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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 11, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE llSlh 188 TELEPHONE HI S-HSI VICTORIA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER H, Ksl.illllbhcd 1810 Mud Slides Worsen in California Destruction, Den Hi 'Result LOS ANtifcLKS (AP) Workmen dug the body of a rainstorm victim out of a de- bris-clogged check dam Tues- day and singer Frank Sinatra identified it as that of Mrs. Ai- mcB Miller, wife of his piano1 accompanist. Meanwhile, a new storm soaked southern California, bringing evacuations and more mud lo Die Biirbank area where, Mrs. Milter vanished Monday. .Mrs, Miller, 47, was swept of a mile to her death by a torrent of mud that wiecked her family's Mfi.OOO home in a residential canyon area. Along with Mrs. Miller, the torrent pushed seven ears inlo Hie calch basin. Hushnml Rescued Her husband, William, 48, was rescued from the hood of his car, (rapped in a river of silt. Their daughter, Meredith, 17, climbed lo safety. Eight homes besides Ihe Millers' were dam- aged. Sinatra made the identifica- tion at a mortuary. Tiic storm spread southward from northern California, where YULE PRIZES Lighting Contest Dates Announced 14 Cents 1 ctn Kcsidcnls of metropolitan Victorfn will liavc (lie op- portunity again this to compete for valuable prizes in a Christmas lighting con- test be jointly sponsored by The Advocate and Cen- tral Tower and Light Co. All entries must be in by noon on Dec. 18, and win- tiers will he announced nn Dee. Hie sponsors an- Tuesdav. First prize will lie oilier being Siift, SIS, iincl two prices, Kn- trii-s need nnl be expensive nor rlahonite, since Eippro- pvinEuness, urigimitity and HOIM! taste will be llic kuy tuotors in selecting winners. An entry blank anoears on Piige 0 nf totUty's L'lile for (lie conveniDJiee of lliosc whii wish to enter. To enter, a family must (ill out (lie coupon ami imtll it tc The Advocate, 0. nnx ISIS. In addition lo llic actual conlesl for individual resi- dences, the sponsors urge garden flubs and oilier neighborhood groups lo sponsor competitions in their own localities. pointing out Ihut Ihe purpose of the confesl is (o "slinw (he com- munity's to llmsc who mid In (lie Christ- mas spirit by creating at- tractive home I'm- judging, the ing displays must be lighted between Dec. 18 and Dec. 22. Sixty luciil families en- tered (he contest last yenr. with Mr. nncl Mrs. Marvin Hccse of 'aoz K. Mistletoe NATO Fleet Germans Seek 3 U.S. Ships WASHINGTON (AP) Wesl German Defense Minister Km (Jwe von Hasset said Tuesday night France has not torpedoed the proposed NATO nuclpaj fleet and he expressed the hope that Britain will join in deicl j oping it. j About Criticism Von llassel arrived in Wash- 1 jington lo review with Defense (Secretary Robert S. McNnmara jthc West German and [program of purchasing miliUc hardware in the United States jlle reporledly is ready lo buy [Ihrcc destroyers. i Von llassel was (uiostioncd by [newsmen about strong and 'unexpected French criticism of McNamar a Talks Stress Budget Savings llic lop Names flcc, 0, Mul of all entries will IK. i _______ s. published in The cate prior to the tilalcral Nuclear Force as il is called. Asked whether he thought the [French have "lorpcdocd" the j project, Von Hassel said be did not think so. i And Die French, he always shown a certain (degree of understanding" of 'Germany's desire to participate Die fleet. No Change 1 There is no change in Die Ger Memorial services, preceded by a downtown Services, Parade Due for Veterans Wednesday in Victoria, representatives of Veterans Council have announced. All federal, city and county offices will be closed.jplan'V'dclaiT, Postmaster Paul Bcrthelot said outgoing mail will bcjdo our best to have the British processed, but no the MLFV other than special He would not speculate when will be made, nor will charter creating the nuclear! fleet could be signed. i McNainara flew back from! I I UII_I IL VylHIlUL 1110, IH.-L V _ heavy snow and high winds raclc, will highhghl the Veterans I Jay observance; whipped across Sierra ridges. Heavy rain pounded valleys and coaslal regions. In the Los Angeles suburb ol Burbank police driving loud- speaker cars and knockong on doors advised residents of mud- ballered Country Club Drive in the Verdugo Hills lo evacuate. Ilivcr of Mint Thirty-one families did, but seven others refused to leave although an overflowing calch basin in the bills turned the street iulo a ourb-to-curl) river of mud. The Red Cross took in one evacuee. Others went lo homes of relalives or friends. Here as in Ihe Sanla Barbara area miles lo the norlh Die runoff of water, mud and bould- ers was severe because brush fires this year had burned hill sides bare of water-retaining vegalalion. Rainfall Totals Intermittent rain Tuesday in Angeles, heavy at limes, measured A7 inch by midafter- "We want lo study Ihe British Tax Legislation Due Consideration Today JOHNSON CITY, Tex, (AP) Prosirlcnl Johnson vip preliminary figures with Secrolary of Defense j Kobort S. McNamara Tiu'sday and saw a fjood chance 'of holding tlio next defense budget below billion. 1 If Ihis can be accomplished, the prospects of keeping ;ilic entire federal budget lo loss (ban billion for Hie second year ill a row be increased" substantially. I Defense spending for llic cur- A ttfl t I ......ic C.! kJllIUl lends uexl June is al til' jof about billion. I Confers With Husk Johnson conferred witli Mc- Namara primarily on (lie <le-< [tense budget and will] Secretary. of .Slate Dean Husk on a II sweep of international affairs. Wednesday he is bringing two: PHILADELPHIA Ifl U.S. more cabinet members to his s s [h h. 400-acre ranch on llic nales River lo talk over 'iiorejsm.vjv L "5'slide in PI 10! Tuesday for Business Climate camiirtalc to ,aml. be any window service. Time Off Urged Although business establish- with President Johnson at expected to City, Tex. lo welcome mended (hat local merchanls1 Germans Heady give employes participating in: Thc Germans arc reported! Veterans Day events conclude an agreement Widening Of Navarroj Step Nearer' The city Wednesday will re- move the last house blocking right-of-way for the widening and improvement of South Na- varro Street, Cily Manager John Lee said Tuesday. Simultaneously, W. A. King, senior resident engineer for the State Highway Department, said he hopes plans can be ed for a bid call by the depart- school bands will bcipenditure 'S for military hard- mcnt in December. 36 marching in onl-v- parade, with three of them The issue ol creating a North participate, in the memorial Atlantic Treaty Organization S0r.1l': Kini; Kalhy Hardy, of Los Antsclcs, shows how she crouched on the running board of hor father's (ruck and rode miles over freeways at 55 to lid miles an hour. The child's father round the Lot when a passing motorist yelled, "There's a little yirl hanging on the .side of your truck." was intended lo keep the radical right in control of the In the afternoon, .Secretary o parly." Commerce Luther Hodges willj arrive lo talk over the business! J- A1llllon "cporlci climate and a continuing drive: There have been reports that to expand exports in order toj bolster this country's balance of m mcnts are expected to Cily, lex. lo welcome n p open, the Retail Merchants Hassel who also will confer W f.-j C? 't C? I ft Council of Ihe Victoria Secretary of Slate Dean I O I III O ber of Commerce has while here. J Found Dead payivu Will enls. Hodges, White House lo lion, mil GOP ualional com- mittee officials said Monday necessary time off. on purchasing the three {officials said, the President also will cover the national highway program and the new commimi- ly relations service set up under the Civil Rights Act. While Republican rival Barry Goldwaler had proposed an in- night there is a sizable surplus .hut less (him that. The New York Times in a Washington dispatch said (lie figure was reported to be SI. 2 millnn. It attributed Ihe figure io officials at Republican national head- cjuaiiers. Tlie downtown parade has el's lo strengthen their navy, been sel for a.m. be-: The cost of the destroyers was come tax cut of 5 per ccnl iyear for five years during llic I Washington, a campaign The body of Mrs, Abb l.avaca Couiilv lo Ihe laic H.iprpsidenlial campaign, for Gold- Johnson there would be no immediate The German government ex-'in her cliest. wreaths at Ihe war memorials. In the meantime the city plans to lay a G-inch water main along (he right-of-way, which noon. With Monday's .77, it [much be completed before work brought the season total to begin, and in addition compared with last season's services scheduled at nuclear fleet with inlernational ,_ 'Crescent Valley Baptist Church ,V lloTson A verdict of death flue to "gun wm, me Rev. 1C L Vance budget for Iwo days. Judge To Speak crews, now running into strong: an inquest and open French Baass Mrs L. mme, M had been shot wound in Die chest appar- Burial will in cntlyself-infhcled with a Vallev Cemetery iin- was returned by Justice of direction ol Ducked Kuner- Baass, who nome. I The body will lie in slate aled Mrs. Ham-al (he church from 1 p.m. dead about three the service begins. her son, Robert Pallbearers will he Kenneth Then Ihere was a follow-up con- ference with Husk and Mc- Gcorge Bundy, presidenlial as- sistant and a key adviser on national security matters. 1 McNamara lold newsmen Ihat e later session, extending lllcir. mud lo a depth of 4 to 5 feel injSS.uoo.OOO paving and drainage Monday's runoff from hills de-jbond program. When il is com- nudcd by fire Ihis summer. [pleted. North and South Navar- The U.S. Forest Service wil1 a "cw ported little damage (o rye seed of crossing the Hermes, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, wilh force as Ihe nuclear fleet is mullinalional heard whati Surviving are Inar llrnl is ___ _? _ Victoria Pacific railroad where Ihe burned area to pro-! lot of interest hunting Irip.s southerly winds 11) to M m.p.h.l1" Kxpcctcd Wednesday Icmpcra- lie first of two days il lakes Conlinonlal Inn, according ollr borne h< .iin lo ready for his doerUm division chairman, mill .showing In conncclion with the cm- )c America h. in his fricml'sjployc gifts drive, it was an Sue Uishoplnnunccd Tuesday by the llnilcd laving Iroublc with a dog IhalKund office Ihat Ihe Victoria lures: Low no, high 82. make our home here, We are said he'd sign il. li contained South Central Texas: and happy to apology "by Ihe petitioner forjdoi has been demeanor and conduct in Ihe to us." :ccremony." Smith, who has been in The judge set N'ov. M to hear elusion? ig of clarity, unity compelling dramatic con- tii thing Hank and Trust Co. was (he Di-iin more than willing first local business lo report 100 In share a treat with her ccnl employe [ini'licipnlion .luck C'uffcy much (ho curreiil campaign, ler nfli'r iiijuryinr; a finger while Tim bank's employes pledged defrosting a deep Hrncp cdilor of Viclnrin nn average of ouch to the drive for n lolnl nf Happily, l.a Fosse had the al- .vjmost psychic collahroation of llnilcd Stales since I'.ioO and motion, tioyd said he was Daring employe for nearly Smith would gd liis cil- years, who cloudy Hirough Thurs.lay with -fe warmor mghl f High ,-l-IU. wc he Albert .................igethcr they went Tenipcriitiires Tuesday: High on to make a romantic duet be- low Tides ll'oi'l I.ava, Iwcen the violin and the piano Port in the "Concerto Mo. I in i'l'iiship, and Iho was (jiv- C'olh'ge'ti Jolly Itogor, iiccepl- Joe Small, niinpaign direclor.'ing n little talk on ils inipiir- Ing congrals on an editorial .snul. Itaiu'o and significance when he Anne I.I'slcr reporting on hi'r dif- II was alsn reported Ibal the Ihoughl he delected .Smith doz- liciiltles al tin1 denllsl office Office per- Ing. Hill Kury thinkiiiH nliiuil Friday smmcl is in (hi- KKI prr i-cnl' ".Strike the name of Iliiil man the Ulli, (category. Sli'inu Ihe ho ordered, and _ i lues iron i.avaoa iini m uu- IM'. L in years, was among til persons then. O'Conor aro'i) 1 ow'it n iu Minor" bv Hriich who mine before U.S. Disl.' the motion contained not ai al "-7 I1-11 Judge Willimi. lieeks Monday I word nboul falling asleep. ,lug i ..t II Si p.m. It us -J I show I hat for the naturalization ceremony. Mrs. said her husband nl his ins.nmlonl- All had been svyorn in lo cil- s r' Mm.: most 200-year-old Guadagninl Todtiy's A true frit'iiil is one who thinks you're a gooil egg oven Ilimigli yiui'i'fi sliglilly cracked. n isday.. jn fl for this date: l.itw soundless vacuum of rnpt an- in mail, high '.KI in isi2-t. ,llo m U S Ihli Vu-UKl.t (Sre Mejllicr thexvhttc, ticipatiou. And never in even ii.ii.ilhc most eni'rgeiitic passages a frayed or stri-; 1) <-'oiU liutc. Salute io United Fund Viclorhi Area Council for Uolardcd Children (A Parlicipaling Agency) Chairman of tho Mrs. H. Klcinccke What it llocs: Main objective anil purpoM- of this agency is lo promote Ihe general welfare of retarded children everywhere, at home, in llic community, in institutions and in public, private and religious schools. It also en- courages a luMler umk'r.stamling of the problems of re- larded cliildivn in the community and furthers the ad- vancement of research and (herapy. Tcntalivr allot'alion from UK next yoai" (iijl Mnny