Wednesday, June 28, 1882

Daily Index Appeal

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Index Appeal on Wednesday, June 28, 1882

Daily Index-Appeal (Newspaper) - June 28, 1882, Petersburg, Virginia W ill fcy 0 f 1 Served by to their iju the elty at 13 cents payable KuUrwl at the Oice at A louolUe the uew aud dmwu tfclietuc to bv CAPITAL TICKETS ONLY lucoruoruted in for 25 yenre by the LcKiflu ture lor Jiducjitloual and Charitable purposes with a caiilal to which a reserve fund of has since beeu By an oveiwbelffiiut popular Its franchise made a part of the present Stale Constitution adopted December The only Lottery ever voted on and tnilorseit by the people of any IT NEVBR SCALES OR Its Grand Single Number Drawings take place A Splendid Opportunity to Win a Fur SEVSNTU GIIAND CLASS AT NEW JULY 14GTB MONTHLY Look at the following under the exclu sive euperviniou aud management of Of LOUJ SI AN and GEN JUBAL A OF VIRGINIA Who manage all the drawings of this ordiuary and and attest the cor rectness of the published Official CAPITAL Tickets at Five Dollars ia Fifths in LIST of PRIZES 1 CAPITAL PRIZE 1 do do 1 do do a PRIZES 10 100 500 1000 100 50 PPE JUNE PRICE THREE STATU CAPITA STATJE AND do do do do do do do APPllOilMATION 1 Approximation Prizes of it Approximation Prizes of 3K 9 Approximation Prizes of 250 ISXi amounting Application for rates to clubs should be made only to the olHee of the Company in New For further information write giving full Send orders uy Registered Let ter of MoiHy iiddrensed oulvto New or OOT Seventh addressed to New Orleans will re ceive prompt JUNE 1882 DIVIS 2 IRON IE LEAD IN M 1 THIS IS AN ADMITTED FACT BY KVERY one wlio has examiued our stock we have been iu Tile reason is We have no Ions division of prollu to make and cau afford to sell for a smaller advance on cost thun those who have to du Another veiy nQvanlnge we have is the that our buyer for more than Til 1KT Y YEAKS studied the wants aud tastes of this and know what they he makea frequently trips to New York to supply tlleir and no man can successfully cater 10 the reciuirements of his trade who is iiatbroiiglit iu daily conutct with His long experience uud cjipital enable him to buy to the best aud our custo mers receive the full benefit of Desiring to reduceour stock of SUMMER GOODS as low we shall from this date make sweeping reductions iu the prices of all such NUNS VEILING reduced to 5 cents a A good assortment of colors all of our higher cosr NUUH Veiling proportiouiitcly DRESS GOOD3 reduced Irom per yard 10 GRENAD1N all marked way PARASOLS Special Correspondence of the June Superintendent of the State Agricultural is itt the city having just returned from his farm in Cumberland lie says his wheat crop is an excellent In the i Doctor from eveiy portion of the Stuie the best infor mation I can get induces me to believe that the crop Is the largest and best we have hud siuce the Then the price of wheat will be you querried the not You see there is a great scarcity of corn in every section of the and there are August and September to tide over before the corn crop is and during that lime the local demand for the now wheat will be The farmer will get a good price for his The Doctor is in fine and has come in to give soine instructions about the additionsto be made to the rooms ot his He reports a heavy storm on Friday night near Fannville which so tilled the tributaries to the upper Appomattox as to do to the low laud A mill that had been standing for forty years near Farmville and belonging to a Jonefc was washed So great was the full of water that rippling rills were for four hours transformed into navi gable Blanton goes to Portsmouth tomor The last member of the Blues got home from Baltimore this morning at 10 He had art adventurous season louui i escaPDS lroin the boys of the Grand whose kindress might be likened for its lojoeo depth to their fighting earnestness of for mer I regret that John AVise is quite sick since his return from i In conversation with one of the school j trustees of Chesterfield yesterday with reference to the appointment of white and colored teachers 1 what lias beeu your custom It has been invariably to appoint col ored teachers for colored If I could not find one in my district who was competent 1 always report the fact to the County Superintendent with quest that one be I have always found that there is more grumbling about the selection of white teachers than there is among the the reason that almost every citizen has a personal friend or fa vorite for the It is understood that the Directors of the Penitentiary have submitted a report touching the status of affuirs over Any barganiug away or sale of places by guards will be and in future pro There can be no excuse for bick ering and squabbling between the officers of a public and there is never any unless accompanied by a large degree of weakness in some partof its adminis which the I dare can reudily There is sonic com motion over the hill The telegraph last night announced the fact that the Baltimore Ohio and the Chesapeake Ohio companies had agreed to permit the Richmond Danville sys tem to their ways to compete for western business against the Green Line which has for yearsmonopolized the traffic between the aud Georgia and western This will be a severe blow to the Louis ville and Nashville system whose stock has been feverish for some The house of Simons shipped the acts of Assembly 1SS182 today to the clerks of the county courts at Zuni and Alleghany trains brought in 15 cars June Tbo following dales were madu today 5 shares Cuexnusakeaud Ohio railroad stock at 21 4 S shares Columbia aud Augusta railroad stock at 40 i shares do at 40 l share do at 40 10 shares do at 40 1 share flo at aharo do 40 10 shares Petersburg railroad stock at 28J4 10 shares do at 10 shares do at SWtf ID Citizens Bank stock at NKW June Stocks 3 per Kxchause State bond Uovernnients steady and We wouffi reduce the price of our WHITE was ench we havo bieu etll iBRtheni eu low that there in no chance to murk them We have hut little more of thnt FRENCH OR GAD1K ITn yards widest 0 cents This wtwk will lit the last chauce to sucnru fail to see Unit FfiENCH at 50 ccuts iv value ONE Our PERSIAN LAWNS at 25 mid coals are Our LINEN DlNDK 20 and 25 cents fur prise nil who see Our LINEN DK SYIUK In nil gnuU ed the cheapest in is pronounc OCR SEW STFLE Of TVCKIXOS please every one ia and Our SWISH KIKUNUS and irimwiugK aie hamlsonie nnd XKW CAJiJHCKMAVKOSS will be shown thie of front the Com mittee on repoited a resolution in the case ofStroback from the Second district of granting leave to the contestant to withdraw his contest without of from the same submitted a report in the contested election case of Smith Shel from the Fourth district of accompanied by a resolution declaring the seat Laid over for future A NEW ATLANTIC June In the Senate yesterday introduced a bill to encourage and promote telegraphic communication between America and Eu The bill provides that Robert Gar Burns and of shall liavethe right to construct a line of telegraph or submarine cables on 1 he Atlantic coast of America to connect the American and European coasts by submarine It also provides that no union or sale of cable interests established under this act shall be made to any other existing European or other cable The United States shall be entitled to exercise and en joy the same privileges with regard to control and use of such line as there may by law be enjoyed ly any other foreign Tlie citizens of the United titates shall enjoy the same privileges as to tho payment of rates for the transmission of messages us arc enjoyed by the most favored REDUCED The bill to reduce internal revenue taxa as completed in Committee of the Whole in the House of Representatives Drovides that upon its passage there shall be repealed the stamp tax on bank order and the tax on the and deposits of banks and under sections 8408 of the Revised and of national banks under section 5214 not including in the case of national banks the six months pe riod ending June and of other banks and bankers the same period ended May and the tax on medicinal preparations and other articles imposed by schedule fol lowing section UNFINISHED The House calendar shows UlaTTHere are now awaiting action by that body nearly a thousand distributed as follows Committee of the 209 House 120 private 39G House bills amended bv S Senate bills not There have been five days assigned for special leaviagsevcn working days before July 10th in which to dispose of the The Sundry Civil and Naval Appropriations and sub other mat ters as may come back from the arc also to be taken into 420 The shipniouts were 410 Information received here today states that the Clearfleld region did not go ou a strike to day as a several of the mines being at work It is learned toduy that representatives from the Meyers dale aud Elk Garden regions will meet in council either iu this city or at Bedford Springs on the 30th form a set of rules for the government of employees iu these and that tho rules now gov erning strikers here will bo pressed for It is rumored that the Ex ecutive Committee of the Knights of La bor held a secret session at Froslburg to THE June half the miners in the Cleatfield region are on six mines being idle in the vicinity of Houtzdale and near A complete suspension or a resumption of wojk it is be decided on in a few JThe operators claim that they are unable Vo advance wages ac count of the decrease iu prices which is about 15 cents per ton at the mines and 30 to 40 cents at tide Bills are being posted tonight calling a meeting tomorrow to determinewheth er the strikers or who are in the shall STltyCE OF The men at work on the Belgian pave men in Baltimore have struck for 50 per They have been receiving uUty FACING THE DEATH THAT AWAITS SUSPICIOUS Guiteaus death warrant was signed by Clerk of the Criminal on the seal of the court and the document immediately forwarded to Warden Crocker at the District It will be read to the prisoner just before his The scaffold has been turned and some other slight changes which seemed to be Ko further steps were taken today with a view to having the President reconsider his determination not to interfere with the execution of Guiteaus but this was probably owing to the Presidents abj sence from the John Gui the has made ap plication to Private Secretary Phillips for an interview with the President in order June gardless of the extreme hot tho citizens aud visitors tako great interestu the closing exercises of the University of The Board of Visitois mot yes terdayjitt formal General Wyatl Elliott Tho members of the hoard present are Judge John Virginia Colonel Lamb Judge of Winches Among the distinguished visitors present toiiuy were W Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Uni versity of South Carolina Professor Secretary the Histori cal and The celebration of the Washington Lite rary Society took place at a quar ter to 8 The Board of Visitors and Faculty marched in procession to the President of the After prayer by the the medals were presented to Law of and of ir with neat and appropriate They responded in speeches that did credit to their talents and to the Webers of AVashington fur nished the music for the Emriux lor LAKE June Prince ton University four arrived here The Cornell and University of Pennsyl vania fours are expected The entries for the fouroared race July are Pennsyl vania and Columbia College and the University of Pennsylvania were en tered for the eightoared shell race owing to the death of Columbias cox it is doubtful if that crew will par An Kdltor June editor of tho was cowinded by McCanlcss this Clark stated in his paper that in the Shields trial the evidence of McCanlcss and Vennble was not it was strained and ini piobiiltle Ivcrsoii died on October Drcsslwdied on Saturday October Tue following Is tho last entry in tho aud Gartz died during tho Collins Do Surgeon and Ah the were still ulivo when this record was but they must have died soon fern Wi Will Mt net A UM 90 iwr unit plnaluii of contract will In for M trantltnt ttttvirUiemetiti mutt btpaUfor DHY 3 IRON TWrt Arrival oap White Goods A Case of Yclloiv NEW June a sailor on the steamship Marco which arrived from Havana on to lay before him additional evidence tend the has been admitted to the Charity Froijrlit Tralllc S THK SITUATION IN JEIISEY CITY MAIL WAY JOINING THE JERSEY June The situation iu Jersey City is hourly becoming more and more The strango spec tucle is exhibited of a few determined men controlling t large body of strikers and holding iu check that spirit of lawlessness loaded with railroad ties yesterday which tha has shown itself on almost every sim ore going on board a schooner Three vessels were lowed from Quan tico today loaded with the same product of our State destined for There was another heavy storm about Caroline on Saturday The Dispatch the Stale coun sels a convention of Mansou has been North for two most of time he spent in Louis Euker threw open his summer garden last night at the corner of Broad T whole armada of schooners were dis charged amid the antl a general good feeling of invited guests of both Richmond ladies will eventually become fond of Judge of was in Richmond He reports garden truck as suffering greatly for The first water melons of the season ilar The strikers are admirably and are marched through the streets four All the men employed by ihe JSTew Lake Erie and Western on the Weehawken this morning joined the They have beenreceiying eleven cents perhouror per They demand per This strike necessitates the shutting down of all the oil refineries at The switchmen and brake men employed by the Erie Railway Com pany in the east and west side of the Bergen Tunnel joined the traffic of the road is at a complete The Pennsylva nia Company have succeedel in inducing about seventyfive of their old hands 10 resume work A number of freight trains on the road have been moved this morn Committeesappointed by a meeting at Michaels Institute to visit the yards of the various railroad companies made theirreports They claim uuiver came in from Georgia today and were sold sal The switchmen on the roads by auction at the Petersburg depot for from 22 to 25 cents each in large Two car loads were Dealers ask 73 cents apiece for The train from the South was an hour will be able to stand tin behind time this having been dej remains to be tained by the Raleigh and Gtiston and having t heavy express freight of fruit and the were ou t The work ot making up trains will now have to be done by the main line brakenicn and freight train How long the companies state of uflairs ing to show insanity on the part of his and which he thinks ought to justify a further medical ilYSTEKIOUS IEBSONS AT TIIE Three men of suspicious appearance were seen loitering in the vicinity of the jail last and about I oclock one of was discovered by the sentry in the act of walking toward the window which is just opposite Guiteaus inthe south wing of the At sight of the sentry he turned oa his heel and left the prison A short time afterward two men applied at the front door of the jail for permission to saying that they wished to sec General the Admittance of de nied but for some they were very persistent and almost forced them selves In H few minutes one of the officers ot the who thought there was something suspicious in the behavior of the late went out in front of the building and in a small ravine running through the grounds discovered the three mea who seemed to be in One of them whistled aud all three ran Nothing is known with regard to the ob ject of these men in lingering about the jailand seeking admission at this com paratively late hour of the General Crocker says that when he left the jail this evening Guiteau was apparently but cipeaking yesterday of the decision of thOjCabinet in his case Guiteau said to the Hicks Dont go to President Arthur any Let him come to I have nothing more to ask of him if he has irrevocably I appeal to the higher God will judge between him and Miss who is in the city en deavoring to obtain a respite for the pris has received from Hatha of a letter strongly approv ing her efforts and expressing the writers behalf that Guiteau is insane and should be dealt with as a lunatic and not as a GUITEAO TO THE The following letter was addressed by the assassin to thfi President on the inst Reed has j ust informed me that Justice Bradley has denied my applica tion for a habeas 1 am somewhat surprised would seism to be contrary to Before Eeed came I had just finished a long talk with our mutual aud verv dear the I desire him to express to you my views tnd feelings as to my I am entitled to a full pardon but I am willing to wait for the public to be educated to my views and feelings in the In the mean I suiter in bonds as a 1 have concluded to acquiesce in Reeds sug gestion that you respite uie until so the case can be by the Supreme Court in full He has a clear case of yellow i to LAWNS LAWNS I Notwithstandins the iinnuiise quaulilivM if which we have hold in the last two we shall show this morning another addition to our stock of LAWKS at 5 POLKA STRtPKH AXl LAWNS al LAWNS at Others may advertise these Roods nt the same bin wlitui you compare ANII QUALI it will not tako lonj for you o decide where you will Those who have visited our store dirTing the last two weeks caisnot have failed to observe that there was always a crowd of biivers around our lawii counter securing some of tlnwe gteRl We slid not again this season have so varied an assortment of so buy this There shall no longer lie a complaint of mini TRICKS of div goods in We intend lo sell them as low asthey can be ixinglil in any mar ket in this nmi ii will be your fault if you do not take mlvar Uiat fun and buy at Ihu JcOfi or GJJ01WK A 2 Iron Front LACK JUTS AT K ALL COLORS at Hood 5 Lures from ifeiitu up Hnmtjnri Kdgra low nn llnck Hunting dyftni llcnl llnlr RUhop SM worth JO Black Silk 50 Sdlinand Wnter all prices Curtain li4 a yard Pearl per 1nnt at at the Navy Blue Dot tawn worth Call catty and M AAKON Spotswoodi Drug Jo wvi The strikiug freight handlers met this One of the men said a num ber of men working for the Erie at the Grove street freighthouse were anxious to have a delegation of strikers wait upon them and ask them to quit He said they would be only glad to leave the build About two hundred then left the Sunday morning a bull owned by Henry living near gored to death an Syearohl orphan child named i meeting and went in a body to the freight John who had been sent that i There they were met by a large morning to herd the drove of cattle temkd I body of who ordered them from by this vicious which has within the last two weeks attempted to kill several the It looked like but the strikers ilnally vowing vengeance j I understand public opinion is A Iallicliu jLvnucTS FROM COMMAXDEU DE NOTE June Secretary of the Navy has received a communica tion from Engineer Melville giving an ac count of the linding of the bodies of Com mander De Lqng and his party in the Lena It is the sumc narrative that was published in the press dispatches of June with the entries in Commander De Longs notebook The first of these entries was made October aud is as follows One hundred and eleventh and a new Called all as soon as the cook announced boiling aud at had our pound of deer meat and Tho doctor resumed the cutting away of poor Erick sons toes this No doubt it will have to continue till half his feet ure gone or death ensues or we get to a Only one toe left On October 4 a touching instance of the devotion of Alexy lo his commander is The previous night was terribly and Alexy wrapper his sealskin around DC Long and kept him warm with tho heat of his own De Long gratefully puts the incident on In the morning Erickson was He was lashed to a sled and the journey A large hut was found and for the first time in many days they were able to make themselves In the evening each one had a half dog meat and a cup of Erickson died October The ground was so hard frozen that his surviving com panions could not dig a grave for so they sewed the body in the flaps of a dropped it in the river and fired three leys from their On this day De Long wrotein his notebook What Gods name is to become of us Fourteen pounds of dog meat left and twentyfive miles to a possible On the next clay he made the following entry October fast consisting of tlie last halfpound of dog meat and The last grain of tea was put in tlie and we are now about to undertake a journey of twenty five miles with some old tea leaves and two quarts of trust in and I believe that He who has fed us thus far will not suffer us to die of want An entry made October 8 shows that alcohol is of great value in the absence of Commander De Long writes October all hands at halfounce of alcohol and a pint of hot Alcohol proves of great advantage keeps off craving for preventing gnawing at stomach and has kept up the strength of men as J J uue uueasy feel iug continues to prevail along the Suez It is rtunored that a number of cases containing accompanied by men in have arrived at Is mid have deposited in unoc cupied public buildings under tho super vision of the The Khedive held a grand reception to day ou the anniversary of his accession to The patriarchs ami the diplomatic corps The foreign menofwar exchanged salutes with the June in a leadiug It may betaken for granted that something more than empty sound behind the preparations at the We but hope that if the conference fails to find any solution of the Egyptian question France will agree with England upon some plan of united or leavs us Jree to aot A memorial bos been presented to Lord signed by 44 members of praying that the British representatives beinstructed to press the suppression of tho slave trade 88 one of the objects of the conference at lathe House of Commons today Sir Charles Dilke said that the protocol of disinteresseruont signed by in which they disclaimed seeking any advan tage outside of the basis of the coutained nothing precluding Englands opposing tho neutralization of the if such a project were Admiral who commands the British fleet at has heard i nothing of Arabi Pashas alleged threat to 1 seize The correspondentof the Times at Alexandria says Arabi Pasha states that if tho Porto abandons him he will publish correspondence proving that every step he hits taken since tho 7th of September last was instigated by the Three hundred marines and 300 men of the marine artillery have bccu ordered to embark on tho troop ship which sails from Portsmouth for tho Mediterra nean Juno The first sitting of the Conference lasted several The only differences manifested were with reference to the contingency of a military occupation aud to tho financial In the sitting on during the discussion of the right of the Sultan over a tendency was manifested lo confirm thosojightsou a the idea of Egypt again becoming a Tur kish It is understood that the conference will afford satisfaction to the nationalists of Egypt by recognizing the Chamber of No tables and regulating tho relations between the controllersgeneral and tho Egyptian IRISH LAND Juno dispatch to tho Standard from Longford stales that at a meeting of laborers held there and at Brttff resolutions were passed in favor of agitation to obtain from farmers a grant of a plot of land and a The disin clination of farmers to assist laborers was Strong opinions were ex pressed in favor of having direct dealings with landlords instead of with DEATH OF TIIK lune the composer ind is tho wellknown German was born in in He wrote and many of his com positions are familiar to tlie American He wrote chiefly lor the and is said to have produced more pieces i lho over 200 thanany of his His Leonoro and Iin Walde symphonies arc among the most popular EDIVIX BOOTHS RECEPTION IN Juno Booth ap peared as at the Adelphi Thea tre enthusiastically re There was fairly full house the audience including Theodore Laboucher and Lord The piece was fairly TVlr RnnthK rprpptinn fnnlrl ON ACCOTTNT OF OUR IMMENSE SALES of THIN WHITE GOODS during last we havo compelled to replenish our nock by Urge which came IdTfand by lav i tenn audwo are to say that our utock ID this line IB again Wo call attention to the following goods M INDIA 30 pieces PERSIAN pieces WHITE LINEN SB pieces FRENCH A few more pieces of that Indian Another piece af that elegaut lilHck Silk at 6 pieces Hll wool Black Nnn8 Veiling at 5 piecci of that superior Blnck Nuns VcUlDjr at 32 h LINEN LINEN ITL9TERSI Just received another fresh supply of In lie rery latest at prices which cannot full to MATTINGS i MATTINGS i MATTINGS i Another lot lust to hand In Ked and and at moderate figures I TRUNKS I TKUNKsTf have tho largest and decidedly the cheapest lot In tho aud we advluo a 1 In need or goods to examine our stock betoru BAGS GRAIN BAGS Wo have perfected an arrangement with the mnuuincturerH of Ilium Roods by which we arorn nhlnd to offer bags ut bottom and utliem will do well to price our Uiilltor ulu and Jute before plucinR their LINEN GOODS ANB CJOATIXOS Uur complete Wain and Stritieil UIIIMI Linen Drills for iiiiH nnl JKMH LADIKS AND MENS GAUZE AND COSSA MKR largo Hue of theso goods nt very rensonnule Hiiltablu for nieii and tall us they are going LAWNS I LAWNS I WXVjiiucos Colored nuigins iu price from jiieceo Colored Liuen Lawn Ht THE DIAMOND This lathe very bentShirt sold in this market ifar one It cpeukH Jor We keep a full supply of Qciits Gents Turn down and Guroto Gents White and colored Bordered Oents Kid i Iowa lu all tho uuw REMNANTS UTICA SHEETINGS We hove another caao of 104 at aOccnw per Call soon or you limy noT cet SB they can onlylio hud of jo ID rpt TJtADFoF VIRGINIA AND NORTH DRAKE FRONT Juvltu your attention to Uii largest Stockof DRY OOODS AND MOTIONS THE Liberal tenns to prompt to all Spec attention juylS NOTIONS A URAKfi True Merit Coma not have been Lowell sent a letter of regret that he could not be pres No better proof of thIB fact hus ever been offered in this community tljanlue success which bne at ts of the EeliaWo Shirt to establleh a buslnciw which Bhonld win the patronage and approval of so many of the best citizens of Petersburg and the surrounding conn The public nowundcretaniJ that whouSbJrts and Drawers are which innet bo correct flt and of the that SAAL la fill tho The biiemeeB np frnvrg tj nt thn Not a not sold in a but a reliable nonalcoholic tonic useful at all and in all is Browns Iron it t accordance Ensigns Watkinshaw and Fechteler have been ordered to the Coast Master David Peacock has beeu detached from the Hydrographic Office and ordered to the A naval examining consisting of ing in my and by January it may be still further enlightened as to my iuspi 1 aui willing to die for my inspira but it will make terrible reckoning for you and this 1 made and saved the people great Amblers On October Nbros and Kin V derninn were scut ahead to look for pomtedto meet at tlie luavy Department ts has been stated they fell in with Dancnhowers party and was The brief entriesmade by De Long after csof including Hoppes In a i on the and returned to the mect tleld a few hundred yards from Hoppes ing without having enticed any oue from house the childs body was found lying on j After reentering the hall a stormy the fjround while the tierce i scene A number of tho strikers bunstill bellowed about aud pawed the proposed to go down aud clean out the black earth over the ghastly The j entire police but bettor judgment verdict of a Coroners jury censured j Iloppe for keeping such an animal and he i The Governor of Jersey today was placed under bonds to appear before i issued a notifying all per the next grand jury of Howard liisons concerned for the and was also ordered that the bull lie i prosperity of the the laws must be i obeyed aud all unlawful lorce or violence Oralit must be and that the military A report was circulated on Saturday tha j State will be prompt vused to a large number of the grain handlers of j llui authorities in ihoireflorts to this city were on a strike for an advance preserve the public peace and to protect of So per A reporter of the yesterday visited a number of the grain receivers to ascertain the correctness of the and learned that the grain handlers were still at work and had not anticipated n but merely issued a circular requesting an ad And the least you can do is to let me go but his simple record the suggestive sutw I appreciate your delicate and I slow am willing t slay here until if i No news I am Gods man in this t from We are in the hands This is dead In Saturdays tibir I i and unless He relents we are published a poem on Gods to I We cannot move against the and which I call your critical It is j staying here means Afternoon every so help me With went ahead for a After crossing great very sincerclyand CH AISLES A MEDICAL anothcr on tho bead of the big missed Went down in a hole in bank and Sent back for He had Edward of New the j down and was waiting to All medical expert who so positively testified j united in saying Lords prayer and Ttmce of 25 per cent They clnim that eighty cents per one hundred bushels for vessels is not snfll grain receivers ves ot the hold a nttfoting yesterday and to compromise with the men ly offering an advance of 20 per which no doubt the handlers wiU Tlio advance will be made FI1BIGHT WAITING Jf June Six with twelve hundred tons of Westbound sent here be the Erie liaihvay Company from Xew York for tranporta tion from this arrived at 1 oclock Sunday The men hired to un load them have refused to ijo to work out or sympathy tor the New York The freight consists of general merchan and would probably fill 12i AT THE June As is usually the case on the output yesterday at the Eckhurt mine was being buf has written a letter to the judge of the Criminal asking permission to be present at the claiming that j sides should be and half had testified unqualifiedly to Guiteaus in Washington to examine Commodore Hughes ior promotion to be Hear Ad The Jamestown Commander Al lan arrived at Newport at noon Friday from San one hundred and twelve days out from port to All well on It seenia a pity that she did not go to Hampton so that the dispute that has been waged since 1843 as to the relative speed of the James town and the Portsmouth would have been definitely as the latter vessel made the passage from San Francisco to Hampton Roads in one hundred and eleven The Captain Rush Wai at the Portsmouth Kavyyard and will be overhauled there fot hands employed is counted by It seems as if a discerning public hag detcrminnd to make tho business one of the institutions of Tho Btock of Gentlemens furnishing Goods was never so completeas at comprising all sizes and prices of Summer Undershirts fluent qualities of Lilse Thread Balbriggan and other imported llose Uuca and Cambric lluuilkcrchiefe Linen Collnru and Cnfid of the i X ttufl other celebrated Celluloid water proof Collars and Sleeveholders of tnetal and the celebrated L the liootoii Garter for and fancy Tits nnd and a thousand other indispensable nr liclwifor summer which can be had at tho very Ifiwest prices at a shot a there was being he thought he should be j soup in the evening The breakfast on present at the in the interest of j Saturday morning was willow teaand the defendants and to satisfy self that his theory was j Now and then who the hun HE ixws tcr for the shot a from JO 19 20 Sycsiniore T OOK TO YOUll Kiir STOCK OF mir Call and sec onr Koods before Gregory old SYCAMOKE viowoKTT HYGElFHOTEL The uncertainty as to whether Guiteau will break down before the day of execu tion is what troubles tlie mind of the jail which soup was buton October 1C he broke On Ambler baptized the following day and ho died f United States theson of befiv any hotel In the Snrround i Admiral Pnsn A vinitnr AnnnnAliu table and service Admiral v as a iisitor at Annapolis fishing and drivitiR i at the graduating lie resigned a resort for Sonthren Terms less for eqaal accommo dations than any resort in Hie Climate frots from Malaria aud for Insomnia trnty wonder ful in its soporific Send forclrcular descrlb ins hygienic I1ARK1SOX and is engaged in rk Frederick United States who is to be detached from duty at the Naval Academy intends to resign in a short He who are anxious for the sake of about His body was laid their professional honor to produce the i ice on the river ami covered with slabs of i prisoner on Friday in a sound i Kock and Lee next succumbed to i For this Guiteaugj starvation and were laid Prayers were Herefords symptoms are watched with all the solicij read for the Kock waa found dead j iKXEUVOua DKUIHTY tucleof a mother over her first He j t midnight October iWWIN my IMm GOLD NECK has a medical attendant now one is going to stay at the jail an night for the rest of the Liver and constipa caused by bad quickly by Broxvna Iron Ambler and De Loo died about j noon of the same De Long makes j this pathetic entry Too week to the bodies of Loo and Kock onion the i U has ncvcr failcd todo Sood I says the various I havo prescribed it for many o iwis CormsTrf nervous ami Collins and myself carried them around the corner out of Then uiy cyo closed Capt ol com mitted suicide on Juno by taking Ifriid The causo la RIBHOtf FOBS I nnd hsndnomc designs with SKALSof vari on Now HUNTIHG with Solid Gold Gniml ami tadlcn Gold JO

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