Monday, March 24, 1845

Charlottesville Christian Intelligencer

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Charlottesville Christian Intelligencer on Monday, March 24, 1845

Charlottesville Christian Intelligencer (Newspaper) - March 24, 1845, Charlottesville, Virginia ^ *,5^; 1. 1    ‘I ' ' ‘ 5 V - -^^-ï r >5^ •;.* **. < V, ,T ■;;#.'4;':‘ 'K 4 /if« Hwfôf^l^i.iwi» jîimi iiiwyiri^. ;iir^--r.',:'- '*v;:;Sf^Â^^aa T CRM.S:r-K Thfi Chiusti.vv Is-TEi.noRscjiR is i i«ued ScmiMonthly, at T W O 0 0 h L A H S ', per anmjm,    in tttlvanee. The volume will eomprUe twciiVfoiir numbers. S. AM B!der*an<1 b\n^ori«t»aroniithorisc<l Apr.nts. and tho Editor rV)(>^(f; otiiers fiiemllj’ lo ,tlii: Work, to forwai’d nat?ics of subsorilicrsi, and remit monies. 3 All communrcations i^eive atl«iition: umt be joosi-|)«ii, to rc- psper di^cnntinuciUWpt nt the option of ^ lh<5 EtJUor, (ill all arrcarak ^ pajd „p. 5< Poit MosJcrs arc aulhorKj jo f„rwar«l the ' -fîaïae» of »ubacribers,- and k^iit    ft-ec of ' po*tago, ' inserted aflio wiinl Vins latt«l»Tor «Al«!;.tkf)d person# .Hii^hiriK to ndvj^^p‘s«;hoo|» P9rtitui«fi<,% lo the Ucilîties, whir.|i i«fc paper ftir- , , , vir;iinta^ jîçncraJ, irotn the wountainii lo Title wâtef.'""    , •{•■uis JjnL^i¿JLÍ4üÍjtlj[R sEL ¿CTFolas ,' :    From the Gospel rtorald. ; < 4,ETTeil TO A UNIVKR^ALIST^M ¿V i:U>JCR 1’. R. nVSHKLL. ÄIj De,<rSlr;    V I    .you'ir vitiwft, íbecaH?« t|»fi inferoiice which you ♦lia'^v fr»m th« nnti|rt> AilU    of conscicnccj arc witlhiut ill iratl». Voy naf cntmcieuce AdrdljTMXtcrs iu tin» wojriiJ a jnm equità; t»îtt rotrlhulion. - * ' .    mailer für a irfnmhnt* Wh^tis con&iîl«ixce ? Coik-ícIoj cr iV n iwor cl oporaiiutl of iho miri<1, wJftdif I vyilI iiomiJiatB niufal judgment aud moriil »«•wc.-’iThm ii, conscicncc is (he jud/f-nont j the fonid form,« of ita own aulii jreTtt, ÍMí«í llie moral seilpe or Tci^iing ', . ■ WU»ßbV»»cU jiîdÿmeiil produces in the mind. ^ 1 ■ ‘C mîioif^in.0 is »Ol, ns i»i»me suppose, a di-' ' viukt oriiftl«;, i1»0''Æ^nerrîn^ vftiqe of 0(»(Ì wiilj-'' ; ' iti. (3<)>as^<*ncfl ts rljirht or wrong nccordatif senses are right or wroii«. Lei í;!^t^trate , '■ ;il* ¡Consiciàxîc pomrtinitfis tG\v;rOs per-' ' 'Mrt4,r<>r ih it Vh■cl^ta'm^>ra^ly \vr«'»* iti ii-1ÍÍ'f>M'l nt oBjer time« punisht'H for that ^ M'.hl>‘h , 5î> ui'waHy riy;ht. Sniil of T.irsu*« ' ; f K;i)i|li^ci<inliuii.-l| perspcittfMi ihi' pr iiJitivo -C.tiiircU ; axvl OTfiii i;n,Of.igod in 3iiiiii»5 Sioj^ ,    hi ssmrifi'iig a»iJ <lrag,iinif tk>v iptVifïn <hp,|v«ií»eí!M fiàîut«!, *he vfrily thniight ■'* c: vvit|ik»'>^tìi'-ciu jflm Jig (loinjr ö*^,} t,^r-H.0 '*''•**IjijT-i^e(] ia ileeilrt <»f muí.» »he h;\p. ^    >vr thofi ill' troiHííf«“;- with his nflicii, hn kept n litiie (Iriinkery, as we shoultJ ciiJI it ill this «Iny. He was uui-versnlly regaitlfid as a ¡Ti'Oil man ; supported his nimily in part by prtiaching, and in pari hy kot-pin^ the jiost'oinue ntid sel!ii><f poison to hi.i p;trishi<»nerfi. , This was a great iiicon.sisiency, a moral Wiottij, as yon -imist readily admit, in ^the sight nf God; and yel it was iiol so rcijardcd hy the con-stiiences of the good pco(do of the plfice, nor hy th<i cooscieocc of the pious p islnr. It w(xs,&3 morally ’.vronii in 18,1(5 to kill niin) with rum, as it was in 1811 ; Init in I&IO the good pasfot had not nrrivpil at a know-ledgo of tho lnithoit this subject, and hence his couacinnce gave him no tninbli,'.. Th'* pioui? John Nc'wtdn wns oncc en-^a"fd in the slave^radc. While on a voy-•»j^o .to. Africa «fier'ilhij poor ^^lave.^ ht;-s;)ein eijiht Itom'i a day in di'votiona! cxcroi^e.s, •<nd yet h<>, (ellfs us that it ricncr occurred tt» Jilixui^aLijlS..J'Vjis <h)ing^-    e was wh'ii wo ti<nv cjfTnr^lTFatc, sitid yt*i tvTiP con:^i<*nce did not^ condemu him. Fli« /nfiid wns not ciilighteiiod on the subject, Httd ht-nce his coiisc.ienco was easy. 4, Oiicji’! more. The operations of con-•“C\t'nce evidently depend upon a convic'-: tioti -if inor.d n^jcncy, and future aceonnia-, bility. " Vv h'lt .is it gfivfts/'ijch vivaGtt^' to oon-scienCK ^ ,^A sense of ;juili restiu^f down iii ino»i;iiniiv\vcight upoti the aoul.—guilt iwhiph Cii^uoi be transferred to otiiers,’ <ir concjiaU'il'^iim him who wiH j(td:rG Uie se-crotfi of .Tii\earts. Let thii convicti«M> aciual jxpoua^l guilt 1)0 removed by a btdit'f iliat in.ii^ ii a'crealnre tif ueces?ity, governed hyitlic ini[jiitsrs of fanility, and chai demh w/ll iiievitiihly remove all to ghjty, ami su^Ji a con.s,cioncc can have no more seif*coidc)iinin<» pow'er than a marble s-ta-tu«. A i coHji ience fully ¡»'ihc hciief tJtirt Uud ii<\hr anJhor of its sins and that the hrojul i|»itl in which it is unf'rtunntely compelled 1» walk- will inevitably (etmiu.tte in the bUfi of the' heavetilv world, cflVi expt-rii;ncn hVcompniicfions of g>;ilt, -Surh a CfHiHcidiice must be a> ]as<'n;fib!e a« a toiuh-i-iono. |X .shock of the galvanic battery conid lint move it. •? I mu!?t behove ihere-i'nro if i/:iiverf< tliifs have imy c-nscjeiices which i'^4’,!rd and piiniiih tiiem,' Ihut the-vvholc iiccivt I'f this retribution may be found iii;nie fnci that tiu*y tire not ¡sotiiid in iJi/'jr .If they ever feel ffiitlt ami .cojiden/niitio)) it nnist be that'they sotne- ibroughoiît tlie kin<,r<lom, and advocated by tlie tniriscondciit pDwertt of Cowpcr, Scott, and N(!wion. * It now be‘Viui to be ihoujihl afrhe JViclro-polid that the fire ItiniUnd by Mr. liiiikes oould be ijiienched-only by a flood «ulfi-cient to drowu the world! Fur several ye.ars the lenohers were employed at 3^3 ct-., [>er diiv ; but by 1791, th‘>nsiHHÌ,s o( virtuous .'Hid pliilnnthropic youft^r persons volunteered their ¡‘crvicecitind bccaine benofiiciors of mankind. In Wales, from 1793 to Tñ^l (.i period of .3 years,) 177 \«chools tve,re es-tablihhcd, withmore than 8,000 pupils.    , Tho demand tor ihe Sacred Scriptures became Ko ^reat lliat provisionHwere made lo piitiiii-h thi' Old and New 'I’citi.meot, <pei;ially fttr .Siindny Schools. Tliis mote*, mem losuhod in ihc efitjiblisiinienl of liriiish ;M)d Fcjreiyn Tiible Soe.ieiy iin the Ail*\ri>ealonr; know-^ »vfiere t.h ti i t s w " ‘    ■ Ibi», nî^iiîi^’y,’as genoralj amon^^ mpnkiad; obstach; of their a.spirjittony. We on Uv anafél? have them ; fid,- »lie Sot» of 3d, God lititiKelf • “ ï^^feeover, if thy brother irehpasr. every obstacli; tliai has ¿iIxhK in ihi/l willing that any of,thèse htiintiiç bgx'ë te»*/' believe in (Jinint. shonhl prîh'>tù ■ Kin' r,Jony »a t-trong aud in tl\é rc'conivso rea3nii> it i» cxeèei!i)i|{1y shifui tj» de« of lite .world to establi.sii that th)Q is ,fi^tise them, and hence we artî^calKioned to hotii o( nations and individuali-,, an-w^ake liced how we indulge á feeling òf üti-the former ea^e. ; Nor áfo the W pcriority ßcr!j)luros .sileiij upon this point ; Xi The l&ih.vefíüvmlroduftní) an ndjitirnni iheir Wnrtiitiji voice.they 6hoAvvus,tl '    '    - - • ,íJici.<-ti''iHíi,'Hn|eHs!(íiriy hro on may bp led awwy by this, spirit 'nt\si<. A m'lniornblo in<t»iice -iu'ihe 9(|i clwifittìr of Luke*. ilí¿<ti!nl.íjyof a.eevtain eity/ofSi ii»"Cf>fertain «-ur Savior, Íiií» /to ^y^otfl, phr.U we comtJMnt/ them, Jis dííwtí Irum Ilt'nven and o-^id VebuUßd ilid'I’ilios? And he turawhat manner ■iliV'i'ïi and said, ye linoy^i'nt'-'d indoed irit ye {ifo of.’    Jn ualure bo ilio desiio imi/ition f climti Hhovtiii » ■ they how iWu that Cud ib not tho atitKòYof their sins, íjíjid ilii.u he inay perchance l/rnig ijiem, «o i‘iiten^iíi«t. • niwfiys n faithful nhd vimj^'iii-^ ^ônvíítin^eHJrí*Av:IÎr4.#.îlS^f''»l^- -my <íeár sir, Hciom lini ji n to o,V‘crp'>\ver/<..t . wheti'' ítnftíti favored i„ fri -0 If),, >(«' tfc/uircd j ‘.Bv' «'e Kjry.iior to ji<, learisitt/,'didly examples of the • ted a tUi-po.sitiçri ^i;rc a robukev 0 - ; 2:0 to thè pages of hi.s; Bible itself, to leaf» tlinl itifnj'S are common to man, Mr. RnikesTTt>-«).^jlHi(i iti~lbl », lived lo i-cii 300,OiH) rhildren iïïihercd into Snndiiy Sehoolp, Add in 183i> the nnmber in Kn»;-liuid and Wrilcs alone i-^ colnptited nt li-íí i9,89(M'í Bot who shüll teil of (he nnm-4)ers now,<-f-or computo tho millions; who jl!ive been Hiivt'd from de£rradafto» and |»er' diiion hy the hnppy intliiencef* of Sunday Schools ! ! .Tnno Ilth, 1791, the Snndny .‘School Society of AtTÍerii'tt wîih fitniuled in Philadelphia, .which conntiuucd ilio nnehvuîi of «»tiT ‘‘ American Sunday .School Union,” 'whicii is now .>!prf!itlitl^ its ani{el wiitcrs o-    , ^ ver'teyery Mtaie and tcr.itVry in onr ire,' and/'»cip?os pcTvadintr .«îocjoty, proving the happy cooniry I InMSltv the ‘‘ Ph'lade!->'ne o/‘ evury tiling that is t stimnble ir¡( the phin Snmlay and Adnlts 8chool Union,'hjimc^tsr of man; In iho stalo* upCipjifiy was formed — and iti ÍBíi, embraced Tü-jli-etupts to chmh into- power by I^Hmplin^ hchools, with moro than 00,000 jUipU-s.-Ztinihcr in tho dust. In «he church, the III tho May of IS'Ji. ihe con^finitioii of ^,hlî^t'!o»^ factioiis oxall, themselves by debn? “ Ame^ Sunilav Sc hool Union,’’ \v¡íju¿ ihoirC that »tnmi iu oppoHiion. l^n so« adopieu. This last Union now «nvns bniliíiíet^, iJrtlWiduali* arç, lauded or cetiMired, mi's which cost some 40 or50,000 d'>ilari<3stc<îmed or despised, as they promote f»r joinin f the- venerable and cimsecratpd wal ri.’t/rd:«he power jind irilliicisne of tlj^isir fi*l-in which the Declnrntion of IndepPiidenjjJ^'A%'J'-1«» vi«iw of ihfse fttct?t ftccurrina co«- idea. against, This, is as much aff (o ^ny, it ts not snfTj eient that you yhnuld inoroU’ not d' spise yonr brother, nor is this ihe only daniïfr tt» which your a-pir:)tion<< for snperioriiy c.s-posfñ yon. There is great daní/fr tifai ántíh ri spirit wilj lead ynti tú ende .vor'-lfjir/nì'h otiö \vlïo IniH unfortunately troï>pi!Î>sed a-gaitibA you, and therefore for y<»iir’s:»i{ê nK well ait for hi-*, I now charíje you {oitín.ko yoor fiñ l «uidoavnr lo recl.ii«n h;’%5'r*î‘*‘ crron ln so.doiifß you .whfi. is noi in’4wMo to isjöiig MUierinff,-ariti destri*^'thiirJUt'trntia?' flitì.'uor a^h'iUbt him shoyld fepfJih óf t.irtt *' ■ wiìy. 'J'he I6ih v.’ns'uñ^s both Tfífí WOBTíI 01? . W,h|íi jhoirgh? can be hnmf(ii mii»d^p/í íLok'ítin eteríúd duratíoif» t>f    'j, ^ cjníly, 1n coniiectiyn wilíj^tfiíjlj wtiU'iVo. or ita \voç «re çorii|li/<il afid charnoUiiio th^ prei«e llc Whp creìtted müit, ftgóñicfi 1^,-lhc cVjOiä    ' tíltqlíireil in llífe .|]i0,loxjí of. iijt sou[ '^¿,f -S; -Í ■ to/heirnm n of tbn whole MjorW^’^W , nothing «nrthly i'i »‘cfmíH «fíthc (ncomnâràlï{eirjirafir..imt4li^eft4 evil of his    a Mi. »1^111 ».    Kwm, the .trespasser and tlvi^ one trespawsè'd ainat,-that ihb'dt’cisjous of'tho ehwrch (of course when under iholinflupn.ce «f.the is '»i-rit i)f Chfistt, and acting in conformity to tie laws,) vi'otild be ratified ih Ilcaycn. Till« w a solemn th-rtuijht to nil snchnf! may'«u them*<*ivea to the cenhirc of the church should yjvp great w^i^ihl to their Hnal appeal —Thft I9ih a«<l 30lH verses phow the iiood cfTectsof loyp and harrhfm;-, and heiv^^en*; forco (hc‘adiri<uiiti*ti itgainst nidul/rìiig Jias-, siong \vìro.?e‘tendency ahv!^ys,ha»-been to produce viiriancQ, i>trifej discord, «nd disunion. Thè verso'iifoves tó' iny 'mtud ihflt Pctor did tiot utidervtand auy «eiVm;«!,-ter to havi^ been lutrodncedr iiirlus (jUei^tTon refers tu Ihe subject «f forfiivem.-si. aiW the, reply of <iur Savior harnìbnisoè With jhe.intèr-prftiition' I have s'.iron, & puts tìic fint.^itf" jslroke io'ihe corj'ideraiioiiit ncp^'Mr of chocking these ruuio^s.atid snòT^.tles^ ini# jiaf-sion's. .    r /• " > ' flavibriefly vvliat| consi "}j    expo«i|i()jj of the '' ' Ï.tlv*/,ttVO'iLf I " I    Ï, Í ■■    ■ .^icuU to bo contrulled. Wo ‘'hit óith/' tii'ß ouf own î^oniCHr to iriarji of those hy whom wc me ««r,-Jtiicfaiui WÖ shall have'-evidence of th« /' f:/oug Hs demon^tl’ation its>df. Ita the ¿.ij/ments of politiyö and religion, iii all - avocations c>f lifb^ we find, ihest; two was made in 1770; and I nm happy to hi \J lieve ) that the ffirmnr i.’». ct»*esli»nsive w'it'\N the hitter ica as the ájaiíy bcf'-tr^*^ our-^yes, weare couijtriiiup'd ho oonchjfitui tluit man is poÿ.fP^swtI ofj^n    expo«i|jou ol the iho one as prospcions in AmorS^W p*‘iuciph”> nii>ft difSruh i*> he    2 pc^íífH of íthc, in<;o'iii|i4r^£{e^rj»r«^ '«*»1 dang«i(5.; «Ufi •!lift    ’ ' a {ic n ili n a. Jr4,i^ÇhJi?|ii',f.ü^ - ■ : Âjiî» “lí^ odícr—w^hile we muo.i waii disclosures of'»te?»ity ui jasceriain whi has will bo dje greater blessing man kind. ■ \ The Pre.-iidenf o^Bethany Col the othfr day at'tbO' *• Miami U shat R.tberf Hit ikes, i'liy settin’j» Sunday School Systi'iin, has d^'h 'Worhb more than'¿11 ^¿>con ri«^’-r‘'»f»d(?r$ of empi'^^^p^f,,. roUit ^ijoijiies inscrlbfcV 'itornil« njoii^icaft loiigxjojlitiiii^ i. A disposititMï lo aspi 7lÿ—'1. ' A dii ele tu the lltOrt n'eypr pirations, T7ítò'w^» that such a law as ,:3Sjgerÿf)r ■■'ry f^bsta-Thi« bel I \vcjihia%-'ffrthiîf chapter vvas iiecppsary jfrd very^^ntiture of ninn. It i-» no wonder our .ftu ior,who needed not tintt any ¡should tOBiify of mun, hecanse he knc^'i whai wag iii .mnn.’-tihould have enacted .this >tPittUe. It vifiuld bave been rather, q mtlt-roWíí.,tfS^,,,f ustonishmriU', hnd he umiUtÿd to do ih^-ivid    > pne.s uf goc^ ,; j come ta^ \ v*“ ï>y.Af wi-" r: m*S- i ' f ■ ■/ I ■ 1.' It» i ' óf.tJMyiisitind.Ì rii I’rotealVlfliiu , fri Iti who hiul (*prnt yoar afict-jo«r feting; oi^t n ¡d burning herctic.s, app-.rcM lint onlv \yith*>ni compunctions mf cè^ aciifiice,"' W.vvith complntiency i| niiod, hns'h'P^« known to be horr‘.fi«d nt^ fiitdin;'he i»ii:(l eaten meat 1u Lent., Our ' iJuritn?i)oal tiuft^ithcrs were ns con^eieiVr-lious à jicnple perhaps nsu-vcr lived; but ih Ji tiieir coìàscictices dii) lìot condcmn ihtMM for.b.'msshiuîî ihe B'apiists, and wh'iç-pr»^-ffn4-h^mifin4£. the Q,ual<cr.s. Thi y d# 'not ugi.’ctstand the ihnitrihe of rcdi^nouB iVre.lom. Tiiey partotdt ot'ihe error of thci times, that hvreiicB wcfc the enemies of Godi and lhat no «'jOtmiy of O^d could be iho iriend of the St tie. Hetice ihey punished ihone whom (hey Jfid^red to betheen-muss of Ood, as^ienemies of «ha Sthte. In this they, were niorally wroiuTi but they ve-•rily thought they were d<iin» Gnd ivcrvice, und hi'Uüo thoy'enj yed tho smile.- ol an ajmroving eon.'îi’jencp. ” Von believe il morally right tn cultivate V»ur imi‘licctual powers an<.‘dwcipüne, awd enlarge vmir mind by the study of scienoe. Dr. AdaiaClarke at one time ¿«ppo^ed he was guilty nf sin^n making eflorts to acqtiiire education ; he exp* ri<Micrd ’great c<mi iiunotions of conscience, and ■ penitently ffO'»gh.t divine forgiveneiis. Thus you see coljscîçncc 8om€timos rewards U}> for what: is’in itself morally wrong. ‘3; h is a factj well knqwn in human ex-, piirience, ponsciencc becomes mòre niiimiè?''•"    'I’"'ÍM ' ili Ili«,!,;. mf'OqìtcìU- trfis öchcmds’ ’ mcrcy.'* consider, 2d, lÎicr-dfiîîiijn ^oiilntitni of thia'branph off y/: inajr    ’ feeds ,lhp.i for ibo martl’ life.’*,.,,Ho law'is4Wf»fold. It is intended; tho prompîing.S'of rftvcngo j/; feet tho leformniion of the »re there ia no more efToctanl '’jí pjish the fir.-it, ihnn to pnt tK ioiided to work in order th the second* I« th^s, ns in all ouy Savior showed'a túo«t im« ta«cò with otir n»n»rtf, and wi^^es'ied gracto«« dßstgH ti» perfeotior;r for thijlt H«^üTÍ’nfj‘ eoi3Ínty'^-.U^-<-¿ ., reigns s«prö{öerAll ppTSOßf» tì riÈpatatÌ4rtn^j lh^îMt»rld for tfjTîiïJ^ ' gieàt- wcfí ■jfe^uliari" rìs^^?iÌB^2Ì'd«<;erà%;|p|4!Ì'' Æ^mpX ‘o^tcßt.hts ^ngríTií»' ríiophy' of tbf/’htjmafr.dieáAtt . -imonslj, 1 bplifvo, ih«t tbej; ^ ounierocJ-awy ovil pyiíicth^^J^^'Cif ÿtkUiCt t»ÍL «11. dtf íé*-'' .mi ï.i-iuf, ífr,m Ule oaiuai    ofsud, "    í‘''v ' 3 Yours, ns éver.    - ' .Wé^íriF l^sü. 'j^io'goido Ife : ííiRn'lími ha» ÿ»' í'of ..10, íjounlerocí-¿yiBgásásijjÉ jHt pie that íf.” HfapaeliiimiKi ifíi r‘j9íí>íii*w<' ’ From the Christian Record.    ft* SUNDAY SCHOOLS. \ '    L'ltiisv’ille, Jan. Iii, lSi5. iiflovei Urolhcr MailteT: If i pa^rnisod yon,a small portion of th." Uttlo atldrvjs made U> our Sunday School^ ihc nioriiidf yt>n wrro with ns in Loui&ville yon will ple\se accept of that p<»tlioii,iwhifh iiHJiluT li»k<H and others think bctt 'calcn- flo vv ing ro bcH :<) f « la itVlo&s while i n t Iva iîlory vyliich circulates about the Tbroj? (¿o<l,7~u'Ci.might we<?p thul we have don iiir Sunday Schools.    > ^^i^hen, hapjiiiiesa is my theme,'Su Scilo»)!...... ■ '■ ...... ...... ylt'arksj I wish lo observe that tiiero^ jitich moKC' intimsite connexion in,the 11 ttt? siic^i’ssful aujjiliaries. y^l^iVi.thó -pr^ Ifinli for ^t^yfi^iigrpatriotism from the I/!i«Jtirhlÿ if they-oi degradftyi^/Sunday Schoiils mnsybe t)ijn\'tjns how étions of our oavior that Mntiy HOi’m tn j so«, the subject ¥0 ' " of Soldmoti;; i»^fimmi|hiy }Wgiue:ih5B'-iii" ibs3ns:;<^fi(eifc^i( so ihttt,; ppsSi* ked aftei^'lieading hisser»' ■'Schools mijs/i.c i^^^^^ bow    witb them, mediuni to tflii^^lorious'ends. H.nd li Sthcy mi:*ht. answer    ftno,. who desire to bring nlKi,t n social and-virtuoi3having b/nrowc'd a dicti^viry “crniimunication amo'r»-^tho yonthoi'all etaf/ibrnttg'asked how'he liked cjs and <lcnorniriafio»s,'| :.Qvite ihem to meijweil. but I shoUld like it «iuios,^bctlei"if il spirit, the l>p>P^-<^»uráí[i to purent» 10 chock that spisijj,. ,0 muplXiV ' act« of b.*novolence>-^¿ to my nnderei^onding uccordanc<i''Vfiih thi« pM.i^ phy. -M hcti a persou is tres-p r^t ri=dits. by orushmg tlie offerer.    oie atio » ËÎÎinÔTrài« M"1 L»«gi«r, siy» l‘^'»y < _■ Bo 1101 ill b '*10 *»    J', .wil' S" V* yqur broiberrn-lw ntid itjU hXhis. fîmlt, pr..ssihly he m?>' ,hwr yoiw re^ pei'twWd'live.' -Let your hrat tfforl then-be to R..,o, your brother. The íolay of n few hou'r5,^pf even \WyR, or weeb, m ab-tiiining reptt^itioii, cannot pó's^iHy aíTo^tj, .you BO miich>jH the loss .«f UiV^oul.'wiW y\t>¿r hroiherrS^tvJis. not - tho \Vijtof vîiiit—^ne of rljCiMj viMSíc ^ 1 ., .syaèìt. tniiig,'Or uW«»'jrou, hayo, iitltmn Kwo* niy h; fólìbttat' la t^Çijpoir 'yJ^ uroí«ft»«ÍííiV.J bcscce’ -Aft JliiÄ Ipted to atirar\pri»fitab!e atiention to i^un- in that common but öacrcd'^cldsurö calTc-idid hot change ihc pubji-ct so ofSw day Schools. I 4o noi d«;nbt t’lat tho«e who the Sunday School* , 1 in the first viT-^e we aie told tht?\^j.;p|es heard me e'tima\oi’^bf remarks too high- J’ '-inäked JcsaS'^" Who is the groate'P'^ihe .jy i ftill *he very fev Mjhich I send jon on    . ---------' •'j^Vj-.jrdom of liciiveh ?” ll^ro I wish it%i^ ‘A ihe origin of ilio hyste'rH,,mtiy :be-r^a«i. . As KENÌ3RtCK. As lo thè origin of ifne S.unday-f>chool, I can sìty btti littl<^ n^w—-some «f theidisput'/siabòm yìrtne, hftv'o‘:p|aimod thè honor for thi? Archbi&liop i>f Mì-jn, (Borro-mfi'o,) who, in thè 10,th centUy, procu-fèd thè ¡n^lruetiotl of a very ffn^hihlren, in thn sti'rnt'St fcatnrt'S ot CathoiMjisni.-*'., Oiliers, witli bui little be.tttir sitccc^, bave labored lo ssrip thè ime author/if hisg'itry.i and find lh«ì sysicm in thè " 13ttcJesi:»<ii«a’ Synod of Germany,” in 1(595, where a few nnmarried young poi-sblis, (apiong whr-m nono w’ore admitted who;npi rccwve | coniinnalioti i) werc .in.^tructi-d in iiwtlori tf otJticatio.ri, on Suud jy. ,J3j»t ll>a^rown; on^Mítí^ ,    therefort) <iiid ,,tiijll ■yjih} Rj^apbl'à^iwy tòfc#; „ ^ Maírlí,' Arist«írchui|,T5í|inia», i ted ftihl. îThe'favor' flÌ'ótìfe'l.ord Ijî B>b- iJ. "ye 'tñkp í witli Oqtf. FpT eti : bcdfttkíw CÍu^ {»»nviifíg Us nn low |>i8 .sìcps’’‘-«»^teìíí^ lí^n «i»em|tfcwjÿ'irn?tpi Ö object/Biÿii ni at ed - b^ REAIAKKS ON TUE l&'th OF ;^hir'Saviav’«V disoour* ^^tATTHEW.    lj)!es>fiitio^t which I h . I/i making some remaiks on the rule cori-^ro^.incnily’-to view, vht^: the >d«siro for lained in this chapter, I shall nt presen' confine.myself to two heads, — 1st, The nc" •*!htm of the princtl ji-s.«|mkoi> Is bronchi i-WicMincnlly’-'tu view, vtifei: thodeáiro for II'. tWlhiinenc--, It ,ih conctìrnin;^ this pr nc-atid with a view lo aba.hfi it, that he bet- ■ -'o , |»i........................... .«uiM,.. tbaft-    fftich -i^ciotices oT the bojd and reckless blaspho-/ iHcr. The one trembles and fenfn> an oath; '»vhile tho other t»ctu,illy gloric.H in his shame, and prides himself in the Hippancy and low . wit of Uis'icaveri-idaring. Tho Word of <»od tells, tis'of coiiScie«c«8 which have be-comc acar^'d as with a hot iron. Seared ilesh is dead flesh, destitute of fot ling. -of prifliiîe wi'.»« r<’isfrv:ÿrf l’or « ccjshiiy for the rule, and íi, th» (lb>ign of itÿ 1. Tho iHM-essity for the rule is ba-sed iq thfi-jfíATüui: ofman. AJankind, in all ages,-have »riin -.liitpdspcl to aspire 10 snneriontyj: over their fellows. ■ To ■<4ie,'lrnth ofthis po4 iiti. ti, history sicred and piofiinCj bearsi tfsfimony on every p.igeV Al notimt' ittsiniot.iotiSi |l¡ir¿ lohliin iht^^d verie, that;Jesoa cA^^^ fliiivtle child^to; him; and plcioed lum il fifr irtidst, iuidXn tlio 4th ver.'C he liai<l,r- My bosucver, fl    shall hurnibfëjiim »v^é: ?his llttieV child, ihe : s^e ? is th< , ,    ..... pro« ,^aiest in the kingdom of hnaven." If bubly, in the tiistory of .the world. Wis'thii^ Mn iniiTprrl hi.s iivngnage, it was as muc imyc fminontly the case, ilian nt ih<' îimeSîiô<> i*‘iy Urtsm,,.* V(»u are indulging afl; ^feavetdj'. Filth — lîeiu^'thyVe tl)û higbest^^nsidcfationa posible foffu’a titinceiive.hií4,>,\,rtughi5 must I* i*fíectuatly‘ tuTivi'd ”®"'^'r)ufish¡fig n¡spirft o{ re|; venue, * "•i*'Voferencé lo one who obe;á thft rtjlo »»    ^ olwcrveu thiTt ther^ ing acceptably Oijh^r I takß II as csniblished» th to the law i« ca le» Inted í*"    ^ Il IS equally clear to ût«r ^bfdienpe U de- c'îdcùhitVd.'to nccompUsh iho secouil.    tbo tJufforV^^ pt,,»)»«' ctimidetàtion alone, .in my j«.d-ment ta ««i;    bv^cï^^^t9 rap tions,‘why.<iô wo rebukes to alf^óppresé'Òr«/ hear them úr^fng ,*b<? ab«||i¡íi^t 5 nd advtfsing tbpHo.wbb^a^^^ t^ia tind rnvt. away ?• ' There" nni»t b^( some roa^òin .áre bouitd^to bel «vo.H bejißve that the 'A'pó»U»»s 'V>ífií|Eí ^ , all the ^dterests of tna«kjjti<l* ‘ i»fr that those of timo tire'öt cí>mpared> with tboau- etetRìty- ì^è^ ;i< tîiït Cî.n'j/8e to iiHCwicjìte ^those truths sí dmie^ft ''^ygh rii ,0« ._ithe,’,Wt'ÎiiôJ<î fhehiimarTr^íiiriíily^' of bur Saviour’s advent. Hcncf, iit 1 he ibi proper spirit. ítd oX :jJQi‘l‘r*^yUÍti tirrecfi'oDs; 'I'lij« féonnjr wasm:mifes-, Improper tijJHH- À tlÿs;i‘e for    ’ eí'iiireiV'opposed io Ui<^}ü«?»'kï^.»iW!it kin>;-, ivtiii-.b I came to oatablt -- is Ibis God, «t.'r Heavenly Father, whe^ know in t\m mnst convincing 0«d hit "'IHI It U'^. RO ii’isntjid henevij f the Sundai nt sclieioes gnjiviiiif cliool System ! He licared-cooscitjiico is si dead conscience ïThe sìntie? «finy by his ov/n wnckedn ^-üJont hi.9 own moral sensibility, put ^ yor'^rkiicss add darkness for light ; vil'gnod flo.d good evil.- In short it Itipwn thst rjnan may violate his iiVd il in 17i^i find early m 178:2, cm-yed four yoiif^ ladies, who were teach-ill the wcí>í:ly schools, to insirn^H undiy suçh children as he -.«»«-*»^ iiinn- of lcv-nit)¿--riíi)y^’"‘^*'" nplojít elmneiit.' cents, eachj jamrp rrf|’içÿ^ja> hi'« cosiscien Sme>8 deity ‘'ai>.tho bonos in ‘ :iircl, .A conecienco steeped to death by tV? rnffiai. ___ i3 trrnl long-continued    j,pr,pé “ »IM»»'. to «o    ' I pÇi» * ï”tîli,ÎfL (I çaue/ii»«*»« i” >'<>«'• enee |o nit«nd,- itijhjl^ ¡íf 11 m;r.^<ri viMSP^ffííl tver diy-    ^    , , , * Tt>]ivo or ihren weeks, as many hnndrrd chihV-n, from (Í to 14 years of age, were ’takei during tlm nacred day,^ from' th<; hauti* of ijrMoronce dod t-rime, and cloHo- (jj;<^/i.;ageil in luymg tho foundation of fa-¿ "’i-’Htdii.lncss an<l grandeur! h?n'.^^/’'>i’>''rä.*:aH. required .to have clean yiijir domineeiing sjitrft mæt 'beii^ asidci ‘■1|üu::.i.nüst;";be':(;omo>;|iutri jiÿf^biiiy'' 1 höi.ß'-ivhf^'^posHei thill can jciiiistitute pRiicofut^^^l^-cts <>f iiiWigdoiiii fir    coinmenc «I hianii^i0e ;1V^ by rendering ibc'^r sorvices necos-^fjic same disposition to'tho cui^tthJ^íu^1 ùf ’lö'hiin, when-he should pon^e, in car-fto yorsft.    • ' .    - ‘    ’    - , -    . .• t. I tiM‘I- 1 I.-., _ i„r\v.nrd to^thp,^livisiona Sid SîTotio iiRp^riT»g;s*}'ir»v om, oiivioi uoi.^r'    ..1...,    . -,.,.tjïeinniiiof^ ip greatiist ^hiirc of cciiforo and r».b jkt, ^in, wonld spring,Irom tlus fobiUain ül poi-darin;: his public min>«try. To bring Sow 1 ilmiou, he exct.ilms,^ x. 7; ,'..-W.o to the tli*’ir' lofty im/iginings be taught, ‘Bic.^sed ^vorId,'becaii'O ol olftMUii’S. . _,I hat-the oi- ‘bnccs^heio ^p«k<w• .of hata„íHjlineoce 10 inner that ihoiigh ho wps    »V.'^^*?ri®/the d<?basi«g#. ,. . ¡ndiict he. wtia yei.AvUU»S^*‘»y ’ifm’aecuTn^dr^l^etî. ive. òod js the \vise«tr rtnd befH    ihia.fiiftglèot 3 utuvtìti-e. and »horefo-çitsr^thp.VKtSftsIijK ; ^    hoitVi>«r^ nui in the and best' means 10 lorenzo    Htv^us hoîtVi>«Jy\; powpr in order to ingr^tiatt! h'la/livor by rendering their ?yUi5î otn'i'ho'se-p^^^    «I»«)’ ' Whtíé-lonking [<>r 'Íh-h htyjjas <le^tincdty:ao6ontpttÿh Agi;insti|i«d conl.-utnmtì, the    i.n ibis prooíTTíSpIVlil^ ppiri?5 our Siivior direc-'kuttiion.'», that, iinoer tho reig^rt otf.|hi CWí«s*«fS^t.í£'''ï. oriUP*!*»* i,.c¿l oi‘ ypur re* fqctúvc<i but a ..oris.of a !tiw o»' the tftíwed ib» appouit- nud ií> i-onncÄion \drC!"||bf’y werê'f.»jî/w«oml»e(l hair.;—as to J ,i*r 'p»t <he street witWj if ‘hey could loi--' gvdlb'ihcs,, they could, ■ in ihe same fjx,- ihut ihéyYffil? ffcb| in (he same fjx,- ihut iheyTfif^\. %vc1|kî ilo.n;r good; in rags as doing mig-. cbijii) them, . ,. ■ ;78*^ lhe.«-o school»», were in arc the .jat'.mi, blessfd nji-^hi' I’ooa ix sptn-' rc.’ .Bài such jij, the'ÌArco of habit, and ' such the power'of prejuilice, tliat mUlvith-standin« nil his pnblÌ0 «id- private itistruc-, Uon, even iho disciplos llietnhelves, tip ató , nioMi to Uie lime of l|ls crucili.\ioii, .<<oi-m iof have bocfi linder the/Hifluence come.«; uà then, iiu docile chiWret)j to obft). thàinstruction, and iiviilate*tho ci\S7.ntploJoi our^*'athfir; assured that, if thl^ course fail to ruçhiim our orrittg brother, hjs wlvatioii, *0^ humnti'méan.s arc ooncen\ed> iti lio^e "tha 1 ati.-e fVo'nVn-^ti^uTqp^ ¡spirifí^^^^^ ;\iink Is clear ; for    ^he' lihishes his prophetic anniuiciçiou of the evils lo tune, ifiß i'naritil t(()(iin'of those ley ishouhl ori^Uiate, together.vyjtb Itjs flo^ of the snme|lcmii cautious to nn’^bo'wouUl'bi) j^uided by his adl^.onitionH, that tlh^ sboi.vldwatch nii.^comii’ption, and^lo have entertaiued fhtiby hi    - ^    . ■^îîme thii’.-1 nfiiT dominion. I p:.f-« no!.<í*í^'otiláis point, ho iiihle re.uler wiM-dtçP"<.0 tj.i*-''rt'<*iii--1f YhiàlnKe.y up    '‘.-n it ,,<r uM'li'i' ríontíi'iRratiou pi<"d concbi.sive ènte ev(!nt.«. «*':    \‘*W^} " ' " ■ ■' ' ■ ' nds at Tftt wft •    -w    . fine ope- ilii .bloijce&ler.^jn I7b.l a «ociety ï|iied ill Loiidotf f'ur Sunday Schools is^^^^^yi.iriMJiR-'tbe^U' oV thrir mim (,r bis 'filiti isiry. lintj I shiijl. occupe ín^ré'fer to ibis versé Utíain. I ha VC >Je#>piîî*i not one of lheíí;j little ont >îMM<iinilor of Ibis ver-r, and Iho .^i^nling 01109, aro taken tip in occiis^Vjj içj-JréVor to ibis verse igaiti. I oinily.^öi’oiiig onos. . il herfi.xv    '    ^’reasom^ why.they should not desi)f^e \hem. ;i.' Tli¿^j,osÍtíori>ti¿ bc^itlmostif lyí iTIn-rc arc three rcn«o.i-i 'given ;, »hey RO laifo^ niimnn méan.s are impiiliàibre,    —. In (Jouclusion, jet irto ask, peader, hui^ » brother trespas»ed ìti^ainai you> amt hav«^ you ibis xommnntl oli «ur Savipr ?, , If bave; tlien>, you j^wiji^t «njoy tlio s/t^ God in ai%M»F^»>fc'ttoni.ciencf‘^^Y;^'|t,t,, mther    deutb. IO elfect, tintoli?    Atld nnd tb.i    tht- ,ér ycmt ovvili sour.-“ rema of    Bnreiy arrivo at hi^t I*4)rsevcro, UyC*»«. no m&iejshtih triai« ti» ì^here .'’"^»ho.Bibpr bAiui; \nmna Itrea, l‘'IX.jT„uAin.l..? ,.Ea«90 befom y«« tftko; '^Ànòr Step- H’v«« ‘vr« dtuvtUmi to com? ■ply wilh.w>hal y^i'SttViof bohi dbcQì><.^‘>(n pet't that    prmciple ha» p«ew‘* sÌon 'of ymir'^be.lTt, \vhicb;>l .oboxH. prompt voti lo «vohifc yorself, ¡mll »hn» '’Mmé «bji;ct ? Or bas th9,^írfttíe,^^ tbçi ffo&peî o»ço    ' phlknthro^f?'^/#rw^^^^^ rf^r«i'l»6«s»'d ihai 'vrth ,uid f»vér1iw(»w wb.c^rU reqüiro<4λ^^ ed nt'FiiriiRy, wa^flifterWard*» vu in prinùbg tbôUîotfJ the \*ery .W •    . -..i f ibtut'frt* ¥#ve    VC’-bi» “m «.¡.ÿiirtîÂï«»'' »»«i' lâ? / -.4<' it.,:..

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