Saturday, January 14, 1922

Danville Bee

Location: Danville, Virginia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Danville Bee on Saturday, January 14, 1922

Bee, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1922, Danville, Virginia THE DANVILLE REGISTER Associated DavUr Lawtence Dispatchcx Brinn- infc" UP Father and Mutt A Sunday comic loctloii. City de-livery Sfic a month, less 6 per sK months in advance. 10 per cent. 13 months in advance. mall 60c a month, 3 months. 1 year. 1922 FICTION SERVICE The 1922 fiction service will conalut of a com- plete novel, written by the beet known authors, every weeks. To get the nine comics that Appear dally In Tbr- Bee It would require the of at leant three Metropolitan papers. Associated Press service. FOUNDED FEBRUARY, 1899. NO. DANVILLE. VA., EATrKDAV AF1KKNOON, JANUARY 14. 1922 PRICE: TWO CENTS Project is School's Transfer to Au- spices of Synod of Virgin- ia Is Presented at Annual Banquet of Chamber of Commerce. The DauvilJe Military Institute j proposition was last raght .presented' :o the members of the Chamber of Commerce at their annual banquet by L. B. Canway, Jr.. spontaneous en- dorsement being clven. by the three hundred members present to the scheme and affording excellent back- ing -to the task of raising to clear the school from of the conditions required the Synod of Virginia in accepting the school plant for future development. Mr. Conway read all of the corres- pondence passed on the matter, in- cluding: the text of the original offer made to the Synod by the three trus- tees -wild now hold "the property Frank Talhott, C. G. Holland and M. K. Harris, the minutes ot the showing that the offer was accepted contingent upon the clearing of the debt, and finally a lengthy letter by Rev. H. W. .DuBose to the trustees reflecting the attitude of the Synod and indicating an earnest de- sire on the, part of the body to take hold of the school, en- large it and to operate it as a train- Ing school for boys, not as a money- making proposition- but for purely purposes. The text of the resolution adopted last night fol- lows: "WHEREAS, about thirty years ago there was established 'n -our community by a group of public- spirited citizens a school known as the Danville Military Institute for the benefit primarily of the boys jf this community and incidentally for the benefit of the community at large; and "WHEREAS, under changing con- ditions the school had a moderate 3egree of prosperity at omes and at times had to be assisted by va- KTOUPS of patriotic citizens: and "WHEREAS, the experience of the past has demonstrated that for the institution to be on a permanent, successful basis it has to be fostered and subsid.zed by some organisation stronp enough to provide the neces- assistance in times pf need; and "WHEREAS, such an institution iu a flourishing condition Is a valuable a livelihood is 6rcIdu5Efu! to a and "WHER AS. opportuni-ty now pro- itself at thu cost of S15.000.00 to permanent and desirable Imckinir for the school under aus- pices v.-hich insure its growth and and "WHEREAS the Chamber of Com- mercp recognizes the va'ue of an in- stitution of this nature to the Com- munity, both from an educational standpoint i.nd the standpoint of a asset to community. "THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLV- ED: That we app-ve of the plant of the Trustees to deliver the property to the Presbyterian Svnod of Virginia free of debt, in consideration of their 'assuming the responsibility of run- 'ning the school on a high plane and up us prestige and patron- age; and "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That- we approve of a campaign to by public subscript ion -tlic netted to pay the debts of Ihc institution in order to carry out the agreement between the Trun- and the representing UK- Synod tnat the property shall be turned over to the Synod free ot debt." 11 develops that the SynoJ of Virginia had no fewer than four schools offered to it at its PetersburR meeting one of these a well-known girl's school.v ulued at and another boy'" school in the Valley of Virginia valued at These were not considered altogether best suited geographically for the Synod's purposes, so that when Dr. DuBose made the D. M. I. offer, situated as the is on the borderline of two states where the Presbyterian church has no boys' schools, the Sy- nod enthusiastically accepted the gift. It was also brought out at the meeting that while the'Danville offer came too late toUnclude its endow- ment through the million dollar edu- cational campaign now being under- taken, Dr. DuBose was successful in including in the-action taken that in the'event of more than a million dol- lars being raised, the surplus up to X50 000 be devoted to the expansion of Danville Military Institute. There seems to be a good chance of at least part ot being raised. Other stepff have been already tak- en to subsidize D. I. if it is taken over by the Synod, as church in the Synod has been asked to ap- propriate one per cent of all its benevolent contributions to the col- lege. The only obstacle now between ac- cepptance by the Presbyterian body of the college is the raising of which ts the sum. of a debt hang- ing over the .institution, most of it being there before Col- R A. Burton took charge of the school. To this end the Chamber of Commerce di- rectors as soon as they have selected a president for the coming year and organized itself, will appoint com- mittees "to undertake the "drive" which is tentatively se' for January 17th. No time will be lost in under- taking the task as the Synod is un- derstood to be anxious to have the financial matter settled in order that it may make its plans for the taking over of D il. I- as so.on as the pres- ent lease expires in June The college will remain a distinct- ly community institution as much under the new auspices the old. it will pursue a non-sectarian policy and stand fer the highest type of Christian The Synod pro- and the chance seems now bright to establish the college on a lasting and permanent foundation strongly sup- ported by the powerful Presbyterian body. Anglo-Irish Treaty Ratified 'Pv The Ahsoc ited i DUBININ. Jan. Anglo- Irish treaty creating the free state, was unanimously ratified today by the South Ireland Parliament. De and his supporters who op- posed the the Dail Eireann, were absent. NATIONAL COAL STRIKE LOOMING Wage Dispute Between Min- ers and Operators Will Terminate April The Dispute. (By N. E. A .Service.) P1TTSBUKG. Jan. coal industry is discussins the possibility SlTa general strike of all union coal miners in the United States may be- gin about April 1- On that date, the wage contract between operators and union miners expires In both the bituminous and anthracite coal fields. Xothing definite can be predicted. Both sides ar.e jockeying for Negotiations will be Ions drawn out. Many operators ai.d union leaders are predicting tieup of the mines. Others arc equally confident a "strike will be averted. Neither side yet knows, with what the other side or will take a? a compromise. The controversy between manors and operators. In present stage, revolves around these three ques- tions: Cine: Will ihe miners set another wage increase. lake a -miff or level gained during tncj war Two. Will th" by American coal as a result of war. Wf-lsn bejrjjr orouvgnt to America and 3n cities at Jl a ton under Am- erican This, hotrever. is largely due Jo high railroad freight rates on American coal, compared with low ocean rates. Board of Review Is Reappointed JuUffu O. 1'rice WHhcrs yesterday reanpolnted for term of one year the members of the Danville Hoard of IJevlew which is in the nature of :i court of appeals to which propcrij holders who are dissatisfied with their assessment may take their cause Chanipe Karksdale, A. W. Traylor and K. II. Miller are the members reappom-ted yesterday. It develops that since the court held that a blanket reduction in tho was not lesal, the Board of Review has filed with the clerk of Ihf corporation a list showing 37 pieces, of property, the owners of which are entitled to rebate ranging from to The- city's as- sessment books have been corrected and the property-holders are there- fore entitled to a corrsponding re- duction in their taxes. The sum to- tal of the reductions in assessment allowed is 102. Perusal of the list of5' corrected assessment on file at the court clerk's office shows the following, the amount of the reduc- tion following each name: M. F. Mitchftll, Mrs. B. Clark, 000; "Jf Wiley Eledsoe, H. B. McCormick, R. B. Gra- ham, George L. Ferguson, W. F. Holton. H. M ferson S. E. Hughes, S J. Brimmer, Ann.e E Cobb. Mattie C. Morotock Manufacturing Co. machinery E. H. .Miller, Jr. JAzzie J. A. Allen, E H. Miller. Jr..'. 15. H. Miller. Jr.. Mrs. C. Mitchell, four pieces of ty. tcrtal W. R. and C Mit- chell, W. H. MitcheU Mrs B J. W. T. J. T. Watson. Jr. J. T Watson. Jr. E. K. Jones ana D P. Witheis. H. J Clark Monulla Clark. T3 C and K. C. Arey, KelUe JR. Green. Red Men (Chickasaw Tribe) irfrs E. Sub'ett, L, E. Sublett, R. W. Thf Eoart' is ill doubtless meet in -j> few davs and organize for the com- ing year, at which time the date of hearings will probably be announce i China and Japan Getting Together FAMILY CDv The Associated WASHINGTON. Jan. 14 An ex- chanee of views between 'China and the .Tapanefe arms delegations anfl governments is believed to havp stresrnthened the chances for an early crtflcment of the question Indication? todav were that the gooJ offices of Hughes and Ealfour are having effect. on ;i T.ent B Houghton !ws Matilda lloughton, and esdmyn Houghtoa of New York, snapped vhey started U9U'. ]irobao'y go to Ber'ln to live ioon Houghton't f--. 7" t? rv-i t ri to 1 1 >ri 1.1 iT I.Y C( T) Hays Undecided About New Post WASHINGTON. Jan. master General Havs today conferred vrith the president said after- ward that he could not announce a "conclusive decision" as to whether he accent the offer of the mo- tion picture producers to become thPir head. Roadhouse Guests Fire On Ifold-ups (By The Associated Press.) TOLEDO. Jan bandit was killed and. another fatally wounded when six armed men held up a road house south of Toledo at midnight. A guest fired on the band which tied. College Heads' Salaries Jump (Bv The Associated CHICAGO. Jan of the presidents and faculty members of state college sand universities were increased 50 per cent during the school year of 1913-1S14. Com- missioner Tigert. of the Bureau of Education, said in an address today. Shooting Case Is Again Put Off The case of John Grant, colored. charged with shooting Bettie Reed, a negress. several days ago. was this morning continued until Tuesday The necessary witnesses were no' present, this causing the postpone- ment, The nccro was arrested for beinr: drunk Newton street. However. after brmjring him to the courthouse it was learned that he had shot a woman. It -was soon discovered that had shot Bettie Reed in th" the ball jroinj: through and killing a rt doj: behind her. Grant does not deny but says Iw docs not what took he was The say? Jhat no rol. Grant firinc any reason Funeral of J. B. Harris Held Friday Afternoon The fun-ral of J. K. Harrir. who <Mj pudd'-nly at how Thursday morninc from an attack of iho hwl. nftor- al 3 o'clork from r Fiord Thi- jsrrvx conducted by II W ro and Jnt'rmonl made in II jll Th'' mil M A Ixx-km.Tti. C. W. r; W Wallers. W H Th" flo'wr M. T! J. I Hf-y ai'l (3 MCXT I5ICHMOXR Va Jan 14 and cold of -Rf Howard Mulks Taken from Shreveport, La., Hotel by Masked Men Has Not Been Found. Crook Arrives Safely at Port (Bv The aterl jjrops.) YORK. Jan trans- jibrt Crook, in dif- liculnos ar L Wednesday! arrived today "accompanied bv the transport St Mihiel. ENTOMBED MEN BELIEVED DEAD To Observe Near East Relief Day Sunday, Jan. 22 Plans are well under way for the observance of Sunday, January 22 as Xear East Relief The Southern Amusement Company have gener- ously pi von the use of the Rroadw.iv Theatre on Sunday afternoon, when the famous film. "Alicf in Hunger- will be shown. This film, iTy a series of most telhnsr pictures, give the story of the and relief in the Near East. Following the nhn will be an ad- dress by Lieutenant inter- preter of supreme court of New York citv. Lieu'enant Connes was an at- tache of the Root commission which was sent by the United States to fro to Russia in 111" to investigate condi- tions At this time he visited Ar- and Rumania and rendered splendid service to his fe'overnment Junr.K the war. During1 the past summer, he with a rsfi-oup of other men from United State- visited Armenia and saw with their own eyes the needs of the peo- ple of the Xear He is not af- 'iliuted in any way with the organi- of the Near iCast Relief, nor he receive any compensation 'rom the .society, but since his return has Kiveri all his spare time to the of the needs of the Near Kast. He is an interesting speaker and he will be heard with pleasure profit by nil those who are privi- to hear him. The locnl commi'tee in charge of the Xe-ir Relief are to it knouloflKf irom Fidehs e'as Lee Street Baptist church. i Cy The Associated Press.) PHKEVEPORT, La.. Jan. trace has been found of Howard I Hulks, said to be an attorney for the i Negro Fined for Driving Truck Drunk "Ne-V York, whowas in--the-" lobbv of his hotel last night by mask- ed men He was due to appear in court attorney for men declaro-'1. to be Industrial Workers of the World WE FORECAST. WASHINGTON. Jan. Viightia: Moi-ly cloudy ton'slit and Sunday warmer tonight. morning: fined and costs for dri.'- mg an automobile truck while intos. icated and S10 and "osts for vio ating the Mapp Act. Ferrell was placed under ari eit lust beyond the Dry Bridge yesterday after his truck hao run an.uck into a small bridge A search revealed a pii.r bottle of whiskey in the bosom of coar. Ford Move to Buy Thrift Week Drive Is Already Launched The Xationa! Thrift Week Cam- paign under the auspices of -the V. M C A Ijas already been launched, not waiting: for th opening day January 17. which is Benjamin Franklin's birthday. meetings in the schools and industries of the city are plann- for the first day of Thrift Week The Association hones by the distri- biA.on of Thrift literature, posters and .1 snoken meswisre at the schools and to make a contribution which be of rcil value to the and community. Rescue Parties Continue4', Efforts to Reach Three Men Trapped in One Dead Body Recov- ered. (By The Associated Press. SCUAXTOX, Pa., Jan. p.'irtif-s continued today, working in relays ,at the natiomfl mine here try- jng to reach three men entombed yesterday, but it is believed they arc dead One body has been recovered Danville High School Girls Play Roanoke High Here Tonight The Danville High school girls will tonight play one of the biggest game; of the season with the Roanoke High school sirlp. The garae will be called it eignf o'clock in the Municipal Hall. Roanoke and Lynchburg are always two of the big games of the basketball season and that Danville team under the leadership of MiiS ''pa'ricf Wilson threatens to make hings for the visitors, who last n'ght defeated the Randoiph-Macon 'nstitute team. Incidentally, it was learned today. the girls' team is in need of financia" support and for that reason the bas- ketball fans are being urged to be or ronieht with the price of ad- mission, to give not only moral, but motf material support to the girl ball tossers. Negro Held for Delivering Liquoi Paul Harrison, colored, was placflc under arrest yesterday aternoon af- ter Police Officers A. C. Morgan anc M. L. Coward had seen him two gallons of whiskey to a shack near the railroad yards in Korth Danville, The case was called this morning but v.-as continued tir.til Tuesday. Harrison has been ,1 Etr-'ncr sus- pect of handling liquor and tho of- ficers yesterday worked a common'y resorted to. in the negro'- arrest Average Jumps As Deeds Recovered Much Interest Aroused i Over Proposed Merger With Lelands. XEW YORK. -Tan. IS. In the movo of Honry Ford 'o e-iin control of the Lincoln Motor Company, of Detroit In receivership, tne prim-os ot the iiU'tor mdu'-iry. gath- ered in srcai force to attend the national automobile are somewhat alarm fd to perco-.vf Ford's invasion of tl.e hieh olus-V car in- dustry. If Ford iiitcnds to make a so-called n-achinc, using tho Lincoln irotor as the base of th" new j.rnd-J'-t th" which here- tofore Iriic i" only the "r- dinarv <-i own Kn.d to r on manager of is ne that firm in New tlrhough AYilfred is expect- .-row 3 n> ;inv infor- ji'an that h.ivr in <f Jh'-' iucoln. 1l" f no ji It v..m Ford intends to to the manu- facture of hi thvir txiH buy the then Jo dissolve l.m'oln organj- ration and build a new firm a tbo Ft.rtl Mo'or fompaiT. M Ivlnnd ho of 'bis firm and C. I.rland will It" vice president and noncral nia-i- The following deeds of bargain and sale have been recorded in the clerk's office of the corporation courf A. L. buys from Gi-and United Order of Odd Fellows 45 feet on Ridge stre3t. Consideration. 552IL A. L. buys from Nannie Adams 50 feet on Doc street. Con- sideration. W Ti. Mitcljell buys from Benja- min Motley 4G 1-2 feet on Wor- sham Consideration. A. T. and W. M. Owen buy from Patton. Temple and Williamson 38 on Gem street. Consideration, Clarence McClellan buys from Thomas- Cameron 43 on Gray street Consideration, o Nearly Million Pounds oJ Leaf Sold Here This Average Mapp Act Case Result in a Fine A line of and costs was imposed on J. L. Carter for a violation of the Mapp- act. A similar warrant Frank Gregory dismissed. The two wore arrested last nisht by Sor- eeant IT T Haraway and Patrolman W. T. H. Cunningham left this af- ternoon for Ch.irlottesville to visit his sist'-r, John M Coleman. A stronger demand for tobacco or the local 'market week reculted in a leap of So.44 per hundred pounds m the week's average, according to figures on the week'.s sales submitted by the Board of Trade. The report on market conditions says: "The weather has been cold and unseasonable during the week, ami while the loose leaf sales base been larger than last week, they "have- been lather smaller than was anticipated. A large proportion of the dfferings consisted of the common Co medium grades, good to tine grades have been proportionately small. "A stronger demand was noticeable and prici-s advanced accordingly. "Sule.s for the week were S12.94S nounds. average amount paid out 40 lor last week amounted to 93.OS. average arnount out showing an incrc.i'-j in week's average of 44 Move Th" IITC. co-j inp. was for ilin of fin wiUi, MUr iicoro operation of I.T-- and cy for Bassett Station Destroyed by Fire Entire Population Has De- cided to Get Beyond Pale Mr- W TV'lIok N t irg. A r. of the Turk and They Ask for Ships. rf 1 iv nr irtl TT T i f 1 France's Fears Kept World In Arms i Press.) i Hymans. <if ihe i-ounnl of the Lenguo at i of N toJav presented a' ih.r Tt.r Anrienian population lir i, j u' iho countrr. HI' i 1V i-i.ins s-hir." to i' .1 J' '-uffT'-'i irunk TV! ]v <-.-n'- .J'Klfl Tll< 1 4jl'A i" m] iielv '1 '3 n" of 'J in American will bo M.r- "Danville Players" Make v" Debut in One Act Plays i riff 1-1 ill for la Maifl" the latest Cabinet for sale at low 3522 hv Biedsoe Co. IJfe Insurance "Buy from Bass.-- Inslalmonl of America and the World Peace IV Ra Stnnnard i Police Commission Failed to Meet T! 1'. mjl'e 11 before a lir in 11. ijlilo-ii.n 1h< of SUNDAY REGISTER Next Sunday Order from your newsdealer in advance pi. .-ifl 15 br o TH in 3 'o bv Kie

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