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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - October 24, 1964, Victoria, Texas Victoria Kingsvillc Tidchaven Louise 12 13 0 I'lasl Bernard 27 likminingioii 6 Carroll .....17 Kay........IS Edna Industrial Ali e 21 0 20 14 Tali Cily 29 Caihoiii'i 20 Brownsville 22 San Bcnilo Houston Cuero 12 High. Park 20 Garland llallellsville 8 Galena Park ,'M Texas City 33 Ganado 0 A 11 en 14 Marlingen Branch 34 Aldine 12 THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 170 GOP Hits FBI Probe On Jenkins TELEPHONE 111 5 VICTORIA, TEXAS, SATURDAY, 1964 In Campaign WASHINGTON (AP) He- publican campaigners declared i Friday lhal (be FBI report on1 Waller W. Jenkins leaves ques- tions unanswered about Hie: resigned While House aide and reveals laxity in government security matters. In California, GOP presiih-n-i lull nominee Harry Coldwatcr' said the reporl may clear Jcnk-i ins of damaging any national secimly interests bul it doesn't clear the White House of laxity. And Republican National Chairman Dean Burch declared, "The report conies as a shock In the American people because it reveals a In.x security in eovern- menl." lie said .Johiison should address the nation to "clear up for once and for all this sordid Jenkins .scandal." 12 Cents Maryland Riot Rumored A l- Tl -j At Jrenitentiary uelled Parly Healer On I of Sigh i Quickly i -tiwip'ye arc Don McCleary, who raised lhe flag to Oorije Mont-fee bugler; William Carr and Delbert Domstcad. Sam .sophomore class president, quoted excerpts from Hoover's- inaugural address relatim; lo education. Campaign Focus Hoover's on Texas airv; MOSCOW (AIM lieporls [lireulaled nniong diplomais 'Friday that Mikhail Suslnv, lhe! (Kremlin's lop expert on Ihe' Soviet-lied China dispute, is beading a peace mission lo Peking. i There was no confirmation, f i C'rr'J J f "I' o o i and some diplomats were skep-ilVJo AIL- Z-O-7 (lieal. Hut lhe tall, gaunt, so--------------------------------------- lemn-fentiired man who has made a reputation over Ihrcc decades as a Communist party troublcshooler WHS conspicuous- ly missing from public functions the Soviet capital. Misses Funeral Suslov failed lo appear among (either party honor guards or Oistric, ;-S, rcliicf rs vicS 'was killed in a plaiierrasii Sul1 Villlfiy cllll) (lay in Yugoslavia. i The district includes Victoria, City To Host Lions Meeting HOOVER TK1BUTK Some 75 sUi- cUmts and instructors at. Victoria Col- lege gathered at a.m. Friday near the campus flajj polo for a brief memorial servier for Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st president of the Week-Limn I'rolic i __yilile'' Slates. Piclured, left to right, The GOP vice-presidential nominee, Rep. William E. Mill- er, campaigning in New Jersey, asked what has (he F1U got except Jenkin's statement? He said, man can say today that there has been a leak or. i pi n i v i i lliere has not." fffi I ft fltt I O'VTl J But an assignment lo (ry to] FfSI Director ,1. Edgar lloov- "I JL -_- jsmoolh over relations between or, after a week-long inquiry; rpze-tunB's regime and s'onf and speeches iU I alKl Widlilii: WASHINGTON ,AP> The'10V'S "f cS n ctforl The COP standard bearer remains of Herbert T1 Uyalty host lo (he Yorklown Lions m< in iiw minimi- mteicsls volcrs away from Ihe Demo-lalready announced his sixtlvclarl 'ears' Suslov coiuluctcd noon to Jirjinitig susximi, wliicli will include Guards Are Freed Unharmed Fire Skirled In Ccllhlock JESSUP, Mil. (AP) About IIKI slate trnopers marched Fi iday night into the Maryland House of Correction and quelled .1 riot in which nearly half of Die inmates took part. About a dozen guard.? who in lhe four-tiered cell- bouses locked themselves in cells and were rescued un- harmed. Two inmates suffered he ul injuries when slruck by debris. The state troopers were led into Ibe medium security pris- on, about u; miles southwest of B.iltimoie between Washington, U and Baltimore, by U. Col. Gwirge Davidson, state police chief of operations. lie said of the rescued men: 'Frankly, Iliey were very glad T JLi Sate UIL groups 01 me A communist for all but Ki ofjtwo Victoria clubs for an aftcr-i5 to followed bv an eve- UK, s years, Suslov conducted noon of entertainment to be ining session, which will include L'c IK Mrs. Johnson accompanied fue-dvapcd casket moved on purges for Stalin in held at Totah's Motel and Kes-ja dinner. Hill iu Tunnel !by Ibe wives of three cabinetlCaisstm to tilc Capilol. Thei1933- was entrusted with the taurant. A cocktail hour will be District Gov. William Stein One of the rescued men was members, will spend Saturday riderless re-eslablishine Soviet hold at the country club from! (See CITY. I'ago u> John F. Folkcr He said he was with rider's boots rev- ;lll'hority m Lithuania in UM4. He commuted between Moscow, Warsaw and Dudapesl during the Ranch, rse, EH ijiv_- UO.J west of Austin. Sunday il. and Republican cam-'nol.icrs aml c headquarters exchanged ,nrol t T r 1 ictav nynr iinlitirvil lnt_ {'.rod Family President Johnson and Polish and Hungarian crisis lad First I.ady, who had gone lo Union Station lo meet discussed Communist idcol-i fimeralUigieal problems son leaders lo gel them signet; which Ihe bodies of Abrabam'charges aml'later lo a word war Lincoln nmi .umn V duslrv-bv-imiuslr Port Committee Clears jCily Judge of Leniency Ol-; charge was tn-ougiU by llc lras rescued by Governor ,iic cAi'ci copies Codwater mentioned Jenkins of 'sugge.slcd editorial' and Henublic-nm -.skrrl for the first tune in a campaign letters- bciiiL' askcit speech, saying Die FBI report ulcd from Jolinsoii I him did not "clear up lhe mailer campaign headquarters iii in JS careless disregard for security said a slalemenl bv ninth, 1 an ant Coun- procedurcs which is so obvious-'state GOP Chairman Pcti-'r' family and friends Mrs. I., hastily trying lo correct an error in date, since Ibe Tri-Dancc Club first event is tonight at !i p.m. at Mam- my's Cafeteria Mrs. Kind Tracy voting absentee in lhe presidential election from A chartered bus will lake in Tokyo. 'Hie .slight, dark-haired Torn Jerusalem, while on tour of Lu- lerestcd Victorians to Corpus! I am a young man. I here is jn Tokvo newsmen be was a boat rope and Ihe Middle Christ i .Saturday to bear an ad-imorc freer ahead of me in ......----------------------.builder and planned to go evcn-i Harry .Maddin receiving sonicjflress by Sen. Barry country America many; XWIT1 i TII tually to Sacramento Calif t.... said Andras 11 J Kovac.v, who said he left his' 24. who finished fourth in homeland because he was District William .Stein (Sec CITY. I'ngc 12> in Section 10-2, on the second tier of (be east wing, when he saw the outbreak erupt. He sought refuge in a cell and later darted into a utility tunnel where he huddled wilh another guard. John C. Sparks. They barricaded themselves iMuiciitr behind a melul door. I'OKT I.AVACA '_ A Ulirl 'K'KC out of he said mittce named by Mayor Kudy chargi-s of excessive prisoners shouted at them, licndon In make a special in- cy witli defendants. won't leave licro alive." vesligalion tins cleared Corpnr- ilcaill. V IVojc'd Okayed POUT LAVACA Hoy of Victoria, city-county health director, reported here Thursday (bat he has been no- lified by the U. S. Public Health cquest for a migrant health project grant has been approved. limited funds pres- preclude Ibe possibility of police are leaving'just'a smVll immediate award "lls 1S. "l mlr opinion, posi- force here." I3r. Heed stated that the Cal- llvl' allegations The riot erupted during the 7ihuun County project Wl'n' "nwarranlcd." .said t h r second feeding of prisoners ami reviewed logelhcr will] 12) KIOT, Page 12) ".numci'ous apjjiicalion.s from .....__________. jmany areas of the United Stales l> V I land priorily firanls were award- 'ed pursuant lo Die applicant's lie nulcil that an 'appropriation tu the local <le- p.'irtnipjH would bo entirely cnn- !tingrnl Die future jability of the federal agencies 'funds. .for disturbances al Flores' place of business. of correction, I i uu (IIIU CUI chartered bus will lake in Tokyo. SEATTLE, Wash. <AP) -that lie had not been coerced in Greeting Ibeni at the airport'would provided for office M N A member of the Hungarian any way in that ;was Hungarian-born Islvan.facililies ami .s.i-ipliod 'uWit m dAN'AnO Olympic_team, seeking the land Toro ami Molnar said their'1 Kassai, now stationed at public health personnel and I i s l'Clmrcli I defection was planned. Kovacs here who served asilirniled medical benefits to cer- named winner ,isflKl ''e "I' his Molnar and Ko- llain of the county's indigenls of to HK) n companions Wednesday after lalkinB to r rin_ Ganado Church Wins Development Award fiin Texas Baptist .crr has'b e e n '''.'n'1'1' Program, amoni- churches vviJI be recognized w .......jjfiri'ss oy ben. Harry Uoldwalcr, sympathy and an aspirin lor a with Ihe bus scheduled to leave I sudden headache Mrs. J. H.jfrom Continental Hu.s Depot at Canadian canoe singles. Baiicli recuperating al Do Tar ill a.m. Hospital after recent surgery Reservations can be made by (lie Itev. nml Sirs. TCmnmirlj telephoning Republican llead- Panns of Corpus Christ) in and tickets for (he trip (own for the day. The Rev. Fr. will cost CT.V.i each. Panos is pastor of St. The bu.s (rip earlier bad been Greek Orthodox Church of Cor- inadvertently listed for Friday.' pus Alary I'ondcr celebrat- ing another birthday Bohi i) Haitm.m being labeled as an1 absent minded professor by i i friends who help him find his A DSCM ICC automobile after the football win, five voting days lefl, hhan 1B hecn games .Camphe I ahscntec ballots had been cast tn protcciive c. s un the an.l John Dodsnn off o Kerr- Friday at the office of County governmen 3 dccis on business rm :_ it.- b has relatives in this coun- Molnar said he had (old his or.sons i Partly cloudy and mild With him wore K.-iroly Mol; nar, 3B, a .schoolteacher, and.southeast 5-15 Denes Kovacs. an i.ow M !motner ami sister before an. Ihey had gone lo lokyo to 'ijng lhal he was see the Olympic games. c T j, to defect, ffe said be pardcj: j Meanwhile in Tokyo, .lapa- Sllml f; paled in (he Hungarian ,ncse disclosed extreme smilh'ircvo" nnfl he planned lo llbal a Chinese .Olympic marksman had asked 'to join his parents in Commu- nist China. Friday 81, low 54. Tides (Porl O'Connor-Port al p live in l.os Angeles. Toro, who leaves his parcnls and thrce brothers in Hungary, first blurted, "No speak Ihej Clerk Val D. Hnvar in lhe Vic villc on a business Inp rm ul Dave Oonzalrs visilingltoria County courthouse, i friends at Vicloria High School .slightly more than half while on leave from bnsiclmany as were cast in lhe (raining at Lackland and Inok-lprcsfilenlicil election year ing forward to his new assign-. Huvar said 551 absentee v. menl in Fort World Leslie ivcre cast in Garcia Jr. improving at Citi tens after his recent he 5 p.m. Friday eiecnon year. spokesman said Ma would be iwnperaiiire recorded assign-. Inivar said 551 absentee voles allowed to go to Red China "if il in IflftH, IMI7 nthcr I Sl or Washinclnn I.psic were cast in is definitely established that he "igh ftl, in 1925. -he rU, esrarlcilT, the at neadhnc for voting absentee wants to go (o Communist China on y nolico he 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30.1am! it is definitely established, UaoVoVV UIO 12 SUNDAY PREVIEW .Strcuiji Ann of Kr.onomy Next week is Oil Progress in Vii-loriji calling alU-nliiin lo a major srgnmit inn area rrnriiiiny. To an inilnstry that has iloiu; ils jub well, Thr Victoria Adv.i- cntc is pri'sciiling a special fililinn Snnilay dr- volcil lo tellinj; Hie slury of this slrmi" .inn ,il thr ari'.-i's healthy economy. IVlrolrimi in Iti heralding din iiclrnlcnin imtmlry, Sunday's Viclori.i Advnc.-ilc fcadirrs nn 18-page M'cd'im di'inti'd rx'chisivrly In Ilir oil and gas imliislry in Vri'liiria, Ciilhnun. ,lai-ksnii f.iihail. ami fiefugio c.....HiVs. Mf [irndiirlinn. ccnnomy, rxplnratiun indtisd-y, nllnirn and other topics. A Close-Up of Indiislrv Kralnre articles in Klimby's Oil I'mgri'ss Wcrfc cili- liiin Inclnilr <mi: on n I'liginiTring and iiKiinifaclining firm in Victoria that has i-nuirilmlril many .vohiiidns to coinplcv pclrnlnnni iirubli'iii.s. Anotlu-r feadiro a rig miimifacturiiiK SIKTC.S.S, and yd nn.ithcr, Ilic tui- lonliiil nf UK; Vicloria llargc C.-HIH! in regard In tin- m-lro- li'uni induslry, with thrce other church- es in different membership cate- gories (luring the annual Texas Baptist Convention in Corpus Chnsti. The other winners are San liaptist Church near Cameron, Enterprise Bap- tist Church of Wliitewright and Gate Baptist Church of i Fort Worth. A state winner will be chosen from Ihe four and announced at the convention, said the Rev. Hoy Lambert, secretary of (he direct missions department of the IJyplist General Convcnlion 'if Texas. Special recognition will also be given at lhe Gannilo church's i Sunday morning service on Nov. I. (Miest speaker will be Dr. U. A. Springer, treasurer of lhe I1C.CT. The Ganado church, paslored by the Hev. Jerry Lemon 'wns selected alter examination of ils progress report by six judg- es from Ihe BOCT am! the Southern llaplist Home Mission Board. II was named "Church Hie Year" for the entire I (Sec CIIUKCil, U)