Thursday, January 19, 1922

Danville Bee

Location: Danville, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Danville Bee on Thursday, January 19, 1922

Bee, The (Newspaper) - January 19, 1922, Danville, Virginia THE DANVILLE REGISTER Atmocialcd David Lawrence Dlnpatchc-0. Bring- ing Up Father and Mutt Jolt. Hunday coinlf suction. City delivery 55e a month, loss C pc-r cent. months In advance. Less 10 per cent. 12 months In advance. By mall BOc a month. 3 months. 1 year. FOUNDED FEBRUARY. 1899. NO. 6.061. 1922 FICTION SERVICE The P.ce'H flcUon will conslut of a com- j'leto novel, written by the beat known authors, every two weeks. To yft the ten comics that appear dally In The it would require the purch-inirii; of at least three Metropolitan papers. Associated Press servlca. DANVILLE. VA.. TJIL'KSUAV ArTKKNOON. JANUAJIY J9, 1922 to Get Old Stores Fire Does Not Nullify Con- Rebuild Im Reaches May Cause Higher Insurance. The lojs caused by the Miller building fire which wiped out two mercantile establishments, a cafe, the Y. C? A. and eleven profes- sional offices will amount to about excluding the loss incidental 'to the Interruption or business sus- 'tained by those affected. J. D. Pruitt, proprietor of Jacob's store, said this morning that he :had made no plans whatever thus, towards setting up business in. 'temporary quarters. J. F. Parker was engaged today in seeking locale on -Main street ih to resume business pending the rehabilitation of the Miller Under the leases held by the two .store proprietors, the fact that they were burned out does not nullify the with Dr. E. H. Miller. These .leases prescribe specifically that in 'the event of a fire, the rent shall cease until the building is rehabili- as quickly as possible, so that the drug store owner and the sta- tionery store proprietor cannot secure new permanent locations, but must set up business in temporary quar- ters until the burned building has been restored. The owner of the Francisco busi- which has one ground floor vacant only one on Main street .is requiring that any person sub-renting the quarters frorn the safeteria recently closed fin out the unexpired lease of four years. The water which seeped into the basement of the Miller building was pumped out yesterday and the dan- ger of water finding its way into ad- joining basements was thus removed. on page 3.) Youth "CooteVp" Masked Man Agent Is Required To Make Loss Good Railway detectives who have been investigating: the theft of from the ticket office of the Danville and Western railway station at Martins- ville, have so" far failed to secure an> clue to the thief, and the robbery re- mains unsolved. In connection with the robbery, li has been learned that Miss M. A. Brown, of Martinsville, the ticket agent, has been required by the rail- way company to make good the on the ground that it was due to carelessness and she has given a cer- tified check for the entire amount. Further details of the robbery are as follows: When Miss Brown, was preparing to close the office about 6 o'clock, she. found that the safe had been by ac- dentally locked, and not having the combination at hand, she was unable to open it to place the accumulated cash, amounting to in the safe. She did not care to take the money home with her, as she was afraid to keep it overnight in her personal pos- session, she she placed it in a. drawer of the desk at which she usually j worked. She found also that her keys were locked up in the safe, hav- ing been left hanging to an inside! drawer which she used during the i Briand Unruffled Mt. Vernon Ave. May Be Site of Catholic Church Rev. A. J. Halbleib, priest at II.c Church of the Sacred Heart, stated todny that ha was not yet in a posi- tion to give out any information rel- ative to the building of a handsome new Catholic church in another part j of the city. dispoBing of fhe preset. j property. Kev. Father Halbleib j also not in a position to confirm or I deny that an option is now held by a I real estate agent, acting; for thu church on lots on Mount Vernon avenue belonging to Percy Anderson and to A. Witt, it being stated in oth- er quarters that the church tenta- tively plans rearing the new sacred at that point, also a new rec- tory on Montague street which is nearby. Rev. Mr. Halbleib said that he thought that several weeks would elapse before he is in a position to make any authentic statement and for the time being the new church plan is only in tentative form. The present church is situated at the angli? made by Ross and Hoi- brook streets. The question of dis- posing of property is said to be a difficult one since, it is understood, in the event of "its being abandoned property would revert back to the donor. The church law is further said to prohibit the sale of a build ing used as a church for another other purpose. In the meantime, however, sub- scriptions are being secured from the parish which is a large one. tak- J'HK in several Virginia counties in I which are scattered missions. Through i the religious press an appeal for funds for the new church is said to have j been met with encouraging results. E. B. Meade, the real estate agent PKICE: TWO CENTS Poincare Gives His Platform The latest photo of Aristide Briand to reach the United States shows afternoon, and she was therefore un- I him walking with his friend, Dr. t rnlng re8U'ted h'S Chatany. It was taken whf n the political was broking- Story Fiji NT. Micii.. Jnn. The mys- tery of the "big masked who. according to sixteen-year-old Hilton Coons, twice ''artackc-d" him. has been solved, and as a result Hilton accompanied his dad to the wood- shed, and neighbors of the Coons 1'a.sir for their protection. Hilton's farher is A wealthy farmer, residing near here. Returning from Flint the boy's parents found hrrn bound with ropes and tied pout in the basement of his fath- to the office Friday morning her Briand was smiling. tention was attracted by an over- turned chair in front of the desk and on opening the drawer, found the money was gone. She also ascer- tained that the pin which secures the fastening of one of the cloors of the freight room adjoining the office had j been removed and the front door of the office was also unlock 3d. Foster, a colored station hand had. as j usual, preceded her to the station and j had entered, as was his custom, fcy' a side door to which he had the key. i Immediately on ihe discovery 01 i the theft Brown noticed the superintendent's office and S.ipcrin- rendent Parker, accompanied by two Southern Railway detectives went at! once to Martinsville to j the theft, the I there some- days. So far as given out no has been obtained that may: lead to the apprehension of the thief, j Major Parker said today that tht i have r.ot made a report on i the said to interested in ac- property for the church. who is quiring stated this morning1 that he' could no! discuss the matter for publication, but intimated that it -would not be long before an announcement would be made. ister To Have New Plant Three-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure to Be Erected at' Corner of Keck Gets 20 Months On Road Principal Witness for i Miss Knox Killed RICHMOND, Jan. Harry M. Smith, Jr.. counsel for Miss Sarah E. Knox. middle-aged Baltimore train- j ed nurse, held in jail here awaiting I trial on the charge of murdering 'Margaret, at Colonial' Beach. j September 30. 1921, admitted tonignt iveck. said _ OOUtfl UHlOn Jan. from that a trained nurse recently killed accidentally in Baltimore was the witness upon whom he was relying principally to establish that his client n r> r is of The accident IM victim, he .said, was in charge of pray, who nurse's register in Baltimore and in to lie uilty in Cullford superior that capacity had frequently come in court this week of charges of making j con--act whisky for sale and carrying conceal- weapons, was yesterday sentenced J. (r. Wrieht Accidentally -f-f-m The Register Publishing Company is in a pofciiion todav to aiir.oante.thaL i.i i i i i i 11 ii months of the sentence were ;sevr and pnin- wounded, his son. J. G. Wright was shot fully, though not. seriously accidentally yesterday by Louie Wright, at Pelham. Father and son were out rabbit hunting and they had "jumped" a rabbit when the son fired, his father being close 10 {the animal. Part of the load of shot Mr. Wright's leg causing a i painful Wedding License Issued 10 crV hiirn. A -iiuskt-d at- tacked him and bound him, he to'd his father. Several days later he rushed into the house from a barnyard, with a bullet hole through his cap. and in- formed his startled parents that the "mystery" hud shot ;it him from behind a corns'ack in a fU-Id nearby. wcudinp license has been issued The story created ;i sensation in! by the clerk of the corporation court the ur.d a posse ofito William -Robert Cifers Leva- farm'ers scoured the for the bl.; masked man." 1 When the search proved fruitless an-I thorities oaestioned the boy at great] and ilnal'y hf confessed that j his was a hoax and that the: "mystery man" was a character of! his invented to liven dull times around by Juds'.- B. F. Long ;o serve a total months on the county while the latter was practicing: ner profession in that city. Knox is scheduled to be tried at Montross, February 2S. L i roads Tile names of witnesses who may be in an eftort to Prove neighborhood j die Simpkins.'' both of Denvilie. FORECAST WASHIXGTOX. D. C-. Jan. 10. Virginia: Kuin colder and central portions: cloudy and colder. sirueiion of its r.ew home, long un- der cons deration, v.-il! be on the already cleared site at the corner of South Union and Patton ad- i joining the Pythian Hall. It i? pro- j posed to ere.-t a building of rein- forced which from i ground from the South Union j street level, where tne ma.n entrance j will be. it will be two stories in j height. i The struciure as proposed will be i I :a-cd with term r-uii-.i. making an nt- GO' tractiv.? exterior, whilf thf- 1 tious be "f such a RS t--> iica- the v.-risriit <-f s-fx additional sho-jid be fn-jnd Wse and advisabl-.' to build them'at a date. The jdms tor tbf new bull'.'ins; on a while the other 10 months were imposed in the case in which he entered a plea of guil.y. A fine ot 550 the costs was the judgment the court in the case of Keck charged with carrying- a concealed judgment was sus- in a yimilar case upon condi- that she M insane not been dis- attenfl- nmong those summoned for the de- fense. Miss Knos, it is reported to- day, has succeeded in convincing most of her associates in the prison that germs are playing havoc with their health in one way or another. It is said that she has yet to utter a word of criticism of Roger East- Charter Changes Claim Interez Tint proposed amendments to :hc charter of the city of Danville, en- dorsed Ijy the city council at its reg- ular monthly metting, have e'.icllr.l general interest and .some of them an- considered further evidence of tin. city's development. It is expected that .Major Anderson upon the receipt of the resolution re- questing him to make the changes proposed, will draw a bill and intro- duce it and that it will jco through as a matter of course, provided no local antagonism develops. Thus far there is no outward sign of this. The council is said to have been ac- tuated in making the offices of the city attorney and city collector elec- tive by the council because it is largely with the city's governing body that these two officials are thrown and under whose immediate- supervision their work comes. A good many people have express- ed surprise that the superintendent of public utilities, which office was made elective by the people instead of by the council io 1914 by Repre- sentative Green, was not included in the list of changes. The view prevail- ed in some quarters that iq the bill which is introduced by Major Ander- son, the name of Mr. Talbott couid be included and that the representa- tive from Danville would not be lim- ited in restricting: the number of city officials elective elective by the coun- cil to the two suggested by the coun- cil. Some went so far as to say that the bill -will very probably include the name of Mr. 'Talbott, who is at pres- ent in Richmond in connection with trie movement to bring about equali- zation in taxes. This, however, is in direct conflict with the opinions of others who declare that the superin- tendent of Public Works would pre- fer to remain elective by the peopis, and has so expressed himself. The amendment which would vest the right in the council to issue bonds to the extent of for the de- velopment of revenue-producing pro- Derty owned by the city, without the necessity of a vote by the peopled paves the way for financing the im- provement planned at the city power plant. It is proposed to buy new elec- tric power generating machinery At the power plant at a cost of this to be installed prior to next win- ter and as the taking of this sum would be a severe drain on the city's treasury in view of the extra appro- priations necessary to complete the street improvement programme, it iifford a way of'financing the power house improvement. New Premier Stands foi Fulfillment of Treaty of Mill- taristic Aims. (Uy The Associated Press.) PARIS, Jan. fot treaties that fixed the peace 1'remier Poincare's platform as pre- sented to the Chamber of Deputies. He declared shameless propaganda is responsible for the opinion that France is tainted with imperial- istic madness. Buggy hupband of her alllegred victim, 6 u whom has declared since being ac- quitted of complicity in the murder that he believes that she committed the deed and that he trill spare no J.. t 4 lAtl tl 'J ti L 1 1 1 I f J I J I -ff i J. _ when officers found tO abont her conviction. behavior both on ana off rjant? for a period of four years. Keck v.-ns arrested last week on the j Drown Summit r'.'acl about nine miles '.hf- r.f whisky an autpmc.-l -T occupio-l by Kc-ck and T. E. Xo- i I Pope's Conditior j r] ;he few Coin men are alleged to have. carrying pistols at the time or i ;.hf capture of the liquor. They wert and brought to Greensboro 1 Sr's cS- wS I his was en I lei1, from the docket; Jan. condition of ;ivd yf-sterrl.iy ordered j Pope Benedict, suffering from grip. Il0lul of 51.200 forfeited. A j reported unchanged. interrs: has also been issued for his ar- j_____ preceding his tie- j J-fon. When Hit by Truck A Ford truck, the owner of which could not be learned today, last night ran int a horse and buggy, occupied by a colored man. .end although the vehicle was practically demolished. the occupant escaped unhurt, with the exception of slight bruises. The accident occurred on the Yanceyville road at o'clock. Both parties left the scene soon after the crash. and none of the names were secured. o Docket Is Small in the mayor's court wns very small, Judge Moncure, Of Alexandria, Is Re-elected ALEXANDRIA, Va.. Jan. Judge Robinson Moncure was unani- mously re-elected judrrc of the cor- poration court by the state legisla- ture today. Xews of his re-election was received early this afternoon and caused considerable gratification among his many friends. Judge Moncure was indorsed for re-election by the Alexandria Bar Association at a meeting held yes- terday afternoon. He will fill the expired term of Judge L. C, Barley and his term will end Febcuary ,21x Judge Moncure was appointed tc fill the vacancy caused by Judge Barley's resignation May 22, 1920. The appointment was made by Gov Westmoreland Davis. Freight Reduction On_Coal Urged (By The Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, Jan. freight rate reduction on coal was advocafed today before the Interstate Com- merce Commission hearing by Vice- President Morrow, of the National Coal Association, saying that this was the chief element in the high price of coal. Bandits Sentenced To 10 Years Each The docket this morning two cases disposed of. these being charges of drunkenness. Mabel Hill, who was very ill at the Hospital with acute indi- gestion and appendicitis, is reported better. rian Minister n U. S. Llinister Thsre Ca- for Warship and Carpenters Following E, Eeal Cabiaei Crisic. Til' Dies in Jail of Wood Alcohol Poisoning: r flonr vil! thf ;t v.-i'I n thf- will bo t press vhiio wiM a also a largf iv'ifr-.' thf- activities of mr.iiin- be rarrie-7 arrival the press and if he will be i placed under nn appearance bond ot ,-.Sated. ALO-DSTA, Ga.. Jan. 19.--Sani Rumiey and Jack Harrinjfton, who held up the Sibley mills paymaster, obtaining over seven thousand dol- lars, were today sentenced to ten years each in the penitentiary. Farmer Gather For Conference (By The Associated Press FLORENCE, Ala., Jan. resentatives of the American1 Farm Bureau Federation from the cotton- growing states and the grain belt of the Mississippi Valley are arriving here for the meeting of the Southern group of the Farm Bureau tomorrow. Developments of the Muscle ShoaN project as it affects agriculture and marketing conditions will be cussed. Military Cleaning Up City Jitneys Abundant In Richmond Now By Tb.o rr MHXIA. Jan. lit. :v. ;h.s TO have rt-sii'i-l in nu Headed This W? cr.nrue o; dru-.i .f uf J'if.iS" ar..3 morn rjr. it t'rat ? in no to V'4- his c.'ist- 3n- i SimtnOiis ijniii J5ul ic.- J "or wiil he liavc to answer chaiS' todav i.y the .fl any court his name on "iiv court yesterday <T.tor< <3 'Dead." died thv jail hospital at -3 1 afjTroon from efforts o' f-ojn Jcscnh Johnson. saving that during a tho minisJor Tid sHi'- !3 suijpfl to Ay nd for o; Operation Changes 'adManToGooc The rrc- CHICAGO. Jan. A wave ij; lieaclrd lilt- Kiicky far south, and sJcot. from One Thousand Autos Oper- ated by Former Car Men Jobs After Today Street Cars I Bunniiig. Seek Woman In Murder Case (Dy The Associated Press BIRMINGHAM. Jan. TJje po- lice here are searching for a woman. expensively dressed, who is connected with the shooting to death of Israel rteldnian. aged twenty-six, 5-ody was found in .-i vacant lot with a. woman's clothes by his side. for ctjr.n.K'-d from liy j'tiisoninp. and HJ5 ii: I JJv i State Bar Association i to Sleet in Durham Mayor to Move Against await from as Io Jhe Liquor in Auto. Man Shot, Now in Eoanoke Hospital nOAXOKK. j of Kmnklin county, was shot in nCiir day Crafs Va-.3gh.ii. Mop tljfr driven ?.y Holt. wh3c3i palJoris f'f Thp 3i'iiifv.- <MI "Hirers. i S. nas st-rv-j unoni-! The i.-vs for -U Fear Anarchy If Army Disbands The Associated Press.) Bulgaria. Jan. is feared in Hulsraria if orders o." allied of :b .-irn-.y arr- obeyed, accnrd- ini; to thf war ----------------o Wholesale Prices Remain in r js ii I will N. .Ta-i. O. JOC.T'. and Go Back to Algebra of thf slave x j mil rojnTnission of sf v-f TI it. Ihr i is Io b' d.iyt. by J3s .T5-. first iynr -loh-n M. pirn in 1 roril an afternoon n i h.-ivinc j-'-rvii-j-'S. r-m-j-.-jl fund. wh'-n u con-. majorj'y of Ky The Ja r'ady 01 33 f-t'tllj- in hf, Th 1 N. f. Jr..) <.f Mi- lor a-ssft. 3; I nion "lial hf will in h-iv yliot j ofTw-frs CalJands Teachers' :i who arf tr.inr-'jinr! 071 --rf ih" Campbell Continued KiJ- hf-y lik- Thf l.-li'-f is :h SIr. oiT- ]i 3-c- nc run. innm- of for 11 <-'T "h1' d r-mn- I-P.ITIV rars o-n the nnjst of to ivrk or jnlijs TO on 1hf r-ri'iT-" j-ysirni in VircJnj.i, i? Jio will foll'iv.- Jh" I..OTI Mayor to T- irit: '3-.' on Fail to lld the T3 f Keni2111S OI Eva 3t. by followjn.c. was that any in OTif f-vjrtjon oT f Inc Taw- i Ua33. MKI7T TOMC1IT. one instance jumix-d from JTaJjInt- of and liope to} V. tonight i'i monthly on December 1, to 5210 a: igive a good account of themselves j new oiuh rooms of the V. M. C, A., present, _ i against Schoolfleld. at the usual hours. work ill day Sunday in in v Ir-rtjn of water. {Tobacco Tax Reduced to 10 and Not 5 Cents reJuriion of tho pur< tax on raw iohacco in city li- r'-nse tax ordinance }s from 20 cent? do33ars to 30 cents 'not from 10 cents to 5 cents as K.vcn body were located. s ti-.o re-mains of the Jin proceedings of the council meeting. Pounding Helpful to Hilltop Patients ,-is I'-S-JK of -which various Inuring 11 as fr-silf in l.irc'- .ini3 a to Jho institution. U. Oravfly lof: tlii? mr-rn- ing to at'cnd KiirnsTTir" Kxjiosi- ;ion Show, now held a; Point, X. C. Xovpmber and I.abor "U'erc I'.-- ff-r.'. thnn a year Bonded Warehouses Hold Vast Stores ProsJO .Jan. rrowih of Federal for rtoriiji; r-nwrtnvn' to.iay 277 wiiJi a capacity of 1.200.- 'ViO l.rilfs. Thw- ajv a like "f srr.iin holding fourteen an'3 Svr Dr. John Buchanan Dies In Richmond to The- KlCHMOXlr V.i.. lod.iy in county. A ffTir.r-r of 5ho University of and Henry Col- V-cc- of Virgin to Ho was a noted Life Irom

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