Thursday, July 1, 1880

New Market Our School

Location: New Market, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Market Our School on Thursday, July 1, 1880

New Market Our School (Newspaper) - July 1, 1880, New Market, Virginia #^tti^is W^ti xwxA gixiUxtx^ ^tm Wtxt^^kH xxxxxx xxxxA \xhxmmm%v. HEMKEL & 00., Piiblislierg. AMBROSE L. HENKEL, Editor. VOL. 8. NEW MARKET, vSBENANDOAH CO., VA, JULY, 1880. NO. 2. The Children and the Birds. Many cJiildreu are very cruel to birdfj, often breaking (j'lie e^jis or r()bbi:-jg the ne.sts of the yonii,u' birdsj bub tlilise chihlren in tlie i)ietnre seem to have come only to look^'ab the little creatures, and as long as they do not frighteu or iinrt them, will do no harm. of heaven, ver. 20 of Genesis, cbap. 1, so he has adapted the form of their bodies, and the structure and dispositiou of their plnniage, for that very purpose. Tlie liead and necic in tlying are drawn principally within the breast bone, so that the whole under i)art exhibits the appearance of a ship's hull; The wings are made use of as sails, or rather oars, and the taij as a helm or rudder. By means of these the Dr. Adam (Marke commenting o!i the 22(1 verse of the llrst chai)ter of Genesis, LfJJoivl niiiUipUi in the earth, says: 'It is truly astonishing with whatcare, wisdonj, and minute skill God has formed (he dilf<'rent genera aiui species of birds, whether intended to live chielly on land or in water. The structure of a sin^li'/ft'dthcr att'ords a world of woinlers; and as God made t\m i'owl^ t/iat they mifjhtjli/ in the Jlnnament ci'eature is not only able to preserve the centre of gravity, but also to go with vast s[)eed through the air, eitlier straight forwa,r(l, circularly, or in any kind of angle, up-warils or downwards, in these also God has shown his skill and his power in thagredt a.nd in the iUtle-iu the vast ostrich and cassoicarp, anil in the beautiful hvm.ming-hlr<i, which in plumage excels the splendor of the peacock."

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