Tuesday, February 10, 1903

Harrisonburg Daily News

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Harrisonburg Daily News on Tuesday, February 10, 1903

Harrisonburg Daily News (Newspaper) - February 10, 1903, Harrisonburg, Virginia Jfrowaril. A A' VoL 8, No. 66. HARRIBONBURO, Viui mm BAitsMH stoni ^Mikflmt lio�k teU^ ft! M onto oi 8dH^ iowBlefw tkis WMk. Siioci^ wbitb fl.fS, iiM, 4 ud 6. MLQ MBta. LMiM' Tu ShoN, in ^ IiM. worth 11.06, BO psin lall. iCA cilDto. Boy's Md Oirl't hMTy V7 diMB SbOM. worth fl.M. iQ OftBti. Oh!Idna't bvttoa or Iom '^ShbM, itMt, 8 to i�, worth 88o. Ojl MBta. LmIIm' floe SbOM. Ibm tt|ii, MnM worth 91.00. QA olBto. MeB*t fins dim ShoM, IBM or ooBRraM, worth fl.M, Oft Bof^tSboM. (KliiB�iBnMid)rthe bMt in the world for the noB^ey. fil 7^ I<odlM' aad Ifon'i �^'(itHflBtt Bruid) 8h0M. Mlid iMthor, eteiryJMiir  weanr, ll.iUi. $I*2S ^' BhoeR, (KlimftX Brud). IJ oenti. UklieoM.; We Jort 2' reoelTed 0,000 yarde of n-A tn qwriity, duk obUoo, ^ wh�t yoa h�re beMi look ingfor, Oo. grade, m before, only �K oeotB. ABEL MILLER, Owner. :PboBe ConneetidD. IhMoy Sprtaf ioeigl EToat Lany Spring/ Feb. 0. -Mia Bemtoe L. Moore, the aMonplished daagh-ter of Mr.and. Mn, John O. MOmo. .gave an evening fi; hMior of her �leter and her oompaay. Ml� Wright aad Veena. Mooro aad Mhm�, of HarriwBbnrg, laat Saturday "evnlBg. Only a few of Mia Moore's peelal friends were Inoky enoogh to reeeive an iBTltatloB. The ereaiag' OMMt plMMiiiloiio and On� loag to be reeabered l^ill.. Delioions nffeMh meats were^iiMatlly served. Aaoag thoM p(eft��^e: MissM IHoa Jao BiBge, Slisibeth Niobolao, LoBg, ' JBmna  Mooio and Wright, of Harrisonbaig. ; Mmbh." Ink Long, Charles AlUbaagb, J. Owen Long, Solon Moore and Fsrtor Maaoik, of HfUTisonburg. PobUe itdToriirMul Piopiitf , Having sold my; farm, I will offer at pablio anotlon Wednesday, INib. 18, at the fffm the following property 6 or 8 tons of hay* 80 or 80 bashels of com, two work honws, one miloh oow, t heiftes, 1 yearling stMr, 1 brood Mw, 9 sboats, 1 two-bone wa#Mi 3 pair bamea, 1 plow, grain drill, ipring tooth harrow, baggy, iron kettle, garden tools, 1,000 fiet of weather Raiding, fencing stayo and pMts. a beas, lioll top-desk, rc^rmt made known on day of sale, DR. O. R. GOOD. -NiM town lot fo&sale.Oall on 0HA8. D. HARRISON." Swartz Bros. A Hott have now on hand cotton seed feed and flax seed atel. _ �'. |V fl8. i Pomestio Finish. The Himplicity and dignity of Ite neatness and wblteneais gives it an air pt refinement. Requires no friction to get It and for tbia reason linen Will not wear oiit as quickly. Costa no more. Phone No' I n(� STIAI UDNMIT,  East Market Street. ; iV'No,Branch Offices In town. 14773 IT'S GLl^AR. Anyone who wlUiooknt our stock of OPTICAL GOODS and compare pricM will be satisfied tb�t bora j^nd here only does good qiigUty aBd. moderiite charges go biiiid In baad. The complete llneoIKyciglaiMsaod Spectacles carried enablo �� to fit all oralnarv casea o| Impaired eyMight quickly. iQ complicated c�f�piteitaafomad� and ap�(!i�l leases prepared. THE SADDEST OF All What Might Have Baen" went Up the Ohimngy. FATB OP A OOBBIBPONDBIfT, Otr BridfffWattr rriM4rHowmr, has Moft OtMimuiIy and One-iouly BMovmd. . Bridgewater, Feb. 0.-One week ago today, Means. Bditon, yonr cor-respoodent of this part of Unole Sam's domain had gotten np a long, well written( r) and flrBt-oIaa( ?) cofi-manioation, but lol and behold! before it ooald be MOt into yonr saao-taa saaetomm the Daily News ap-Feand oo the scene and the reaalt was the dearly beloved and "flrst-olaa newsy letter" that was to have gladdened, with its rich, rare and racy, paragraphs, the thousands of readers of this Daily, was knocked higher'a a kite and had to be marked with a whoppen big N. O. And the pre-^ oious copy that took so mqph time,| labor and reseaioh was stuffed IB (ho; stove uBder a stick of wood |hat had whole gallon of wood aloohol ' i hone In Basio cm- laiit Frtday^^l^ Oetar, the young and salssaan In.Robion * RbbsM's stoi*.^ Mrs. Outer's xoaainoiwnn taken to the eemotery at Boaver Oreek Ohuroti; for intemumt on Sunday'last; ^ A mMting of the oitiMns oitblt place and vicinity will take plaoe at the Town Hall this evening to imo what ean be done to seonro a State Normal School at this Flaae. A^oomalt' tee will be appointed to MlOot a sttO for the building and asMrtain th* price of said land, and to Und. oat what indummonts oaa;be .offered to; hav^ the wbool located io' or near this town. It is eayaestly hoped tbal^ the people will do all that can bO done to secure .this most'desirable^ institution for this place. There is no doubt but that Bridgewater ^ is one of the most dwirable locations: in the, S|ate for snob a sohool. and if thoM who have the selecting of,a site in hand can b* induoed tooomebere �and look over this beautiful and rich section of country there can -be but little doubt that the building will be. erected here. Hon. JamM T; Robson, who has lyeea at home for a week or so, left this morning - for Riohmond, to resume bis place in the Legislature. The Judge Campbell oue comes before the trial committM again tomorrow. ;.It is out of the question to take np so mnc^ valuable time with^..Buch a oaM.. People have grown tired of suofe exceedingly slow progrea and are muttering in, no uncertain tones at the' profligate WMte of time and money. ^ Mia Vadie Brown, who has been in Ohio for Mveral months, arrived at her sister's. Mrs. B. B. Dinkel's, home in this plaoe a few days ago. Her many friends were delighted to weliDOBM her among them. Ifrs;. JamM R. Shipaaan is a guests of her sister. Mrs. George N. Barman, ^ of Peon Laird,  since iMt Saturday OMming and will be absent from home until the latter part of this WMk.' At a meeting of the Town Ooonoil a few nights ago, Mr. "en" Dinkel  elected assessor t for the prMent year. Mr. Oinbel has MrVed the town In that oflloo for a number of tarmsand has always perAtrmed his dntlM wiib impartiality. con SETHI, con Ufiii A floeld OMia of Oiap AMpUf lattrtnptfl.  by the (aMIllar �9iM ; FSBRUART 10, 1903. wtATNti: Ttwnrfajr, i^ur. Inn f lonrtlBrtid, pfnly nhly rriln nnA WMtn* Price 1 Cent on . "Oome Nvenl.Oome eleven I** aid rtirrad by the lively airs from a Hwjb in the hands of Pete WllUaaa, OHMf of Police Armentrout swtpl dowp Ml a gang of negroM shooting: �np Im^ Altaffer's stable Sunday nifM. The officer knew that N WM tM custom of the negroM to galkar al Altaffer's in the absenoo ol (iho proprietor and indulge in ib* flavofflM rame, so be deoided to p�� as end 14 it. Creeping up to a Window k* climbed upon a store box, and looking in, what he saw was snlllolsnt tojurtify his making the laldt fttf five negroes were rattling ibo booM on the floor and ataklag their last cent. Pete Williams was sttAiW on  chair near the window, nimbly picking the bsinjo, giving an apology for "Bill Bailey." "8�n JobBMn was a popular man," and the llko. The officer then went to the offlM door, pushed it OPM qnlOkly and caught them in the aol All kinds of pleas Wbre made by tho'nigtoM^ nil H'�I won't do it bo �10,'V isiartinfnh," PlOaia; IMr. .Atttii^' trout, let us gb," bnt all to no and a part of the gang wai IfaM np this morning in the Mo Orafl; Thoevidenoe waaaUagalail Sam: Greene, an olfi oat hf giving Bp Ttoas, $1 aad ard; ! and fourth me: sklAwd and his appean Cbag, the last of IM * ALLPOX HATTERS ChMatj Supervisors Discuss the Situation AfA SPECIAL BOARD MIITINO. mMHeiit Qnaraatine Meaiures will ; be Adopted for Plains District. the bar of jBstUxsi ^ latsrbytka Oiisf, 1m The Board of aaporviiorR mot in spiol'al semion resterday aftornoou loir the parpoio of considering the aiiiiilpox situation in Plains diatrlot Ipd^iMthorizing the adoption of �ncli and agencies as the Oonnty Btgftl of Health might deem neoea-for the control of the disease.' ThV^meeting was called at the re-'of the ^ard of Health, the having been solicited by isor Minnick, of Plains, to .fi^more stringent mcMures in roiatd matter. Supervisors Rhodw, and Hiuniok were present, m . T.. O; JouM, who, as secre-the County Board of Health, with them. Minniok stated that al-M the superviwr from be h*d bMn directed to ent^:thOt instructions of the in the way of ap-etc, yet moft definite Wemu's MiHiOBary TfiiOB. ^ Tho'aaaivarsary of tho ''Womaa's Baptist MtMionary Union'* will be bold at the BaptisS Chnroli WednM p.lm. An Intofflsliiog pro^ grant is balng arranged, Ur, Klsona will be present and addrsM Ibo mMting. The invltalloB to be prasaat If siftsndad to all Intsrsstsd in mIssIoB' wyifoHf*. TheiTlS^ - UnMn^^^SSm over faHai'^eaoli drew ont InLlpMi-pendent, If slander; panto, 1tat th� flrst gltl had evidently an in^^nilpB. She fished five 1-oentvcoins^^roM'lior board and laid them in tl^ palm,of the oondnetor's hand. : Ttio. ssi girl needed no hint;'sfi� ailso ooautad five oolns deliberately'while ha stood meekly waiting. The third girl gleefully added bu' fare i� oants, and the fourth tnined^her/pane almost iBslde out in a sn^oesrfaleffOrt: to follow b^r worthy vexainple. The fifth gin also*madeJrantio MWOh, bat a silver quarter wm her only eoln. This she biaded to the oondnotor and smilingly extended her fingers for change. She got it. Qniek m a flMh he dumped the 80 eents in 'her open palm and retired precipttotely, to the platfwm. While the whole oirload of people roared with laughter. Bseaived $3,900 Insoranea. Spring Creek, Va., Feb. f>, 1808. Mr., ThomM H. Burke, District Manager, Home Life Insurance Company., of New fork, Harrisonburg, Va. DarSir: I acknowldge with thanks your oompan's draft for �t,000 in fall settlement of o laim under policy No. 111,388 on the life of the late David H. Turner. As yon only succeeded in writing Mr. Tomer's application on the 80tb of July last, I wish to thank you for your prompt wttlement of this claim. Thhe policy has been paid in full and without delay. I take pleasure in commending the HOMB LIFE INSURANCE CO., of New York to my friends. Very truly yours, JOHN N. TUMER. Administrator of~David H. Tomer. Now Bnok Bosideaee. Mis Laura Ohanoeaulme is erecting a large pressed brick rMidenoe on South German street on the lot located between the residence of Mear. Wm. A. 'MesMrole and Wesley Miller. The houM will contain eight rooms in addltiw to two large hall ways. The roof will be slate. Tbie frame work of tlt� bulldio has about reaobed completion, Mr. WilL lam MoAUster has the eontvaot. WksBTgttgMBlsk Your doctor is advlMr. Wo fill hit oiders,exaotly as wiltten. Abeo-Into oonfldenoo InpioyM apntlent. Prlosa vtgbt. FLBTOiliR'l PflASMACir. Ifavo ;iit li.,SBNillnox. Ut. Mlinfeb tfilBi li^'tWpigMMMSM.' W. B. Barte),; aotinf'<MMr�* of Bioadwaj, 0. S. Hoovis',' Obainan of thr Board of Health of';,tiw same plaoe. and Geo. W.Ba|il,MnyorofTlmberville. Thea genflsMSn all slated that beoaUM of <hi'smbllpox soare it seemed at preMSi:^ one long Snndnr In their townti-fpid that very great oohMm WM felt throughout their communities on aooonnt^of the epidemic. Acting-Mayor. Bartel, of Broadway, stated'JhS Town Council of his place had'hold a meeting that morning and that they were wriously contemplating! posting guards about tne town tft'prevent the entrance of any ono who approached from any of the infected Iw^itiM. He desired advice in regard to the bMt course to pursue. Mayor Buhl, of Timberrille, represented tJiiat perwns daily come into his town from Meohaniosville, where the dlMMO exists, after having exposed themselvM to smallpox and that the dani^ to his people wm in consequence oOS'eat tliat it oonld no longer bo tolerated if any means could* ,fa(tl. fOisiid to prevent it. He stated they daily,warn people to keep out of town, but that they come in neverthelea, and the authorities feel pcwerlcM to prevent this sort of thing. If they plaoe those under arrest who come into the corporation after having been in contact with tlie diseaM they simply have an elephant on their hands, for they have- iio plaoe to lock them-up. They don't want to place them in the town lookup and are at a standstU for a method of dispMlnig of them. Timberviile is like Broadway, it favors establishing a strict quarantine against Meohaniosville and the territory in Shenandoah in which the disease exists. Mr. Buhlstated that while the pablio generally are arouwd in regard to the situation the"danger larks in tlte reoklsssnsM of those who refuse to reoogolM the fact that the prevailing diseaM is smallpox. The public school at Mechaniosville has been closed and the mayors of Timber-villa and Broadway thought it wm, perhopi. best for their schools to saspsndi Timberviile had already prohibited ' all church services Dr, JonM. of the Board of Health, stated that the greatest dlfibmlty to be over oome in niMting the situation is the faot lliat beoause the disease prevails in a very mild form many people de-ollna 0^ifloept the foot tliat it is smallpiKt, imd they are, therefore, reollMinBd bard, to control, Timber- viile and Broadway have tlin rigitt to quarantine if they ohoose, bnt ho thought it would nmoant to bnt little, for people can slip into town and out again In splto of guards if tliny are Inollncd to do so. In liis opinion tho proper way to meet tho sitnation is to place a oompetont guard at ovory house in which smallpox exists, and a allow none to go from or come to tlio house. In addition to that* all tlioM) who complain of any of the symptoms of the diseaso should bo promptly reported to tho anthoritios, and plat^od nnder gnard. Ho thonght that with a local physician tn charge and thomi precautious adopted, togotlior with general vaccination, there slionld be no tronblo in couflning tlio diiieaso to a very fow.and in a short time wiping it out. Ho boliovod tho schoolH in nearby towns could go on m nonat, provided of conrHO, the pupils wore vaooinated. Ho reported tlint only ouo now case had dovolo()�d wltliln tho past few days, thereby refuting tho many rnniors to tho efToot that tho epidemic was spreading rapidly. Mr. Minuiok statod that many people demanded that a guard bo plnocd aboat Meohaniosville to prevont anyone from ontoriug or coming out of that village. This Dr. Jones regard-e#M prnctically nseloss. It was IiIh opinion smallpox oaaes conld bo snc-oessfully guarded, bnt that a village could not bo piokotod so that people could not steal in or oat, and that of thoM who have the disease nro properly excluded from contact with tlie healthy that that is all that is noccs-Mry. ' The Board adjoarned after instraot-ing Mr. Minnick that he should employ at the county's expemw sufficient trustworthy watchmen to guard all JjnfMted houMS and contract with a to take charge of all oxist-and such as may develope vicinity in the near future, i further instructed to have ajl vaooinated at the county's ex-are unable to pay for tho Fl^i|My� who is one of ""''""''ikjslolans.vlntho 'jliiiiitof ibable he win be en'gsged 1to~gTvo bis entire time to the matter. It'WM-'stated during the meeting lart evening tliat Dr. Vaugh had vaooinated 70 persons Saturday and that Dr. Fahmey had Vaccinated an almost equal number.. That the instructions of the Board of Health will be carried out explicitly there can be but little doubt, particularly since tliere oian bo no donbt after the supervisors' meeting yesterday that they will back np that body in all necoHary steps, that it may take. Meohanicsville is now, therefore, practically in the hands of the Board of Health, and, whether smallpox exists there or not, the Board will use its authority. For thoM who place tlieir judgement against that of mediqal ex-iwrts by declaring tlto disease not to be^roallpox we wish t8 emphasize the fact that the Board of Health is at present supremo and the rcguUk-tions they establish had best be observed. The State law on the sab-jeot says tho Oonnty Board of Health shall have control of the prevention and eradication of contagions and infections diseases, the removal and quarantine of saspeots; may provide for compulsory vaooiuation, tho prevention, restriction and care of smallpox and other contagious or lufoc-tions disease, and shall, with tiie consent of the Board of Supervisors of the county fix the compensations for the officers or agents employed in discharging such duties, and shall see to the abatement of nuisances. Tlicy shall likewise have power to adopt and enforce such reasonable rules and regalations as they may doom necessary to attain these ends. Severe penalties are prescribed as a punishment for those who willfully ignor the authority of the Board of Health. Notice to the Public. In connection with oar shipping business we have decided to handle grain and feed and are prepared to fornish you corn and oats mixed feed, bran, shorts, cotton seed meal and feed, by retail and wholesale at oar ware^puse opposite the passenger do-pot at Harrisonburg. P, L. 8UBLETT HAV OO. Mrs: Wbiteiearver Dead. A telegram wm received tiero yesterday by friends anooouoiug the death at her home in South Carolina of Mrs. Whitesoarver, the wife of a former Baptist minister of this plaoe, now deceastjd. Mrs. Whitesoarver aud her husband were located here about 16 years ago, and hM many friends here. SOUTHERN HISTORY Prof. Dabnoy'a Appeal for Aid and Co-Operation. THE RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD. Persons who have Books, Newspapers, etc., Containing Information Requested to Oontribnto. To tl\o People of tho aoath: Mnving dnterminod to attempt the history of the Hccoiwtruntlon In tho Boutli, I duHlro to npptMkl inoHt cnrn-ONtly for tho aid ntui co-oporation of all poraons having aconrani Itnowlodgo of any facts tliat wontd shod light npon that period, or who can tell nio 'wlioro or how snoli knowledge can bo obtained. Many jxirsonH possess books, pam-phlots, nowspaiiers, or letters giving contemporary acconut of ovnnts from the tlmo of Llonoln's reconatructlou experiinonta down to tho withdrawal of Fodiiral troopH from tho South by llayos. Sncli hlHtorlcal matorial, though comparativoly usolofts in many C08C8 to its owners, ^md lying upon dnsty shelves or garret floors, would be of inoHtiniablo valOe to theliia-torloal investigation. Much of it, however, now in danger of being lost or destroyed, would be preserved to posterity, if deposited in tho absolutely flro-proof library of the University of Virginia. Lack of means anfortunatoly prevents the University, em well as myself, from purchasing much of tho matorial,although I should bo glad to know tho prico of newspaper flies, or anything else with which tho owners are willing to part except for money. Bat I appeal, earnestly to tho patriotism of our' people, either to give books, pam-:i*i�tp. .POMSr*|��*�� old Iflttors, otc.j.: to the library orifie "Uiirvo'rsfty of Virginia, or at any rate to lend them to me personally for a time. Many persons who actually lived through the days of Rocoutruction, have knowledge of interesting and important incidents that occnrrod under their own eyes. These incidents, if anrooordod, slioald be recorded now; and I strongly urge every ono who wishes the history of tho South to bo based upon facts, rather than hearsay, to give me m many snoh facts as possible. Opinions concerning the sigufflcance of facts will also be welcome; bat those wtio have no time for writing dis-sensation can none tho less aid the cause of truth by making concise statements of concrete foots. Such btate^ents are desired from m�n of all political parties, und from natives of all sections of tho country; from Unionists as well as Socesaionists, and from those who approve as well as those who disapprove of the Rccoustruotiou Act of Oongress. It is impoBsiblo to enumerate all tho kinds of facts desired; but it may bo stated as a general guide to cor-respondonts, that any information will be appreciated that will throw light, for example, upon the economic condition of tho South in 1805; upon tho attitude of different social classes t6ward each other; upon tho extent to which antebellum jiartisan political feulijjgs revived; upon tho feeling of Southornors toward the North and C'onttuiied on toiirtli lui^tu \ The Yoong People, i lluw is it with tlio ynuntr people of your household? Are they saving money? iiuvo they learned to up-preeiate tho value of a dollar? Would ,vou like a plain Hiiggeetion? If no, here it is: Hend tho young folks to our bank with tho flrst dollar that comes Into their hands. The next dollar should be treated In like manner, and so on. Thun u good habit started will grow Into straight unci thrifty manhood aud womanhood. THE ROCKIIGHAM MiTlOMIl BIIK, Hauhisonhuro, Va. ��o�oW

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