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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 17, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 194 TELEPHONE HI S-HSI VICTORIA, TEXAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMB9R 17, 1964 Established ma 14 Cents Bond Election Called Dec. 8 For City Hall, Paving Funds Bodies Recovered At Air Crash Site Flight Missed Happy Landing By Scant 18 Inches, Officer Says LAS VEGAS, Ncv. (AP) were strewn for 100 lo 150 Seaiehcrs found a missing air- yards. iner and Ihc bodies of 20 per-' First reporls were (hat 28 per- sons died members of (he plane crew and 25 passengers. Then another body was found A sheriff's deputy beautiful, 2-year-old 'an that hail the Bonanza Air Lines official said. She was identifcd Vegas flight as the daughter of William T. Ibocti but 18 inches higher iljRiley of Las Vegas, a Bonanza sons scattered over a snow- swept inounlainlop Monday. IIKUMNC. UN1TKI) FUND Some 57 Future Hoinuimkcrs of America members at Victoria High School have volunteered to assist the general gifts division nl the United Fund in its campaign which begins '1 uesday. Talking over plans to the United Fund drive arc. It'll to right seated. Ruby Myers, a team captain, and FHA'cr Bonnie' LcJune, and left to right standing, Sara Stephens, FHA member, and Haimo Jones, a general gills seclion chairman. (Advocate Photo) UF To Kick Off General Division would not have crashed Sunday night in a blinding storm, killing [all aboard. The twin-engine propjet plane lay in Ihrcc pieces on the [foot rocky butle tail, fuselage 'and cockpit in a 150-yard line [pointing towards its goal: Las 'Vegas McCarran 'miles northeast. Field nine employe who wilh his wife died in the crash. In an arroyo 500 yards below Ihe wreckage, 150 searchers set up a temporary base, wilh a campfirc at which to warm themselves between turns at extricating the bodies. This was Ihe fourth fatal [plane crash in a decade in Ihc Helicopters lifted sheriff's mountains thai rim the Las Ve- deputics lo Ihe scene inacces- gas valley. It raised Nevada's siblc on fool. Five bodies were plane-crash death loll this year visible; the others had to be duglto 1-13, worst in the state's bislo- out of snow drilled as deep as ry. Two Propositions Ask Million lly TOM U, 1-TI'K Ailriu'iilc Staff Wrilo- City Council called Monday for a bond election on Dec. 8 to provide for city hall and police station, and asked voters (or another lo sup- plement paving funds iu the current drain- aye and paving bond program. Mayor Kompor Williams Jr. emphasised lliiil the bonds can be issued by without iin increase in cither stalCi t0 the tax rale or property valu- ations." The two called for will appear as separate propo- vidc right-of-way for both proj- ects, which was one of the major factors increasing the cost of the paving program. four feet. The Ncllis The airliner crashed only five miles from the glistening DCS wreckage still visible from Las Vegas and a magnet (or occasional hikers in which ilo Clark County Civil Defensejfilm star Carole Lombard died Victoria County Will 2Vi miles belowiin 10-12 while returning from a huge helicopters from Air Force Base com- pleted early Monday afternoon [the task of bringing the bodies KKOM KING TUT'S H. William De Long, world traveler, diplomat and former military at- tache in the Middle East, presented for display a replica of an Egyptian wall hanying which had been found in King Tutankhamen's Tomb, for Col. N. D. 1-lugins (left) and Henry Hauschild Jr. (cen- Do Long is dressed in Ihc attire worn by the late King Ibn Saud when be called on a president of the United States. sitions on the ballot and cither' Recalling that the city orig- could he rejected without af-jinally passed Un- feeling the other, but Coimcil-ldrainage and for pav- mnn Vcllon 13. Cowden pointed'ing, Klotz said that a out that failure of Ihe program was promised, supplementary issue [or The city expected to augment improvements "would mean.Ihc in bond funds with curtailment of our program, property assessments of and people have indicated to 000. This amount to a total pro- mo that they want to sec of through to completion." I the slale highway con- ti'ibulioii, he said Ihe total pro- Cnnti-K-l Awinlnl LniilirKl il licit wjl] ,n Earlier council had awarded: jn ncw and thorough- cunlracl for the fifth drainage furc facilities. Mid-East Culture Fundhas'Yt busy "schedule lined lien the crash site. Ambulances sales tour. J ff up Ibis wek beginning with 'took them lo a Las Vegas mor-; Flight 114 was three minutes; j n H kickoff luncheon for the tuary. I from a landing when it disap- I g, eral gifts division Tuesday noon wl11 hc Las Vegas newsman from McCarran Fields project under the existing bond program to Iteldcnfels Broth- ers of Corpus Chrisli, on a low ibid of In discussing lhat project, Engineer Bill Klotz said thai "there has been some confu- The calculation of assessment revenue was another factor in the current shortage of funds. The figure was an early estimate, anil laler the assessment rate was lowered. In addition, the calculation was at Tolah's Fine Foods. 'this year by a group of screen at Sunday The general division is Future llomemakers ofjvisit to the scene: "It seemed'" by Claude Matthews. His i America M'ction clnmnien include Otto' from Victoria all 20 died instantly. The some badly broken, Stale Prison Soon To Get Yav McLain School, who have volunteered _ In assist in the campaign. Their j team captains will be Jack! 1 Sheriff's jeeps and squad cars immediately began a search, assembling on the road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A JLas Vegas motorit's report [senl Ihem, it turned out, in Ihe j Harris, Mrs. Margaret Easley, illuby Myers and Mrs. Shirley [l.aPlunl.' Goal of Ihe drive is winch will be divided among 'IB participating agencies. Last Court 'of'a-hnin-d Ze'uV Wf LEOPOLDVILLE. The Congo ris Violet VVr T" boon rebels announced [falling heavily as an estimated McMn's he, n', [they planned to men in jeeps and trucks srn i'i .n. 'iC Ko" campaign medical missionarvlplowed through it the rest of the receive T the dhric clerk's mi111' "l'ce wil1 D'- Carlson Monday ihinight. Across the whole Las Vc- Mn'mhv mve{ to[ a Stanlcvvillc, but then fell silent gas Valley Ihc snow Ihe first .Ulllm.l f I_______ ...nr. 1 jright direction. Baker said he'd seen "a Bonanza plane, 70 to 100 feet off the ground, heading southeast. There were no landing lights on. One landing gear was down." The season's first snow was By IUAUILYN WAIDA Ailvocale Women's Editor Amid bolls of brocade, silks, mcnl." silver nnd gold metallic weaves, hand painted museum pieces and art Ircasures from (he Middle Easl, H. William DC Long dazzled members of the office Mo hv mi'01 (CI a Stanlevvillc, but then fell silent gas Valley Ihc This n ens tin' Innsfer of 'cllnt'slli'.v Continental Inn. on fate. heavy fall sine Mrs Milin fi m hci lllc> lilc' U.S. embassv here said H14 inches deep. cunlv 'ii con sol esl-'e ami employe hiul no direct from The snowfall unim> umiinis 10 inc. M.ue ._ ,_ Executive Dinner Club with color, culture and entertain- sion" about the manner in which based on 100 per cent collcc- j Ihe bids were called. Reviewing'tions. City Manager John Lee the entire drainage program, hoi reiterated Monday that collcc- isaid lhat six small lateral proj-i'ion probably will never be 100 'eels joining major drainage cenl and that many people "It's a Man's World." he said cilities were listed as additive alternates on this bid, which "will be paying on time, which will mean that 1 don't have this smiling bravely and looking Ihc [sufficient funds after complct- meant that the alternates wouldimoney by the time I have to he included only if the city hadipay off the major contracts." feminine members of the aud- ience in the eye, as hc explained that in the Middle East "men are the peacock's, the head of ing (he basic drainage work. Continuing, he said that "we have never been in trouble on Prospective Grand J urors Are Identified Identities of prospective niem-s hers of the Victoria ice 19-10 was 3 Jury which will be the house, and svoinen walk paces behind and eat leftovers. the but that the city Adoiniale Fumls Klolx. stated an assessment revenue estimates of Monday, but again emphasized to council that "this is based on 100 per cent collection.' And this is as it should be." Toward Ihe end of the talk, he showed how the western world bad switched customs and women had become the pca- jcocks with rich fabrics and vi- Ibranl colors. was running short of money in p.a.VIB5. supplementary figure to be in- pensate, some drainage costs originally included in paving contract specifications had been shifted to the drainage fund. City Crews As reported earlier, this would presentation, illave meant that city crews ill) have had to do the Hunts-'dSo II slopped about 8 fall-winter term were released and Deputy Sheriff Carl Monday by the district be onlv 'few d'ivs -iw'iv session for Ihc employe division. Stanleyville broadcast Sun-Albright, scanning wilh binocu-.offrce. lust 'when this will coinr could Al'ea Rifts division holds ils day announced the rcbels'lars from a parallel ridge 10' Those selected were Marlin L. not ascertainptl Monday he- kickoff ift p.m. Thursday "agreed in principle to an spoiled the of 406 W._Water_St.; cause Sheriff M W. Marshall Ita-v Wilson's. II will be the'of Hie United States Consul" was'out of town division lo begin ils part Carlson's (ate. Dome, Certified copies of Ihc judg- "U! campaign. Americans mcnl. sentence, mandate and -anxiously awaiting o uranci Jury wn en w oe cr projccls as time moncy in pl.ogrc! caravan along the ancient permitted over the next two or t e _ aelm. eluded in the December bond election, Councilwoman Be a Martin suggested to give the city adequate funds. As for the drainage program ilself, Klotz said original cost estimates on the first four proj- ects (either completed or now in progress) was and wreckage on Ardcnlest I. Hosey of IU. 5, Box 333-B; a stone buttc shapodiMrs. Eva Y. Seger of Ixima an inverted ice cream St., Mrs. Martha J. Puck- word from ;wilh ragged sides ,ett of 1008 E Sabrne St.; John lual bid total was Porl Sudan lo three years so that all The bid total for Drain- the ancient cities of Luxor paving could be accom- age Project No. 5, including all alternates, amounts to 305.70. This plus costs of the four earlier projects amounts to slightly more than "So you see, we are well within our estimates and avail- Klolz nak, Thebes, Cairo, and onward jplished. (n Petra, Baghdad, Palmyra, Passage of the sup. Mecca, ML Sinai, Jcrash Damas-ipicmental funds will eliminate cus, Byblos, Baalhcck, and the the necessity for this, however, ports of Tyre and Sidqn. The lecturer described presentation as a touch of "fan- lasy and a liltle educational In addition n's! costs which to unanticipated haw: the rebels on Carlson, said the1 Copters (lew lo the scene andiSlormont of 1D01 E. Warren negotiation broadcast when it reported no survivors. ,Avc.: William B. Bayer of Box fused to leave his Congolese pa- i pliine south lion slaying of Mrs. Connie Wil- n liams of Kl Toro. is scheduled lo apiicar or Wednes- dav bt'Ion1 Kc'llv. ticnls iheadquartcrs is in a block-wall, broadcast fhe rebels charged Carlson former school building at Ar- quoted an order of Ihc day being a major in the U.S.iden, a gypsum-mining commu- Drive; David E. Sheffield of spice launched with word pictures ofi the ancient historic events, Thls moans that 2307 E. Walnut St.; bi( for (See ELECTION. Page 3) lincsr Air Force unit that poldville said they were puzzl <Si'c riSISO.V. a) shol "a U.S. pilolk'ss high (See U. S.. Cage 0) sued by Defense Minister Mnr-'jirmcil forces and a spy. An l.npluim shal Lin I'iao commending a U.S. Embassy Leo i M Me- Chincsr- ...................ess nigh (See U. S., Pag. allilnnv n'cuiuiaissiincL' military..........----..........................- intruding over China's' Inrilnriril air space over Ihe A area of central siiiilh China." In Washington, Air Force soun-c.s said no U.S. planes wen' missing. "It wasn't one of an official said. nity of about 50. Hill of Box I1G, Telterner; Den-[ [u can look out my of 330S N. Cypress Si.'. 1 see the (ail of the plane Z'.ilWarren Ball of lit. A, Box lOfi, f <Sec CRASH, Page n) (Soo .IUROI1S, Page 6) commenls Ihc Easl. city of Dai and this. we will be getting J'iSOO.OOO worth of facilities from Klolz said, referring lo the Linurent-Calhoun project JiClM'CCll Please Phone s famous UA, I.IIIIOUS along with a visit lo the Grand! i Pasha's home for dinner, a (See CU1.TURK. Page C) Undcr ,he arrilngcmcni with: .Mrs. .1. C. bagging her first due in (loliad Counly Ilii' fii-sl day uilli hrr firs! shot ,Ioi' Pi-lly laking lime lo grri'l friends .Marvin Mlili-r ad- mitting thai he likes their new home in Ihc country but he hml I rouble sleeping al first because of the Slrike Dale Sel f) Kail Unions CMICACO A spokes- Dredgers, Foes Argue At Hearing in Austin INDEX 'a unions announced Monday lhat he of age lo try his own luck A busy week scheduled for He said "serious eonsidern- Mr. uiul .Mrs. Karl K. iinell jtion" would be given In any re who will celcbrnle their .13rd Iqucsl from the While House. anniversary, and Mr. Kuril's[ The spokesman, Michael birthday and Ibc birthday nf'president of Ihe AKL-CIO rail- Chrisli for a permit to for Coastal Resources morning and an hour of '.mcnl, Inc., a firm made up ofHhe afternoon session presenting bombarded Ihc operators in the Ilock-'riocumenls and data designed Ailvm-iil? Srrvir AUSTIN An arrav of WEATHER Considerable cloudiness and warm Tuesday through Wcdnos-.. day with showers and a few V.'ii-tl! "r call lite Ail vocal i Ihundcrshowers over 30 per cent of the area. South to erly winds 10 to 20 m.p.h. gust- ,ing to 30 m.p.h. during the aft- And A.M. City delivery of Hie Vir- toria Advocate should completed every morning nol Inter llian f! o'clock. For corrected delivery service, please contact your carrier (sec phone number on last receipt lie issued to I U'nmrn'i 3, phone 111 5-1151, between anil a.m. nesses and Wildlife Commission Mon-! arca I to show (bat it is feasible lo day wilh evidence and opinion; Tnc proponents spenl to a point 300 feet from as lo why or why not shell dredging should be permitted in! Copano Bay and all other bays! on lite Gulf Coast, Many participants in Ihe hear- ing deall only with Ihe appli- cation of Heldenfols Bros, of son-in-law. Howard Ilirr-jway employes department, also all within a few days '.said consid'cralion would be giv- Wnlfiinl planning In lo any "fair and equitable" dredge for shell in eight tracls in Copann Bay, but (he hearing notice issued by Ihe conuuis' in Kan Anlonio'loday'for offer from ihe rail- opened (he whole .subject of golden wrildinn, anniversary in all bays in which his granilpnrcnls, Mr. mul Mrs. Tlic unions represent railroad wHsslrr L.-s.n .nni Cli'M. llouslon in (own for some dove hunting .1. Cnhi'it glnd lo sec some old friends Viclor Sliu-y of Ynnkinu explaining why doer hiiiitlng Is nol up lo par [Mrs. I'YaiHTs Tcagui1 hack from a weekend in Kllnn Llniln filnvrr, Clulrr llrnilcrson, and K.'iv llnuisfni'il li.H'k frniu a Auslln al llli1 U of T. j motives and cms. Today's Chuckle If n man rnnovr.s Ills li.H In ml I'lrV'ilnr lie luis nni' nf UMI HiiiiK1- uiiuini'rs or luilr, Days have rules al the prcscni. J. W. Woosey and .1. M. Hum- ell, Corpus Christi attorneys, represented lleldenfels. The op- position case was put on by a learn of lawyers Including Slnle Sen. William Palman of (ia- 'niiiln, Stale Hep. Paul llai'lng (iolind, County Ally. K. of Itefugio County and lltlcliiiril Crlss, Austin allornry Game For a Price Ailvornlr CUKIU) Two iinidcnli- fii'd men liatt been deer hunting Sunday stopped n( Doll House in Ciirrn while en route home. They had a nude with Ihcni, lull il wasn't a iinilc doer. According In Ilieir story 'nld lo a Dull House wail-, res.s, tin mule was (h'litnlly killed during Hie hunl. 7hc nutter of the land wlifrc had been hunt- ing tiiude llii-lvl pay tor (lie So, Ihi'V look (hi' tniib' limn, jus! us If It had lircii tin1 drrr they were ex- IHH-HIII; to kill. ia live reef without damaging il, (hat il would not harm navi- g.ilion, Ihal it would not hurl fishing, and Ihal industry has a need for the shell. Witnesses for lleldenfels testi- fied how good fishing is around the dredge. They also contend- ed (hal oystcring is no good in Copano Bay because of pollu- tion. A stale Health reporl was cited in support nf Ihc pollu- tion argument. The value of shell as a con. struction material was testified lo by I.eRoy Shanks o( Corpus Christi. The Icstimony as to the safely of dredging was pill into (he record by Woolscy, who introduced previous testimony on whose evidence Ihc 300 fool limit was established In Galvcs (on Bay. Support came from conlnictoi's and industrialists (Sec COI'ANO, Pane fi) ernoon. Expected Tuesday lem- xjratures: High 83, low 70. .South Central Texas: Consid- erable cloudiness ami warm Tuesday and Wednesday with showers and a few thunder- showers over about 30 per cent of the area. High Tuesday BO- SS. Temperatures Monday: High B.1; low 70. Precipitation Monday, .13-inch; for the monlh, .fxi-inch, for the year, 30.1-1 inches. Tides (Port Lavaca Port O'Connor Low at p.m. Tuesday and another al a.m. Wednesday with highs at p.m. Tuesday and again at a.m. Wednesday. Barometric pressure at sea level: 30.1-1. Sunset Tuesday. Sunriso Wednesday. Weather extremes (or this date: Low 31 in IS120; high in Tim liiumnanun on ilal.i r n m Ihe tJ.S Jlmeau Victoria Salute Lo U idled Fund United Service Organization (A Parlidpaiing Agency) What il Does: Wherever Iliere arc United Stales service- men, there is a USO center nearby, where they can find someone lo talk lo, and a lltlle bit of home. Tentative allocation from UF next year: One Gift Mmty Wonders