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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - October 27, 1964, Victoria, Texas AD 119lh 173 TELEPHONE III 5-14S1 ___VICTORIA, TEXAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1964 Established 1946 12 Cents Council Votes to Annex Areas Over Objections CONGRESSMEN Rpp. Clark W. Thompson of the Ninth Congressional District, left, and US Hep. Jim Wright of the Twelfth Dis- trict spoke to a large crowd of Dem- ocrats Monday evening during a major Johnson-Humphrey rally nl the Club Westerner. Prior to (he barbecue and rally, they spoke to a meeting of Young Democrats. Stats; Sen. William Patman of C'.anadu was also on the program. (Advocate Photo) Over Confidence Called Dems' Greatest Danger Johnson, Goldwater Trade Barbs riead into Final Week WASHINGTON (AP) Ken. Barry Goldwaler flung "politi- cal daddyism" at President .Johnson's philosophy Monday. And Johnson tired back at Gold- water with charges of "wild and impulsive statements most radical prosposals brink- manship with nuclear power." Johnson's democratic vice I presidential running mate, Sen. Hubert II. Humphrey defended the President against what lie called "vile charges." Humphrey said while Amcri- Ily I1ENKY WOLI'K Jr. affairs. Let's nol get panicky have continued to put him in'cans u, htaif and start a preventive war as office." "campaign extravagance" they Visiting U.S. Rep. Jim John Birchcrs have sug-1 On this subject, he noted have a deep sense of fair! Wright issued a stern warning i Bested." lie compared the lat- Texas voters once had an and will vindicate Ihe! lo local Democrats Monday Icr to committing suicide to pre- portunity to .sliow their prefer-1 President's refusal to reply u-ni-L- fru- VPIlt. flpnf 11 -i.wl i llm and "decisively voted' literature, down" the author of one of evening lo get out and work for vent death. the Johnson-Humphrey ticket it: In regard to GDI they plan lo (he -saifi. "I'm fed up with these (licsc books. icxt week for their party. Speaking before an overflow, I'uaaiuiu'cieniiai running male HCD crowd estimated at upwards of lng dl Johnson for 2a; cost of being lax about get-j William E Miller who accused persons at a political rally'years Bncl !'ey llko wllat n DIP Club WMtm-nnr iho otherwise they wouldn't Measure Awaits 2 More Readings larges. Political Deceit next week ferThefr little trashy" books''' they -passfEvenlhough he warned have been look-rally crowd about Ihe possible Sdenlial running male PRep Johnson fnr nf homu .....b in the Club Westerner, the Fort Worth politician termed the coming election as the "most crucial of our lime." "We have one very big dan- he warned, "and that is over confidence and apathy and I'm worried about it." He stressed his point ever fur- ther by saying, "If you're just voters, we're lost. "Remember, polls don't but people do." '-i------- Bringing a touch of tile mcn Sunday niglil in fashioned political rally lo lownian asked their work ----rj j H lllitllll Hi out the vole for their of (See DEMS, Page 7) evor pcl.pctra depicting Gotdwatcr as Plant Said Secure lAfter Explosions CHANGE of Lewis said, "and everything is !Spencer Chemical Co., where secure 1 eel" in a............. a sabre rattler. Miller said Ihis is "Ihe height of dishonest" Tims the candidates for Ilic two highest offices, ranging from state to state in the of voles, campaigned al full tilt as they headed into the final week before voting day Johnson campaigned in Flori- da. Georgia and South Carolina hammering hard at Die Iheme I'CTIIOLKUM SI'EAKKIt Alvin C. Hope of San Antonio, riglit, tin independent oil and gas opera- tor and noted petroleum speaker, is greeted by G. E. (Jerry) Wilson, president of the Victoria Chap- ter of the American Petroleum Institute, before ho spoke to the local organization Monday evening at Continental Inn. Hope discussed legislative needs of the petroleum industry. (Advocate Photo) Oilman Lambasts Federal Controls Ailvciculc Staff Writer i City Council, after hearing more than an hour of 'objections from residents of the affected areas, passed, on first reading an ordinance which will add 177.0R acres of territory to the city including Emerald Hilts land Broad Acres subdivisions and all cither areas lying j-south of Spring Creek Road. Two subsequent readings of the ordinance will be required, _-. (presumably at regular sessions -i f-. r l-'n >on Nov. 5 and Nov. before; VjlIV J. I (he annexation is completed, j Monday's action was the sec-' ond time that council has pass- ed Ihe measure on first read-1 ing. It was first presented last! April, and at thai lime 1 ot the objections presented5! IT li Monday night were given, at the request of the affected, Mawir Kemper Williams ,lr residents the matter was Moiu, nl laved until the current cilv budget was prepnred unel "f Clly Uunc'1 h v city could give specific to Ihe open- liming in ;1 roatl (rora Victoria Opening Ins to the CoLIIlll7 C hi b lo Fairway Alvin C. Hope of San Antonio jsupporled annexation: there is such a diversity on: Residents of (he area with a fiery hard-hitting speech aimed squarely at the opposi- Eariier Spencer of and na .IOIIL vi utiu j-iuivjiiitf lliuiu SILUI il UIVUJMiy Oil. an independent oil and gas' of service in drilling'and not' eralor who spoke lo the Victorialpruduclion that for 10 .services lo the areas lo be ne.xed. jSlreel at Leisure Lane tn sec I'-isM'd it Iwliclhcr provisions of the city Much the same hare were raised Monday night, iheibcen vlolalctl' council gave jls (mswers (ap-l lllc area lies oul- parently without satisfying any- suic "1C Present city limits, but 'oncO and the measure wns ls 1n a subdivision which may passed by a :i-l vote over the at comc before objecUons of fm" prior lo Uoa Martin, which also is "talihsluucnt of the Victoria InoH'-familiar siliialion in t Commission. council. i Complaints about the r o a il Basically, these are (Iio ob-.were raised at a special coun- ji'dions raised by residents oficil meeting Monday evening the area and the replies given (which had been called to dis- hy members of the council who cuss the city's plan ID annex a 177.0-acre tract which will bring the area into the city lo lo be annexed, doj be annexed, and I "many areas" wbiehjwill complained that il "thoroughfare" of mcn rclurn lo work Monday. fncnuifn tmti.T jiiiiM.- it o; nn llu: 'or periodslFairwav Street in an exclusive area. the installation Monday in fear jning at Continental Inn, said. "Our con! spokesman, said Monday's raid- lie accused the leenuhli- of possible new danger. happy In several instances, he uien- lioncd the John Birch Society in connection with things he finds wrong with th eopposilion. Wright lashed out at G o 1 d-1 lfl A I lo water statements about rVllt ing field commanders the au-l-r rlT, LnJ Hi miles apart, the worst in necessity to fac.hlalc fu- silid jt "Do you honestly think tljat Col'C Elects (y b s. BuMw< speaker warned local members all these years in politics, that I on uiltoU y since the first chemical plant kno; rvv [he easj' way lo gel (provide Hie "substantially equal Illainlal) Varies by Gold 'j 'Jin J killOll ater in IhcsojS" much confusion that no WrigW said, "We're winning the At the same" time Nav.v enlisted man, r------ He 11 go down in history as! armed, was arrested in iack-i sheriff, one of Ihe truly great American sonvillc, Kiree blocks from' The firsl blast made a presidents of all limes." where Ihe President ot Spencer t'omp; "This man will give us (he for a speech. A line ruptured frceini' greatest leadership in foreign! Back, a slender Air force1 ly volatile, colorless odorless 1 veteran, did not testify at hisicthylcne gas. Control'room op- Iprehmmary hearing and U.S.jcrators noted a pressure drop -ommissioner Roger Davis held [in gauges and were running to hat this was sufficient cause shutoff valve when possibly a bond- j spark or static electricity ia- Held Trencher, eslified'niird ihp HTJ that about Oct. 23 Back told him i Lyndon Baincs Johnson ever loin Graham, newspaperman came to Miami I would kill of Gonzalc- lo visil rel; Diilo (jrtihuin and family The bushy-haired Trencher, Airs. William S. Kly all set to ;l'so a junior college student' celebrate a birthday today said be "works the coffee Former Victorians Mr. at night, reported'____ Mrs. C. V. Itanipc. now of '10 shocked by the1 Braunfels, in town lo renew oW1 statement and asked Back if he friendships Tiney meant il. Six new directors seeking a solution lo a said he was elected by members sninn niilnmnhilo nnM in i renCllCC COnf nf Tlie impni-tnnt faclnr is not tlic size of Ihe group nf iniiuls, but Ilic size nl (lie minds in the group. under." lie explained dial the power' .commission is attempting refiiilntc production and prices bused on a cost of service. is Ihe new president. i Councilmcn said they can loosed rains of over three inches' The organization endorsed an spend no money in Ihe area un- in both places, 'expanded slalc and national af- til it has been amie.ved (no Weather for Tuesday in Vic- fairs sec ion of the chamber lilical subdivision can is expected to he clear lo tourist development committee, n, J VMJI1JI1 hill) J ;f o Directors development committe'v, his panel recommends the i I TJ Claimed 4. Hy for. w some automobile and in need of o ommerce, some expert advice. J. K.1 Bllt Trencher kept Ihe remark According lo Robert R. Martin! WcathcrJy reporting his name] uiuiii- Advocate SiEiff wilh caution." of the group's water com- PORT l.AVACA-A complaint Wallace stated in referring to 'ml' charging Dial safety hazards are Ihe two car-train collision winch Mondays luncheon, Alvin existing at Porl havaca down- occurred Otl. 21. "We heard the i i cxeculivc director of town railroad and street inter- bell, whistles and saw Ihe lights r Tovas Hc'st-'arct> League, ad- .sections was made lo the City, when the collision occurred, yel OUT j Cill S1 Tin it _.__-_ i dressed the delegates, t5Bl to 'he "IC Im v p As mostly easterly, 3 V; to 12 m.p.h. Ejected tona Fedcras lemperalurcs: Low Association i lie 7s in lie (old. Council Monday night. J- Pclrisky of 821 X Sllnl slillc's Antonio .street slated that due a ue ;8row'ne population, .someone lo the: amount of railroad Iraf- malic -11'000 "ew jol's f't downtown it was Ihe second in a period i of one hour and one minute." Petrisky stated that he got i 01 railroad irai-j between two sets of it is causing quite Saturday morning and that Ih pedestrians and "K orie :i1 inter- hunting and wife, Lucy, prov- ing to be an experl on cleaning and preparing them Mrs. Ilulusek Sr. reported ill at Holf Clinic Felix r getting all prepared for uves at Nursery, was l fi f S Tcxas and Loan r> nrp to DcTar Hospital South Central Tcxas: Clear lo League, the DoWown Lions I OlI I ilX morning after a one-car "l_ cloudy aTuesday through Club and Grace Presbyterian n. -T dent on Ihe Cuero highway Hnhnf r with important Church. Deadline Neat VWoria Hi8lli 1S tllrrCnUy Thursday is Ihe dead.i, Hcrnarri ff elected last year to three year] J, 'serving as campaign chairman [persons to Iransfcr Ihei -..I ,._. sintered Jncial cuts (erms are rjr. Charles Hnrfh- .2fl inches. Tolal of the Victoria County United tax from one volina nreci doing some tall talking about changes. .2fl inc Monday: a hazard lo both pedestrians and local traffic by nol having adc- -Action to flag traffic nor did quate notification of switching -sce 91' llcar "10 engine. We being done in the area and asked arc to have a death if Die city had a safely ordi- lherc do nol have some 'nance governing the situation. ,supervision. Several people wlio is ciirrcnlly) Thursday is Ihe (leadline for; M..vor have also had similar close campaign chajrmanjpersons to Iransfcr Iheir poll K :falls' tax from one voting precinct to Wallace local .Southern PT now-not aflcr a fa- another lo vole in Ihe Nov. 3 cific slated that "we jli'l'.tv il-" General Lleclion. football and UT prornising to Hex Kasley on to cheer the Stingarces on again Highway Patrolman Buddy Means, who investigated, said that ffennard lost control of Ihe d iKie.i iron Lavaca Porl f---- cunuciur, said me (innc under Ihe supervision irfn uihtnoca; Carsner, a nalive Victorian, O'Connor Low at has to bo made at the Southern Pacific but under Ihe rcpre.- been a Cily high at -2MO a Wcdne" laX 2''J W' of a -Ultion lo Qim.n Associ.ilion ana f'rrfncisisi tution i 11 rlle council canvasset Ihe at o i p.m. since first bcinn elected in'day pressure irealize thai il constitutes a haz-i "endon staled that the toiwly lax'ard, that it was not (icing would contact said the nmjcr- supervision of l l lc industry and change has to bo made at the southern Pacific but under to find -r a solution io the situation. mm losi control 01 me Of Carsner Carsner and I ar ic pressure a vehicle during a thunderstorm. sen he has been a nr-ictic'ine Iove': 29'93' The vehicie skidded across thejallo'rney since 1940 exccnl for Tuesday s Marvin Schaefer of encksburg in town on pero rom 1911 (o inir Charlie Schooner grateful box and Iree, and then went hYwaVlHhe arm d c en e as een a ncticin of Fred- The vehicic skidded across Ihe Storney sfnce o I1 TllCSlla business highway into a yard, hil a mail period from 1911 (o inir Wednesday grateful box and Iree 'd h Vcaihcr Ibis here in [he chamber antl heads the organisation's! Merchanls Council, IIKJJI Hl.-W I Matfhews, district manager .suwl. Owlson said. Sou hw rn el -..IV... uiu turiiiui cniirnnur n rector nc rest from farming Mrs, direction from which il had been active in many or-] firaec Monlag pleased with Ihe, come. Moans was assisted by ganizations including Ihe Lions change in the weather. Patrolman Rodney Sissom. Club, Salvation Army, during the day, and iitj. night il is generally preceded fas is- hy a flagman and a said enable Wallace, "When iin engine is it (Src POHT. I'nge 1) INI) MX i 1-1 .i i- n-in, jn, vni.i iii 11 nj (u 11 ILL; lUl'CUb, v iui iiijuuiwusiui u iitiii ihont In in HIP vnlintr be can get, into the ditch headed toward .Ihe former chamber director, he I957' M, Telephone Co., currently heads', eincfin which i charnbcr's goodwill commit-i change must be made at Tn iin nf XV k ctlnnec hc matlc commerce requires, ,.......Vo'ii A native of Wichita halls, office by 5 p.m. Thursday, the People must become aware of (Sce CofC. f'age 7) [lax officer said. tne (act that railroads are 5