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Advocate (Newspaper) - September 8, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 124 TELEPHONE HI J-USl VICTORIA. TEXAS, TUESDAY7SEPTEMBER 8, 1964 Established 1849 Mighty Dora Churns Path Toward U.S. Tides Rise Along Coast As Hurricane Moves In MIAMI, Fla. (AP) Hurri- cane Dora, almost twice the size ot the slate of Georgia, pouited her 130-mile winds io- the U.S. mainland Mon- ward day. A hurricane watch was in ef- fect from Palm Beach, Fla. lo Wilmington, N.C. Seas and tides along portions of the coasl already were rising and gale force winds were ex- pected by late Tuesday. Westerly Course Late Monday Dora was about 490 miles east of Cape Kennedy. Dora continued on a westerly course al about 13 miles per hour. Hurricane force winds extend- ed out 150 miles to Ihe north and 100 miles south of the center, with gales 300 miles to the north 150 miles to Ihc south. Change Dora was expected to contin- ue in the same direction and at the same speed Monday night and Tuesday with liltlc change in size or intensity. Meanwhile, Hurricane Ethel picked up forward speed to 20 miles per hour and was about 500 miles southeast of Bermuda. This put Ethel some BOO miles easl of Dora. Highest winds near the cenler of Ethel were 80 miles per hour, and gales reached out 200 miles lo the norllieast and 85 miles to the southwest. Ethel's Course "Some furlher intensification is expected during the next 12 the Weather Bureau said. The present course was ex- pected lo bring Ethel's gale winds inlo (he Bermuda area, Tuesday, and small crafl) around Bermuda were advised! (o remain in port. Termed large and dangerous by Ihe Weather Bureau, Dora already was causing heavy swells along the southeast Atlantic coast while still far out to sea. Forecasters warned she could sections of the coast between the Carol in as and Florida by late tomorrow the Weather Bureau said. "AH in- terests in these areas should keep in close touch with all fu- ture advisories." Small boats around Bermuda through the central and south- eastern Bahamas and the north coast of Hispantola, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were warned to slay in port. Those along the southeast Atlantic coast were warned to stay close to safe harbor. Ethel, moving toward (See DORA, Page 8} the RECORD TROUT Eugene Fewell, of San An- tonio, proudly stands beside the 18 horsepower motor he won Monday in the Calhoun County Fishing Festival by catching Hie largest Irout. His prize winning entry weighed five pounds 13 ounces. (Advocate Photo) San Antonio Angler Wins Festival Prize Fewell had By MARY BAKEll PHILLIPS Advocale Staff Writer PORT LAVACA E. R. Fewell of San Antonio was! avid rowu uau awarded the grand prize of the] fished in last year's tourna- seventh annual Calhoun County Iment, and frequently fishes in Fishing Festival Monday after-! Calhoun County waters. He noon in the presentation of caught his trout at Indianola tournament awards totaling! with a Golden Spoon lure. He over held at the he had never seen a big outboard motor, a case of out-, one was set. The 9 pound gaff- board oil and a first aid kit for top caught by Fabian Koron- his 5 pound 13 ounce trout. An czyk of Pori Lavaea Sunday 16 Cents LBJ Challenges Barry On Nuclear Weapons Describes 'Dream9 in Unity Plea Hear Delroit Talk DETROIT (AP) _ President Johnson took issue with Sen. Barry Goldwater on nuclear weapons Monday as he unoffi- cially opened his 1904 campaign. Appearing before a crowd ol in Cadillac Square, Johnson shouted that "No presi- dent of the United States can jive up responsibility for decid- ng when or if to use nuclear weapons." Goldwater, Johnson's Hepub lean opponent, has urged that lie supreme NATO commander ie given his own stock of 'small, tactical nuclear battle- ield weapons what may truly be called conventional nuclear weapons." Thrusts Jaw Umislakably throwing down usc Gldwater's name, Henry Meyer of Victoria with his 4 pound 4 ounce entry, and won the grand prize in that division. trout fight as this one did. The San Antonio in broke the 1962 record set by Hnnrv MI-MI- nr vinfori. "make SURPRISED VISITOR Mystery Rocket Expert Really Underwater Man 'I am a press photographs taken from Israel, and not s rockcllElal, Israel" expert from Germany." (ongue m he these were the words however, thai he had Werner Braun in a letter o" for the moon twice, The Victoria Advocate al Disneyland and once clearing up a small myslery in the Planetarium" in Los offilhere, while waiting for Ihe Ihings to get washed, dug into (he big heap of mail to read. "Suddenly a lady, brandish that had existed since las I week. Al that time, Postmaster Paul Berlhelol noted that the post office was holding some mail, some of it from various parts of (he globe, for a Werner Braun, adding that the name was quite similar to Wernher Von Braun, noled rocket scien-, list who is generally credited with pulling the firsl U. S. satellite in orbil. Braun and his wife Jael are on an extended tour of the U.S. In the letter he contends "my jnly connection wilh science is !hat I give some lectures here in U.S.A. about the fauna of Ihe Red Sea, with my under- Braun, 46, has sold some of his works to such magazines .is Time, Life and Look, as well as to the Encyclopedia Brilan- nlca, and a book on Israel pub- lished by Life." He and his wife have a Danny, who is serving with ing your issue of today, ap- proached us with the words, 'You must be the big scientist Victoria is waiting tor." Next stop for the Brauns Is Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, Blind Pass Road, Sarasota, Fla. 'We have been louring the United Stales for four months, and are greatly impressed by _ 1 your huge country and its nice which are helping our [land to stand on its own Israelis Army, and a daiigliler.l, lo stand on its Ruin, who lives in Jerusalem Vj1 closmg' Naturally, we were greatly Braun described his amuse- amuscd by r T, in Ollr bes< regards to noted rocket scientist this the people of Victoria way: 'After having picked up a at the local post office, we re- Best regards to you and Mrs, Braun, loo, Mr. Braun. We're JLIJ., I-.H-LII..J ujj (i ui till LI llJUj ml IJldUll, 1YU iC big bundle of more lhan 20 let- sorry you didn't get lo stay in terras well as six small parcels our city longer, but we're glad to have provided you with a treated into a coin laundry, and few amusing moments no mistake. There is no such thing as a conventional nuclear weapon." day broke the 3'A inch 1982 rec- e an ntono sermanTecordswerebroken in Anonio andwnnhn was awarded the 18 horsepower! this year's festival and a_new m lhat dMsion Cambodian Aid To Reds Claimed high gales, smashing surf and lides by Tuesday night. "It's too early to say in section of the coast the danger- ous winds will be most ____ artillery are supporting Communist what Cong Suerriilas ln border area. Guns said forecastei Miami. Paul Moore al "If it makes a landfall any- Planc where from Florida" to Carolinas, the olher areas Ihe be aware the slorm is ho added. The Wcalhci Bureau, which Ethel into its appeared they separate. earlier predicted Dora's huge arca_ of circulation might suck maw, said it would remain Hurricane-force winds extend- ed 115 miles to the northeast of Dora's center and SO mites lo the southwest. Gales extended miles to the northeast, 150 lo the southwest. She was 500 miles across. Dora, moving toward Ihe wost-norlhwest al 12 was expected (o continue that direction nnd speed through Tuesday morning. predicled movement of the hurricane would pul the center within less than 300 miles nf (he south Atlantic const by late tomorrow, with the possibil- briofcd newsmen on weekend incidents that appeared to he the most polcnlially dangerous in a long series of frontier clashes. The officers gave Ibis ac- counl: Eight Cambodian patrol boats, penetrating 8M yards inside Vietnamese territory on a Iributary of (he Mekong River, fired on government troops who were pursuing a Viet Cong company that fled toward Cam- iUitry never quite hungry for Ihc food sehed uled on (he menu of (he day Our Lady of Victory Pareiil- Te.icher Club scheduled lo meet Wednesday, p.m. and airs, .lack Karquhnr doing Ihe re- minding Dr. Richard Allen and sons, Kenneth and nick, and Dr. Hillon Wllhite and son, n.ivid, heading oul of lown Iraif- ing n boat, en route to some fishing haven al Ihe bay Ulon Holm Jr. at Iho office early, in spile of the holiday, to catch up on loose ends Albert Harrison Sr. among Ihe very few on (he streets, and his mission was an out of lown paper nl the news stand Miss HerthH .Icckcr celebrating a birthday over the weekend and Mrs. Merceil H'lsch- knemper Monday marking n birthday nnd M. <Bully) ,v myior nrai mmimisiniiion Oroeson also marking n birlh- policymakers are reported also dny yesterday nnd talking about hlrllulnys yel, .WnKcr <lue lo celebrate Wednes- day a 22-Inch coral snnkc killed Lnbor Dny morning by Saigon, lie went' into confer the .lack KilwimU family dog cnccs nl Iho State Dcpnrlmcnt then lunched wilh Kccrelnry Dean Rusk and olher officials. uii. r.unuiiiH iiiiimy tiojj In lliclr ynrd al 101 W. Lnnlima Drive. VINH XUYEN, South Viet Nam (AP) South Vietnamese officers charged Monday miles inlo Vietnamese territory, Ihe M1GS lurned back. A Vietnamese special forces officer said the situation is Viet unforgivable. 'Even now, flamed ineffectively from Cambodia's side of the border at a Vietnamese spoiler over Vinh two escort Xuycn as fighters Festival officials reported they found no largest, fish caught record kept in previous festivals. The new record was set in Ibis category with the 98 pound stingray caught by Glen Wilson of Port Lavaca Sunday at p.m. with a rod and reel. It took over an hour lo bring it in. It is also the largest fish wounded. After speeding 12 caught off Ihe Lavaca Bay fish- Vietnamese troops are forbidden to fire within .2 miles of the he said. "We are too polite to answer them. We go on turning the other cheek and the Cam- bodians know it and come back for more." Le Dinh Hy, a Foreign Minis- try official, said Premier Nguy- en Khanh's government plans to place the matter before the U.K. Security Council. Cambodia, which has com- plained to the United Nations before about alleged violations of ils fronlier by Ihe U. S.-ad- (Scc Page 8) bodia Saturday.' A batlciy of Cambodian 81mm mortars lobbed about SO shells inlo Ihe hamlet of Vinh Xuyen, killing two Vietnamese soldiers and two civilians. A pagoda nnd several homes were damaged. Two Vietnamese air force Al- H fighlor.s flew in lo supporl the ground troops. The propeller- driven craft drew heavy fire from (he gunboats. The fighters slraftd Hie gunboats in reply and the Cambodians retrealecl up Ihe river. Two MIG17 jels, Sovicl-built fighters with Cambodian mark- ings, took oul in pursuit of the (wo Vietnamese fighters, firing at intervals. They recorded no hits on (he Vietnamese planes, but a civilian on Ihe ground was Democrats Assail GOP In Speeches to Texans Johnson To Get Taylor's Report WASHINGTON (AP) Am- bassador Maxwell D. Taylor began lop-level policy confer- ences here Monrray on possible measures lo intensify the war agansi Communist guerrilla forces In South Viet Nam. Taylor is scheduled lo report lo President Johnson Tuesday. A sweeping review and possi- )le revision of Ihe U. S. econom- ic program lo Soulh Viet Nam is one of Ihe lop Items on the list of problems which came tip at meetings In Ihe Slate Dopnrl- menl. Taylor nnd miminlslrnlion possibility of nlr strikes ngainsl )ly roulcs. lane from Vedncs- Commimlsl Jungle snpp I snnke Arriving here by pn Today's Chuckle Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were coimlcd and published every day like those of a b.isch.ill player? ing pier to date. Grand prizes awarded in other categories were: Red W. Cook of Port O'Connor, 13 pounds 1 ounce. Flounder A. D. Spiller of Port Lavaca, 6 pounds 3 ounces. Rohde of Point Comfort, 45 pounds. Prize winners in special cate- gories included: Miss Palricia Stifflemire, festival queen, a watch, gift certificate and a floral arrangement; Regina Lynn Sparks, 3, "Little Miss Valerie Yvonne Kel- ley, 6, of Seadrifl, Sandry Ann Ivy, 3, Amanda Marek and Sherrie Lee Mills were present- ed dolls. Wayne Berkenhoff, 10, and his brother, Larry, 7, of Port Lavaca, were awarded the bad- minion set as the grand prize in Ihc lurtle derby. They were also first place winners in the second heat raced by medium sized turtles. Morris Maretick, 0, of Crescent Valley, was first place winner in the first heat, (Sec FESTIVAL, Page 8) The Presidenl drew his loud- The tote inch crab caught by esl when he dis- Joe Fellers of Port Lavaca Won- cussed nuclear weapons policy, and, earlier, when he wanted every American regardless of race, creed or color to enjoy whole rights under the Constitu- tion. Johnson also drew an en- thusiastic response from the friendly crowd by adding to his prepared text an evangelistic- lype appeal for unity in pursuil of.an American dream which he said he saw In the heavens "long ago, one night in the West." Start of Drive The While House declined lo label Johnson's appearance the kickoff for Ihe Democratic campaign. However, the party paid for Ihe President's trip and local Democrats, trying (o drum up a crowd through radio com- mercials earlier in the week, made no bones of their billing of this as the start of the drive for voles. A politician of the handshak- ing school, Johnson lost few plunge inlo that chanted opportunities to Detroit's crowds 'We want Johnson." When he was not shaking hands, he was waving his white Texas-style hat over his head. He got into a tug-of-war wilh one souvenir hunler who Iried lo take (he headpiece from him. agent sets JTexas Death Toll Registration Hits 38 in Traffic ttcgistralion begins Tues- day for Victoria College day classes and continues Iliroiigli Thursday, according lo Dr. Roland Hing, dean. Those with last names be- ginning with Ihe letters S and T begin registration al a.m.; CDE at a.m., and MN at p.m. Each two-hour registration session will begin on (he porch of the Sfmlcnl Union building. On Wednesday, HIJ last names begin Ihc day at a.m.; KL at and U through Z al and on Thursday. OPQR at AB at and FO at Classes begin Monday. Evening school registra- tion will lie held ncxl week. By THE ASSOCMIED PRESS ,j Bine fall-like weather lured he summer. j number of holidaying Texans onto highways on Labor Day Monday, and the death toll in traffic mounted to a stagger- ing 38. The death counl that started Friday at 6 p.m. and ended at midnight Monday increased with five cirownings and one boating accident. The national traffic death total of 4Sff was creeping up on the The latest deaths included: E. P. Foley of Lumherton, N.C., died Monday when his Iruck bit an overpass embank- ment 11 miles from Big Spring. Julia Denny, 26, injured in a one-car accident in grounds of the Terrell State Hospital where worked, died there Sunday night of injuries suffered Saturday. Neil Kichard Johnson, 17, of Houston died in Houston Mon- State police had predicted 36 would die in Texas traffic dur- Goldwater Will Present Tax Cut Proposal Today Slips (nto Crowd Secret Service readied out lo help the Presi dent and Ihe would be hal-grab- per was allowed to slip back into the crowd. Johnson pegged his speech lo an appeal for national unify, saying all Americans share (See LBJ, Page 8) PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) _ Republican presidential nomi- nee Barry Goldwater will out- line Tuesday a plan to cul feder- al income taxes by five per cent annually for a five year period. This was revealed Monday by a source high in the Goldwater organization as the Arizona u. -i.vn t.Q up uii luu riuubiotl Ulgu III nousion IMOn- Labor Day weekend record of injuries suffered in a one- 557, set last year. car rollover Saturday night in Houston. Edmond Howard Feagin, 57, of Hempstead was killed in a one car turnover Ihree miles (Sec DEATHS, Page S) Highways Safe In Local Area Local police, highway patrol- men, and others directly con- The nominee's program was described as an interim plan, oml UUIL.lb cun designed to operate while an corned with traffic safety, be- pvcrhaiil of the entire tax code gan to cautiously but hopefully is in the works. breathe easier late Monday r- ij .-------j r. easier laie ivionaaj Goldwater said Saturday that night as the Labor Day week nf .Tnkncrtn i___i___t_j if he beats President Johnson, he will ask Congress to enact a program of automatic annual uj nn. [jiugtdiu ui auioinaiic annual senator relaxed and made final tax cuts. target date to the source said. THE ASSOCIATED TRESS Democrats made Labor Day a campaign day in Texas Mon- day as Ihey alternately blis- tered the Republicans and praised Iheir own parly in speeches through the stale's heartland. Sneaking in plainly political addresses to various organiza- tions were Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Sen. Olin John- slon, D-S.C., Sen. Ralph Yor- mrough, D-Tex., and Rep. Jim Wright, D-Tex. Udnll, who came lo Texas lo help the national Democratic licket and to plead for unity of the factions which often solit the slate party, spoke in Austin and San Antonio. Udall tossed aside a prepared Labor Day speech and enler- Inined Ihe Austin Trades Coun- cil Monday wilh an attack on the political philosophy ot Bar- Goldwater. Representatives of APL-CIO and their families applauded when Udnll described Goldwnler as n "bewildered" candidale for ircsldent. He snid Goldwater 'would have less Government n nil nrens of government ex- ccpl In Iho field of labor for years by foes of legislation for the welfare and benefit of the people. Speaking wilh Udall at the af- fairs was Sen. Yarborough. Both are scheduled to address Iho inlons." Udnll snid the sumo nrgii- netils being used by Ihe Hepub- icnn cniuliiliHo have been used WEATHER Partly cloudy with daytime showers and thundershowers over about 20 per cent of Ihe area Tuesday and Wednesday. Mostly soulheaslerly winds at 8 lo IB m.p.h. during the day- lime becoming light at night. Expected Tuesday tempera- lures: High 90; low 73. Soulh Central Texas: Partly cloudy and warm Tuesday and Wednesday wilh daytime show- ers and thiindcrshowers over about 20 per cent of the east nnd south. High Tuesday 90-100. Monday: High 89; low 74. Tides (Port Lavacn Port O'Connor Highs at ii.m. and p.m. and lows nl n.m. nnd p.m. Barometric pressure nt sea level: 29.93. Sunset 6M Tuesday. Sunrise Wednesday. This IntormnTion based on Iroin Ihc U.S. Weather Burtiu Ottlct, convention of (he American Fed- eration of Government Em ployes in Dallas Tuesday. Johnston addressed Ihe feder- ation, declaring the Democratic administration had done well by federal workers, and asserting "Certainly (here is no love in Sen. Barry Goldwater's heart for organized labor and for the many gains achieved by organ- ized labor under Democratic ad ministrations." The South Carolina senator called Republican Goldwalcr's program a "witch's brew." In a news conference after his speech, Johnston predicted the Democrats will win 3-1 in Ihe electoral college. Johnston said vice presiden- tial candidate Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, considered a lib- eral, will not hurt the Democrat- ic tickel in the South. His col- league said Humphrey will have :he backing of bolh farmers and labor in the South for bolh (ear Goldwalcr's policies. He said Goldwaler is dun for on awakening Iho dny after Die election aboul the voting In the Southern states. Udnll, In his Austin and San Antonio speeches, slresscd the country's prosperity, pointed to (ho lax culs and snid America's imiiiinry strength Is greater than (See SPEECHES, Page 8) Goldwater plans lo spell oul in detail his tax cut program in an address at Los Angeles Tuesday night. He sketched it in general terms in a statement issued. The source said Goldwaler's plan is linked wilh a program ofi CONTFW reducing, or at least holding the1 z line on, federal expenditures. Wilh Ihe economy improving: and revenues increasing, (he) [senator believes taxes can bej cut and the federal budget held in balance over five years. Under the Goldwater plan, the end ended. Despite a traffic toll that was still mounting at midnight Mon- day, the Victoria area had ap- parently escaped without fatal- ities or even serious injuries. A Port Arthur soldier who was -_, .__ UIL muiur soiaier wno was The source said Goldwater-K-iHed early Sunday morning rtio voted against Ihe shiner vvas apparently the trat.on's billion tax cut -nearest fatal accident to Vic- (See GOLDWATER, Page 8) Itoria. BEGINS Miss America Entrants Receive Strict Orders CfY'.N-J- <AP) New Jersey, Virginia rate income fav rnmmXrfl" y llss Amer'ca contes- Karsnomowitz of Fair Lawn the under the pTesen system ilants rcccivcct orders biggest cheer as she emerged unner we present sjstem. Monday "Don't speak to anyjfrom the hotel to pose for pic- five per cent cut would he dc- This, the source said, would mean a 25 per cent tax cul over Ihe five years. Guardsmen Calm Teen-Age Rioters wnen most of trio girls had Some of your fathers are registered, they were welcomed quite young looking and we areiby pageant president Albert A. trying to protect you from any (Marks Jr.; executive director HAMPTON BEACH, (AP) Three hundred steel Mrs. John M. Alton, head of the hostess committee, told them. The girls, who officially began a week of hard work Labor Day as the rest of the nation enjoyed the holiday, registered wilh by teen-agers. Jeering youngsters stormed the police station, smashed shop windows and pelted police with stones, garbage and beer cans weighted with sand. More than 20 persons were injured. One boy, Peter Zaniboni, of Everett, Mass., was struck in Ihe face with birdshol from a sholgun. Doctors said he wnuld ose the sight In his right eye. Most of the revelers were herded out ot town, but many 'wore arrested as I hoy fled inlo ;hc ocean trying lo avoid cnu- lurc. AH were ehnrgeit wilh inciting a riot. man, not even your father, less a hostess is present. When most of the girls had Miss Lenora Slaughter, and the reigning Miss America, Donna Axum of El Dorado, Ark. Miss Slaughter (old the girls to enjoy Ihe week because "ten years from now, il won't mailer helmeled police and National Guardsmen, many with rifles at the- holiday, registered "with if" You'lMust fixed bayonet, kept an uneasy pagcan[ headquarters and were remember Ihe experience o peace in this seaside resort briefed on what rn rtn and nnt in I. u j i? .L Monday after a night of rioting a" ot al1 lhc _i. oa. (you've met." A Boardwalk parade is planned for Tuesday and Ihe now Miss America will be .C...... wnicsianis wun college a summer sun, the girls were scholarships and hope to use the lo a Boardwalk hole] lo pageant's lirst prize to fl5 nmnntrnrc nAitvnH ol V. Representing each of the 50 states, Ihe girls were also told not to smoke in public or enter places serving alcoholic bever- ages between now and Sunday. Dressed in fall outfits despite sumr register as onlookers peered at Ihcm. Dozens of amateur photogra- phers jostled wilh professionals for position and shouted, "Please lurn this way. Just one more." With broad smiles and the patience ot new arrivals they obliged. The partisan audience crowned before a nationwide television audience on Saturday. All contestants won college further their education ca- Kdllotlal AMrology 1 4 sjnrl'i 10 Itlrvltlon ......J