Tuesday, August 22, 1882

Daily Index Appeal

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Index Appeal on Tuesday, August 22, 1882

Daily Index-Appeal (Newspaper) - August 22, 1882, Petersburg, Virginia Ul JjrtMiOM Wf Cwtltwirtf BARM lu I i 3 by Curlrn to tliclr Sutwcrlben In the 15 in able Entered tbe 1iwt ut BecouuCinsB i F LOUIU FLOUK FLOUR PATAlSCO FLOURING DAILY AUGUST PRICE THREE PATENT HOLLER GaiMll MSactuiig 33 COMMUnOE 1dtappco Superlative Patapnco Chesapeake Caao Henry Bedford Pataneco Oracgu Grove North Polut Wapleton All brands In halfbarrels aiidin packs equal to and sixteenths of a bar Alto medium grades Extra aud nu From tho Hichrooud Chapter KuMIiin A Open General Mahones residence in Rich mond last and his superintendence of the did not by a good all that his efforts show him to have Of tho lleadjuster measures the debt which in several respects did not come up to the pledges given in regard to and which was properly Massevs was little to sell and no outlet for anything but in condensed form and make their little crops of into We all know how they are hairiecl by the spies of the hauled from their punished for violation of this hard or escape with a lawyers fee and bill of costs which empties their What relief did General Mahoue seek to obtain for these poor who gave him his Re adjuster majority in the Southwest Let GOLD WATCHES VERY SPLENDID INVESTMENT at the prices wo ofler If you want a watch YOU will find it to your interest to see what we can offer you LADIES WATUHES from to Some yery handsome and prices as low as tue same cuii be bought for OPERA showy snd set of Glove and Kings In endless YOUNG passed without the ex him ausworT cept the railroad pretty much All know what matters ot But of the caucus THE TOBACCO IXTEKEST except the scheme for controlling I Iws sullereil from the was aud from the the patronage of the capitol What has the especial champion none other passed so far as I can now re Virginia interests done for that It has General Mahoue was foiled iu his i teen explained in the papers that when in attack on the to pass House of Representatives motion his commissionerofsales wiih its W1S mado to abolish the internalrevenue I QUO GROCERIES 1 We offer to the Trade pounds Virginia 3 tiarrols Apple 2 years 25 barrels New Gibbea 10 boies ClearKib Bacot 10 boies Bulk 10 boxes Bacon 50 barrels Pure Yellow 25 barrels tJninulated 25 barrels Cut Loaf 100 bags Rio and Lapnayra 100 barrels Choice Extra 25 tierces aud barrels Cassards 25 bores Summer 50 barrels pure Sugar 50 barrels Merchants All at market o v i s pounds Choice Virginia BACON HAMS and SIDESpepper 300 pouudi Ferris 1 SMOKEl KEEP tiud PlRK LEAF Supplied weekly with the best fresh Orange County New York BUTTEK and A good supply of Minnesota fresh ground hish grade PATENT FAMILY and New Vir ginia aud Maryland FLOUKS in barrels and Rye uat New Seconds and Graham Flour for Mle by an 18 Ill Bank 281 SYCAMORE Secoud dooi from Old Bag Hist received direct from Southampton county 500 pounds of veiy choice VIRGINIA HAMS AM1J to which he iuvites special Alto receiving TODAY SjIlAFJSKS SMALL SUGARCURED HAMS and fresh SEA FOAM The best TEAS AND COFFEES of all Would call special uutiou to his DIFFERENT fJRADES OF They cant be HEAT for the an 11 G UOCEJKIES AT T11E Old Confederate 100 boxes Bacon and Bulk Shoulders nnd 10 tierces Sugarcured tierces Sugarcured Shoulders and 50 tierces 100 tubs and pails 70 barrels assorted including Cut Granulated and 1000 barrels including Our Cooks Richmond and Petersburg Extras and Superfine at the lowest possible 300 bags Coffee of good quality at a very low 60 cases of Arbuckles aud other celebrated brands of parched chests of the best assorted 25 Carolina aud 25 halfbbla family Roe 50 kits 1 and 3 10 boxes boueleas 150 of the best brands of flne old 100 assorted Syriipa and 100 boxes including Eastmans Polishing Also a great variety of Grocers Staple Goods too numerous to mention at the very lowest price for For low prices and good goods call at the OLD COKTBDBHATB 230 Svcamore and oblige DANIEL sell no Glucose ja3 Jnet received ft fnll line of nt bottom prices all kinds of raw and frcfh roaeted every variety ot EXGL1SU PI CAXXEJJ and FANCY UJIOCEKIES FULTOXMARKET 11EEFtfc XE JtOE AND CANVASSED HAMS and CHIPPED Prime and Genuine Gilt Edged BUTTER and CHEESE Wilsons Holmes SEA A large assortment of GREEN nnd BLACK 50 cents per Ib U the finest 25 cases JULIEN CLARET for Medicinal purpose Gold Seal Champame pints and Sole agent here jloerlcius My stock if Prices Goods ranted by je 29 5 North Sycamore BY USING hundred offices or his bill to vacate the offices of the seven or eight hundred nota ries who had all paid for thetr commissions aud and fill their places as many appointees of his own or his unconstitutional bill to remove the hundred superintendents of schools an fill their places with us many of his ow men or to pass his substftnte for th railroad commissioners putting his feet the railroads of the Suite wit their thirty millions of wealth and thei twenty thousand a h failed in his attempts to bind and rule th State by patronage and caucus One other and only resource was lef TURN OVER THE STATE TO PRESIDENT All THUR and the Stalwart Republicans and th and fury of his followers ha been turned upon those who deny his righ his power to trade them off lik a herd of live stock iu a Texas ranch fo offices in Virginia and iniluence at AVash and who refuse to bs transferred bodily to the man a some Readjusters have not in his letter accepting thenomination for th sneered at the South era States as having repudiated obliga lions quite as saered as those to which the nation now stands Of all that General Mahone has attempt his order to the DemocraticReadjust ers to face to the rightabout and marc into the Republican camp is perhaps th most What iniluence has IK shown in any matter of Federal here at I can justify this assumption In 1880 the whole Democratic vote was the Rcpub lican On the 28th of five clays before the presidential the figures before he told us all to rely upon his assurance that our elec torn headed by Cameron and Rid tlleberger nnd pledged to will carry the Slate by plurality of But at the polls we got only the other winir of the Democracy anc General Mahone was votes out ol his Does that look as if his orders would LILobeyed now Then we had issues to rally which are now Then we had Massey to rouse our whom it is now at tempted to expel as a Then we had which is now turned to Then he wanted us Democratic now he orders us to be Does General Mahone suppose that HIS SUDDEN COXVEllSrON to Stalwartism has so increased his influ ence these same men as to balance the loss from these causes Can he con vince men two ways almost in one breath It would insult the commonest intelligence to go about to explain and prove in detail that Readjustment which made General did not make it claimed to be nothing but iin of issues purely domestic in their and so wholly unconnected with Federal politics that a niau might be either National Dem ocrat or National Republican without im pairing his Beadjlister It is true there were some of the old they had neither forgot ten nor lorgiven the conduct of the north ern Democracy just before nnd during ihe who resented bitterly their backsli ding from the ancient and had our memory of wrong quickened into fresh re sentment by the taunts flung at Readjust But led by General Mtihonc we voted our electoral ticket along with the aud to show our friends that whatever we might be we had no thought of becoming National we quoted the re mark of Generol Mahone in the Senate of the United States that he was better Democrat than some of that party who were tiaclgenng him lorliis We might indeed have declined to affiliate tav it came within one vote of That vote1 would have been given by a South Carolina Democrat if John once a Democrat not voted to oust our friend and put in his place a Republican opponent So the bill was On the 25th of July General Mahone in Ihe United States Senate moved to reduce the tax on tobacco to eight cents per lie was sustained by onlytwo other Re of whom voted to reduce the tax on tpbacco before General Mahone went to the Senate the other of whom Kellogg of Louisiana wished to kill the which embraced also a reduction on a tariffprotected product of his The vote reduc tion was ID Democrats to 3 Republicans the vote against 13 Democrats and 25 of 28 15 for out of 28 25 against Could General Mahono have influenced this vote in our favor If then what is he worth to Virginia If did he not do it it is said he wants this whole INTERNAL HEVENTJE TAX But the patronage of Virginia is based almost entirely on the tax ancl General Mahone dispenses that Does he want to give it up When it comes to might not self the waver ing balance shake Bui does he expect the Republicans to repeal it in face ofthe fact that his friend Arthur it kept and that when the whole question was before the only relief the Republicans proposed which always get all they choose to ask for to patent medicine who daily poison thousands of our people and to where the reduction would go into the pockets of the and would not be felt by the And does he not know that his allies in the Republican caucus of the Houseresolved ihat there should be no reduction of the tax on tobacco and whiskey And do not when he was nominaled Oy Garfieltl for but who now illla the place of Secretary of Nary of Bab cock and of many others of that old set of Grants robbers aud ringsters the from good or a far more culpable has kept or placed in And these are killing TltE REPUBLICAN PARTY which we are asked to join in its If it ever was as it certainly WAS U is not so A man who stood by them through the war and knew them has lately said There is nothing left of the old Republican party but a combination of corrupt managers to hold power by force ana by and to use the Treasury and the public patronage as a means of rewarding their They have no no no con and no They treat tho country as a great rotten borough where votes are to be bought with the peoples aud successful jobbery is esteemed a public Such a even if in full has too many large jobs on hand to help Vir ginia by lifting any of her burdens or aiding any of her Really the principal proper of their debt has not been reduced as Senator of Auguut Tho following Bales wero today 21 shares Columbia dud Augusta railroad stock at 50 KlW moderately Six 485 SUle bonds without Uovernmenta Til 13 THE HK1IOUSEKUL WITNESS IX 11EITEUATES HIS FOUMKK STATEMENTS rilOSKCUTIOK TO ASK COS VICTION OF JIURDKli IN TUK SECOND 1E QKEE THE DKPEKCE PUTTING IN A OF 8KLKDE NAIU AHO IIK1 BV OCCU we know that neither himself no with all his is recorded as pro testing against it But there are other things that Virginia Ever since the war we have been alking about manufactures but we need riendly guidance and Has Seneral Mahone given Ihe one or tried to obtain the other Just now our people ire a little crazy about a protective Has he attempted to enlighten them Or does ho know how And the interchange of com modities in large quantities dis WHAT HAS HE DOSE about that The river harbor bill gave Virginia to promote her ommerce by deepening and cleaning out tells struggle we have been going for tho last fifteen years to reduce our debt from to has only been making up to the bondholders and bankers the difference the value of the gold they paid us and the present gold we pay them thay do uot want it They have arranged in the interest of the bondholders that a vast amount of it cannot be paid until twentyfive years that they may fill up that interval with expen ditures TO PAY Their pension whose though the product ot a common ia yet dis bursed exclusively among what they call the loyal has been lately increased to per sum that will before the pensioners die and tho perjurera and pension agents are glut to very if not what has been paid up to this time as a reductiou of the So there will bo no lowering of taxes if they can help Already the late session of Congress increased the ap propriations nearly beyond the Democratic And this is the party in whose beneficent hands General Mahonc advises our people to place them selves he to lead the and to play in Vrginia the part that has been played in Pennsylvania for years and by that old heathen and Simon Corueron he to pursuade us to serfdom just when patient Pennsylvania has revolted in For one I decline to take the When I joined the which I did as soon as they formulated and platforrued my ideas on the the the ed and the railroad 1 brought with me no romantic notions of the purity and disinterestedness of politi cal I had seen too many parties for I had been taught that Christi anity itself had shared the common lot of all great changes and that perfect as it was in itself its nominal adherents were often neither wise nor though I have uot been surprised at the turn that SELFISHNESS AND represented by General Mahone in this have sought to give a measure in tended lor the good of the But to the LrjNENBURG August drama was not so dramatic after and the remorseful witness tearfully stated last Thursday that if Garland were hanged his blood would be 011 his came into court this morniug nnd reiterated nil of the testimony ho had formerly When the court had admitted that he statement to but said been assembled he had made the of the that the worry and excitement of the tragedy had almost upset his mental and physical lie that ho had said many things which he had not in tended to and of which he had no re He explained his remark to that he Jones could not put himself right the jury on of his connection with the Addisou fami by the statement that he was engaged to one of the Misses He was calm arid and gave iu his testimony without The instructions of counsel were argued at and with some this at The prosecution say that they will not ask that Garland bg but will con vict him of murder iu the second degree and their instructions were prepared to this Garlands lawyers have set up the plea of and their instructions were in every instance objected to by the prose The Judge took the instructions under and adjourned the court until tomorrow received a bouquet this morn ing from a lady as a token of her sympa thy and admiration for him in his strug gle for justice and Tlie Fuiiorit of Senator August remains ot Senator Hill were placed ia a beautiful bronze casket exactly like the one in which President Gorfleld was At THE 8UKZ CANAL FILLED WITH BHITISU IKONCLAUS AND CLOSED TO THE IlEST OF TUE T1IK FIGUT AT August Said was occupied at 3 oclock this morning by the English At 2 SO oclock this uoou earthworks had been up be tweeu the European and Arab quarters of the Seventeen transports and five menofwar are at Port and Admiral Seymour anil Ueueral Sir Garnet Wolscley were both This morning was occupied by the and the troops wero driven Irom The British have possession of Uio telegraph BOMON IAS TICHT DOUBLE Sold 1V a SUMMERS UflUTCn IT All I LU HUtn I 0 NOTED OUTLAWS JESSEIFRANK JAMES Written bytheWifeand Mother The only nnlhorliMd by and which In not n Tiloon and Thnnclor inch M but n TRUK bjrlhd ftnljf pontoon In ponwwlon of the fulthfnl and MOTHER Truth mnrn tan than Agnntn thnnln apnlr for olrcnlara and dtotlal flrmii Mond for proyxx tin QHAMMKRft with either aud so hohl the hulance of as General Mahone had promis ed to do but we never meant to be incor porated into tlie National Republican in whose last Convention Conk ling and other friends of Arthur voted to subvert the Government by the election of Grant to a third We never dreamed of ti defection to these must hftve been the feelings of every man of of consisten of when ho saw the Read justers in the Legislature FOLLOWING GKSEUAL MAHONES upon the degrading plea that the Republi cans would do more for us than the Dem and willing 10 commit a great fraud upon the representative rights of Virginia iu earnest of their apostasy For to district the State as General Ma proposed would give only two representa tives to DumocraUc mostly and eight representatives to Republican mostly It is strange that only the JJig Four dared to aud defeat this great fraud and outrage upon the State strange in deed and only to be accounted for on the supposition that some honest men must have felt themselves fatally bound by tjeir seal aud signature to that secret some timid men bound as flics arc in the spiders But where is the proof of this alleged superior PKKIEXDUXES s OF THE KEPIBUCAXS They never can have a bctler opportunity uer Of this sum James on vhich Ihe United States Government has Iready spent nearly gets only But a late survey by the United tales Engineers Senate Executive Docu ment Fortyseventh Con fess estimates that the river can be eepened from the sea to the rocks a few miles below Richmond to a clear channel ray of 25 feet at a cost of is distant 125 miles inland from IB capes clue is the deepest western uclentation on the When cleep necl to 35 feet will be practically the and nearer to the Pacific by 123 niles than any other This enterprise is quietly working its wn but it deserves large national And tins is one of several appro riations for Ihe benefit of Virginia that eneral Mahone aided the Presidents ftorts to kill by the late For on the ote which passed bill over the veto is name is not though he had but a short time This indirect and covert surioivr OF TUE PRESIDENTS VETO was worse than would appear on the sur Nobody believes that the veto gave the Presidents real objections to the river and harbor The alleged extravagance was in large part accordant wiihhis own for he favored the alloted millions to the Mississippi and its and the halfmillion for the Potomac Ancl his silly argument that its present amount aud shape made the hill uncon but that a reduction to onehalf the and some discretion to himself as to would cure that was obviously the mask to a more pro found Really New York ancl New England saw a new power adverse to their section resulting from the union of the great West with the now cured of her constiltttional scruplesby the It was this power shadowed forth in the river and harbor bill that the veto aimed to strangle in its birth audit was this policy of the hostile to the whole that was endorsed by the vaunted champion of Virginia interests and also hy John who was duly notified of tlie expected advent of the and being called came How potent sometimes is the influence of patronage MAHOSE HAS DOSE for ns far as I bv amending the House bill to build a court house at Abingdon and gelling one for Harrisonburg of rice to have one sucli ordered to be built at a cost of And in I he was 11 iiu ua man they had at the last session of Conmaterially aided by Senator Johnston and grcss for they had about sur plus in the STor can we for General Mahone was necessarv to Having the casting vote in the Senate lie was a man to be conciliated ho held what whistplayers call the 11 was a gnat power it gave him a great oppor tunity one that docs not often he had been elected to catch such op regardless of pledged against party sofcly in the interest of the We expected him to he a peculiar zealous ol goojj works for What lias done What miirht we htive done Aa The internal revenue tax on spirits paid said 000 on say or a total of to a government that nfter giving up that would still have had more than is ltvr men in tho mountains of with but other This is nil of General Mahones work for Virginia and this the liberality of President That the President has given General Mahone the of the Stale in exchange for a promise of its electoral vote is not of itself friendly to the people of Virginia rather the oppo for it aims to commit them to the port of such men as Sherman in the who entered the Treasury poor and left it a huge millionaire of Robes leader of the who entered tho Navy Depart ment in debt and left it nl the beginning of Hayess term with a very Inrge fortnnc of the visiting who did more limn any olher those worthies tochcnuhe American people out of the election of who wat rejected by the Senate on account of bail character that has not moved me to acquiescence I never meant to surrender the the and the aspirations of Vir ginia to an evanescent and demoralizing Neither did my associates in the At least I shall not believe it until 1 see it aud hardly But I Jiavo said fear too the patience of the public and yet I knew not how to say The is is not inviting the task ungracious at tlie best But there was a work to do 1 do it as well as another This qualification at least I have for I am getting am not very far from the allotted threescoreand ten never a candidate fora and but once in my life for an I have yet mingled actively in politics for nearly fifty In that time I Jiave seen much but never before saw I anything like the state of General Mahone has sought to and in some particulars has upon the people ot I name now as THE MOST SHAMEFUL THING that I ever witnessed the mode in which was permitted to aeglect his duty in Washington and to invade the Capitol at Richmond and to and poison the proceedings of our I pity the Virginian whodoes not blush when he thinks of And in I affirm that in what I have written I have said nothing in passion if I knew what I soberly Rather I have sup pressed much for the sake of I have not gone into the more minute de Uils of Mahones personal govern nor spoken of the courtiers and the talebear ers and tools that live in his Of necessity these things inhere in tho sys tem and will be taken for granted by every Nor have I shown how min utely he for to promising away the clerkship of the Court of in all matters which his will has iiike the miser who tales the cents as well as the dollars of his his eye and mind take in ail the items that go to make up the sum ol his But turning away from all this I have atlemptcd to confine myself to the facts and inferences which prove that his his his his and his aims unfit him to lead the people of The case is with FRASK Chills nnd and Bilious attacks positively cured with Enwryt Sta nda nt Cure in fal 1 i hie remedy never fails lo cure the most longstanding cases where Quinine and all other remedies had They are pre pared expressly for malarious in double two kinds of contain ing a strong cathartic and a chill sugarcoated contain no Quinine or Mer causing no griping or purging they arc mild and certain in their action and harmless in all cases they effectually cleanse tho and give new life and tone lo the As n i household remedy they arc For Liver Complaint their equal is not known onu box will have wonderful I effect on the worse They arc used and prescribed by and sold by Druggisla or sent by mail 25 and 50 cent Amorys Mile GatlMTtic best over only Standard Cure 114 Nassau Now 3 oclock Saturday the casket wiis car ried to the First Methodist Church under an escort of 100 members of the Atlanta bar and a committee composed of Senators of of of Butler of South Car of uid Pendle of and of and of The sermon at the church was preached by the after which the procession went lo the Many and of Mayor several prominent men as the pallbearers consisting of the most prominent men in Hie All business was State and city officers prominence were iu tho English AS with A 011 tire August An extra freight on the Pennsylvania Railroad ran into another freight train near at an early hour this Ten cars and the engine were badly Three men were seriously and two slightly in of this an inspec employed by the Patterson Locomo tive was in charge of the which was of a new and in jumping was seriously injured Jarvis Trainer and William of Brook who were stealing were badly bruised about tho They together with Givin were brought to the city and admitted to the University Frank engineer and William all of this were slightly lino from Port Said to The occupy ing force at Port Said numbers Two hundred and fiftytwo Egyptian soldier were disarmed without Th Government of the Khedive has been rein Tho commanders ot the Egyptiai troops are prisoners in the offices of th canal and their telegraph ofllc is occupied by the The canal ha been closed to merchant vessels and th dredgus in it have been The bom bardment of the Ghemileh fortification will probubly take place Th French dispatchboat Aspic left here yes lerday lo lata place of the cortelt in The Forbin has gone t Hassowtih protect the French subjects Tin triislimanofwar Tenicrair entered Tu mi this moruinc togethe witkiKe and cleared fo actioa lj 3 wrote RearAdmiral He wilt is follows It is said tha the British will land on the bank of the Sura I appeal toyourhoho as a British that vessels towhich according to thu of tho company we cannot refuse be not employee for tho purpose in violation of uoutralit of the wuich has been secured bt the Sultans recent decla ration of It uppers that even the generals com mancliug brigades were not informed o the intended movement on Ports Said Sir Edward Ilanley had beei ordered to support the bombardment o the Aboukir forts by n flank attack froii aud was unaware of tho rea plans until he opened this morning soalcc orders he had Tho to bombard which was officially announced on was rather a ruse or was abandoned at the last moment The lleet and transports went to Aboukir Saturday but at oclock at night quietly steamed leav ing the Achilles and the other two vcs sels in Aboukir These were this morning still anchored in the bay south of Nelson which point they control the railway to but the coast from Aboukir to shows no sign ot any landing having been The white Hag is still Hying at the Abou kir 7 firing is now going on at Volley tiring is distinctly heard There have been numerous cases of sunstroke among the troops re The reconnoissance made this af ternoon seems to show that enemys artillery aud infantry have been weakened since but their big guns are still in The Khedive watched the progress of the skirmish yesterday from a villa within range of the enemys heavy The reconnoissance proves the ex cellence of Arab Pashas earthworks and the accuracy of the fire of his Reports from the interior show that Arabl Pasha is making the entire population labor on the He declares that KafrelDwar shall be anothnr There was a reconnoissancc in force at 4 oclock this afternoon along the Mah moudiehcanal by the Forty Seventyfifth and Suvcntyniiilh reg The enemy kept within ihis in firing at the British but there were no The armoredtrain went out and drew fire from an Egyptian 15centimetre ICrupp but the aim was The British 40 pounders with armored train replied and silenced the It is probable that Riaz Pasha will take the post of ministerof the interior in Cherif Pashas new The transports and Jfepaul here The troops they were landed and im mediately sent to the front It is rumored that Arabi Pashas erT Ircnchments will be attacked on Monday morning at G The foriificutipns at Ramlehare being strengthened by Arab will in the day Vt m ewU iwr I 15 otlwr UM HO vet OIH regu tar AdvertlwracuU bctow plntlvn ol contract will tx charged for trannleut OT AH trontUnt mutt tepalifor Itunuuic August strike of the Chicago and Alton railroad shop caused by a reduction of work ing time to eight ended by the com pany The men resumed work August strike of the PanHandle coal miners against a reduction from 4 cents to thret and a half ended today in their and all the strikers who could obtain work at the reduction went in this The struggle has been the most protracted and expensive ever known to that In four months nnd a half since 1st day of t T April when the men laid down their i f they have lost in wages the opnreu sllr Within the last few days one Lof Arabi Pashas officers visited Fort proposed to surrender with a large body of He promised to return on Mon day and make known decision of his men as lo whether or not they would ac cept ihe terms It is believed that this proposilion of the officer was only a Some of the English officers thought they noticed Europeans directing the The distance between our outposts and the enemys cnlrcnchmenls was about two thousands It was discovered lhat Arabi Pasha has deep cuttings well in ad vance of his A person of position in supposed lo bo has been arrested on a charge of communicaiiug with Arabi and sent on board a It is that the destination yesterday the Egyptians of the tit also occupied Before daylight Fairfax occupied Port Said and Fitz of tho held All went well aud there was no Hoy shelled the enemy out of s Commander Kane was slightly Telegraphic communication with Kantara and Isuiai lia has been hundred and forty marines are on board iho boat ready to bo sent tp reinforce Fitz One ship is ashore in the but the vessels can The ships with Admiral Seymour and General Sir Garnet Wolseley on board are in JYom this it would appdar that the occupations were effected by the naval forces before the arrival A later telegram from Port Said says the troopship berapis and sonic of the gun boats have already entered the canal with August Daily Neios has the Said The Egyptian soldiers are doing duty with the police in the town which is perfectly The Khedives governor has dressed the Egyptian telling them that those who the Khedive could remain and would not be but those who were for Arabi Pasha had belter go and seek Two well known tof Arabi have been arrested sent on board of a vessel of the fleet whichis lying off The commander of the Egyptian a fanatic of tko worst who lias been actingas has escaped to Fort Ghernil 130 Arabi Pashas governor left for Ismalia Uirco days The News has tho following from Alex andria The secret of tho destination of tho First division and the ironclads was well kept until Tho general opinion that Aboukir will be bombarded is now an open The Second bat lallon Highland Light Infantry ancl First battalion Irish Fuslleew Jiavo landed from the troopships Franco and Arab respec and proceeded lo Kamlelf to join Alisons A dispatch to Lloyds from Port Said that entry into the Suea canal is for bidden by the English at both ends of the August from Constantinople to Hunters Telegram Com pany says that Lord Duffer iu inter view yesterday with Said declared that he was unable to accept the Turkish proposals forthe military convention in ttteir new Said Paslia and Assyin Pasha are understood to bo slrongly in favor of an understanding August dispatch lo the Daily Telegraph from Constantinople says ihe Porte refuses permit tho exporta tion from Turkey of mules for the British service in Lord British stales thatthis is a conlraven tion of trealy andias addressed a itrong protest to the stating that Turkey will bo held responsible for heavy A IltOCIAMATlONJfJlOSt August dispatch to the leu tor Telegram dated oclock Sunday evening sajs the Iceland transports have entered the Before their departure Wolseley losted a proclamation in the Arabic declaring that those who respectedthe authority of vould not be but tliose who re isted would be ircntccV as The 3rilish have evacuated offices of the anal The traflic of Ihe canal vlll be only temporarily suspended in irder lo allow Ihe British vessels to lie company has refused tosend pilots in board ffhe British occupy Arabi has abandoned Gheitnleh nd withdrawn to SAID PASHAS August Minister of Foreign has cnt to the Turkish representatives abroad stronglyworded denial of tlie report of ntiGhristian dislurbanccs in He tlributcsthe reports of the existence of crms ot disorder to The rrival of foreign menofwar at c says is what is calculated to revoke Many inhabitants ave apprised the Porte of the apprehen ions Ihearrival of tho Italian var ANOTHER EGYPTIAN August Hewitt wires Caplain the Witti marines anU two hundred under Major pro ceeded to Shaluf by tlie inaralitne caual Finding six hundred of the enemy landed nnd defeated them and took tortyfive a amuni lion and Two Highlanders were drowned and two seamen The enemys loss Arabi is constructingexlensive earth works of The French government has cautioned de Lesseps to ber circumspect and pru dent in his Nefich was the British to day without August commanding theIndian The Highlanderscarried the Shaluf en trenchments with August Corvette left Cronsladt perhaps for August all ia More universally recommended than anv proprietary medicine A auro and reliable Ifrowns Iron orators have lost their summer and their fooling to some extent in be and the railroad company has lost very heavily in Iriemtii Golden August Fe Superior of the House of Capuchin Monks attached to Peter and Pauls celebrated his colden jubilee to Fathers Hyacinlhe and all of were present and took part in the Last even ing Father Felix received a number of ineffectually at an out 1 post of l xth number ing v v occupying temporarily an The Egyptian infantry uhin about 800 jriiey v from Borne cuvalry the direction if Tlie Egyptian lines were most inegular and some of the men ap parently The cavalry were con fused from the restlessness of their About 5 oclock in the evening the British ironclad train out a car with a forty pounder detached and sent about forty yards advance of engine and fired two handsome presents from his congregation S shells upon tho who endeavored here and in where he was forfilo execute a flanking The merly among them a complete after this movement was set of vestments from present congrcj fired towards ov lloHI August Sea View the new hotel which was opened in was burned at 5 oclock The cause of Uae fire wus n defective All Use some 75 in Some were obliged to leavo with only Uicir night Ixm and insurance NEW August flrst bale of this season of cotton on Angla was re ceived This shipment ia later thaniho first Iwlo in Charles Malionc and two young men were found yesterday wilh their throats cut near The strike ofthe and Alton Roads shopmen is a James Bird shot his wife himself at Both will probably i Death From A child of of Cali 22 days died recently from resulting from The case was reported to the with a view 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