Tuesday, June 27, 1882

Daily Index Appeal

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Index Appeal on Tuesday, June 27, 1882

Daily Index-Appeal (Newspaper) - June 27, 1882, Petersburg, Virginia bj t Lu 6 8 Served by to lluli Subscribers Ui Uic city li wills Jif IKuterud ut Utf Jwl Ulltc ut MH OIK JIEKTINO OK NKW JiOAKD OH1 TIIK UK1VEH KIlJDhKmCRGKK JIOXDS ftomBpoudfUce of tlic Hoard of Visitors of the Uni versity met lit that Institution today at It is understood that a tion of the University will take A prominent member of the Board told me last uight that he did uol believe that any radical changes will uiadu especially among the professorsSeveral members nf the Board passed through here ou their way to Mayor Lamb of came up here for tiie purpose uf atteuding this but as he is not he did not leave the city last of is in the city today aud visited Five million dollars oi the new Riddle berger bonds are now nearly The Kendall Bank Note of New promise to have them here by or about the first of Boofo to be used in funding under the Itiddleberger act have been prepared by the Second Aud and it is said by the officials in that that the work of lunding will commence probably by the tenth of Very few of the old bonds have been scut here to be funded for the new It is and that as soon as the work is fairly under way thiit plenty of them will be sent in to be exchanged forlheRid dleberger The fact that Mahone would not permit his vignette to appear on them may pos sibly be an inducement for some people to take One series of these bonds I understand will bear upon them the fact ofGovernor1 another thatot It was somewhat of a surprise that the Reacljuster boss re fused to allow his phiz to appear upon these certificates of It is remarkable thoughhow different these public men But for this great draw Massey might be occupying a seat in the It is a but of course Ihey are not to blame for I sup pose it was inherited and no man has a right to say anything when a weakness of that kind is transmitted in that sort of pastor of the Clay street Methodist returned this morning from where he had been to deliver a The heat yesterday drove hundreds of our people out of the city to seek cool places in the Whether any ad vantage was gained by the change or not remains to be a wellknown Read is to be editor of the Norfolk Re which to be converted into a daily after John who was shot in a gam bling place on Franklin on Sunday by died last night at the city The unfortunate mau was unconscious almost from the moment he was shot until he The coroner will hold an inquest commenc ing at 10 His medical attendants regarded Phelps condition critical from the Services were hud at Christs church last evening in memory of their late rec who cliid in your city a few days Joseph of was to day appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Colored Lunatic vice Arrington Not a not sold in a but a reliable nooalcoholic tonic useful at all nnd in all is Browns Iron Popular Drawing uf the ID the City or on These drawings occur monthly Sunday except ed umler provisions of an Act of the General As sembly of The United Suites Circuit Court on 31st rendered the following decisions IstTHAT THE COMMONWEALTH D1S TKIBUTION COMPANY IS DRAWINGS ARE The Company hns now on Imiid a lurgere irre Heart carefully the list of prizes fur the JUNE 1 000 1 1 21700 900 Whole 10 Pri 20 100 3100 200 DO lift 20 i SSOO Approximation Prizes 9 it 100 S11V100 Half 27 55 Remit Jtoney or Uauk Draft lu or nvndby Dont tend by Registered Letter or IostoIHce Orders of aud by ex can he Kent at our Address all or dero to R M CourierJournal Build ut U M 09 New SPECIAL LKCTUHK UNDK1 THE AU HpiceH or the VomitMens Chriflinu Associa tion forthe UKNEKIT of the PATRICK COUNTY SUFFERERS ACADEMY OF BY LATKOKTIIE KHiStMVKS SUBJECT Tho Urcai Militaly Revolution in Egypt The Im pending between the Crescent mid the imd The Onuses which Led to the present Kerolation nnd the pnibftlilu r ADM ISS10N CENTS Tickets can b had at the Book or nnd members of the Asocial V Moll iWestGryalroacoro 37 and 39 South Third The coupons nly 18Si on the Sec ond Mortgage Bonds of the NORFOLK PK TKRSBURW KAILKOAI the Concolidatcd Morteace Kim Hrcfencd Bond of the SOUTH SIDE UAILUOAI the Knlawcd Morigaire and the Koiirth MortRfiee Dorm of the VI R OINIA ATENNKSSKK HAlLHOAl will be on ind after that at tho VS ION M A TIONAL of New The maturing July on the Con solidated MongSRC Swond and Third Preferred Bonds of the SOUTHSIDK will c on and after at the PLANTKHS AND of Petersburg WILLIAM Jo 41 July 1st ILY A PPE JUNE PRICE THREE you TUB A death watch has been who will guard the condemned murderer till the fa tal hour The Warden ieels that lie is responsible care oi Iris prisoner until the death penally is and does not intend to afford opportunities to irresponsible per sonsto approach liis He is not confident that Guiteau would not rob the gallows if he got the After bis arrest last and when be was feeling approheusive of an assault wheii in the be made a re quest one day that he should be provided with a He said that he would like to Lave a piece about threefourths of an inch thick and long enough to reach from one end of his cell to the When asked to what purpose he proposed to ap ply this he answered that he wanted to stretch it across the cell at night to hang clothes The Warden thought the pegs iu the cell would aud he denied the Until within a month Gui teau has shown no great concern about his approaching and has continued to eat heartily for a man in He has never had any other fare than that served out to other his meals consisting of aud the bread occasionally being burned a little at the fire at his When other pris oners were supplied with fruit he got his HIS PHYSICAL For a man not employed at hard work he has been hearty until very The Warden says that he has not grown On the he lias lost some five pounds in two AVbile he has not lost his appetite it lias and men tal anxiety and loss of appetite together havo reduced his He never talks about the approaching execution except to the No one has at tempted to please him with gifts of luxu ries since he became a His sis sent Mm one soon after he was locked but it was returned and no one lias since forwarded anything to his address except pictures of the exe nooses of various black and other annoying objects to remind liim of the ignominous death that awaits The officers now not only refuse to permit Guiteau to be seen by visitors at the jail but also decline to tell them in what part of the southern cor ridor ho is locked He is not allowed to receive the the Warden be lieviug Unit it would be merciful to the prisoner to exclude from him the stories about himself that would be likely to ex annoy He reads his dipping into it for a few minutes at a and then sleeps upon his cot or talks with the guard at his cell door on trifling sub THE JAILERS Warden Crocker aud his assistants re gard him as Leading the way into the northern wbere the gallows as it has stood since the last execu tion upon more than a year the Warden explained the mechanism of the tall but strong wilb tho platform 13 feet from the floor of the cor Guileau has never seen it or iu quired about and he will not see it un til he raises his eyes to look at it on Fri day when asked how he thought Guiteau would meet the said I should not express my opinion on the Guiteau is a but it may be that his or his intense or some spiritual consolation that his religious adviser may afford him will keep him 1 dont expect While he has not manifested abject fear he has frequently shown signs of j FOTl THE The windows on the east side of the south wing of the in wbich Guilenus cell is have been curtained to shut out the This morning the rope j which is to be used in the execution was j rigged up for the It is a line piece of originally seveneighths i which has been stretched is now of but threefourths and is fortyi six feet It is as soft and pliable as it can be After having been laid the ends were firmly bound with twine and the knot was This is pro bably the bestmade hangmans knot ever prepared in the being as compact as It has six turns in the j after passing through the loop at the top j of the having a common knot in it to keep it from When it was completed there were various complimen tary remarks made upon and one of the soldiers looking on Isnt that i a daisy See how slick she and j other like At the same time the pinioning of stout cotton were These are four in number j to tie the arms aud hands behind the i and are three and four feet i The only preparation was cutting the cord j in proper lengths and carefully wrapping the I FEARS AHOCT One of the persons interested in Gui teaus behalf today received a letter from I Gcoige Scoville dated June i as follows I I find by the papers that Scoville i was in Cleveland yesterday on her way to Washington or New She went to j Milwaukie Monday intending to j prosecute her divorce as and to remain iu AVisconsiu three weeks at She left there Tuesday and next I hear of her is by telegram to the press of her presence in Cleveland We am exceedingly anxious about and fear that Scoville will kill both the child and herself if her j brother is At present it is imposi sible for me to but 1 will go and send for the child if it seems i But it is allimportant that I know where j they arc every and that some friend i is advised of the necessity of watching her She is j and which may beset j down lo the result of an initiali anccd At times is perate and the most careful watching i will be no guarantee against violence toj ward Bertha or What to do 1 know I have tried to humor hoping to keep track of her and i to prevail on her to leave Bertha wilU I Uiink yon could accomplish but ii it cannot be done by persuasion I shall have to take her by legal process before i the 30lh of for 1 dare not have her 1 with her mother after Will you not i find out what you can and telegraph or write me a line daily to relieve my anxioj ty I shall wait and watch for news with breathless Why will she not leave the little girl here But it is less to ask since no reasons influence an insane Will you not get such a watch on foot that I may be advised by requesting different persons to telegraph or write mo Yet must not lot her for she will deceive You know what I want jind and I trust your good sense to aa for the bene fit of my so that she may have pro per If that is accomplished I ask nothing for Hoping to hear irom I GKOUGK8 KUKTHEK John the brother of the has written a letter to the Presi dent submitting a batch of letters written by Charles Guiteau between the years 1803 aud he says contain evidence of insanity on the part of the writer also from John Noyes and showing thai Ihe writers regarded him as partially He thinks that ihis evidence ought ID be sub mitted to a commission de luuatico in George Guitcaus has addressed an open letter to the cousistiug of a general urniigu ment of the the the the witnesses and the preachers for their illtreatment of him aud his family and of He accuses Reed of improprie lies in his conduct of Guiteaus ElUorts are being made lo have a re union of the survivors of Ihe Prince Wil liam at or near ou the 21st of A Danville correspondent of the Rich mond Whig reports the death of u mother and her five children by starvation in Patrick Judge in charging a jury in the United States Court at said he attributed the distress in Patrick in part to the large consumption of grain by the distillers inmaking George an old em ployee of the Virginia Midland railroad at on account of bad retired from the service of the road on a pension of half his former Judge of the Circuit has refused to grant a new trial in the case of ihe Pittsylvania under sentence of Unless the Court of Appeals grant a there is not a shadow of hope for the condemned and the law will have its course at the appointed Saturday morning Moses about lifttOii years of was drowned while in bathing at Parkers Xor The boy with several others had been bnthing for aud as he jumped off thu wharf he said to com this is my last At next King George County Court Frank Burkemun will be the murder of Melsou and the colored mate of the sloop Fannie The accused willue defended by of King George aad llollingsworlli John of will assist Mason for the Common On Wednesday night last the Board of Trustees of Washington aud Lee Univer sity by a resolution formally accepted the new library and made known he name of the generous It was erected by Josephine Louise New of Xew as a memorial to her Warren who it will he remembered has already donated 000 to the general endowment fund of the Death of John John one of the most prominent divines of the Methodist Epis copal Church and one of the foun ders of that church in died at oclock Sunday uight at the residence of George 186 Calvert after an illness of aliout five Poisal was born in in He was lonr identified with Baltimore He had always been a Democrat and Southern and when the question of section was raised in the Methodist Church henaturallv took part with the Southern It was not that he should have been connected with the founding of a Southern branch of the Methodisl After Ihe war he was agent of the Bible established Epis copal then and now the official organ of the Church and was also chaplain of the Maryland He was also chaplain of the House of Representatives when Mayor Kane was elected but resigned the chaplaincy to accept the position of secretary to the He was afterward made presid ing elder of the East Baltimore to till out the unexpired of and remained as such until the last conference of the Baltimore ence of the Church South at Par when he was placed on the su peranuated He was the oldest min ister iu Hie and his name hand ed the list of Naval Rear Admiral commanding the North Atlantic reports to the Navy Department the arrival of the Ten nessee and Yantic at New York He went to sea from Hampton Roads on tlii 17th with the Tennessee and and dej voted four days of good weather to exer1 cises iu fleet tactics and in obtaining the j tactical diameters of the different vcsj On the instant the Vandalia was Ordered to proceed to New and the Alliance lo The health of the squadron as far as is Rear Admiral commanding the Pacific reports from ou lst May The flagship Pensacola had been lo sea for several days for the purpose of exercise and for determining the tacti cal and final diameter of the The Alaska was at Calloa the Lackawanna should be ou her way to that port from and tbeothtr vessels of squadron were distributed as at the date of the last The United Stales training ship James town arrived at at noon on Friday from San after a passage of one hundred nud eleven All The Jamestowns trip is considered a re markably quick being a She was not expected before Itallroad tit June Tlio following Bttleo were uiadc today 10 itharw Columbia uuU mock at 41 10 Oo B U ut 11 10 Norfolk said WcHtoru preferred KBW Stocks S per Kx State bonds Governments Brown FKOitt J UUC introduced a bill appropriating for a postoflice and customhouse building at Referred to the Committee on Public i of asked leave lo take from the Speakers table the Bank Charter forthe pur pose of concurring in the Senate amend ments of Tennes of submitted the conference report on the Army Appro priation and it was Under a call of Stales the followitig by of was in troduced and referred Authorizing the East and West Railroad Company ol Ala bama to construct a bridge across the Coosa THE JEASNETTK June Lieutenant Danenhower has suggested lo Ihc Sec retary of the Navy that the bodies of the victims of the Jeaunette expedition should be brought home if possible and given to the friends of the deceased for Secretary Chandler has appointed Walker and of the and SurgeonGeneral Wales a committee to re port upon the expediency of the Charles Tong the Chinese steward of the who accompanied Danenhower home from was yes terday discharged irom the service of the United States on his own iu order to allow him an opportunity to go to his home in China to see his Danenhower has also interested himself in the case of Master of the steamer who was lost on an ice aud will call upon the Secretary of Treasury and request that a revenue cutter be sent out in search of Danenhower will so to Capon on Tuesday THK IlfESt DENTS SUMMER President Arthur will remain at the White House until the adjournment of and as soon as the business of his office is finished he will repair to his cottage at Long returning only to Washington when his presence is He will not occupy the cottage at Soldiers as has been but will carry out the program above ThTstrikent LOADING AND UNLOADING OP FUEIOUIT IN NEW YOKE 1OSmVEIA NKW June All day Saturday apprehensions were entertained that the freighthandling strikers in Jersey City would break out in ooen and they led the who undertook to follow them from poiul to a lively dance between sunrise and There was no open display of and though the Police and the stiikers were very the day closed without any scenes of The escape from vio lence was due to the fact that the temper of the strikers was known throughout the made no concealment of their design of if they could not the employes of the various yards they visited to comply with their demands and the men among vhom they operated fled and concealed themselves till the pro cession had gone or yielded a ready com pliance with their The railroad authorities were in a nervous state all through Tear for the safety of their A wall built around Manhattan Island could not more effectually shut iip the trade of the City than the strike of the aud the police lo clear the Some truckmen made Trouble In WiUliunw June up for their losses by selling their places has boon trouble at Williams College over iu the lino to persons who were willing to the refusal of thu Esiinlnng Committee to pay for iho privilege of making early ship grant ot a A foreman iu the Johns Park depot was asked late Saturday afternoon when it would open audhc respond in doleful The Lord only The clerks said they were going to church Sunday and did not propose to Hundreds cars slood on the side tracks the Sixtyfifthstreet yards of the New York Central aud Hudson Hiver Railroads aud Spuyteu Duyvil yes and the yards were also The amount of freight was largely and it was apparent that the traJlic at that point could not be The Thir yards and houses of the road were over the basin was filled with and a force of green hands was making little Thirty empty cars sent down to Johns Park lobe filled came back the same us they went NEW June his sermon Sunday Henry Ward Bcecher in dorsed Ihe freight handlersstrike as justi liable aud said that the Knights of Workingmans were popular educators and the education of common people was to be lie did not always approve of The cheapen ing of things was a grand work of but capital should not cheapen Re ferring to the effect of combined capital on he said to reverence the one must not see it aud the men in the city who erected palaces from which to throw missiles of unhappincss should know lhat Ihcy were in AID FOU MABYLAXD was re ceived here today that another large body of the coal miners of the Clearliehl had decided to join the army of the and that the immense output of that region will be suddenly shut The strike is expected to accomplish a twofold in the wages of the Clearfichl and at the same time end the strike in the Maryland re which is a competitive When the miners of that region struck in Ihe middle of Ihoy claimed that no re duction would have been offered had it not been for the fact that Ihe price paid in the Clearficld region was so much below what they The leaders did not deem it wise to attempt lo get the Clear men to strike before they were or aud although the work of organization was ut once it was done so quietly that only those in Iho secret knew what was going In the meantime the Cleatfield opera tors have filling the contracts of the Maryland getting a good price for their aud at tiie same lime enab ling the Maryland operators lo hold out against their The friends of the Clearfielcl miners claim they will have no difficulty in compelling the opera tors to accede to their and that when sixtyfive cents is paid in the Clear field region the Maryland operators will have no object in continuing tho expen sive experiment of working with imported and the strike there will eud at The number of men who will strike in the Clearfield region is claimed to be not less tbun This is doubt less more than the real number ol the but it is a fair estimate of the number that will be It is churned that the disorderly demonstrations of for mer strikes will not be Conviotx Refusingto THE STRIKING FEVER AMONG PRISONERS IN A PITTSUURG Juue very latest and most novel thing in the way of a strike is one which was instituted among some of the convicts in the Western Penn sylvania Penitentiary One clay last week about JO of the who work in shops 1 aud the finishing and The complete suspeui stock departments of the shoemaking siou of operations in the yards and were notified that their tasks would houses in Jersey City made useless any j be increased and that they won M be re work that might beperformed in New quired to furnish a certain number of Traffic might almost as well have shoes more than had hitherto beencon been stopped entirely on ihe j sidered their days Headed by a The tracks on both sides of the river were nine3rearsandninemonths man named full of loaded cars waiting to be Mose the convicts or andempty cars waiting tube The more properly and re ninth day of the strike ended with the sitj fused to work until the imposition of the and on Friday night 39 Seniors refused to cuter the chapel and hear the preliminary anuoucement of degrees because Pierce was not to reccivc a diploma at the An audience of friends of tho Seniors and Summer visitors had to after listening to a chapter from the Tonight some Seniors arc cir culating a paper bearing tho acknow ledgment that they labored under a mis of A compromise will probably is expected that Garfleld will at tend tho Commencement The Khedive of lilgypt has addressed a letter to Ragheb president of Ihe urging him to use every effort to discover the promoters of the Alexandria which has brought such deplorable consequences in the The Constantinople conference held a session The proceedings of the conference are conducted in Count the Italian pre An association of Irish laud owners has been formed for the purpose of making advances to landlords who are embtirrass cd by nonpayment of Madame Christine Nilsson has signed a contract with Henry the Ihe atrical for a concert tour in beginning at Boston in October or November The Spanish minister of finance has in troduced a bill in the Chamber of Depu ties reducing the tariff on leather and some other aid dccainpgeneral to the Emperor of has been appoint ed director ot Ihe imperial A movement has been started looking to the separation of Norway from Swe NEW June Flour cuflhnml S1 SlHi other firm am M4J2C 1ork flrm ut Lard Spirits of 52 PrclKhU BALT1MOKK Flour HtMidv llowurtl direct and western SI 50 City Mills lllo nation worse than at any time since it be would have been moving in New York but for the strike in Jersey The railroad com panies had congratulated themselves that the worst was and so it was until the infection spread across the river and the men over there work and de manded 20 cents an Work was go ing on in freight house iu New York at least part of the but it avail ed The streets along the river front and running away irom it were click ed up with trucks piled high with bales and and when the day drew to a close well nigh all of them still bore their Loss really was done yesterday than anv extra task should be All with the exception ot Swayne were immedi ately placed in dungeons on short allow their supplies of luxuries in the shape of being cut Swayne was not locked up for the reason that although the ringleader of the he at the last moment and when the time for action came declined to j join the striped The others were I kept in their dungeons for a whole j notbeing released until last Monday or after consenting to go to work injconsideralion of the adoption of 7 Btewly mid linn Western higher Southern gl umber fil 1 4Kgil 48 2 Wontcm winter red CornSouth cm llrmir Wtwtarnlilghuraml iicthv Southern IMc The Work of thu AXOTHEH TOWN DKMOUSUED AND A IIUS DI1KI LIVES DJES June patch just received by the Register from Fort Dodge reports the town of EinuieUs the county of Pulo Alto as being blown lo pieces this morning by a and lhat over one hundred peo ple were The Illinois Central and Chicago and Northwestern trains were blown from the The Milwaukee and Louis road was There is a washout north of Forest and it is reported that three of four moire towns in that vicinity were blown to WTNDSTOnjI AT Juue vrolent storm passed over this place this with great damage to but no loss oflife has so far been A IciiNluii Etham a was ar rested yesterday on a charge of defrauding the United Slates Treasury by illegally and fraudulently collecting a pension claim due to one John of Phcc Ulster The complaint was made under oath by Hiram Chief Superintendent of the Examination Division of the Pension The claim was uu old and while it was in course of prosecution Durham became aware of the and representing himself to be and that he bad removed from Phwuicitt to 1G9 Grove Jersey asked to have the draft sent to that On February the draft for was sent to and was cashed at the SubTreasury in this in order to get the hod to make sworn vouchers as to his which he did before Justice in Jersey Subsequently Keator wrote to the department about the asking when he would be and in ibis way the fraud was When ar raigned before siouer Durham was committed in default of bail for IlatK in tuc Ioultry At this season of the rats do much damage among the young chickens and The writer once lost in an hour pw ow wiU per fir yet ceut WotlcM oilwr UMU SO yet oonlnct will cburged tor All traMUnt ffttrtUtmmU mint TliM AiTiral ofcieap fie Goods ACCOUNT OF OUK IMMENSE SALES of THIN WHITE GOODS Uoriug tat we htivv been couponed lo replenish our stock by which cawo lo Imnd by nteain and we jslad to say that oar stuck in this Hue ID agiilii we call attention to the foilowiojf KoddB CO pieces INDIA SO pleccn PEK8IAN WHITE LINEN as pieces FIUSNCII A few more pieces ofthat Indian Another piece af that elegant Black Silk at 5 pieces all wool Black Hnu Veiling nt 5 pieces of that miperlor lilack NIIUB Yelling at LINEN ULSTERS LINEN ULSTERS Just received another froeh supply of In very latm at prices which cannot full to MATTINGS JIATTINGS MATTINGS Another lot lust to hand in Red and ut moderate and I TBUNKSI TRUNKS I We have the largest and decidedly the cheapest lot of Trunks iu the and we ndvlso all In need of these goods to examine our stock belorc GRAIN BAGS GRAIN BAGS We list perlectcd nn arninftenicnt with tho iniinufacttirers of these goods bv which we are uu nbled to oflur bugs at bottom Planters aud others will do well to price our Culitor iiiu and Jute before pluclnp their LINKS PANT GOODS AND Uur Htock In complete in Plain uuil Striped Ltuim White Llueu tuiu tind boys AND MENS GAUZE AND GOSSA MJJH A large lino of these goods at very reasonable suitable for ladles men and childrens Call us they are going LAWNS LAWNS 500 nleccB Colored ranging in price from 5 lo 40 pieces Colored Linen Lnvvn 20 and THE DIAMOND This In the very best Shirt sold In tills market for ono U npeako for We keep a full supplyof Gents Gents Turndown and Gurote Gents White and Colored Uordcred Gents Kid Gloves iu all tho new KBMSASTS UT1CA SUEKTINGS liuvo another case of those 104 Sheetings ut 30 per Jail soon or you may not get they can only be had of DRAKB Jb f THE WUOLJESALB TRAINS OF VIRGINIA AND NORTH DRAKE 3 IRON Invite your attention to the largest Stock of DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS IS THE Liberal terms to prompt Special to all rnyls NOTIONS A DRAKE True MeritCjianfls No better proof of tliia fuel has ever been ollered in thin community than the success which has at tended the efforts of the Reliable Shirt to CBtablieh a business which should wit the patronage and approval of so many of the beat citizens of Petersburg aud the conn The public now understand that when Shirts anil Drawers nre which must be correct lit and of the best quality and SAAL Is the man to fill the The business has grown to auch proportions that the numberot An ingenious correspondent f the Poultry Yard describes the follovv the increased tasks tliey struck for the second lime just as they were about lo be laken from llieir and again re1 ny day since the railroad companies j fused to work unless their allowance ot their pen tin began attempting to do which should have been given them j be tiie Hundreds of men who had taken the on thu preceding was forth places of strikers deserted their Since the settlement of the trouj ing trap Procure an old eighteen gallon They were for the ble Swayne has been regarded as a traitor beer or any other not most tje news of the rioting by the in consequence of i which will hold water knock one end across the river had filled their minds with the detestation and bitter enmity of his out and cuta piece of board in Hie shape of visions of lerriblc things in store for it is said he dares not minthe cask to lodge on the standing end They believed that the strikers would kill j gle with for the time is j Then cut a nineinch diamond shape assome of their numbers did j compelled to make a double recluse of j with a keyhole saw put of the centroof the the day kept away from the freight j himself in order to avoid violent houses where they were ment at their Italians were all Dial appeared aflhe great i Johns Park depot They Accident on the came in fear and trembling and their weak j knees could scarcely support At 12 t oclock they fled from the A police man slid they wanted 23 cents an and if they did they of course were noi paid The ho hood followed their work and ten of a newly hatched brood of turkeys in a most mysterious and it was only is the eleventh was being pulled through a small knothole in the floor of i Linen Collars and Cuffs of thcE lhat she discovered a large rat to by and it seems ae if a discerning public has detcrminiid to make the business one of the fuftittltions of The stock of Gentlemens Furnishing Goods was never no complete as at comprising all and prices of Summer Undershirts fluent qualities of Lilse Thread Balbriggan and other imported Uoec Linen and Cambric treat piece lodged on and balance it properly June construc tion train on the Manitoba line jumped I the track j with two stout darning needles at each I side of the which will work up i and down freely if correctly end make a level Then bend a piece of slid wire in an arch about one foot high s M l dirccUv ovcr thc and suspend in Saturday l centre ofit the bait out of the rats so lhat they can see and smell it Celluloid water proof Collars and Sleeveholders of metal and the celebrated the Boston Garter for white and fancy Ties and and a thousand other indispensable nr iiclee for summer which can be had at the very lowest price at Jolj 210 Sycamore T OOK TO YOUR R tupibled down a twelve loot were fifty men crowded together in the The owners of the charter for a Broad way underground railroad tiled with Con troller Campbell a few days ago a bond in the sum of which ac cording to ihe terms of the is to be forfeited to the city unless a quictc transit underground railroad is completed from the Battery to street within four years from the date of tilling the The signers of this obligation are George Bayard and all of them responsible men and large owners of city No matter how advanced in Good teeth in either mau or wife Or maid arc a rich prize And those who would the gift From SOZODONT wont Should they at all bo gestures at Tho Italians fell sprawl stumbled over each and did all sorts of ludicrous things in their haste lo get away from their A sonv time thc poor fellows had of it and they Ithc scene The Irani were glad enough to Too impi i wa running ubouidghteen miles an cunious thc Italians were lo buy and the railroad company fed them for one ral to sit on with comfort half an the level of the STOCK 9F DRY is Call and sec our goods before OrcRory old Jel4 151 8YCAMORK SUMMEK hs and the accident cannot he accounted for unless there was u defective The engine and cars are under water and the nnu Alter Ihc drown each Then Italians left there was nothing to do but cannot bo Jlic killed j on the toj to close the and this was The i with tho exception ol the vc H agenlpul out a sign which read owcgmus and j fnad fl f t freight received Two hundred their names could not ho imnlc wniiincr in llicv hardly knew each Die A trucks stood waiting in Laight and they were obliged to drive away with their At J oclock in the afternoon a who had been waiting for two days in downright drove back to the place where he received his load and discharged A few of the truckmen were allowed to unload llieir own but at G oclock the police drove them all tor the first time in a week Laight utreet was The people living in the street hsa complained that the men dis turbed their slumbers when allowed to remain with their loads in the over they hardly pany sent out juillman cars and physicians to care for the and they arc be ing removed lo Wilmar and other points for Twenty TlKHisainl Dollar Until as they all fight for this position as they drop one by one into the tub and drown each The rats should bo fed a few days on the top of thc cask to and the balance I have seen as in one night by this wholesale As sv rule where poultry are over feed there are plenty of When Fcnderson Fire oi yesterdayjtfternoon i that FORT June broke out at oclock in the V large canning establishment of McMcna min at consuming the building nnd 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