WJW Statebouda ly tiovuninivtitd generally uuchim FKOIU KICHTIOiMK THE OUTLOOK FOH TODAYS UATTLK to the Spucial Dispatch to thu November The feeling at Democratic headquarters here is one of quiet Those who are iu places that give them an op portunity for a sharp lookout and whose opinions are based upon careful observa tiou modified with a due allowance for all the drawbacks and hindrances ot bad management on the part of the Demo secoi to be confidant of the election of Massey by a limited A careful canvass of opinions iu this direc tion indicates that the delegation to the United States Congress from Virginia will stand about six to four as follows Democrat in the 1st district iu the 2nd Demo in thu 3rd iu the 4tii in the oth Tuck in the Gth in the 7th iu the 8th Coalition in the and Massey at A majority of the leading Demo crats adhere strongly to this But there are those who only allow onehalf the delegation basing their opinions upon the defeat of As far as this district is concerned the City Executive Demo cratic Committee confidently claim the election AVisu by an increased majority over his last The Democrats claim that Dawsons influence has steadi ly increased as a candidate nl large for Congress and they think that this increase will largely overbalance the defection to Massey in the Democratic Both sides are making active preparations for a stubborn fight Terrible Crime ill IV cw November The community was shocked this morning to receive the details of a terrible murder committed during the An Italian named Peter alias Dago a and sometimes an organ had lived with a beautiful quad roon named Delhi the de scendant on the wrong side of a once prominent and wealthy politician and exMayor of New Delia was given to while Pete was moody and madly Last night Delia went to a quadroon She was followed by who waited on the Teroue cor ner of Philip street till she re Then he attacked her with a cutting her jugular The frenzied Italian then went to the house of the girls mother on Rampart a few blocks The old woman was iu bed asleep when he attackeded witting her throat from ear to The crime was not dis covered till 5 oclock this when murdered girls brother called at his mothers Meeting with no re sponse to his call he opened his mothers She was found to be still alive and By pantomime she described her murdererThe 003 then went to his sisters and found her naked on the floor with her throat She was The old woman was removed to the hospi bnt cannot survive the The murderer leisurely went his and has not yet been AOAJLKBT T11K IN THE The enrollment of the black troops for service against the False Prophet Is progressing Some amnestic officers who fought under Arab Pacha have expressed a desire to servo the Khedive in the Baker Pacha and the Minister of War ciitcrluiii their oiler Several German of ficers will join the Schweiufurth thinks the operations In the Soudan will last eighteen AUAJU FACUAS November A fresii discovery was made today of documents important to Arab Pachas It is suited that they implicate the Sulltui in connivance with the Arabis counsel say they have reason to believe that when translated his docu ments will show that he received direct encouragement from the Sultan and had the unanimous support of and the sanction of their religious repre Among the papers is the text of the Sultans dated June con ferring the order of the Medjidie upon Arabi in recognition of his honesty and FRANCE AND KUSSIA November A despatch from Frankfort says important diplomatic negotiations are progressing between Rus sia and If France accedes to Russias wishes as to the proposed extra dition and limits the protection to be extended to political Russia will support the entire North African pol icy of and more particularly her policy in regard to questions pending in Egypt and THE SERVIAN MINISTERIAL OIUS1S November The members ot the Servian cabinet have agreed to re main iu King Milan having refused to accept their which they had because they believed him to be dissatisfied at their failure to discover the recent plot to assassinate ENOHSll COUNSEL TO PROSECUTE November Tho Egyptian ministry have decided to employ English counsel to act for the government in the trial of the rebel For this pur pose an English barrister re siding in has been summoned to INDIGNATION IN November Thu Madrid correspondent of the Times telegraphs that the menacing language of the English press toward Spain in regard to the Cuban refugees has caused a painful impression in government aud aroused a strong feeling of indignation among the ANTHONY November Anthony Trol the while at dinner on Fri was seized with some kind of a which largely overpowered his mental SEVERAL VILLAGES November A vio lent earthquake in the vicinity of in northern destroyed several vil COURT j to MiperviNorx of unit y In answer to numerous the ibllowiug instructions tj ollicers arc given otherwise entitled to who failed to be registered by the fault or omis sion ot the registering oIlicCT and citwens whom assisting officers refused to assess i or taxation on and who were thereby deprived of the privilege of pay ing their capitaliou taxes have a right to vote on their own under section of tho Revised Statutes of the tuOfo td per oevt over will per oeut W9f per column Mr HO ixr Hue other thui oowi JO pv luntML plntlon ol contrtct will be charged tvt M ffTAll Iramient adnrtttemmu mult in aa NCKBASKD FIUJICUT AND j On aud after this aud until further Steamship tor mgujbers ol Registering olllotrs aud assessors who obstruct in qualifying themselves to exercise franchise are of thu He vised offering to vote on receiptsre cognized us valid by ihe accounting ollli cars if tho State Treasury itroeiitiiuVd lo vote iu the Congressional Wil fully lo refuse them the privilege is to vio late sccUou and to incur its rieiml Supervisors should see that the names of citizens of the foregoing classes who oiler to vote and aru refusedthe are entered on the poll aud their ballots Deputy Marshals have a right lo arrest on the spot all ollieers mid persons who wilfully obstruct citizens from voting in violaiiou o section and to take them before a commissioner of a United States Circuit Court the vacancies in ollico thus caused to be supplied as printed by Slate York following Tho vessels encaged Iu thin service are the class Iron W Captain OLD Captain Captain Captain lUCII M Karo for the round trip from unlim only luclndiiu Meals and or for straight Steerage passage SO1 Passengers will take the Norfolk care on above alongside checked Now Htcumerg leave City Point every FB1DAY and connecting except insilny with 4 oclock train from Peters FHOS1 NEW YOIUL Icavu Piir 28 foot of Beuoh every nuil at 3 oclock For iiiHnaire or aiiy information con cerning the apply ut my in Norfolk and Wentcrn llnllroai v JOHN Agent Old Dominion Stcamnhlp STEAMBOAT ANJ fOJl BALTIMORE AX1 THE ALSOJAifFtl RIVKlt M November The fire which originated last evening in Wolfs dry goods on Texas street near nearly totally destroyed the following Levys clothing Kooss saloon and Wolfs dry goods Lewiss drug A Kahns hardware and house furnishing aud several and Knights of Pythias lodge The loss is esti mated at about DEMOCRATIC GAINS Will keep ti tircih so sound urn Ami live breath a sweet Elections for members of Congress will be held today in thirt3Mhree States of the The New York papers of yester day contain telegraphic estimates tor many of them which are generally favora ble to Democratic Pennsylvania it is thought will elect the Democratic candidate for j Gjvernor by and show a gain of eight Democratic j The present delegation stands 10 Repub licans aud S New York will elect the Democratic candidate for aud gain several Democratic The Republicans consider Indiana which is an evidence that the State will co with a gain of two or three1 Minnesota is expected to smd a solid Republican delegation to In North it is the al liance between the Republicans and Libe rals will lose one or two districts to the In it is believed the Demo crats will gain from nine to eleven Con Kansas is expected to send seven Ilemib licans to of them from the State at The Wisconsin Democrats will elect four and probably five of iw nine Con Michigan will probably add two to the Democratic majority in j Evorv one nas a will and a mind to think i for yet many will go abjut hack i ing and coughinc until ft friend rccom sncnds Hulls Cough Syrup r that November The Sig nal Corps station it reports that the schooner from to is a total The station at reports that the schooner liatlie from Philadelphia for went ashore on the south side ol Hatteras inlet at 2 Six nil were Concerningidttirruili omiuii NEW November In the suit of William Williams t set aside an of Jim nary between the Western ihiAmerican and the Atlantic Com panies aud tlio Union Tiiist Company for the consolidation of the three telegraph a decision lias just been ren reversing the judgment of the spc cial term and srraniinir a new Iciicu Mcffoilulioiiv Hrokcii November The first steam er of the Lam pus lint1 arrived at Valparaiso on the 2flth A Diario official ol Limn says the news by todays steamer states that peace iiugntintiona with Don Garcia CaUleron are Im illy broktn and that he has into confinement at A 111 noil j Allrjiy In November A terri ble cutting jiarlici puled in by three occiineil ni opposite this this John OlJrion was was horribly slashed about fact ami and one of the iiHii iniined Lminor his nose Oliricn will Uruvc Hear 91 tut November officials here have been uotilied that Presi dent Arthur declines to interfere in the case of Brave sentenced to be hanged on the 15th for the murder of Joseph a ucar Fort i years old at close of thu in Irani the diary of an exguvern ineul employee October today Uemlrickit greatly It is stated that thu evisigla nl Itoberl Toombs is rapidly It in thai lm bus to have lis ters and the read to James pastor of thu Church has been ing since October The church funds aro also Judge of died ut Provideuoe Hospital in While Riilliing from au attack of typhoid which impaired his he came to Washington and was placed in ihehospital by bin aged 57 fditoi mid proprietor of the Jlepnblirnn of died an Tuesday aftor an illness of several Simpson published tho Journal ai Au gustafrom lo and in 1S53 pur chased the jKislor of tho Church of the Immaculate at died Sunday after a long of Father McCarthy years a having been ordained by Archbishop Kendrick iu John Democratic candidate or clerk of Monroe has filed a libel suit against the claiming The suit is based on a card Private Dal publisbcdiu iheJournal on in whiulv MeGee was referred lo H a tor rebel sympathizer during the McGee claims thathe was only 14 FROJi HONli Iity Toilit with tin KM TRAIN I A burg comiTtliig steamer AliiKJL i Iiiroio 65 j to Haiti 3 15 Spocii rates to Kxcnndon KrelihU to mvr liuidints low JIN nnv other Olllcu In West end Norfolk mid Wen torn 3 ok I regular li appointed tuiling dnyrt from City Point ami lrom Iliilndelphlu DAY imd Freight received up to 3 oclock In West Km Norfolk and Western rillouch hills lading given ana further Information ftpply to General id furth BA LTI MOKK STK AM PACKET POWtATAN ftuvcr i November Ca mwgo Mexico special to tlie Tinics JJenwcrat says the yellow which was at first confined to the lower and middle is spreadingamong ill but only twentyfive deaths have occurred dur ing the past len RICHMOND November cum niou to yood at HO to gl 13 fair to very Lancaster at SI 08 to 1 15 mixed at St 05 to 1 07 good to Fnltz at gl OS to 1 Corn good to very good Virginia new TO to good Virgiuia new at NEW YORK NBW November dull auddruup dull andisSiic Corn afier opening Pork flrm nt Iti Lard steady at SU Spirits of S Freights iniet imd BALTIMORE November ti quiet aud lower to sell Howard street aud western 83 50 00 Sl 75 Sl city mills JUo lower western easier southern SI OG 1 13 1 07J4 asked 2 wetiicru winter 51 ern firmer western easier southern 90c uew Sic from lion Jay Jlubbell u circular demanding 2 per nl my annual salary as a volun tary contribution lo ihe political Answered that owing to sickness in fami ly could not respond October today n no tilication ol my Cause Kiduclion ot force rendered necessary by the inadequacy of A Couple Whose springjVitmler ITlorc Thau From the Atlanta grocer on Marietta is in some respects one of the most remarkable men iu In the first place he is a remarkable specimen of physical being six feet four inches andthough years old as strong and active as most men of lie is a second cousin of General Joseph Johnston and was the Con ftdcrate with the rank of As the father of a family presents a truly remarkable He has been married only once and his wife is now livingand in excellent By FIIEIUHT LIN KB pon BALTIMOKK XM POINTS Freight received every Friday aud Saturday and Western to be forwarded JSvory Wedrief day aud Thursday in West to bo forwarded via Olty Shippers will please pel their freight in depot on ThmBdiiyB by 12 iu order to connect with steamer at City Connections modu at Baltimore with all Ilncs Freights low and rates Order goodc from Baltimore via Pownatun foot of Coucnrd For further information apply to JJDMTODS Otlice wing Norfolk and Western rviJJBAPJKAKE AND OHIO OPEN Tiuiouaii KENTUCKY VIA LEXINGTON The ONLY LINE runaini Finn Cars and WA STAUNTON AND CLIPTONPOROB TO CINCINNATI AND Connecting direct for all pointBiir the WEST nil SCIIEOLLE m EFFECT OCTOBEII Lve Arr An1 June Lve Lve Art Charlottes Johnston she has Imd twentytwo c Kvitlcr Kcscucd front the youngest ol whom is Of the twentytwo all except one is now and all are well healthy A dispatch from says A happier family cannot be It has just leaked out that Bntler found in the city of They all came near being drowned lastFriday evenj bear a striking family lie came up the river on the steamer bul he lived in ancient and just at the upper edge would by this lime have been cn Of the four miles below this j titled to several pensions according to their the steamer ran upon a rock and stuck j which began to reward paternity It was indispensable that General I when eight children were and ion Butler should be at Lawreuce at an early j tinned benefits in increasing proportion as and a small boat carried by the i the family Johnston would steamer was brought and the j certainly have won the praise of Kapo Mayor the Caleb when Madame de thinK Captain lloniaus took places j ing of asked him who was the iu as soon began to suck it under the counter of the In endeavoring to push it clear the boat was partially and each effort to right matters only made them The current was so swift that only a very strong swimmer could escape being drawn into the rapids and whirled down the river a mile or two before still water Arr Ai r Arr Clifton Lve Arr Arr Johnston Arr Xanawhu Arr Lve ArrTifringlon Arr Arr Cincinnati Lve Lve Lve Lve Arr I Lve Arr Arr I I Arr Konceverte j Arr Clifum Forge Lve Clifton Arr I Arr Wnynvxboro D loiil JJ 0 10 P M 585PM 9 05PU 9 10PM J007PM 10 81 IM 12 45 A 31 1255AM 2 8 A If 8 45 AM 0 IMAM 8 00 A 51 9 45 9 50 A3I 10 03A II P M 0 30PM The water was running mid j noblest woman in replied She j Jmic L as the boat was loaded the current who bears Ihe miwt sons for her j The Johnstons are a notable Duiivillc I The report of i Arr AUXmidria Arr nf Ol could be Fortunately the deck after much succeeded in hauling each man on Butler escaping with abanged hat ami a thorough I oil Her A stranga marriage occurred at on the Olst the parties being of and Miss Callee of The bride is a The physicians pronounce her case the Uauviile Tobacco i shows that the last month there were sold pounds ol leaf tobacco al an j average of 57 pur hundred i against pounds fur October last year at an average of The interI j nal revenue from manufactured j i and ciirars for last month amoiiutid to i A i Hlonewal Jackson and laugh ter Miss have received the j of under Ihf will of the hite i j Wado of The county i 1 court ol Memphis ordered iln payment on of last j 8 00 P 31 7 20 n 25 4 15AM 4 55 A H 25 A M 7 15AM 8 40 A M It SJAM li 30 P M 1 55 P M SI 15 P M M 4 52 P It 5 SO i fxp jr 9 30PM J G OOP M Vi 11 07 AM 12 00 noon All 12 OU noon IS 10 P 31 1 M 2 35PM 5 45PM 5 00 ASt 7 18AM 9 35A3t 2 48 PM t 15AM 6 5 45 P M Sunday 1 M 7 21 P M 11 20AM 1 18 Par 3 0 25PM 8 40PM 11 OOP M W A M J 33 A M 10 SO AM 11 A M 12 03 1 CO P M 4 30 P M Arr AIT A trains run bv time Lcxirictui Division hy Columbus I andj rim except liMrfMn Uichuiiiidami Clifton Olif on UiiiitinKton fxcii Sun Jieiwivn nnil anil Stoph in oil principal S ail 4 mil IwUvcrii VCnali i and 4 do tint tn li leave V nnd arrivcti except lit I leaves except irrivis Cannolton Stops at Michaels Catholic Chure beyond Lowry is a wellvo a new gnmile ercctid al a j do young He has been a faithj cost of was yesierday j Kor apply to ful watcher by her bedside for several i inornini by liishop of Harris1 any oniccof AO Ity or onice The young lady was neatly dressed The Church of tiie Nativity of the for the and sat in bed during the Blessed at was dedij by Uihop ofi A November The late whose funeral will take place on lo the surprise of his ii personal prop Whiuifir says Hint the family from which he took the name of Mnud Muller were They prommnwl it and was the recipient ol the congratulations of many warm person nl Kcul uilmiuil HearAilmiral Charles u re tired officer o theUnited States died ol apoplexy at his in calei yesterday niilesiwkes have boun captured in Florida for the Smithsonian One measures twelve inches around body and is nearly seven feet The other reptile measures thirteen liny i il IoniKcling 1 Oenl ienl or wiser c 1W DO NOT till leads in CHEAP AND WINDOW und weighs thirteen ami a half Sunday He inches around tlie is eight feet first with illness soon after he Imd gone to bed on Saturday was born in in mid received hiaappointment as Midship man Irom his native Sluto on March If yon are sick and troubled with Hrowns Iron will cure you A reasonable proposition 1 wish to get i divorce my wife drinks too much Mow dm you say such a j you who are drunk every PtMstuit jus the fiomn one in the fitiiiily has li he ft received MOiJUKTT AND HODY BRUSSELS CAIUETS AND pMUCSll OF ALL KINDS Vb H l lifw as the lowest nt KOlJKRTSONS V4fl Sycntnon SoS Sfcotid flimi from

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