Friday, November 13, 1959

Waco News Tribune

Location: Waco, Texas

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Waco News Tribune (Newspaper) - November 13, 1959, Waco, Texas SNAP SHOTS Good old clayn, D V D's, No viruses Or allergies. CITY EDITION SIXTY-FOURTH It Auilln Lurriu WACO, TEXAS, I'UIDAY MORMNC, NOV. 13, PAGES UFI- OrJLcd i LiCofl Prtn SINGLE COPY 5 CEiSTS UF Record Shattered At Hospital Ilillcrcst Donalions Cain 32 Per Cent Employee of Memorial liavc cojili ibuled Jl.- 463.88 to tho Greater W.ico United Fund campaign and brokrn thcJr previous records of support n( tJin "give for 33" Appeal. Allon Pearson, assistant admin- istrator al the hospital and key man lor the employe solicitation, silil "Ihis is the greatest amount our employes have ever sub- scribed to ihe Fund flnd v.? are very poised with their generous response." year. Ilillrrrst employes plcdsod "jl.10S.G7, Their gift Ibis year rcpresrnls a M per cenl increase. Julian Pace. administrator, worked with Pejrson in planning the. campaign. Hospital employes who helped conduct Ihe solicitation wore Mrs. Opil Shields. Mrv D.i- Mrs. Elizabeth Uaikcr. Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs Klizabpth Mull. Mrs- Elizabcih Trcc'e. Mrs. Dolly Mrs. Mary Rowan, Mrs! Bill'.e. Rulh (lay aiul W. IV. Hargrove. Increased giving [roni employes ol IV. A. Holt Co., F'ah-Kml and Kr.irik Slevcns. Sash and Door, also helped lend optimism as Ihe IJnilcd Fund campaign i-ontinued moving la Roal. Holt's employes contribute which is 1.1 per cent more1 lhan their contributions year. Kiib-Knil employes ripped giving by 20 and Frank Slovens' workers chalked lip an 1R per cent increase in ihoir plrJjirs. Three other employ? group? [or "f." awards on the haiis of SO per cenl or more con- hbuling hour's p.iy A monlh. Winning Ihe "K" awards were rniployes of West Super Market. AV.ico Savings and a lion, and Interstate Theatres. Fund campaign headcjuarlers also reporled late Thursday that ,lhrc.c business firms have mmli- ded tor Yardstick awards on Ihe of Iheir fair share company gifis in Ihe campaign. They Taylor Plumbing Co.. Stral- lon Contemporary Inleriori and Lxl Ware Real Pilate. Below-20 Weather Due In Area Saturday Night Northwest Hard Hit By Snows AHEAD Wet Front NewLaborReformLaw TO Arrive Goes Into Effect Today1 de IIELEVA. Mont. (UPII rec jord-breakirrs blizzard paralysed under 21 inches of land raged eastward Tnursday! WASHINGTON more land" b ith another 'night in'o the groal plains and rr.ajoi1 provisions of in? contro-jment disputes by p e r m i l t i n g troubles. Middle Wesl a of vcrsial new labor reform law and agencies to nan on dealh and suffering. The racing blizzard had cl. al least 14 lives. Six were in Montana, one in Iowa, and inlo rifect Friday nwst of Lhenmume jurisdiction over re-. lly ihe aciivi-'jccled by the .VLRB. unions in relation to cm- at the Below-20 weather is racing to- ivard Central Texas. Weather Bureau olfcdals avifif ur, ion "ex poet llic ncX-so-cold part cf the jfrur.L lo arrive this afternoon, for rnough of il lor a tonight. Or.e of the provisions was aimed at the "hot cargo" daii5e uacd 50 successfully by Jamrs R. obliscd lo 5lop seven in Illinois. S i x Illinois deaths occurred minutes apart in LralliL- ciashes on the snow- slicked highways of McLean Teamster Union in IK organ- dy efforts. The U.S. Bureau said I Tor all sides, unions, ihe storm packed a mid-winter employer groups ana govern :punch ami would dump up to disagree widely on die cx- IPS of .snow from eastern Changes on la- nilion or rr, plan'.slThe hard is due Saturday by not rectified as bar- and early Sunday. agents for ihe ex-1 "We'll have mild weather until Iban on secondary boycotts by lincjor limited union-; In llic officials said Thursday night "hot clauses whereby an employer is Sre L.-W. 3 front weather bureau -sclay "Then il will get cold, cloudy IRussia The storm was by tar iho worst al Labor Rclaiions Board ihe spawn and wa.< the second put it: S1alPs- Bntal" al'd .10 o'.ll o[ ihe inlo Illw midlands within a week. Ilainniafskjold Arrives in Laos JAYCEES Chomber of Commerce Stale President Jack Miller of Brownwood (leltl and Dr. Douglas Guthrie, past state president (righll, of Waco will attend the fall board meeling of the Texas Junior Cham- ber of Commcrcs al the Raleigh Hotel today through Sunday. Betty Jameson of Rogers played port in o stunt ot Ihe Jaycees' luncheon Thursday lo kick off the seventh annual Joycee Turket Shoof. The lurkey shoot will begin or noon on Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 at the Central Texas Rifle and Pistol Range ot Municipal Airport. (Bob Turner pholo) "The new amendments rr than five printed U broke all records in the Con-iscldom has legislation packed siauon Ll tinenlnl Divide c-ity of Helena with jniany appareniiy and dilli-j an oilicinl measurement ol 21.5'cull questions into such a small inches of snow in 24 hours. of type." rc.-l ol Montana was under n fool' and a half oi snow or more and j Olficial forecast lor mosl- 'ly cloudy skies ar.d mild temper- (aturcs today, colder weather and scattered showers this aflemoon, cloudy skies ar.d weather to- night and Saturday. today are ex- pected to range from a high of 75 lo .in overnight low ol 30 frs. C. Y. Rlirviclcs of Temple. Isoiiin Tliursday, we'll a lot j the nole Hcclarrd cold air in. It will be pretty lhal Germany's proposal before it leaves." 'establish the radio transmission! tenipri.ilurp recorded 'station was "unlawful since it is in Waco (his winter has been 27 uilh the It r.iriii? early last Sal- .status nf West nrrliii." jurday niombig. Low [or the year Russia takes the position thai is I he 11 decrees bach on Jan. H. .Uie West Gorman goveniment; The mercury Thursday went 'shmild nof be pprmitted lo nnder-Jroni a low ol 61 lo i high ol 75. :lake oliicial operations wiihin-------------------------------------------- Berlin' 'because it still is allied loriitory.l American olfici.ils the So-! IAPI Seere- vict nole did not protest agairislj ....j---------. A. lleitcr Amcricaji radio ac-tivties in chained workers, within limits, to Th.irsdav as Berlin, Iiave tieen a i-o'.e in union represcntalrve clre- Russian largel in the pasl.l in nole ilselr Bui most ol Ihe major! oree rn its border dispuie Wo5, Gmnan 10 appeared certain lo h a m p e rilnaki. lup a transmitter I union activity. The major provis- While crilirizing Uie Peiping re-- Igime on lhal score, lie adopted; Propaganda a surprisingly neutral position to-' Rut officials said Ih? ward the bitter quan'el which has raised again charges thai the. inflamed Indian-Red (Tninc.-r powers were interested in! ins. Red China Denounced By Herter J WASHINGTON Anothcr provision permits Seven Youths ejllurt as Bus Hit by Train abolition of Ihn. so f appeared unlikely tlinl the power- fill Afro-Asian group could Hie necessary' extra voles In ivrilo p. for JV mild <mlay, srJiflereil 3ln ss document hcrniise it was.opons llaleigii preparal solely lor tile i p. m._ Texas Jnyc< ivrole JAYCEKi. P.W J mittce Chaii-man Mike (D-Monl.) '.hat historj'l U.S. President have ivilhhekl DON'T WALK IN SUN ?ucii rcpoitA ulien tlx-y found "disclosure of what was sniifjlil iuwild be incompatible uith ihe1 nationa] interest." riling the doclrine (nrnhij: separation of powers, slid llic iirrs conlaincd "candid persona! p. m.., p. m.. .7 00 p. m.. p m.., 5-W p PI m.. Tifll n. m.. n. MI p. m.. ico find tlu- mea.sme officrlnlly in'o the UN' record. llie 20-ipole majority in the rom- howcvTr. rnfleclcJ a I strong sentiment against Pliins waji DC Gaulle Plans To Visit London Before Summit PARIS (UPI) France Cuban To Protest Notes Ready ANTO.VK) b-filn it a stalled school bus and seven football playprs were in- Thursday nigiil. accdcnt happened Just .IULI.I o! Lie Sin Antonio businrss lions. llransmitdng hostile propnRarda :districl as lva, {tking s, l Henur's iinLal a', a 'rom Berlin icmin.iiVi first 'news rnnfprence coulrl have hy 'he United Slnlr.s, Rritain schoo] Itam IsMired [he rcccp'.iwi o play crosstovm Ceurd. I Eisenhower i.i liteiy to rrccive' is "P lo German p.irlia. attendants said one Kvhen he MSils New Delhi Dec. 0 merit It) art on Ihe plan for rs- ,h wils ,-rilicallj' and [on his Asia lour. __ Bcdin nui1. rest HAVANA {UPII The ilublislmirnl nf thr fcjasl Berlin litlcr. Sinre wmild be tn conlrollcd territory, Russia have no veto power over lo be used Arab awl Soviet stood by Thursday to receive thp .reply. Caslro was scheduled to Inuke a television apiiear.incei and observers; U.iid il likely would Ihe nole lo Ilon.i.ll al ihpj aid vfrr.i1 lime. the Brilain announced Thursday Tne Rcvohii'ion.' President Crinrles de Oanllo vo.ce of Ihe C'a.slrol lour. reply lo said lie could n3l take sides a" reply to I wo U. S. r.oles hp h-id IrrsL-hanil ing -malicious" ailacks againsl.lomulioii on vihe.-r Imlia's noilh. Ihe has been frontier will) Red pravprl by Prrmicr Kiciel lir. No An'cufaii'; and ils delivery imminenl, Ix-en in lie .said. lvlln licial sjicl Thiir.-diy. I Ileiier laler r-uihed an by CasTro held an mcel- .il wiilten slalemrnt lo Rround.i that such ril- ing lale Wedneslay nighl mMm llndrr Mabrv said. -HTion we slalled President Osvaldo Dorlicos and CT11NA. PaKe jjunsdicllon. lishl'began to and the Foreign Miniver Raul Roa in1 which joinl approval of Ciihi'sl reply was reached. Ilif sources I U. S. Anibasvidor Philip Bonsai Father Mabry of the seminary riff said [he hils stalled at 3 has been olner persons. saw the train bearing dou-n i-e came up the s'-ccp hill but V iwe tlirln'l .see nay light Ca5h." Thr proposal Pai'linrr.cnt Scptrnibri1 no Hcrh.ile or action. II 1? of ;tl (propaganda against Kr.inee. noon; rlnucly ninl rolil and recom- qrid Sahird.iy- niln-jmcndalions" whirh were inlendrdi solely to help ihe Foreign aid! Fountain of Youth Lies in Shadyside make an official visit lo grrcs al p. lowest 61 gency reach decisions. The Mansfield subcommittee is invtsligating charges by Albert degrees at a. m.; highest since Jan. 100 dcgrrrs Aug.JM. Colegrovc, a correspondent for "0; lowest SLIHT Jan. I H dc-.the Scripps-Howard newspapers, on Jan. 11: normal mnxi-thal millkm.s of dollars in U.S. mum Ihis date Gfl. aid funds writ squan- Tlslnfnlf: Kor "J I hoara ending dcred in Viol Nam. p. m. none; total this! month normal this monlh' for year la (late 28.87 inches; .since Jan. 1 is inches; accumulated rx- rcss .63. The river stngr Tnursflay a. m. E.6 left. Full moon on Nov. J5 at m. Aflrr hearing conflicling tc.sli- mony, the sub-commit Ire namod; Sens. Boiirkc B. Uickcnloopcr CR- la.) and Albert Core (D-Trnn.l la conduct an on inquiry while on a trip abroad during the congressional recess. Tliry arc due in Viet Nam later Ihis monlh. Anns Talks Delayed GENEVA. Switzerland (AP) -j session of the lhrrc-1 nalion micicnr icsl talks was postponed for 2-1 hours to Rive U.S. Dclegalc James J. Wads- ft-orlh lime (o recover from a se- vere cold. Dtrmorr un did nol show tlirsi1 Smith attributed ihe ence lo a change in ihe com- posilion of UIP skin brought aboul by rxposurc lo Ihe sun, He >akJ skin nytally ex- posed lo the sun develop elaslosis which nils down ihe elaalicity ol ilie skin and hastens wrinkles, Smilh pointed oul Ihrtt there are preparations a per- son can lo cut down the eftecl of llic sun's rays whic-n Ihp ricvelopnienl of commercial pi-cparationA (or fail inlo this group. But. nona comes close lo the hj Kid. nunvniem. rcnorletlj early nexl April. Cuban note would bt 'Hie liming of ihe visit, set docurnenl.j April meanl thai an ronstiluling a "while paper'1 .sum mil conference with Soviet Cuban-American affairs with a Premier Nihita Knrushchev hard-'detailed analysis of past ar.d pros- ly would be possible before Mayhem between Ihe tun The French lender also slated govrrnnwnH. to pay a slate visit (o Washing-: Thr iwwspnpor said, "ihr mean- ton jome lime soon but a diilpjins of vpinlions of has nol yet been announced. at this Lime whrn Cu- The De Gaulle vis-.l (o ba reeor.'iucrr'l iis indciWRd- will come right on uw htfin of inlornally anrt inter- ivo-wcrk i s i I lo Krantv hy rational scene Nhrushnhpv. sriirdnlrd tn begin March In iinnounc'inirj Ihp arvl France sei the s bid to re ihcir counlrier. Tlie .simultaneou.-ly in f'.in Pa'.. !lL romcidwl w.lh Ihe s Drinin Bordrr Guard Tiros, Good Morning 'I'lIK HOST rn.VTItOVlOIISlAl, features ot Hie new laljor law, iiiclinlini; strk'ter banF on IiicliclhiK and hoytotl.-. go into cffcol The fioviel I'nion Ihvusi llic dormant. Berlin is- sue lo the fore apnin cl.iiming a proposed now radio slalimi in flcrlin would be (or propasanda Ser-rdary of Stuie Noi'lcr de- rlared (lint Itecl China is inrirnlly ivron? in usinp forcR in its honk'i1 quarrel wilh India Iml would nol sny which side was legally righl in I lie dis- pute. A paralyzed Hie tflleiin. Monl are.? President Klsenhowcr rejerfcd a Henaln reqiiepi for a report nn foreign aid lo Viet Nnm C'nba's reply to P. protests was rcpnnnl ready If yon want lo look younger stay oni of Ihe sun. a skin sperinlisl warned. (rain came on with ihe lights and ringing." The bus bouncnl JD feet af'.er .the impact and ?pun around, FT. I.Mabry said. I of thp boy.1 were able lo Iscramblc out before Ihe crash but IsoiTir were siill iniiirtc. he said. iTboso injuries were at roar of (he s.urf the of jtiV Souihcrn Pacific train. B-.U :Scp WUKCK. Pat-e n nun on Krcrooin by ti- c and i (AP> A .'ormpr- Ivirdcr who s.Dvl nc! Of i'Op from atro" ...fp Curtain i-or.d d.iyi 'JO. st'.d a! U'c-1 ol lalk.i in brhvrrn British n-a5 sMt.or.Kl al; r'orcigTi Spc'rclnry andj ind V'ronoh Koroign ihiMs'n a >r.rr len-f in-, Coinc <l' Mim-illr. ln School Snspriids Minislril''s Dauglilcr MOBII.K. Al.i. A mini (or'.s l.Vjvar-oId su.i- pencifxl sthool Thurs- .lav aflpr shp refused la i Iln Oilier tlio .rr.nwral. Principal .1. A. MePSiorson Visor Schoo! Mitchell i noiice o) lutpcnsjon on fround oi Line, who arrived w.ih i.< oiher [ugpps. saiil hp wajj a former ar.d and would ,.kp lo finri fl job. 1'oa Covers Brilain j bl.trkr! on Km-1 up and! iln nlliir.d.i.i, Mil ir.illir. You're welcome FRIF.VDLY FinST COM KDIC. Member TIPS: York Oov. Nelson Rorke- feller launched his Western lour and made it plain he would nol he a candidate, for vice presi- denl (Page I-B1 A Supreme ('onri decision which would affecl the future of 100. OOn (enchers was awaited fl'agc liower stalled hi? golfing vacation ii) Oeorpin M'age D-A1 A Wisconsin distvici allorney resigned and reimbursed the enmity SI he said he misapproprialed while servinp as a .IP (PaRe nii) Sc-ieuce news (Pages SKVF.V players were injured as a train hit a slalled school bus in Pan Antonio A Coasl Ciuartl inquiry continued in Ihe fire and explosion in the Houston ship channel last weekend Lenders were spellbound by .lolin Milton Addison'a lalk. TI1K SiTATE-IVlDi: fall hoard meeting nf the Jnycccs will open here today Kmplnycs at Hillcrosi topped their former conlrihutions lo the United Fund Below-20 weather is forecast, (or Central Texas nighL IForesl Service Employe Scl Clnlifoniia Fire I.O.S ANGELES API A dis- U.S. r'orcit Service rm- adiiiiUcd ih? Angeles lire Ihi; hilled IM'O ai-wn said iTh-.irsd.iy. 1 Forest Richard F. iDroege Mid Wiliiam D. Gratjr in. o( nearby signed ja statement admitcnb he "Ml for spile." Grater a 'of the ,srrvicc. tled :'for reasons The which started Oct. 13. 11.000 aeres in Angf'.as ;Na'.iona! Forest 30 rwrth c' [Njs Tr.e .-onrrolicrt Del. Diwge said inveslijators track- .ed Grater alter qucsiioning Ipcriotis to rwar (ire's ongin, a mils north .1 ranker station on Angles Cresl Highway.