Monday, June 26, 1882

Daily Index Appeal

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Index Appeal on Monday, June 26, 1882

Daily Index-Appeal (Newspaper) - June 26, 1882, Petersburg, Virginia PujKble in WeeklylS t i 9 Served by to their In city Hi 15 wute pv puyahle ut KAIUUJAU June i JUNE 18S2 W trains on thin road will run us followai GOIKG AND SAVANNAH FAST Leavo Petersburg daily t WathingUm IM Stops only tit Arrive atWeldou Jil NEW roHIi Leave Petersburg dally dtreet M Arrive ut Weldou P X Leave Petersburg daily KMXKV W Arrive at I W GOING BOSTON AJ1D SAVANNAH FAST Leave Weldou daily 12JOA3I Axriveat NEW YORK Leave Weldou dully P M Arrive at Petersburg P3I Leave Wcldon daily at except P X Arrive at Petersburg P 1 Sleepiug cure and first claua coaches on iilglit No change of care between Wilmington and Through ticketa sold to nil Eastern aijl Southern uud baggage checked Passengers goiug South will purchaseticket and check baggage at Wuishiugtou tftreet Passengers going North audeUippiug at Peters burg will claim their baggage at Washington street Freight trains on this road are Intended excln eively aud no provision is made on them for the coinlort or convenience of Per sons who travel on these traius are specially noti fied that they are liable to and risks not incident to passenger not required to open their offlcqe for the sale of tickets for freight North bound Frelghi Trains will stop all night at and all pastenters will be uiscliarged at tuat S Ticket my 18 DispcUr of ICUMOND AND PETERSBURG RAILROAD Jti JUKE PRICE THREE Commencing JUNE he traius ou this roud will run as follows LEAVE Wail Makes through con nectious for Stops only at Petersburg and Pullman Sleepers beween Washington and Passengers will take this train for Mail connecting for uud aud Jacksonville Stops lit Drewrys Pullman sleeper be tween New York and Savannah 011 ihia daily except daily except UOU P AL f SUNDAY LEAVE PETERSBURGNORM pHgj mail Pullman on this train between Charleston ofU Ttiroujjh daily connecting with Frederickbburg uiac Kailroud for all poinis Easiaiju Also making connection with the Chesapeake aufl Ohio Railroad for ail points West This tramStops ut Chester uud Pullman nleepers ou this traiu be tweeu Suvnuuali uud Nsw Pas Beugers will tuke this Iriiiu for Wiu daily except daily except 4 TO P II SUNIJAY A direct four hours connection is made between Richmond and Norfolk by trains ieuviug Hicb aud Norfolk tmiua Ieuviug Petersburg will start from AppXmattox General my 7 General Passenger and Ticket OFFICE NoiifoLK AND WEsrEits i f MAY JT ISsi i JLTEKsUITKU Jl SOUTUS1IIE UIVIX1ON9 Leave Norfolk daily at KM Petersburg daily at Lynchburg daily at Arrive at Bristol daily ut Leave Bristol dally at Lynchhurg daily at Petnrsburg diuly ut Arrive at NorfolK daily at Connecting at Norfolk with the steamers ofthe Baltimore steam Pocket Company daily Sundays to and from Baltiuiurt aud all points North and Aleo with steamers of the Old Dominion Steamship New York eve ry WliDNJESDAY and SATURDAY AtPeterermrg wnis tne Uicamoua ana ruiete and Ptitersburg and Weldm At Burlteville Junction with the Richmond and Danville Bailroad for and for At Bristol with the A Ui all points West aud This mute offers every facility to the traveling Baggage checked and limn and as good as unj other First Second Class and Emigrant Tickeu for sale for all promimmt among which art New Little Trulne on City Point branch on anil aftei will Ituive Petmvbdri follows rOn M ON at 7 30 oclock M and 12 30 at oclock and 4 and at at and 4 at and 4 Trains leaving on Friday and Saturday for City at 4 connect with the Old Do minion Steamships for New my 30 0 OHIO OPES TnaoBGB KENTUCKY TIZ LKXiNGTOS TO WEST AND CHANGE Of Wit BETWEEN WATUBS STAUSTON AMD AND DIRECT TO 1 RY Lve Arr Arr Arr Lynchburg Arr Arr Arr Clifton Air White Arr Arr Lexington Division El BS Ky Lve Huntingtou nd ArrMorehcad Arr Sterling Arr ter ArrLciington Arr Cincinnati Ky C Ry ArrLoniavlUc L N Ry S CO A M II KAM 11 52AM 12 00 noon a 03 Pi a 40 P J 5 30 P JI 7 BS P M 10 25 P M 6 23 AM 6 K A M 7 US A M 102TAJI 12 05 P M 12 50 P M 1 50PM 30 P if 625PM 3 7 30 P M 10 43 P M 11 45PM 11 58 P M 1 05 A M 1 40AM 4 30 A M b 24 A M 9 10 A M 5 00 P M Except Sunday 6 25PM 6 15 P M Ex 5SOAM 6 18 A M 7 15 A 31 11 A DEJLVKD FOlt OHOANI2AT10N OF THE CONTEST FOK COS JK THIS 1K QUlUlEg llimUSATty AKD JJABBLIKC Special Correspondence of the June surprised that the State Democratic Committee liave hot met and settled upon some plan ol action lor the guidance of At present every body seems tpbe gidjgihg about iu the what to There is a general demand ibr a Slate But whetherone be called or the committee should meet and settle upon some Jine of policy and have some sort of If the representatives of the people should decide touominate even an obnoxious man to head the Why it will not help matters any by All seem to agree that it is time something definite was agreed The Mahoneites are already iu the field making a systematical It is not at all certain yet who will be the nominee of the Readjusters for Con gress in this editor of the has received the nomi nation of nearly all of the meetings of that the district for that He has not yet indicated any becpmiicandidate his he Availnot allow the use of his A stronger slibrt is to be made to this district this year than ever before the signs one sees about him arc any Congressman George Wise is a very strong man and hard to the negro who attracted so much attention a lew weeks ago because of his sudden and mysterious loss of has sobered and turned his attention to religious The appli cation of the galvanic battery to Columan was more than he could It moved his tongue which had enjoyed a season Of rest never before his in Coleman claims now that he has had a call to and says that he is going to prepare himself for the The chances are that if he dont go to work and behave that he will turn up in some reformatory iiisutuuen before Senator Johnston is having the residence of thelale he re cently ohnslou expects to occupy As has been rnemkmed in the this gentleman has decide to make Kichniond his future The building he has purchased is a very substantial and com fortable The Allen property at the corner of 5th and Main hus not yet been The price demanded for it is more than has yet beea It is one ot the finest lots in the The house is old and out of repair but still There was some local dispute a few days ago us to whether Edgar Allen the adopted of the owner of this property ever lived beneath the roof of this old The question has finally been settled in the affirmative by the oldest inhabitants documentary But whether he did or did not the place is one ofthe prettiest sites in the city for u handsome residence or The hot Juue days causing our peo ple to look around them for cool country plnces to send for the There are of course plenty of waiting places and fashionable resorts to be found on every A se questered rural nook where one can seud his wile little ones to pass the hot sultry summer is hard to If they exist thtir owners are afraid that some one them ami for that reason ppssiblyrefrain irom advertising There are hnudreds and may be thousands of people every large city who would gladly avail themselves of such ruralhomes if they to find What the average business clerk and others who exist on modest in comes is a large house located in some healthful plenty of shade abundance of ice and where a moderately good table is kept where the rooms are well ventilated and furnished articles as will at leastensure comfort to the None btyour 8 by 10 closets up in the a rickety bedstead a broken back a lookingglass been made to do service not only as a reflector of human but to stop up a crevice in some from which a pane has been dis such a place as that is j notdesirable hor A friend of starting but last summer on a hunt for just such a quiet nook as 1 have said was desirable to most city turned up at a countryhouse sixty or seventy miles where he was stored away in ft garret room containing a feather one bottomlesschair and a brolcen the pieces of which were held together with a stout He spent a fortnight at this returning to the city ex hausted and worn out from sleepless nights I and his fights with bed He has sworn out against seeking a country home tor the There arc plenty ol beautiful country places in this where excellent accommodations cau be offered to the city and the de mand for them exceeds the supply the owners of such as wish to take i Dourders would only make known their wants through the columns of the city AT N E LABS Ky runs by Columbus 24 minutes slower than C O 11 y C O Trains run Lexington Division do notrun on 1 MAIL Connects at Lynchburg Junction lor tbe Sontb imil Southwell at with Sciolo Valley Hailroad for tbu Northwest at with Kentucky Central Railway foi Cincinnati and the West aud wiUi L N Ruilwaj for the No 8 Connects at HnntinKton will steamboat for Cincinunti and the Pullman Sleeping Coaches doily on Nos t i between Hnntiucton and Clifton Sleeping Coaches daily on Kon 3 and 4 between Richmond and SPECIAL Conchts through be tween Cincinnati and Richmond on Nos 1 and 3 without For Bnggnge apply to any Office of C O Ky or or Ticket of connecting Gcnl G Gcnl ja 16 TUSTllKCKIVED A CAItOF TWKNTY BUG V which makea my flock consist ing of Top nnd KoTop Side Bar and End Sprinc Sprlinr Large T of Linen Ilorpc p5 W Sycamore of all for sale low liy 9t 834 Symmoro Second rtooi rrom Old has recently been and practically commended by the old t The as sistant now in office is determined to make a warm H Tho Dispatch having now given over to the necessity a meeting of the State Central there is no opposition to such and the time is only to Many of ourpulplts will be filled to morrow by strangers A strong effort is nialdng to have the matron of the city almshouse re moved from office by the incoming coun cil but she will hold the 1 learn from good i The 387 shqws that there arc Yirgiuians in the Old North in in and in Ten They are and ought not to have left We need them now for voting and other useful Professor of the State Educa tional has just returned from New York Rumors from the South give the Presi dency of the Richmond and Danville rail road son of ilohn Gar of the Nothing in this city indicates this but railway managers keep their own counsel until they find it profitable to utilize pretty lively their own The whole question thafsedms now to beagitating railway interests willbe finally found to spring from the rivalry between Baltimore and Philadelphia for southern traffic and between overgrown corpora tions the and the Pennsylvania There were no quotations of Danville stock from New York in todays papers of that Despite the heat of the which is 9C the work of laying the tracks for the railway up Main street is progressing Two tracks are going It will not be many weeks before the line irill be three miles The iron used conies from the In looking about for Colonel late assistant Marshal for this district to know if he had anything to say for himself of interest to the public in late administration of his it was found that he had returnecUo Washington Captain John Wise came back to his duties last and Uill soon go into his linen duster and the regions around about the Old Dominion in search of Funder The aid of our now caloric atmosphere is not invoked for any such The people of Virginia are long suffering and lull of kindly but the time will come when they will not submit to a red hot campaign cverytime a Readjuster so to drops froni its orbit and darts avrsty into as they have done in the cases of Barbour and arid now must do iu behalf of the brilliant from the Readjuster John This will about wind up local State and so mote it be Caroline county was visted last night by a heavy rain which the corn crop needed About Guineas the waterfall was unusually of is spending the warmest day ofthe season in this He usually drops down on us about once in a couple of owner of the was called away to Philadelphia yesterday by on aucouut of the death of a rela As a parting shot let me add that so far from feeling any concern about the few straighlout Republicans who clo want to go in the coalition ranks for fear of not getting what they think they the coalitionists laugh at and positively insult them because of their Reports of strength of Jorgensen and Dezendorf wired away to distant papers to bolster the hopes of the Democratic party will not answer political The Demo crats must and fight Words will not do AND Tno followingnalefl were made today Petersburg class B at Second New York Central at 132 100 shares Norfolk and Western B C at 49S 100 shares do at 00 100 shares do at MH 100 shares do 10 aharea do at 100 shares do at Nxw 3 per JKichaugc 4BO Stato bonds Governments OFFICEHOLDEUS AND Special Correspondence of the June j Twelve months ago two graveyard policies of each were issued on the life of an octogenerian on Church Hill by tn agent of one of those companies repre sented here by a local agent and sub One ot these policies was offered i u the time to a Main street merchant for j with a guarantee that it would draw at the end ol two or if the subject the nice little sum of one I The guarantee was further that the annual amount necessary Lo keep the policy alive and valid would be not over The merchant did not but doubtless some one else as the agents arc still inthe The man has passed away to other but j I am not yet able to locate the wherei abouls of the money that was placed on his I will do for the benetit of the public who are always willing to add ihnt amount to their for Indications point to an interesting con test before council for the position ot as sistAnt superintendent of the The present incumbent has opposition in I the person of a wellknown and intelligent gentleman who was recently removed by the Tleadjuaters from a good oflico and thirteen Democratic candi dates for the legislature in Lycoming courityji and there are more to come as yet JSTot tlirough with school commence yet 0 ye There is still a barrel or so sF valedictory and baccalaureate slush to come unto The Virginia Bourbons want to coalesce with the but if the latter partyis sensible if will haul off and pick up the cheese while the Bourbons and Readjusters are quarrelling over ExGovernor James Smith is one of numerous candidates in the field for Congressmanatlarge from Keurly every man in the State who has been elected to offlc or expects to be elect ed is mentioned for the same The New York World accuses Cor nell of and the INew York Sun denies that there is any alliance between him and because Coukling doesnt get over his dislikes until there is some show of repontauce from the other The Xew York Sim howls for some one to furnish it with a copy of Gcncial Gar fields letter on and promises to publish it the very next The Sun is like a dog on the other side of the It is well enough to charge up and down and whoop and strangle with rage but if there had been such a letter entirely the press would have had it lung John Logan has written as fol lows to a commander of a Grand Army post Your approval of my course in the case of FitzJohu Porter is I am ready to meet the case whenever the friends of the measure see lit to bring it Sly future action will be governed by my record of the Thenew evidence substantiates all I have ever I have opposed the reinstatement of this man the rubbing out of his and will continue to oppose as often is it comes up for The Philadelphia a republican says The republican congression al which has foolishly been setting at defiance the principles of the parly and the better public sentiment of the has already done the Republi can cause more harm than leu times its assessments can do A with voters is not to be bought in and set up by campaign and the least of can afford to es independent voters by a flagrant disregard of its own Xot a not sold in a but a reliable nonalcoholic tonic useful at all and in all is Browns Iron SO UOlB FOR T1IE CABINET DE CIDES TO INTEKKEKE WITH T1IE June The result of the special meeting of the Cabinet lost evening considering the case Gui ieau was made known officially this morn ing by a statement from the AttorneyGen that the plea for a respite had been This conclusion was reached last but was purposely withheld from Hie public in order that it might first be made known to the The to whom all ap peals and petitions presented to the Presi dent bearing on this case had been submitted an elaborate to the Cabi net last evening reviewing all the points presented in favor of a and re commending that it be not on the ground that the sanity of the prisoner had been fully established at the The report was generally discussed and unanimously approved by the all the members of which were An understanding was reached as above The Hicks called upon the President and Attorn eyGen oral last even ing to learn the result of the but was informed that nothing could be di vulged on subject until this A similar effort on the part of Guiteaus counsel was ulso Hicks called upon the AttorneyGen eral this morning by and was informed that the Cabinet had decided not to interfere with the execution of Gui teaus Hicks thereupon drove to the District jail and informed Guitean of the June of chairman of the Committee on Ways and reported a concurrent resolution for the final ad journment of Congress at 2 oclock upon the 10th of STAll KOUTE June 24 In the star route trial testimony for the government on route from to Parrott was original was on tho and teslilied to the fines and deductions lo which subcontractors were subjected when they failed to make the time specified in iheir For six months service on the route he had re ceived from Stephen Dorsey only the balance due him being de ducted because of failures to make the rapid time specified in the expedited scr Without concluding his examina tion the court adjourned till VETERAN Several hundred of the veterans who were in attendance at the Grind Army celebration in Baltimore arrived iu the city and the streets are dotted all over with boys wearing the They were mostly engaged in A large number visited the jail this morn ing and vfewed the scaffold from which Guiteau will drop on Friday The museum at the War with its war relics and thousands of captured Con federate came in for a large share of They are all enthusiastic over their hospitable treatment while in Bal timore and regret that it was notkept up for a They were escorted through the city by members of the various Wash ington xlerful that no more were There was great women screaming and all rushing to while the uir was filled with living About twenty residences were badly damaged and nearly thirty barns The recently desolated town of PoweshiCiC was visited for three hours by the pitiless The damusrc to the goods rescued froni Saturdays hur ricano is and will probably prove At Marion ri timorous chimneys ami shade and fruit trees were blown down and signs and awnings whisked It is thought the damage east and north of there is even move TiliU A SrXClUIAK STOlOr AT DAM AGE TO morEUTY SKVEUAL PEKSONS June remarkable tidal wave swept the lake frout hero at 0 oclock yesterday From the best information obtainable Uie wave was about two miles and eleven feet higher than the surface of the It came in the wake of a angry look ing black and gray which moved sullenly from northward over the There was no rain nor wind at the Inke but a dash of rain fell in somo parts the and the wind blew fiercely south of the Vessels parted their lines at the mouth of the and piers and docks were submerged to a depth of four feet in some Hundreds of fish were cast The fires in the Lake Erie Rolling ou the rivet were put A scow loaded with lying at the was landed high and dry on the A stretch of railway uear the Union Depot was ripped and numerous switch shan ties and small buildings were over turned or moved A sleep ing upon the top of a where it emptied into the was One man standing on the bank was thrown and washed against the wall of the Union Another sitting in u was buried under tho Timberheads were torn out of two scows in tho Some iron twenlj eight feet piled near the were lifted up and scattered in every Huge logs were washed u lifesav ing station was badly and vari ous other damage was The wave lasted only about one Several parties who were fishing in skills report that there was a sudden rise in the water and a violent commotion like a The skills weathered the singular storm without The damage to pro is roughly estimated ul Steamboat meu who came in this morning report a short squall uud a of the water off this particular notice was sudden movement of which no taken at tho Professor of the Signal Ser says the cloud accompanying yester days tidal wave was substantially like those of ordinary thunder It was similar to what would be expected with a but no water spout nor did a hard storm precede or as is usual in the case of tidal After the grand rushing of water the lake re lapsed into The wave was wider reaching than at first Word comes from it played havoc with the boats and boat houses Near the railway over the a log 715 feet long and 3 feet in was car ried almost 200 feet The water in the lake was about two feet higher than at the ordinary and the tidal wave at the lifesaving station reached a height of 8 feet 10 inches above the present water JClie ZTTallcyCruiHer ITIurder NEW June the Malley trial yesterday witnesses for the State contradicted portions of the testi mony for the defense regarding James MaUeys whereabouts on August Lewis Jb arnngton and his vile contradicted Tom Degnans Farring ton testified as follows He Degnan came to our house on August the day before the finding of Jennie Cra Tlic Statistics ol WASHINGTOXf Juue statistics of illiteracyof the voting population of the United States recently set forth in this correspondence are attracting much atten tion throughout the and it is be lieved will result in sonic action by Con gress designed to cure this great and glar ing The following signed by the Governor and many other State of ficers of many members of the Legislature and leading citizens of j that has been laid before the two i Five years is the maximum penalty for June The Memo rial Association has decided to unveil Vuleutiues recumbent figure of General on the 28th of with ceremonies appropriate to tho Tho following members of the board were present General chair mun Judge Wil liam Allen and Judge William The vacancy in tho board caused by the death of was filled by the election of of Tho Coilou June The receipts of cotton at all interior towns are bales receipts from bales crop iu The total visible supply of cotton fur the world is of which bales are against bales and bales respectively last lit IStmlh KINOS June Anderson Lucluda Abraham Anderson and Boston all four were hanged The lirsi two were convicted of tho murder of Phobe the wifo of Audcrson and the half sister of Lucinda on the 12th of January Singlelary and Anderson were convicted of robbery and arson on tho 27th ot March Tho execution was conducted within tho jail but a crowd of about persons were in There was no aud everything passed off All the prisoners protested their innocence except tho who said she killed her sister in Singleton in his hist speech said the rope had been put around his neck by and named the Voudoo doctor ho had bewitched The execution oc curred ut 12 All the prisoners died easily except who struggled aud had lo bo pushed away from the Juno The StaiulnrtVt cor respondent at Alexandria says Arab Pacha informs me that lie will resist to death every pretence on tho part of the enemies of Egypt tointerfere with her af He says he cannot regard any set tlement as tinlil the fleets have boon The report that he aimed ut ruling Egypt without the he declared to bo a base Owing to rumors of ca lamities the exodus of Europeans from Alexandria has Many Amer icaus loll this city U nifty in a vessel char tered by tho captain of the United States stcnmer Admiral Seymour has made arrangements for the landing ot force ol men iu fho event of another An opinion from one whose experience tho expression thereof is ulways in Hiram a member of the Supreme Bar of the Slate of New whose is at 287 Broad Now York City siiys I consider Jacobs OU a most wonderful i had boon a sufferer from rheumatism for years and probably have endured aa much misery from that disease as any man can I tried many ofthe socalled reme dies without any T used Jacobs Oil which gave me almost in stant 1 found it a sure and pleasant I believe it to bo an In fallible It is a pleasure to mo to recommend Oil to all who suffer and need its good NEW YORK Nsw June Ilonr juittnnd uucbaug Corn ciich for higher later except thin yenr which la Jc Fork Dm ut Lard firm at of Iftfei i Freight iiliiet nnd JJALTIMOKB Flour quiet and unchang Southern nominal iu absence of re ceipts Wosteru higher Southern SI 88 iralierSl iWSll 10 1 11 bid Western winter red Southern linn WoBteru steiiclv Southern mers at about oclock in the He brought in a crowd of shop mates and wanted to treat the house and my husband went out and brought in some He came agairvlater and engaged a room from me for the night he then ate went out into grove and at When he came in he wr r citizens of the State of Massachu impressed with the danger threaten ing our republic because of the appal ing illiteracy of the voting population as re vealed in the last for the mentof which many of the Stales are un able to make adequate and believing it to be the constitutional duty of Congress to provide for the safety of the republic no less in time of peace than in time of and that the en franchisement of the freedom imposes an j obligation upon the government to quali somewhere between Ttock OnThiirnbay Gallery and one Leg or Prim of tt Folding Camera painted yellow anil A suitable reward will be paid for if PEWBURG FMLE OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS will please take that our per Hue li ewU than newi SOjiwr lar dliuiomlniMd below plmttoA of contract will charged for at tnuuloiit Afl trantltnt adwrtltementi ttpvUSor 3 IRON TM ArrM of Cheap fMte Goods ON ACCOUNT OF OUJK JMMBNSB BALKS of THIN WJUITK GOODS duriue lost wo hnvo been compelled to replenish our flock by which cmuo to hand by last and wu arc Kind tu Hay that our iu iiiie Is again Wo call attention to the following goods 00 00 pieces PKRS1AN pieces W1I1TJS LINEN pieces FRENCH A few more of that Indian Another piece af that elegant Blnck Silk at 5 pieces nil wool Black Nuns Veiling 5 pieces of that superior Blnck Nuns Veiling at 32 ULSTEllSt LINEN ULSTEHS Just received another fresh supply of in he very latent at prices which cannot fail to MATTINGS MATTINGS MATTINGS Another lot lust to hand In Red and at moderate aud TTRUNKS 1 TRUNKS We have the largefit and decidedly the cheapest lot of Trunks in the and we advise all in need of these goods to examine oar Block before GRAIN HAG SI GRAIN Wo have lust perfected ah arrangement with tho muunfacturerH of thano goods by which wo are cu nhlcd to oflor bafjB at bottom Planters and others will do well to price our Califor nia and Jute before placing their LINEN PANT GOODS AND COATINGS Ilaih Striped White Linen Drills for Our Ktoclc Linen men mid hoys LADIttS AND MENS QATJZE AND UOSSA A largo line of these goods at very reasonable miitahttt for ladies men and childrens Call us they are going LAWNS 1LAWNS 500 nieces Colored ranging in price from 5 t pieces Colored Linen Lawn at THE DIAMOND This the very Shirt old In this market for one It speaks for We keep a full supply of tents Gents Turndawn nnd U unite OentH White arid Colored Bordered Gents Kid Illorri iu all the new 11EMNANTS tmCA SHEETINGS We have another case of thone JCM ShcctlnKfl at MOcentB Call Soon or you uiuy notget UK they can only be hod of JelO DRAKE T THE WHOLESALE TEAUE OF VIRGINIA AND NORTH DRAKE 3 FRONT Invite your attention to the largest Stock of DRY GOODS AND NOTIOXS 1ST THE Liberal terms to prompt Special attention to all NOTIONS A my 15 DRAKE True Merit Coma Rchool will reopeii with n full corps of teachers in the LEAVEJfWOKTH corner Washington and on SEPTEMBER Mrs Farrinoton Im sick Id like In PO tliem for a Safe discliarSe of the duties Terms and further infonnation can be had on Ji i which they are do earnestly i plication to FRANK J egirl that made me sick as Id go ra U QUr reJrcsenlatfVCKia onrS No better proof of this fact has ever been offered In this community than the success which has at tended the efforts of the Reliable Shirt to establish a business which should the patronage and approval of so many of the best of Petersburg and the surrounding coun The public now understand that when Shirts mid Drawers are whicli must be correct fit ting and of the best quality nud that SAAL ie the man lo fill the The business grown in rowns iron Tho wheat crop of East Tennessee is nearly It is reported to be the best grown in ten The acrcarnge is n grcnter and the cnulitv far back to the grove if I could sec He said there was a darned pretty girl riding on tho horses with af ter she got she My Im and went toward the shoot ing He said he did not feul like going put again to sec I gave him medicine and he went to bed and I did not see him till after six the next morn He then went out and came back and said there was a real nice girl just pray that our representatives in Congress will take prompt and efficient MnPfnllT WptfPfll measures to avert this danger that moneys imim a MLWii liiiudB employed is counted by aud it seems a if a discerning public hag detenninnd to moke the business one of the Institutions of The etock of Geutiemens Furnishing Ooodewas never so complete aa at comprising all sizes and prices of Summer Undershirts finest qualities of Lilse Thread Balbriggan alid llur imported Hose Linen and Cambric Hnudkcrchiefe Linen Collars and Cuffs of j and under such guarantees as shall secure its application object with picked out of the and askSl me to I cflual Justices to aU classcs of go and see Myself and daughter and husband and hired girl went to where the body of Jennie Cramer lay on the raised froni such sources of Congress may 37 and 39 South Third j in its wisdom best shall be distri1 coupons matnrinjj July ou thc Secj U1 buted to the common schools of the States I and on the basis of I Monsacc First Prererred Bond of the soBTii in such manner as shall not supercedc nor J k celebiatod makes Celluloid water interfere with but rather stimulate their I iixil t rn I flud Sleeveholders of metal the ConI rubbertllc the The face waa covered with a woolen blan Asa Curtis turned the face up a lit tle and pulled down the Then Degnan said My thats the girl rode with on the flying Then he turned to me and said Its the girl I rode with last night on the flying Charles tho stenographer at the West Haven read from his notes showing that the testimony of Mai leys sisters differed materially at West Karen from that given in the Superior Tbe i The regatta at on j the Fourth of July will be represented by ILLIAil crews from the Potomac and probably one j from the Columbia Boat Club of Wash OPECIAL LECTURE UNDER TIIE the local V CUristiau Associa aud n ttiousand other indisi lieles for summer whicll can be had at tho very luwuHt prices at jelO 210 Sycamore I will meet the pick of including e j the celebrated of The Potomac four will consist of Hollis stroke 3 2 i and they being styled the i junior four of the A very large i lion lor the BENEFIT of the A capias was issued for Coroner Boll The fury of IOWA AGAIN DESOLATED BY A BUIIJMNflS LEVELED AXD SEVEUAL PBU SOXS June Another ter rible aud rain storm passed over Iowa Thursday afternoon along the lines ofthe Illinois Central Railway west of and damage has been done at The centre of the storm was at where it broke in great fury at 5 blowing from the northwest a straight wind without tho tor nado In a few minutes property was destroyed valued at Two lives wore lost and len persons two of them killed aged and Albert The former was killed by the moving of a house on its founda PATRICK COUNTY SUFFERERS ACADEMY OF BY T OOK TO YOUR tion as he wns going to vho The Iftltcr vpaa crushed by tho falling rool of a house aa ho was leaving The streets wore thronged with ami it is won crowd from will go down on aa excursion train to witness the June intcrcol legiate four oared race for the Childa Chal LATE OF TIIE KiinoiVES lenge Cup look place yesterday evening i over the national Schuylkill j one mile and a The contestants were j crews of Princeton College and the Uni1 versity of The University got the best ofthe and at the half mile led by half a rowing in fine i They increased their lead to one i length at the and won the race two lengths in 0 minutes 32 i Princetons minutes i NlMiy STOCK OF DRY is Call and oco our goods before burin i Gregory old 151 SYCAMoitE j SUBJECT The Great Alilitaiy Revolution in EgyptThe Ini 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