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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - October 31, 1964, Victoria, Texas Victoria.....20 Miller.......18 El Caiupo 26 Calhouii......6 SaVred licai'l lint lev! IL> St. Joseph vine ij. i tKra 1 FloresvilLe i i York low n ville Hrownsvillo hllgCJ) Ml S'ln IM'IIIIO Sinlon........0 Goliad.......0 Galena Park 40 '15 Loekhart 23 Cuero.......12 Garland.....31 Denison......0 119th 177 Candidates Returning nn 10 lexas Final FJI'orls To Win Slalc lly 1111. ASSOHAI ID Nll-iSS Campaigners for national tick- ets, who have dominated the! Texas political scene this as never before, begun rcl'urn- ing Friday for clcction-cve pushes. Barry Goldivaler Jr. nrrived Friday :iflcrnnon in Tyler for n rally. He will address a San Ang'elo rally Saturday at about the .same time as his father, tlic presidential nominee, is speaking in San Aulonio on his sixth Texas visit, an all-time high. The younger Guldwatcr will speak bier Saturday in Mid- land. l.ll.I Plans President Johnson is sched- uled to arrive in Texas Monday to await election results. A television western aclor for the Johnson-Humphrey ticket, Dan Blocker of the "Bonanza" show will appear Saturday in Arlington, Fort Worth, Mineral Wells. Odessa. Temple and Cor- pus Christ i. and .Sunday in Rio Grande City, llarliugen, Mc- and New Braunfels. On Ilic stale level, GOP Sen- ate candidate George Hush cam- THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE TELEPHONE HI 5-H51 VICTORIA, TEXAS, Established 14 Cents LBJ Predicts Victory; Barry Scoffs at Polls GOP Leader C Expresses Confidence SMILE PAYS OFF An armload of lettuce is held by William Diamon- stcin, manager of the produce de- partment of ;i supermarket in iiiicl- ManhatUin, utter learning he had inherited from ;i customer who appreciated his courteous serv- ice. Mrs Margaret Mary Frascr, the widow of a Royal Air Force colonel left to each of about 20 per- sons who had treated her with courtesy during her later years. She had resided in a hotel near'the super- market. (AP Pliolo) Sees Message Hilling Target LOS ANGKLES troops! with my Republican section "had been locked up was stolen.' ,area US lhc chief tool stolen, land other heavy equipment. [unless we kecu our militarv c n i M, i used by the thieves was an ordi- Taken also was ttre "De Long; fjrm J, cfluipmenl slrength Wn Vnr6 doomed lo'pu' r Wesnnd (Sri I would like to be included: for a third world war or a "S ind n 'he woH 1I vlort bccn contilclcl1 is in-Jfourth bccause %TC al and nSmod Koger be in (he beginning of tbe an earlier owner who donated it e1' chalrman nf tllc t-hamber o: to thc museum. Reunions Mark Wall Day rlin-, The official Kasl Gefma crlin'ucws agency ADIV reported in y for happy reunions with too West licrliners had a hand himself as i'cs. It was only the second throirgli Comnumisl controls by hc. Wared to introduce Mrs. [lie Communists have pcr-'midaftcrnonn Johnson, before the Presidcnl :in ougn me wall. .sign-waving reached its I Welcoming scenes Friday in1 height. nichard J. Daley, a BEP.UN (AP) -West Berlin-, The official Kasl German! KrEilt slaScr of P" fades' for er.s- surged into East llerlin'ncws agency ADIV reported If! presidential camli- Heal he said, "can- for_happy reunions with too West licrliners bad Kit a big hand himself as slldl lllc wnl1 lln'cc they, ago. Among stones taken GOP gubernatorial nominee .Jack Crichton of Dallas headed a list of state candidates aboard nd'y glass a "Goldwater Special" plane which hided al Ifouston Friday aflcrnoou after slops in 20 cit- ies. They appeared at an eve- ning rally in Houston. John Connally did no East Berlin were not quite as dramatic as last year's hut height. BolTi Confident The two Democrats, confident i !1 UH Robbery in Vicl Nam." urged iiiraL'o Connor items stolen ranged downward ..iLii.i Y .1111.1: i IIILI.I, 111.Illy Sunday with a few light whom 'lvc on'-v. few minutes ers along (he coast. High a mirtdte-aged man day 711-88. Temperatures 1'Yiday: low liO. and olhers in Oklahoma, Arkan- ,nf Oct- sas, Louisiana, Florida Georgia 1aylor Delbert Colcman, K ?uc, ems___ North Carolina South 'Carolina' 30' of Co-.inty were ar- as these which arc priceless and Tennessee Alabama Vireinh' "le FBI in "oustonjBe' insurance on he Kentuckv and Mississippi will thc had probable I lO I Taylor as the robber afler l.aVene Prcmeau.v, lhc hank teller, testified. Spans Time _ Goldwater played pcek-a-booi there were many long and victory, patted each other on fu embraces. ithe back. .Johnson called Daley, "II Is terrible shame leading Democratic figure, even a single tear has lo be "one o[ the greatest political leaders in all the world." The cheering reached such proportions that Johnson was who was about lo pass Ihrough'hatlcd every few minutes al the the wall lo visit his mother. (if his remarks, (his disgusting! The crowd went into a pro- longed uproar when Johnson spoke of "Ihe gallant leader. John Fitzgerald Kennedy.' ...o .Sandkrug whose ;n a_ m. .Sunday; highs at p.m. j checkpoint. A young woman Tc.v., last Nov. 22 put Johnson in Snluiday and a.m. there on this cold grnv'lhe While House Barometric pressure al .sea morning with her husband. Shci 'Healing Pulse' icvei. bitterly. Suddenlv .Johnson in his speech, om- hunsel Saturday "Mother, Ihe New Deal the Fair sunrise Sunday a.m. :cr" jneal and his own great society, Weather extremes for this An older woman In hlack'saying, "These are not cam- Tides (Port Lavaca -Porl 0'- Lows al a.m. fi p.m. Salurday and thing be added and pointed lo the gray concrete wall. One of the touching scenes, ..._____ was at tfie Sandkrng Bridge whose assassination in Dallas. show (he film arc umci 'iMiuiiiEi in nitiiK' i nest; ar lime I'riday, crossing Uw .12 in 1UI7; high clothes walked slowly-paicn'slogans four time as thc Communist guards! "These are Hie I; few from Pittsburgh lo stops in. This Iwo women fell inlo caeh'nf a fircal poiitica 'yommg. Nevada, and; (Sec WAI.I, P.icrll) 'sai.1. 1 then here. Goldwatc crowd esti- ami Knhcrl Hay, 12-year- rp rr, Goliad 1'H'k or I real Congregation Okays 'toj New Sanctuary Plans E7ihc "NICEFand gallon' i AT iuUfefchf "nani 1000 sea o'd iwins, who reside nn Highway, reporting a bat land- 11 in-i on the window screen of ICC IIOI1S their garage on the day before children will bc promptly cap- t mated at IC.OOf) in Tucson, Ariz., that a poll also showed that 8fi per cent of the people agreed "wilh my position lhat prayers should bc restored lo the public and thai per ccnl share my beliefs that security' (See HAHHV, P.-cgc It) YOURCUOICK "trick or the opening of goose hunting season Mrs. lirrnipc Slaw- son learning thc difference in First Baptist Church congrc- Vicloria has approv- unanimously plans for a new seat sanctuary, wilh con- About 200 children will collectstrnction lo begin some lime Robert Hall, W. It. McCrigbt, Charles Gladden, Durwood Gregory and Kyle Hardesly. The Planning and Survey j funds for UiN'fCEF mostly he-jwilhin the next two years, presented its I'ccom- par her and a lee, and bringing golfing score down tween (i _-----.......... 7 p.m. acco'rding'was announced Friday aflor nn m-monlh " Mrs. Fred Strong local.Kcv .1 W I, Adams Jr of recent attendance in-1 some cNtn nnctice with IINICEF chairman. All will be tor. jcrcascs and projections of the W II Mi'lcrnv Krt Xcnlin h-v hamls Tiie aelion ciimc al a population grnwlh of the! never'missing'an oppoiiunily to Victol'ia meeting Wednesday cve-ic'ty- make a cheerful sugEration "omen arc following presentation of: The now sanctuary will he lo-j Mrs l-inik Pvhus wi'h c'r've- recommendations of lhc al Glass and Goodwin, rtlrs. Jjmis I ytlllS, Wl.n Broken, ci c_____ with broken ui uiu <it (inu u.j'juvvin, making' Yoiln8 of SI. FrancisiPJanning and Survey Commit-jfronting on Goodwin Avenue, ise in Church will collect tec. Headed by Alvin Boyd, this and will include an office area 'funds for CHOP from to i committee includes 0. D. Jones, and library. p.m Al Plumber is injMrs. W. C. Rowland, Mrs. The old sanctuary and thc nidi campaign. Iry Kinghorn, Frank Cuttiard, education building will bc raxed' to make way for the new con- struction, with [he second floor of the new education building to he utilized as a sanctuary during Ihe building program. A building committee was au- thorized and given power to re- tain an architect and proceed foot and leg in ca: it to thc Court House (o vole absentee .Mrs. rclla Price doing fine after sur- gcry at Citizens Hospital ..'Charge of thc W. T. (liiinn reported in Santa Rasa ffospital, San Antonio, af- ter a recent .stroke Lam- bert Mundrick being persistent about raking leaves even though' they keep falling this time of year Dean Itollin Alalson II has returned to his base all Cnamilc, 111., afler a visil wilhj his grandmother, .Mrs. Kucilcj Sloncr Matson and hoping to graduate and be back by New! Year's Dr. George Glover celebrating his birthday ycslcr-j day Arthur Franke relating1 son, Curtis's recent encounter! with an asp, and noting that he is more careful out doors these. days. 1 SUNDAY PREVIEW Election Informiilion A record number of Victorians may go lo (lie polls Tuesday lo vole. For a look at (ho. local races anil Ihe sample ballot, read the pre-election slnrlcs in The Sunday Advocnfr. llird Dog Preview Wilh plans for lhe new church. During (he past year (hc con- gregation has acquired addi- tional properties consisting of Help your Advocate three lots in the 200 block ofisalesmim succeed by Johnson Landslide, Or Cold water Upset U'ASIIINGTON (AIM Takelegal counsel in each voting yoiir choice: j.recinct so any citizen jmpro- Sen. Barry Goldwater will peily challenged can get help confound (he pollsters and be quickly clecled president next Tuesday.) President Johnson can'l help hut win big, and may have tlie popular vole landslide of Republicans have said that (.See CHOICE, Page It) beatinR pulse il he "They are the heartbeat of a nation looking up at Ihe stars and eager for tomorrow's dawn." he said, "This election won't have settled all thc things il should have settled Johnson said. "This country will decide not (SICK US.T, Page 11) Today's Chuckle happened to (hat wonderful type of couldn't slaml ,1 undiTfnol she was do- housework? the century. These predictions were of- fered Friday in separate news conferences hy Ihe Iwo party national chairmn, Republican Dean Burch and Democrat John M. Bailey. Biirch spoke first and Railey said later hc under- stands how it is wilh his Repub- lican opposite number: "lie's got to say something. It's too S early [o concede." Burch said, "Like Harry Truman in liMfi, Barry Goldwater has nobody for him except thc people." Railcy also let fly at what hc said were plans by Republicans across the country for wholesale challenges of voters at Hie polls, actually designed lo slow down lhc clccloral process and Ihus 'keep eligible voters from vot- ing." He said it is well known The big event of Ihe year (or (lie Vleloria Birr! Dog Club, a field trial at the Pnrks Ilnnch near I-'annin, will lie hchl Nov. 7-8. For a preview of all (lie acllon, sec (he cover story on Sunday's Fun Magazine, carrip.rjmany Democrats vole lale in 111 nn; ..w uitivit ,nlauitj.-Miitiii uy havingiliic day, "il may rain, people Glass Street, and one lot is be- payments ready when hc calls (may get tired wailing and go ing prepared for use as a park- by to collccl. Too, please, sec', home." ing area. Eventually ali your receipt is filled null Bailey said in reply to a qucs- church property in Ihis block properly. It's thc best way hc has not taken" the matter will be converted to a to avert misunderstand-: up with lhc Ffif bu has asked olf street parking area. ling. ]slale governors to provide for! Salute lo United Fund Boy Sconls of AnuM'icM (A Pariicipalmg Agency) Chairman of the Board: Or. John Stormont District Executive: ,lim Polk What il Does: Learning by doing is lhc .Scout way to help boys of Vicloria grow into self-reliant men and useful citizens. Hoys develop character, resourcefulness and lhc ability lo plan and work wilh others. Tentative allocation 1'rom UK ncxl year: One -Many IFomfcrs