Thursday, April 16, 1914

Wichita Daily Times

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Wichita Daily Times on Thursday, April 16, 1914

Wichita Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1914, Wichita Falls, Texas SAVINGS DEPARtMENT Start au acouui w u h t m .J dollar or mora. 4 per cent Interest compounilPd semi an Get the Saving Habit It's a goad one, X i MIA'.. '3 DEPOSIT YOUR SAVINGS WITH U< 1% I p r T il u 1 I i i i J CITY NATIONAL BANK J. vn Volume VU CITY NATIONAL BANK WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1914 Number 289 IERTA ML FIRE SALUTE TO THE AMERICAN FLAG Mexico Dictator Has Virtually Promised to Comply Demand Which War- ships Sent Tampico To Enforce. HIS TERMS HMJEHEEN ACCEPTED He Would Have A mericans Fire Salute in Pressure Brought to Bear on Huerta on All Sides. Ft Associated Press Washington, Apiil HueiU has piomised to fue a salute to the American flag according to official dispatches le- ened at II 40 this morning "The situation ib Secietarj after he had received messages from Charge oShaujfhmssv in which he told of Huerta's yielding to the Amei ican demands Mr Bryan and Senator ShneK chainnan o< the Senate for- eign relations committee, emeiged tiom the White House smiling after a conference Piesicknt it was stated that if the salute was fired bv Huerta some of the Ameiican now on their way to Tampico wolud be turned back____ _______ Word of Huerta a decision virttiallv to accede to the Amencan demands atcordmg to woid from the House waB the result ot an exec u the session of the Mexican bniatt to which Hueita addifsed ,i un- sage setting CoilU Hie nut'' "r l" foreign iftins coiun ll tte this out the follow NELSON O'SHAUGHNESSY, AMERICAN CHARGE AND AMERICAN EMBASSY IN MEXICO CITY HUB Cl" resolution adopter! by Out that the a. lion of UK of the I lilted sin.s m in I iini.ii o incident is sistdimd Di tbe menhciH the coninnili' on foieun .tfffaiis in the HOUBI ol iK'-eiita I1 es 1 inopmn powers Ing Hneiti to Meld to tin fLEET CONTINUES PRESIDENT MAKES IT CLEAR THAT ORDERS HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTERMANDED TUISA RACE MEET IS CULLED Off GOVERNOR TRUCE WINS IN FIGHT TO STOP GAMBLING AT RACE COURSE TJ- KB- MILITU Dllpositlon of Administration IB to In create Naval Force m Mext can Waters HQNOR WILL NOT BE SACRIFICED V( ra rii? April ts Teat hint, lure Hum tin ledui il (unit tl iv tliat I'M KHlt ill Huerta Is still cliMormliiMl not tu HUM Hi i Mexican nutloinil honor In Ihint, A iiil it< 05HAUGHWB5YJ___, ____.jffl CHARGE Ptf FAKES! Vagrants In Masillon 0 Jail Releas ed Under Promise To Follow Army Out of Town and end a stti ntion wlndi threatened grave const tint net s 1 re tire on Huerta wis biouglit to hem not only by Ameiicin I'hatM O Shaughnessy hut hi dil'lomitit m lesentatlves of othei governments lep resented in Mexico t iw Piitnds o the dictator In the I nlted States also were assuring him that unless a sa lute was fired to the Ameilcan flag the seizure of the ports of Tamnit nnd Vera Cruz and the blockade of Mexico was Che Washington program They telegraphed Mm that for the best ol Mexico the salite should be fired Thev advised him that the United Mates meant bus! ness and that thete was ample pre cedent for the salute without the lobs ol national dlsnit) Thev i olnted out that the United States had once M Interne flag of Stain anil tnt tlaj, of Brazil _. The messages liora Oiar.'e o Shaughnessv are appaientlj no long er being delaved or intertened hut come through regularly The news of Hueitui piomise to 'fluid the American flag vv is lere v ed at the White House nist as '-er letar Brvan and Act ills (halrrain ShUelv of the House toieigii relitmns t oimiilttee vvent into confficn e wit i tlit Unless Hueitu were In accoidunc o wit'i naval practice later It was au tht-rltatively stilled (hit tht liolnt remalillni! to lie detu mined w is the mimbfei of guns to u-t d t Ihe salute At the state wnr md navv depiit inelitB officials considered tlit ii issed lit V i. nit I 1 i illou O Al nl Iliad'd bv meial and Mis uxev in ail old lihadon drivvn i mule tlit it-ton I Ainu ol the omiiionweiltli abou' JIKI stums: issputl h I lit t I idiiv lllOlitles luiilHil liltis tin v tgl illtt- III lilt CliV J 111 111! It 1 1 lelllHt Ilial thev ituii Hi mm ami tow u FAMILY NARROWLY ESCAPE DEATH IN FLAMES WEATHER FORECAST Tonight increasing cloudi ness Friday unsettled cooler (lebuine lexas Aptil familv of S 1, Ferguson two miles east of riebnrne narrowly escaped death last aunt from fire The four teen vear old daughter vv is awaken pd bj flames and leapei through u ATTORNEY GENERAL'S RULING ON SPIDER BALE QUESTION I r U lit 1 I r Austin T x-s li an in to a question I-abor Comuiis Starling the cener Is Ippartment ilel whefiei in not suit to spider I ales of cotton 10 firfheston and their con (entraliim there compress rom mnies <oild be maintained at ornev aeneral held tint in oitlei to iiamtam Mich a suit that somp pei soiul or MM! right of tb< iiiblu wojild prnl be mimed In iinilnuiiti'on ol the pndup If this m lie shown a connn or ilinttut ittonipv could nulntiin a suit PARAFFINE WAX BATH TREATMENT FOR RHEUMATISM I'.llls Alirll A pni nl fine wnx I -ith bented to 12i degrees Fahionhm is a new treatment for rheumatiMii sciatica, gout and kimlrPd atliupnta PS desirlbed Dr Bartlii de Sand tort it th( Amdemy of iViedldm I he physii-lan flndiiiK tint suppi tiiatirt wnx applied to wouncN burns nnrt ulcerfl removed all pain and i ins <d them to henl rapidH led In h.llpvo that It miRht he adviiittttspou'. lv to ll" 'U bo un reflncrv ANOTHER BIG GASSER IN THE MEXIA FIELD TiXds Id -The CPU li il hxis Oil and das (ompam lioimht in a font mill Hnniels for n Inbtiitduint in the and his re st w is granted (iimpbpll wis honoribh discharged In 111.' but telegraphed to rpnillst n the hope of gfltlng into action in Executive and Former AHent Sup porter Alrnost Come to Blows in Fort Woith In ich hciwe t ii o t in ir (11 iniit mil I slitb Williams Itruit-iU his frit nd md aideni suppeu ti is it ort d in foil md Dill i- pi put I lie it was onlv tht int.eiventiou of friends of C.ov (.oltmltt md I b Williams which pieunted those men coming to blows in the lubbv of tht hotel at rort last night was anuered at the atti tude of Gov Culciuitt in throwing his support to J C FTguson Dm mg the afternoon he'had met the gov ernor a number ol times In the lobby and each time made s-ume dlightiiife lemu1- I atti In the evening the two bpgnn Hiking togethei anil soon Williams exclaimed 1 have known vim Oscar for IT veais aud vou have f-unf back on eA -thing or ivcivbodv vou liive evir sViod for I h.icl hoped vou might he loval to your Iritnds Ibis just at the critical moment vou turned em down and came out for herguson The gov ei 1101 mack a hot replv ami VAillnms tl this wav on are alw ivs -oini. iround talk ing about whu vou iirt loing for the temnt tartiiprs of Uxas I do moi( tor thf tenant funnel- iverv than vou ever did III v ui Iin Then a few tuber winds were ex changtd and tht two mm started to vvitrcl etch ntbei some of the govti noi s filends took It 11 Irim Ihe bolt iiuel Induced Willnn s to so to his room the if! nr w v r Oohiuit would not discuss it but kept t liking U out tbe Hlitutle of th govt i noi to his In ml" I guess Oscar thinks he will go t the Viilfed'States senile for throwim his influence to FpiMison ht snl Dut if h ivii mil" fin iinv ofTice li Texas again I m M'liif, to IHIHI> an iw ful ion Williams insisted that (olqliHt was responsible for th iinti senlinu ut turn inK tow aids the fi tuple nun IK HLE OF IONS MCH Schooner Charles E Buckley Wreck ed and Only One Aboard Was Rescued tr rr Nen 'iork April Hardy Is, wife and eight of the seamen on he schooner (Inrles E Buckle} ere drowned last night when the chooner was wiciked in a gale off ong Hianch Ntw One s nan who remained on boaid the (hooner was aoon aftei mid light bv virtualU being lassoed bj lite line shot ac ross the deck The lite rigged up seirch mhts on the beaih and bbot line af er line over the si hooner 1 he hreik rendered it Impossible to 1 uind. boats -V great ciowd gathered on the beach and w m lied the wreck lines tell i loss the deck but those on boircl could not seize them "md got into i> vat tonlalning 1 i Rai U ti of wax tit u Wmipeiatuie of 1 n de M-ofS Not onlj did Ibis caute m. buinlng hilt It n suited in a pl.asimt sensation A number of patients Buff ilng ftom ailments wirn then put through the anmc pioiess ullh r( suits that exceeded thf plmirium .xpectatlons Di PeSaudfoil U PerjO'is Eitt-ting I ed and Determination of Officers Stops Meeting MEETING CALLED OFF THIS AFTCRNOON li n I! II M i 11 h CRISIS EXPECTED IM TULSA RACE TROUBLE TODAV 1 t I 1 ll I i I 1 i l I It sll III ll l I i I Ij It ll to I I I Is I lilt I t 111 t II i nil rut n in I e u I utru I t i i t s i I 11 ll t m I t II s I lit IS ll Is 1 III 1 I d Hi I llsl I i I ttt rr n la I lit t I i t ll s all I I I ti I tl n i i ilinn tiui i t T i un II I i t bt int, t if no c i 1 i i n ic n t d linn i, irtlK i II i 1 i i Annullment of Sentence Asked Be cause Defendant Not In Court When Verdict Read 1 l I 1 r All ml ill H of tin spun n of It Hh it until lei M I rank itimleniiK d to du lor tin inn det of Mm I at, m w is asked In i motion tile! in the superioi court It ia contended ifi I'K motion that [ranks conMUioii it> ilid beeaiihc the defendants was not in court when the verdict was rt id This action stays his execution tomoirow The motion was filed b> a local law firm hitherto not connected with the case and attornevs who have been Ir, charge of 1- rank s defense said the action wab tal en without tlieii knowledge Thev had completed prp paiatlons thev said tor Illlng In th. supreme court an extraordinary mo tion foi a new triul on the ground 01 newly discoveiei evidence It Is expected in case ol denial of the motion for innullmem ai peal will be taken to tbe biipreme comt ol Georgia which would probablv the consummation of the ease for several months BRIGAND WHITE WOLF DEFEATED BY REGULARS II U trl I I'tklnj. him Apnl li Hei. iHr liooistc I iv defeat il and ns him 1 ol liilgniidH hPMi il ol w-hi m win killed Iht troops fniounleii I ill. hi it, mds lit Smug Tu AHe r i ,h irp i iiMigcment Ibe bilgands fl d Heav> IP Infort einpnis ol ngultis have betn sent to UIP seen? md tb brigands who have pillaged man towns are bping sun minded LUMBERMEN OF CITY ORGANIZING BALL TEAM A ball team is being organised among the lumbermen here which will Include several former ball play eis of note in amateur bill lorn The team will soon be read> to issue and ac cppt c hallenges In Speech Last Fall Former President Said Arbitration or Repeal Would Come I t i l l i s isbiin-ton ill I' -I be Pini ma tolls Induing be fine tbe Si null cntnl coniiiilltPi' tod iv bi ought out a heietofore unptihli-ln d s; eeth nude bj tinniHi President I ufl lasl lull In which In wns i ug W" will doubtless tu irliitnte the matttr unless s r lenls the tolls exemption He was taking of the Panuira tolls bill FEDERAL FORCES CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO REBEL FORCES fhihiiftlun Mexico April 1C (ills defeated it san I'edro De las Colonial" are beiiif. pounded to pieces between two f >rrt s of Constitution ll actoieling to i telegram rett-ivert bv ti im Gen Mlla Villa received ild from a totally un vpect'd cpiarter supposed at tbe time tht was filed to be the fore s ol Gen 1'Hlo Oonziles coin mander of tbe HI nrtment of the Enst who has been opt riling in tbe state, of I imauMpas of whldi Tampico Is the plncipal seaport and Nuevo of which Mont rev is the largest city The retreating H derals loaded on trains and sniel to number 8 000 found the Hack torn up tvventv miles tast of t-an 1'dlio according to Fed ernl prise ntrs vvlm brought word also tint thev bid btfn attacked by a force tint cime Horn the east ilia himself had not molested tho track he attrihutid this work to tht n iufortements riming that his new ally was In pi sition to letarcl if not cut off fui tber rein at to Hie east f.en ilia- took persoml c mmand of his own Hoops Intending to administer tin final blow which would eliminate the enimv in the North TO SEND 6000000 BEES IN PARCEL POST PACKAGES MAY 2 DATE FOR SECOND TRIAL OF CHARLES BECKER Mirll Mav 2 Is the dite agreed upon feu tin second trial of former Police l-ietit Becker for thp murdPr of Hpiman Rosenthal the gambler It was in nonniPd tod iv that M T Monton hud succeeded Joseph Shea as dilef (oun lor tbe defense Tarkeilown O Apr I liS-lnelii Sams panel post will ran; alout ta mil) in u let n tes horn tills plrnc dining the timlni, b m mer in small packages tle-uintil to nil pirts of tht civilised woiId H Quiiin win oiHritts per laps tht largt st bee faim in tbe 1 'ii't'd suus estimates bin irdns will c ill lor rltnt number of queeilK List vtnr (Juiiln shipped hers witb then (sorts of vorklng bef-B in a little parcel post packni-e lo all I nl1- ol rlca I l ope lap in (uni l hina and the Indus Qiilrln has ralxd qin-ens he vnliied at Thtsp lowevtr were txra ordinal v Hit k Hie rtuulai Block are worth trom to In addl Ion to is tpuons the- liee magnate expects to luivr> eiiiilojed ahoiit i" mill n Hi work is tin coming season mal inc manv tons c I lionev BODY OF UNKNOWN MAN FOUND NEAR CORPUS CHRISTI i u I I i i oniiis c hn tl TPMS April K -A white min ippiirenlU ibnul I" 'Pir old wis foun I de ml in i pnsturp abo it I iilf n mill lioin tin citv UIITP dppp gash In ibe skull leadlna lo thp lit lief Ihil In In) met with fn I lie had been wtapped in a bhrl.Pt md the bodv Ibnwn into a henvv thicket of end is The railv t li w WTS the Inin in irk on his shirt and a hluk f. It hit with tht same initials MOVIES ARE TO OBTAIN RECRUITS GUARDS FIRED IN FRONT OF RACING HORSES YESTERDAY v i I I X r suit I 11 1 ui n ll l e pitts to the ie nil mini lit ol e line is from tbt ti nvtl n (I oi J n tin lirst rut sfute i No Evidence of Ten lioisis wnit to tho nost but there wits nt ev itipnre nf betting The htimr lust no time In eliop ping the I nrler an 1 imid wild sho it, or the ci iwd the lioises raied iiound be trnk fust us the tin hoisps well 1 un h ed pulled into the stiuch Mai r >rott iKompiiiled by two of tbe on ll'lid mm pp 1 In fmnt ot tin rrand st mil Ui 1 opemd tiro n if cntlv ilin ilv it tin ron In Iioises 1le> horses e tut tl nil i ui, tl n lb stntih ai l trMitl i c afiKKd ni Hie It i-t In the slur tin and tin soliluis limped iMdw lh sw i un i the nil M u sum tin I a n v tlver wbll Hie lisle u i n '1st il il iinni id ifi iw ml tb I I T i ri I ni ll" im Simultaneously With Her Release Troops are Withdrawn from Huerfano County london Aiull 1C The seem of the Him-.ii weir ofmps stientious an I for recruits Is out It had been suspedid that tin ormv wis hard uji fur imn when the niilhoiiUPs a eouple ot months ago begun inserting full page advertis' ments in newspapers throughout tn countrv pointing out thp delights of armv life md supplemented this IP peal with a flood of posters an I pamphlets nnd tinallv a moving pu lure film winch It now develops Is now being shown In almost even town In the 1 ntttrt Kingdom In- ipason it now Is that the milttarv establishment including' rpgu lars Bppdal n serves and ttrrltorltls (mllltni Is short nenil) louooo mm Thp uuiilir armv enlistments alone fell 2 In the post actorcltiik to tJie'annual report of the war offl" published anl str.ngth of this less than it his been for a decade Officials attribute HIP slump to tn' greutlv increased Imigration of voung Sun to (anada Australia and other outlvine don Inlons competition i> the navv and tbe better facilities now afforded lor ttetlltig emplovment in civil life through gov PI nine nl labor PXI hinges CHICAGO S PICTURESQUE COMMISSION ROW TO bit t i mi t f ih nil, nhti to pi k it nif, tin tbt qu i I in- 't nes oi ill ni iv from rle e an 1 to in lit MOV i 1 i W il most iin In ihM w il I ni ind in >vp r sir. u in irk i "'ami iw iv t I 11 ol It e M tl i Us i 11 thf n is and "tele p ihi rtll unkt k d b niuM Tie i nh e Hit ei' now eillplov I n n tl Vunrtu Mabt si nnd mil tvi mariH The irtln r i n LII tr U w rt I. t out tothv in ik being tlono is farm uitk 11 i iv is being itnplovpcl on si u i nui ii it i null Urn I us i 1FWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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