Monday, October 25, 1858

Charlottesville Union Christian Intelligencer

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Charlottesville Union Christian Intelligencer on Monday, October 25, 1858

Charlottesville Union Christian Intelligencer (Newspaper) - October 25, 1858, Charlottesville, Virginia / <v... -'-irf--'- T1Í.S M.ij VDLITME xy;—N. s. •>i ■w 5 , THE INTKW.IGKiiCKI? CUNt'Î CTi:p ?ÎY ■ : Æ. :o.^ ^v^T-áxití^Lítii, ^ , - ' ASI» ,    í ■ ■ ^ ' ' Irl- Xjì. OolorraL/ijci. o. hî; ALÎ.KN k mh, PruNrKKs. 'I'Mvnt.v-Six !V«ïMl»."rM C'o^M ' lîlO    .X^-' /’'»/” '• fi’ir >niii-iu,':i tin/if c' ’itrrt irii¡}f^ Uff ¡'jpii i//> .iilvrrlifi mrntf oj a inihil-! '■ chtinm^f, instarteli <aprr sf/mi/i' Ui /<fi|;i) ft'r fhrff:vmriiJ>n$~r'i'ywnl!tJor tvrr;/ íuléf>¡i!f‘ii¡iM<^ iion jM.T»qu«irf,    ^ P O t^ T Ú Y . j^Ki'iun (îoil<>y'« lituiy’s lînok.] A CHILI) AT WiAYKll. ù'.-iv, ii. J'ifll i»;':iÂt»re 'i?f lîictr-ÎU'i-.Piv’ i ''ira?' >foiliii!‘:. îbv n. H jiiíjre I roîiwiï'iliît* tK-ui' the [‘¡•■'¡•Iir-Uion t*r Olir'SiiVî'rtir, tîl:il- lí/í'V'í/,'' /"    tir !■•    :ì'tn~ nf. ■ Th<‘ p;rn(t ilnty. r-r r>\t1u'r tiio yiríri-lo;r *. i' alsii froijiî-'îi'îf an i Mrm-'srlr itri'f«! hv tlu' AriO'tli* Paul, in hv\î^t!éW fn thè fiTcitt f^lnncî’.osj lit' «liorti’d tliï; Tî' (o    forvetif ^in «jiirU : s<'rr¡h¿ tho i't'iiiíí^'nií in îuipi' ; i-hvty\ì\;Ììxt ni,<f>inf ' ìit fti-itj/’-i J' ^T<i tiiiì Kph‘sìrinx Ili’ Miìii,‘•Su:n.ì. tlií»ri'íoTi', }i;ì''Ì(i" V‘^iìr loiit*! ”irt ili uìt wUh i    V. j'n .'ài    vie fiiilt w.nti'l j n;:K' i’. • :i ì*e' .<t>, :.nv tiituiij. or any cunyrï-'pu’v'm óf* ‘ÌÌvììm*1ù<’ ItóUi <.lr:twin-.i «icar ¡a •; c'f.rwì«’ «■*    wkìi fili hn-uì)!“ bui Í- i    la lh'<’    nt' ^ur Tjrtfil (ìUrS Siviutir Chli-if.i WllHi t]li5 nicri'y SC:U i< al- 0 n>€ì ijw'fi ( iiry tlie (•!!n’.n4), üiir] iiut ri.sti;vijH ji'isi)-i li Oli loiiothi'r in fai»-r s:n;t!l oc-¡.‘vi;«.’. Ami :is tho S ¡ncMi-as iv'ily ;in tmpTl’'i;i vcpri'süiitntion "(’ It! vi'ry i nam;^ of It ; n» tlte (’i uich i< -miI) liviil <1 i'i* > in'uny chur- iìi’j fru' .f.illMWoM rtf tlie • j_ ' cliö.4'wursbi}«}>iuljr'tn UT-tciU l.'Ciütïes ; na ; Tí;hiiÍ) H-ií!;ctí'iíinii3 lo    Oml i-í IjiviJ- nn,lly.!iii<l ?«>oi iUv, ítctvinlini to tli‘‘ir •nnrl iip^>wi;iatuiu of iKeir rè.*pc;çlivo w.uifs', ihúicft arifí pri víIí^^oh. Pust íhÍH Df'fï! not int('vr<'rp with the stnct rvaiuHvot’ .mj'no };cner:il riilps» ntul rt'ittiìn- trutli.ji'id ti:ivíníí r>n the liTi'rst p!nfo r,f i tidii". D.ivM fiiuld ?;ty. “P will, fcii'33 tlin riAj-titt^rin^^no?!«; ami yunr feet sho i Vfith tlio | • TinriPut ail tiinin; praise rIhI! continniii- prf:p:tr;uinn of the Oo«p('1 of pencó ; aljovo nil, inkhííx the wllicldof faith, whf^rcvi'tll yc (‘hiUl i hf nl>le ro qiicncîr ail tlic fiory daris of the in' C1,A»\ Al.GU;iTA. A^littlo cbiltJ, with I’lioAtnut li:ur, Amr )if.n(lt! pyt;>< of blue, And r»iy fho'ks and crimiion lips, . Love’s own nppropi'iiite hnc, KnoU in tho mornvnp:'« gnldpn .blnnh, And raifliiid her sni 11 fuindH fair, And, w liiipcred, ill her lisping tonci^, Pntluii-, lii'iir juy prayer I” The sniilinfi sunbeams dancod and plny'<i iAroiiad the kneeling child. Abd li|:hU*d lip yrith holy liL^it Her [features cMin and mil4 ; The limber gluauw .sei^mcd luth to leave Jler olouds of ¡waving hair;    j And listened while those sweet lips, said, ; “ Pe:tr Futhcr, hear my prayer !" Oh, blosHcd child, kocp ever puru From sin’s onticin<r vvilo, And let thy happy, y--iUhful brow, U««t ever in t^od’si iirailc ; And by und i>y thy feet ¡'hall prosa The heavenly i)unido\vt> fair, And thou ahalt chiint in nobler strain.n, I “ Dear Father, hear my p ray or. ” wi'-kod. And talfli' fh.« i;nd thcs'R’O'-d ofth of ( Jiid : praying snpplit^rition in tliorcnntn with : h(îl net of Raivutiiin, , which i‘< the Word with all pr.aycr and irit, and—watchins;; vcrcnfie and PUppli- known tho mystery^ n his first epistle to iininanded them:' to PRAY HR. j-    Aev ery purpoxö mitici', the heaven ;,u timo to be bo'm, and u timo to die; « time to plant, and u tiino to jiluick lip that which j a planted ; a    constantly from the hiiart of every tijno to kiil, and a time to hoaP; a timo to liovini; pciiitent, a.s the spirit of love am brcttki dow») an(i a time to build up ; a time lo woep,nnd a time lo laugh ; a timo to mourn, antl a tiùje' to dance ; ä timo t^j csust away sio^ésj'^nd a timo to gather stones togother ; n t|uie to cujbface, an i a tinie to .refrain from <'mbn«3Ìug ; u. timo to get, «ntì a time to lose ; a tiuie Uo ikòep, and a time to csist away ; a time tì)' rciÌd, ahd a time to hcw ; a timé lo kiHip siloncé, iinti u time to spcak ; a timo to love, and a tinte tO; hato } a tinio of war, and a tiaie of peace.” ■ ^ , What,- tìiotr, it ùiuy he a.^kod, ìs thè proper lime to pwy ; Tbe fulPimd explicit an-Hwpr fo this.qiiestion was refjerved for a great-er . tHan Siibuioji, ,tha tjìghtecnth eh.ip> < tèi- 0Í Lukö, otlr blespcìp Lnrd tanght bis dis-ciples that “ tneu o>trjht u!icàt/s to jyrnj/ trad ■ mt fffùip WMr>/ ad^ng, by wày>{' illuaV trat*H»i .ànd tvr thè $ftku of th«;jr ,oucou«ige-jaciifr^ho followit»^- very k « "¡iiidus jiarüble. '• Thérd waM TÌr n city,” eaid h«, “ n certam judge ;«;ho fonred n -t Go*l, n ither regayded tann. 'And there was a widow in that city, and tìhp croie unto him Kayiuj», •* Avt*ii,v;e me I of iwjr advorsary. ” And h>' woftld n^t fór a whiltì ; bùt afterw.trd ho sniii Avìthin him^íelí, T||oagh 1 iear not (lod, nut M>g;ud man, yct betìjiiuie this wiiluw troYibh;d me. l will áVongehor, lest by her contina ti Corning shc vrcary m¿. • Atid tho Lord s;iid, lloar wbat . tho Ju*d¿co Bàith. And will not Gud • ayifUgo bis öwn i lect idm cry f loii/ and nigh( tjato'.hIm, th-iii*»h be .b-¿aT long with thom I teli yda híí.iv'ill avenge thi»n ispredily. Ne-veHhf'íesí« when the Son <if mun oometU, vrül be fiud íiúth on llie t arili ?” ^ i The design <>f thÍ!< parabkvid tjvitlfiiíly to illustráié thci Ihít ehuwe oí^tho ílrst \ ; or io indüOi> miM): lo priy^feírijstiiutly e’.'éii under the grwUtäst dÍHC Jijru^eiut iití ICvery cir- C Spiri «Iwavs he iSp il jicri^f cation for all saints ; an/1 fi)r mo. th.nt utter anca miy be giviin utito me, that T mày opon mv m«nith boU11>f to mak' of the (l.oFipel.’f Andj' the The'^saloniarts, he b '^py/it/ tpifhnnt cn/sm//,” To cultivate the ;hhi,)it of constancy in prayer, is, therefore^ both the duty and thfi privilege of every Cbri.‘?tian. It docs notfoi- ■ low that ho must alwaj'k be cm hia kniees in his closet, or in his fi mily, or in the ¡public Assembly. This would be wholly iraeopati-bl« with many other duties and prect-pts.-r-But even in the busiest scenes and eònflleta of ICarth, the (/hrijtiaii may always raise bis heart to God. While laboring in the Oatii-. net, In the Senato ehaniber, in the cou'.itiag-room, in tho fii'ld, or iti the dungeon, Voinajr ^ always have Im afRictions set on things thàt are otern.-vl where OUn.<>t sitltith at tho right. hdtJof God. In tho mid-it of rebellion aìàl ' anarchy, David ciuld say, i?Oh, Lord, I pray tho, turn the c^un-icl of Ahithophol iuto foolishness. And under cireumstancp.s.stlH more embarn\s.singaiNj perplexing' (Jhrl.-it had time to cxelaitn, “Father furgive tiicni : ibv they '; know not what fhey do."    ^ Tho prfiyoM of* this Christian, fh(jri, arci.-'-re.stnotod by nojimits if either time or place. ' Tho spirit of pntyer //ihould flow, ns regularly be-'-’ Hind of gratitude. Every di.sciple of Jesus should habitually acknowledge the Lord in all his ways. lie .sh mid feel tint he lives in Qoci ; that he m ives in G.kI ; and that ¡n God he has his being, llo fihouM ctvislmtly and pordcvdringly cultivate an husuble, gfniter, fui and devotional skite of mind and hp^frt, i that would continually iljraw out lii>j.s5?|i,»lpr soul after Gud; and that would iuhvaya‘«son-; strain him to exolaim with David, •‘.Va the-hcsri tfUu OHRcr looks, ' /i i' Pnntcth for the w.itcr brooks, j    . ; : So my soul, »’or the«, I’nuts tho living Qo'l to see. • But the sincere Ch' istiuii will not be sa|Ìs-^^ fied with tiiis kind of liabitti'il and c^n.s^nt : devotion. Tie will also seek friiquent.^jpppr-; tunitios /if rearing no far as possible from all , the distracting, influ^niee pf the w.oid, h%if- dor that he luay worship Oocl with more C'a?.-;/ ceiicration «if-both ihuuglii, unii. ft«eHng./The^^ eye c mprt hends, a general >;iuw of a very v/ido and extend- d area. But if wo wish to culti.vatu the faculty of si'..'hfc, wo. iHU.'-t limit. our fii-ld of K'isionr to a single p:>ii|t. The ear i.s, capable of rec!‘ivin<4 .riiid of puvtially enjoying the plev'surcs of/i thou-sand'melodies.— But to improve in the highetit possible degree the .-Jenijc of hearing, it is n^eccetaiu^’ that we 'Confine our at ter,tì«» to ot^e strain of consistent hannony. All other »ounds, must, for the time being, be «liminated. It is just so with every nther ]power and su.«?eptlbllify of the body, soul, ahd spirit. Its proper eulti-ViUion requires ihe conccntratcd energy- of. specific infltience.f divinely adapted to its own inature and cap^^y. I I ; While, therefore, the Christian in:iy pray I everywhere : and pray without ceasing; he lahould never forget his own elcsct ; nor hia ly be in my numth.’- Iliit. at the Rame tinie, it .V'ems to bave baen his cavt<i,n to retiro three times a day from hi.H cotirt to liis closet to wiirtìbip the God <>f Tsr lel. As fur me/' rays he, “I will call upon Oii 1 ; and the Lord shail i'avo me. Kvenin<r, nnd jnornini, and at noon, will I pray, and ery aloud ; and he ahall hear my voice.’' lianiel, too, Wji.s .i man of bus^ess The aarea of the Meifo-Per.4nn empire bunfi as a weiirht upon his soul. BtifinH th«so things ¡íiuperniddeá to tlie itrspions idhcrec: of Dariuiij cRittld hoi turn that aged servant uf God from what b.-'.d then becoineR habk.of hi?! life F<jr “‘when Daniel knew that the wTitiug was signed, he went into his house, nnd hi.n windjwa being ; opeii in his eiiiuubetj townw! J^l’Usale^n, ho kuo'îleù upon and pni vt'*: ay ho <i: f Oil graco . ' in ibo, : Da via . tl:e '.l.ea'-> Bhnvii ii;. ; ru’V'B » UiiH?e timiga a day, isunki beferç feÎ8 Qixi, u want^ giotf in 'kc rapid progreto w int fo bfi liltfl, you want to die ►n)<jn, and to •i t heir,glorious, kt luo fjay to Liyoi as they - lyast ihree >ne burthen of your ■ praViSi-« he, ^"Scxiruh uV(?, O Ood, atod know my hi'Evl; try iú¿, and ‘know my th.iuirhts; and KÜ« if there be any wioked wfiynin mo: aatî K»;sd uîo ii-. thft vrvy ovariüsítni;^;'’! Th<. îViîîesnil Istó^'iàÌth respac*^ tu the f iiae.s ^ and tlit;    ííooirtV wot^ yoa iuiif/'* liVtìd Piei-ivc » tiniesi ' day; .iu;. «hip, fc.eoajÄ m iw|îiî3ÎM>esl KÄtfc etjnißieiifcj cleátneWTt»^ító^|I^É|ÍMBá«y»tQtn4 ly the offer!, s ìnff.'of tncen‘i8;<iiini'thö »olden altar cve^y mornirtij; a!|4^ítv.ery^ ovenina* ihp incense    of the “prayers of thè, eaial«. t>s ’-r»î fnsn y.'-voral pns-* aari'"’ N-v -be Kin: b-'tiu iico^i; ) i-ial’' iiif, CIK btv : Vil'. . ' ' nd i.he iny,pv!iyer., lo : and the 'ling Sit.Mtt- iiUi}. Znftha-. 'ore God I'.Ui ■;t 'í?;i¡.¡hjg to tbe,:. i;::. ti oumstanco in «lu^ panible i^ j-elecied with ro-    I    devotion^i : nor the worsbip of thcpub- féreirce to tjm objeet. The iiid-e -wls un-    ' M<*'    of th«e, tberé righU:bi^:j4ut Gód i:f righteous. The judge    |    divine, udaptation to the wunts of oui: faV^ had >}o' vcgard nor respoci for the widow ;    i    nature. \ b^Ooù «st</cu)s aml lov^^iil bis cbiiaren.    r '    when shnll thcis rpceial dutiea bfc ut.-, '^hc judge luid- never onc.juì aged tbiji poor, Helplèì<si w«man tu ask any thing ; he despis-ed ber p^titions ; but God invite.'! all who be- . lieve in him to pray ro him, If, tlan, tiiw mere import uni ty uf thè puor widuw wboui thè judge reither lovi-d, fciircd. lìor rcKjicc-téd, inóvcd b'.m to p,r;ìnt ber r'Hjuciit ; liow piueb m ire .‘>ball thè Cin.staìjt and fcrvent praycrrt of tlie .S^aintsj ofleted iip'in harmonv Viìth tbc '.Vili ot Giid iiUil the pri!u;i|ilcs of }lis holy governinci.’t, indnce bini ta» bcs-tow upga lLeai,.iu bis own propcr timo and tended to ? What time shall be a ted fur the eiijoyment-of thésfí Jsrlvilci'i':^ How .often t-hould *,hii ipliri^í':'.-! rCúvc: ta hi? cìo.‘iet'' Hov<- often shov'.' • • werrdiip w;;.b bis family arid with the    ;í^^'eì .Kly . It may, at first, fieem di:;. ü!t, if, id i ■ j n-,>l :iUo;.rctlK>r itMp'râôticnble, in iny ì\‘>'wn r.;;< irener^d rules'on ibis snbjoft. -,'ítanee.í of dillVrent individuals, fuinili ■ ' cumiuuniiies ;tre variou.x, thüt no r . . ; :.i or rey;nhition would ¡^cem to be applicali! ; .,11 -^ud eertain it is. ibit do ar'nin_-.s : ‘ r.Hc't ‘'iiV)!}}.,. ' sniihiiudo of ¡be ¡>«t at tiftj ti lie of '»■:;:;!yp30»il)f‘ St. ,.iro;ekpreiwly id> u-Bcil.    !ise of ■ tho. Ranctuary.^ Jc it, :-i.iid;: whotii itliii !:Lu'»b f,f>ok the book out of the riiih?; haiulyf biui . tbat sat /Upo!) the throno, ‘ th-» four livitig eceaini’cs na<ii(he ibur and tweGty f;ldf*r?i fell d^wri bj;-ifore- the Lainb, having «^vory ori-i of. th«ui ! barps ijnd jn^ldeu ,v»¡iJs.ful 1 of ndofs (i-f i:ii-C<Mifie.;. '?.'!vieh are tlie prayjer« of f.ajii.“;.. That .ih^.'-'Wririihip ■which.5i» hefv- hv.iii.--l- -izfi‘ by V.'C'. in'v'ns;- biini'-A ,.u    -i al--, tar    ;'r:i In'ltG rh    i ■    Qt. only from the general nature nnd (ibject of the tabernaoh! service, buti al'iio from tho concurrent testimony of Luke and John. The formw says, Hho ickoifimntlitiulf of the people wfcre praying without at the time of incense." And in viaion, tha latter i>aw an angel com« atid ¡¡.tand s.t the altar, “having a golden censor; and there was friven unto him mueii incenae, that ho should offer it with the prayers 'ii all the aaiyi/s upon the golden altai! which was beforo the throne." l^ut the incense was .renewed upon the altair every ^ovcnin:^ and every morning; and hence it would seem tn follow that the prayer.^ of oi/ fAr- satVii'* should ascend r , i V morning and ovcry evening, from the or ;iocial circle, as inuenso before iiOU-    ' ,.v ; ]| ia;jt ihie con^luaivin i«, by jituno, r!‘ptydi-i uua\ti«fttotory. The lliily Place, Î- of t'b«‘ Young man be persùaded to bstftW tt> thîif-' counsel, which, if hooded ’ duty, 'Will ç^X'ê*'. , viehor to you ihatrti riâï' itfherith’nck OiVntcrit with reasoikblo*'pr^èpej‘ity, ÿ'èt tièi^ inditfcrent to aüiícess. StHvé lifted HdiiorubliB ; eminimce, but wish for iio'njanV-toonfry; ‘ I “Tbe hoalth, litid Htrength,’a^id freáhnes^í^ aud swaet sleep öf youth ahvyoura: . ' ^ Ynnhg*^ j love, by diy and night, ehetroles yoW -Heîii*fei' i .unsoilèl by the deep *8tä ofVcovetouinc^j/; fondly with yötiv ow.ti. - Nbuïï^phoÊÛ ?;(>ni''o.*' ihi‘,'1-; wero in .'ipostors.; tiin»;.s fourni in i»i litlr hinsi'i'oM-' ; mi^'i ns t!n> ItMiilin-í ide» or t' o syinb i! .«oimiis t.i lli.' th t nf soiMiil wor-pbijl. I ro.íffieéthilly sub'nit w'leiher it is not the iwor.xivp <)'■ till- (Miiuch ns ii is di-^tribu- fi-diinto îi.iiüioH a>td 111 her hMii-fh'.ld associ- ...    ■-., .    •    . .. 1 ■ •    bke—listch’for-thft ■ tlfatli-tiok' \n ÿàw. Æiiii'ihiit wa.‘'v typified by the bui*n))ig of*thè    5r ' ' ' I'.'., f . r/ -i . ■    , ‘ ,    (hambei*. Vout «hoes have value 1rt ' lOón*!» iiic'Aaisc on the {loldcii altur.    i    j . .. ■ ^ f -m , , I- •    1    J . r I 11 = eyes, only when-you trend tn tacfn. The Hilt, bt> this as It. may,, the duty of bold    . - *■ ..... . in^ fiimily worship, .it le:ist 1 every morning, is almu' in various other eonsider.ition.s. This is 5= ; ! * . i(«|} 1 '^.s tbu diBoövcry that^lie\a|tisqUi^^    , ' an ;' ù tnask, U?^gi|i\i pwi^ 'miíéñble «ha)lowD(;.«if. Sometimes, ilnabt^ letw, it iaVwith'tegrBt'fthat ihes&^frtvblo^H fdÍ4? i íóweM nf tiié worW tbose-ujtcti)    í 1M ■' they brwa i-faWriedjj .bat -tiiay' siWiiy.    ^ '’.them^ Fiji^ Icasfe kitcheovfiv^eii.t^i^ aÌMh<ià.ì»r« empty* » 'Bhö iwawtlte3íÍb*|f0lB»te* ■ í * 'about tb*f»v¿>rií^ óf foj^no, to ghlber bit ^ aoíí cHtntj % litó «id, tlug«f wítb tlí* » iéan3hl«e^*b5M(<ífr«aí«}r at>íbaB a^oftch wi atí ea th w" o p tp w ii ovcrv evoiiiii"    wealth can púrohasoy greet yoiiiUV'f i" storui,; á8 :{hd^l9a’í^s    . ^lintW evbleiiV    that nírély droip >róiíftvAjo<I •' >^ier .^ea^Uôr*:feutdropi:oÇjit *■ , .    -rtiìiTtna ivHÍ liiii    Tilf.’iincp AUíSjflj iiîfïiiill ^ ^flll - Jí lítirír»f¿li«^ nn#4 .lAAvfffi Si    A't.A.» «.K    .3 * on j of those essential h<dps that every parent 1 bo anxious to si'curo. who roalizes the ount of In.s own ro.=ipon^ibility, and who nestly desires to brinji. up hiW ehildrcn in i nurture and admoñltlon of the Lord ~— all .such, positive enríetinenis wViuíd be lolly superfluous. So long aa God's throne mercy ia accessible to every b^lieving nitent, so lone: will every pious parent ea-em it one of hia prtviipge.s to pr'svy, ith and forhia ehifdren at ieaateVefy iavch-g and every luoiaiug.- Our limits will allow us to add only^ji lew oolbns, will fall frbiti pitying eyi9|i‘Upon; yon dying, lie w1f?e iri being cAntottt Wifeht-coin* ; potency'. You havcto e-it, to drink, rib #ear,=i cn lUgh. Then yoti hiiVft all tho ricsh tunn hath* ‘-wintfir;; and loaiie it nakijd.    MipgWB . v iblast. Like    ,aíbaii4 ?q^ct,iaiíd a^ddenly, What thoíígh He iSiord ; sürapta^ij? «wjpf'rfícinptíarthlingi.jitfe ap¡éi?^íí/)^,í}^ ; ouíly?-ni‘-3hoTto4i8lifór^i00rfeaw9pa}ns,iLud/.|;r.,rii(iní-,vt';.itlí4'??    on achós:—iiíxpults hi«¡: hmltb ¿thereby, y iAVrbaf: < Btfí.* .a*4áje ftfendi^iifríij^íbf if bis ; raí m.; n tal be mote c;>^ily ?%-;:0,^d= loves    j»>a him noheV tbe inoro,* and liiaa's ir^eapeot in.: ■'Bueh u regard comes cv«r mingle^ iWtK.liiS-; i'.renvyii-    .• .    '■ Nitrjupftife youra -in alliier..gloiy i .varying,D^d; furevicr : bpuutifu} fac«‘ aujite? ; pcaeeiflpiiii you. - Her hills .and ,vaUey?|:%ld^ - aiid=ft©vr«r»»d»ecrp4k^, vords.u rc{e^9:tq tbe ^^    pWa^no disecratiofcin ^ thoL^t^p, of,. 1 c worship. This, cfcou-se, IP    poverty; bàt welcbuicevecto theivwealth mí; extent, defend on thft i\,rcc    > be«uiy.ri«0 a«4 pfor /.‘w ;: CCS.. Xu. linU.I.ltl.y© tllUCS,- *    Wa. .-ii-ii". ííi. imsI kl 11 r.riii*hö na ri-riílv* il.'? qant evidonce„t|j.nì, aiJ in,tlie,ì^ li, .HO, it Wii3,,alsrt‘in tho dayv o f In priu,^ii|Ve times,, t )Ct on ever|. î^ord'H «il lo.ìtles’ teafll^Rg', and to ' tho brtwtìog of tiï fjrayers. . ^ r    .- But (his jair expresses o’, umbor of-tHeip meetinjî.',. es : “They .that, fear.'d. the, íjord spokè of-;n one to anothoj-.’' , 'i/h4y hád luniiy Boeinf ■ ice.tings for mutHiil ediBcatioD, prayer, praise.^ nd thanksgiving. And hence, Pa«I «.om-landed the Heb ew« not to fors;ske th&a«»-fijsmbling ofthemf Ives together er of »omo'^is ; in f nd to do ttìis'ìHore freijuently-, rm psrSf^' to day of jGqU’^j rigjitiuius'yi?iigeaii4ti, coin- . ig upon the Javyjiftb tialitin-;’^ } , , This, then,    bo- onr ule. üur;Vpr(ifQÿ.sii»n ro^uir«« .this. ,\V ave no itchqr«; r,ttlcs and' Yegultilion,s,on ibi?;. ubjcct,- than. th?>Hp which wt-nî given by tho ,■ pofitlc.-i,pçiniit;ivû i;Ií:s:-.Íí v’c. WiTo to at^ni f'.nvür ü- w'<'r Odd Í.Ü rio» rii U -'•1 'e.llijw, îtsid^i a Ili fo.wer yX thii.-i; C;!--;:!.' w hieb arc dlsphiyyü lit il.' o 'the fli'fih. theluti' I ftlu'/    ;* of life, we uii'ih^ ,,l: i Vi* nuin;    i ti t* jiraycr iiii'i'titigs    r('-i> t’ÿ. And, in ‘•'■-i"' i.»^ '    /' Ciibli; to •■sluivt, iiiui ;ino!l]',-r:    in tli2 eapa(!Ìty of a,.s!iei-.l ¡lu'i ii :u. (h;tt, nont* of us may be liünl« t/'.‘d fluuiifh ih« iloceit-{u5ne>8 of i^in. .    II .M, Tf^Tòbiii.chirps ^,paUy,u ■ j the gorgv''ji*^Mfdj)f liuradise. , , .Less gaudy is his plumage, less splendid his .siirroundipgs. t-f.^^Yet uo ;|oj| ,ci^ thOf^ |ia.steru beauty, ’’'iip^^ut coiU'i|?^^|^m hia. ¿avjiJó. jviìk t^ tliq '■ qijdt tlrit,rgbin-builJ.s, • 'iila'Vote    and ^»1? , Hgbt of shines all as bright, bo; ‘éàùse w) cloud of dims it, ,Let ,U3 tht^n,. . fabor ttn'd be strong^ iu ,tho best vise of th"i£ ‘ wfi have ; wasting no goldbh hours in idle ■ wishes for,, thing3i..„ thut. -1»^^ r who ow ¡1 theia,i aa "the gi^ already.Jseatowed , ]*y à^lVìsàciitì that-tievèf «rwV‘- -Being con*-: 4vn^^|Ktiipbore8tf maii'M^rie^^^^    he tiiiUioTist%^$. (.‘tUéMsp.” •. é    ■Kkl:':-. r;ìk-ruii TKc iìljibést, of u grf.u man. la one wh^ »ì‘4p»‘8taudk.thej powèr of hia own ¿Óuli atid js^continually.-ox? ' erùfig th at 'pp'wei* fÒr tìi e i^ronibtìórf ’òf ^èd'i -vibp eherlshes a deep. ,.ap^    P.f : thlì paeredii^s rtfVUutyi. and nevAr-'/hpsitatiJS ti.i-disch irs:e that-duty, be the conReqw.otrtìeà, ¿ ver so inj atious, to his ìti tòfest j ’whoi, in 'matite rà ór reliij^h, l^jjdi^i njiugbt b’ui à dea£,eat tB loiii;y^09. of> ,;wutaj :%t. pc^à tbc vq iiiitura, fioiTsyclatiOiib Seriptùre, ^liQjdwp yearnings p^tbe hùitìi^'sóul i^ ;'^ truth a'ì^^Wime,    wétlr''¡t: ‘niày ^ coaj^qt/,]Tat^ prid,c,},,.    Mf'h ready to fiyfl<^ìble vj uaiico,,s who Imkc» ¿li feoWeves high th'e traiisgteii!K?r. 1 DM» AB'i ii'ì RKST DM>.; ?4 inii- th par roi.i bei; hi^ sin ni’i dii ' This tamo^}|^,Ji|^^,,^ rest did,” has ruiiy;4-;thQJi^n4ijf ,. -. \ youog m;in is invited, by?, y'^iqtia, com ion.s to vi^it the theatre or the. g;ind>hng 1«, or other haunikiof li(: -ntiuu;3np:'3. , iL limes dissipated, spends his time, losQs qredit, squan if^rs his pmperty and nt l isi ka into an uuti'iiciy grav^. \Vh and him ? Simply “doing as the r-',st , v.ah not u typ,»* of the family, but hi-ritÍ!. .Ind honceChey iuferthat tho >■ inoense on the golden altar i',t of family, but of ecciv*,-;!- iC may bo alloicod tu Hureiy ut^t in a >i' '“ to". her into' r-fy voriiti.!/, ' i’i.'íTnucív' or • -^ictieailv uu- A father has a family of sons. £Io. .i-Wijnlthy. Other children in the sanji: situ I tich of life do so nnd s ■, are itidul^ed in tlii .,, th ng and that. He indulges his own in thi-sane way. . They ;jrow up i llcr.s, triflor.j au'P io)3. Tho father w.>n l.;rs why his children. d( not Huccocd better. ÍÍ ■ has spent , t*o much money on their »>dueation—has given, tl ora great advantoge.^?—but, alas ! the}' ar-ojily a. .sourceof veiation and trouble Poo u an ! he is just paying the penalty of “ d«. i(ig as the rest did.” Thiü poor inotbi'T strives hard to brin;^ u; er d;:ughte,r.s genteely, They , learn wh t hi^rs ({<1—to paint, tu .iiiig, to dance,, an.^ veral \i:ieiul iiiatti-is. Tu tim,j,, thf-y arv urried ; ih-,-lr husb in l.s a!'o un ibíe t > „yu;/ irt t!ii:ir extravai:!uuif!,.iui-.r. they, ate- soon -Juui' 1 ti> poverty aud wrctcbcdne.ii. The, l id u'üin ui i'- n-<t ini'^^^h-.-d, '^Tru'ly,” .s.iid she,. I di'i the re.'dt d’<l.”    - 'J’hc sinner, l''!l j^viti^ shi- ; r.^i. puts off rcpent-uieo .;t; •are fonl'aih 11« I'c till ui)5fC)i fjL-itih .-n, le had iiii tiia«.' I-.r - • I f^lly’,a«dibi»daihim;i)adw%^J;^    t s Prosperity aniadvewityi^rcibofcHiirav^i?^^ a f? the- differonfea?beiiJ!j^ thajt Miitlift friends know U9»rio>thflJtittei|}Wa^^yy.i^ojp^\ ^o But. nqt«fitbar^nding 't|»e grcatni^ ipreviilejit aaiqnggtigiop*    ? vast deal aiorc of    ...fs thati is cyer; cuf.waiMlyisHWlPrUii^,;r<^i|qr?f far« mom examples. of^,;4iiad)j^tc|^tig4f^ia^ .,.f more deeAs ol- sile»^ J<<>^ ;ai)diJ»^g/?aHiifti% ij than is ^isiiiilly i^ujlpomiidf ni    ji;-. OurImisfortuae& ^riiig    .- friend.ii bcfiiro, unkno^tfc : Beacvii»iept,,iwpji}-809 where we ahouldi; not" e*pe^s.thoi«». ia ;;;i podoBttprii^oyv miiiji'a «ceo»%kpi|«^tt|xUfHl^ wonder aniidsfc the pl-iu<iU» p£t ange1sf,oi t > upoQi tb^ whole, fairiyvfi«timatinj{. , glory,: !. tiie tisofl, ahdlheraetual atid ,poa^ibIe ‘pravft: c i Ichce- of th«. friepdly<' aortfciine!)!^ ire,« cheority strike tliadyre andL.U£t;tl^ft voiif« djeifktbrite^a^iig^, and'COBsfessingf afteri^^ery ^ s Corhpla1itt'1ii‘'effded,.:iliat-r3'.'if *;(f hul^’rUp-'!' i.,v, <lT^%’eTo?yii powBT!to«[ak« B*o^a^r,ti i, , Atfs'feet aasbeav!ctt:di»igtredM;;‘;H«^i;:'i ' ^ 'No^2^J^idíwe=«am?td^?riiígifc•h^ \.'    fe# ihure’feaitliaf "Wb liickttoa bi^hjfbii thhiga eloHS Byy; ; ; ^ AW^fKifle whati’nalaiWlbftod    ^ ? ^¿(f Uttf bath-herfl cbarmiao dear,: h * and‘iVleod8iMround'U33'\ <v'^ i r , ;3iu; 'I'piorth'-^ilierjiiah ftepewis-u',; Wid tótieò^^^ the    Iteai’ in a« «M- obaitì;gei arid *ñ^e WdüÍdrtífaké'l*hüggbtiôia not* cotitâïfted^ ih -ibó    tiiaftieìy^' « the' aoiiiibnïS eîiôUîà'''bàf"very^'we«k^ , tw<í^ toaipöühfuM’oí‘'áiiTó'óáÍa; to a teiêiip>:<sf j ;.íí;^*-4í ^liouiifekêépc^'wîUi' tpîtîiiïùï    ■ îbi^infqrsïiiti ji thc^ tbatfttié biaôt Biìlp%1d# ^ o^Sífü^rf, whîèli Wma ¿b platál andiçilv&F'^ wàre»V dòoìf'f^ìaiea'ìind knòby,‘ inny ' at "oìioe • ' bé' reàbvëd by ìn)ÌÌÌiig 'tbé'aurfaeë-%îtlfr • wet with i¿4^á aiñyíihía,* änd' ^iìtboùt' ' tìtè , ih    the b^^'*]^áslionV^ must bo wcetietÌ out, j u.'st iia they! bégíi^Íioia;|í pear. T\ie weeds are easily removed'froipi>. garden befjre they iiave’ uIcq dee roöti here,'íirat,of'all,    l^^uJlency ,|>rcv varioatiou and lying 'be checked,’ Trúiíífuí- ^ uiiss id tile fouudiniju of cliaiaetef./ niuut^ihiess, morjil dignity and' tluV yü^éra-' tive duty of a.lvyaya speaking thè . truth be ' ineulcated. .Let the'mq m.ui^s, th'J'íiíi^vtuÜa/; and guilt of lying and .pixn^iricalioti beli\'jiiVl* ly iucuic-iteti' 'Every sentlrapnt of fiotior, ' and the whole m'ral sense, shouldjbe kfru|éd lyitig, iiiidor every f¿rm á»»d’dègfee. dpeak ,the írulh in all things, ' on all oecu-‘ -iions, under ibc'str ingest temptatiqn.f .Jiot to speuk it; in.the face of sbjmo'Bnitl suflferin'^' speak it ßpcak it if, yq dfo for itj;/for there is no gain or iidvantagc to bé putijíi thV; li.iV-.uice aicain.'.it speaking'the tnitfi. Thu.s‘qugbt -[Sei. Aiiier. I-fi... own to dc-ftrui.'lioii b • fco ''do ua tUe. rti:'. u ol.jj- *;.*h IW. .ve to teaeh'our ciii-Mreil ftu’.a th J dài' i nvn of m uppr.'»li.ôiïài'';n, ‘ These lhr«o things once gained, viz : the ha jjr. of inipboit oOodience, the' habit of pr.iver, and .undeviat-ing thuhfulness, aiid then the way is opcii for i^veiry gmcious influ ;nce, and erery f>rm of %i^;i^uifiuro. You b»ve novy withdrawn yaiir child fro.u the circle of worldly snare» sMiiJt úulíuiy.^oworid, aud farjught «•» t'q the plací wlviife heavenly order reign?, where aacrep qwerii uve kindled, atid whero iin-gtìl* pay, tljeW' visits,—lirUisK Mnlh^r’sXuiir-. Inn.    ,    , Prayer iii over proôi{i.b|éyai cn oriug, in the lui/rniyi: it is cur tu iaqr.-«:* Prayer should be tho key oí the d'ly and. tl^ Ivcjc of night, prayer saticUfies all qqr to-.’.iyas . , Uo is listed ill God s soryice, ,an^ protected, who m.ikos it his first    , ? nrolied bv nrayer, under the standal^ ortbft Almighty. He carrl«^. r.u a.‘v-*»ataut angel vrîl.h iiiiu fot^ hiii help who bogji hisi íjeiíé(lí<¿ tion from above; aid with:>ut it ho is laoQ* atid uobamod.    - ¡; Wiuq,iis a moqkor,* strqn^    ** raj^ins ; and \Yhocver ia deceived ther«*by W J|q^Tbe’iii«W York and liustun di etista a?e-d4tlÿ pirfiiiig teeth by elutiri.-ity, '1 he .i    tUIou^UsXOit^ ^ i.H ..    Í ■ , .'J nut vri^ítí. ^ V\*ealth maketh liiaiiy IVi^ud«, tut At qj>r is K'-á? tl^'blitell filùi \#îbh‘ fót^a oîi ;sí]fver^tpí^€$’". tû^.1iitpliidè' or'RydrqgôftÎ* ^a üô qvîdoueé- tBàt*' tl,iq‘5j|yer îs i'^pafé,'Tor it    ^ijîôkïÿ’ ; 0^ jfi^o silvp    ^iîîeïi;'i.4' wjtiîÎ coppçii.',j'Hï^^^ bavé kiiowô În.stlàWI’^ôf^ gO^Î "¿il Wr |lafëÜavii^ fecen rdtirnéd^to Skk ' t’the'/,suîp1mV’'c    ^ and^-woiild act 5vU^ e^uaf '%iaifiiti c’S -bti ■ • tfeìl ' ! ' AWeV fahi, niWh’aiiipM^^ cf'hydft^fW'â'* dî^èngag^'d' iVbto'thf* àoiVbj^^^^ "sfreetaV^^®]^ it tHeà bliîcîcèn<^l‘vi>r dbo'i^ plates very'q^îefc* ^ 1:?:'"'^% môjtrdadilÿ' ro’iiléije^ %y"Vvîèairt *bf lú'iii!; b' " The Mjitnb; agènÎ ^lÎ- îi^'îbiiiid* ukeiWr il» cioanitigsg^iîd cháiiíii îand- ?

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