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"In 1841, a group of prominent citizens in Bennington, Vermont, including Congressman Hiland Hall, founded the weekly State Banner to represent the views of the Whig Party in Bennington County. The long-running paper has appeared under a number of title variations. “Vermont” was added to the title in 1849. In 1858, it became the Bennington Banner. Two special editions appeared as the Bennington Daily Banner and the Daily Banner in 1877 and 1891. Beginning in 1894, the paper was issued twice a week as the Bennington Semi-Weekly Banner. In 1903, Bennington’s two competing papers were merged to form the Bennington Banner and Reformer, later renamed the Banner and Reformer. A daily edition, also established in 1903, was known originally as the Bennington Evening Banner. Since 1961, it has appe...

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