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Advocate (Newspaper) - August 24, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 109 TELEPHONE HI 5-H5I VICTORIA, TEXAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 19134 IN Stage In Viet Nam Klunili Cleo's Plan Asks Is DOMINGO, Domini-jblocked witli debris. Supports WASHINGTON (AP) M SAIGON, South Viet injured' and Goldwater said (AP) A student mob, howling clamage on Guadeloupe, there was a Johnson's farm for President Khatih's island of Hispaniola dead-calm eye would is "based on and spurred by a sudden monsoon downpour, surged into (he government radio station Sunday, smashing furniture and windows with torn-down Sunday night, It was a foretaste of the 140 mile-an-hour winds expected later. She churned just tieneatli (he Caribbean island on a ashore on the Dominican Be-p'lblic or Haiti, but would press on toward Cuba with her fury Inlact, the Weather Bureau intervention and centralized and called for a voluntary system of agricultural price supports. The Republican cades. would baiter the r la., outlined m Leaders of the rioting slu-'crn Dominican were Issued what he called "the denls threatened they will burn nmt lncn tllc coast down Ihe Informalion Ministrv Haiti, not ycl recovered craft in Jamaica and southeast Cuba, where Ihe upon which I would hope and trust the Congress Monday unless their Flol'a lasl year. u.ji. uiianlanarnp naval base a truly effective for civilian rule in South vS Therc was lhal to sceK lmnlcdl-M ___ _ _ ______ 1...1 L.. ___ "The Reniihlirfln nnrlv ic Established 1316 14 Cents Alabamans Turn Down Loyalty Oath Demand Nam are met. (Cuba, also smashed by At University Students got a taste of Cle'o. j Cleo earlier thrashed a U.S. The At Radio Stiitior tiiiiuu OlillUHl I i i. sludenls massed it, aiu' 'han 10'- ...I- n UMI AIU1 KnrlKi i itnrl of the radio station after an an- tigovernment rally to demand n retraction lor a broadcast lhal said a group of students who met with Khanh Saturday 000 others badly the islands. maged klcclncily was out to most and were lercd wing and seven slightly injured crewmen. Dotli Ihe Dominican Republic and Haiti were told lo rush the completion of precautionary measures. with his explanation of Tt T 1 j TJ The station's director refused: L jLf to meet them in Hie street. Then the monsoon downpour struck i and the students surged through' the wooden barricades and en- tered the doors and windows of (he station. Unarmed police and sonic military personnel fled for cov 111 J.J.X Traffic accidents killed 22 per- cr of Irees outside but they ob- sons in Texas over Uie weekend viously were under orders not lo'as Hie violent death loll rose lo 0. A plane crash, cave-in, fire, ties al 0 p.m. Friday. The count ended at midnight dales at every level of govern- ment because (lie GOP has tra-i ditionally sjood lor responsible! fiscal policies, a sound peace through preparedness, nnd at the same lime has recognized Ihe very complex special eco- nomic problems facing Ameri- can farmers." Goldwaler promised "sym- pathetic understanding and ac- tion" U> solve farm problems. Help Farmers "Price supports should be de- signed to help farmers achieve lorderly marketing within the Bolt Seen Possible at 1 si; vS ess ion Mississippi (iasc DeUivcd ATLANTIC: CITY. N..J. CAD Democrats heading into their n.itlnnnl convention produced Sundny a demand for a loyally nath from Alabama delegates KOmti was rejeded ant) AS! KOmti was rejeded ant) a NS pal (ml plallorni hitting at world W communism and at Harry Gold- block Ihe students. Windows .Smashed Inside, the students, smashed'sboolings, stabbings ami miscel- winciows with pieces of the liar- accidents accounted for ricadcs and bashed office oilier deaths, ture. Nemo of the broadcasting! The Associated Press began equipment was damaged, how-1 its regular tabulation of fatali- ever. At the rally me siwiems -i-i ri i n n heart! denunciations of KtianhV I I' new presidential regime andj ii i U.S. support for it. Si "1 Coinciding with the rally andlAtTCStCC! Hie violence, the government rc-: ieasod the text of a congralula-1 ill ,.f lory message from UJ 1T-IUJ.IH.-1 Johnson to Khauh on the lattoi assumption of just a week ago. A less-age Quilled framework American of our market dynamic Guadalupe Tello, 54, was killed Gold water said. "Price support in a car-pickup collision late programs should he voluntary Friday in San Antonio. He was a passenger in the truck. Thomas Folbre, 21, died Kri- day night when his car slammed into a tree in San Antonio. Four persons died late Friday night in Amaritlo when an auto- mobile had a blowout, jumped an expressway guard rail and smashed into an oncoming car. The wreck happened a half-hour jbefore midnight. Killed were Eugene Cacly, 22; and should be. established foi Mrs. Valda Howard, her rsi COLUMBUS, Tex. (API tlio charged Frank E. Hocge- 'meyer, 79, former Colorado (County sheriff, with murder Sat- I lease accept my congratu-jurday after Ihe scallered re- lations and warm best wishes on i mains of one of bis ranch your assumption of office asjwcre found burned and buried president of Ihe Republic of the Hoegemeyer ranch. sheriff from 1926 task of co of the Peace Mrs. R. K. dom and independence of Ihe Republic of Viet iVam." The leaders of the rampaging. four-year-old son, Timothy How- ard; and Audra June Vincent, 37. Mrs. Vincent was from San Francisco, Calif., and the other victims were from Amarillo, James Davis Gammon Jr., 37, of Fort Worth, was killed Fri- day night when his economy car turned over on Texas 1M in a rain shower. Elmer C, Lower of Wichita Falls was killed Saturday when the ear in which he was riding crashed into a bridge on a farm road near Wichita Falls. The leaders also demanded a popu- Columbus larly elected civilian govern- H's w'ife, Patsy, 2-1, worked as menl for Soulli Viet Nam. Special Powers a maid at the ranch, and he had in near Elcctra. The men were searching for an abandoned oil well, police said. senalor, said he does not seo.-some solution to the Mississippi how the regular delegation idclegalion tight. could be denied seats if they! Tnc smmr sM lho would take a I I But he said thai the were not correct -u hirctl on as a ranch Two men died Saturday when In a mcoling with the student "ami. nrivate Diane crashed near group Saturday, Khanh said il! The remains of his body were Lk'e WhHney They vvefe JeS was Ins government's .aim to found Thursday afternoon in a Tom Roberts, 39, Grand Prairie, restore popular elections to slough near the Colorado RimjBm] Thomns F. Kirk 48 South Viet Nam but he added nn Ihe Hoegeinoyer ranch. ''version to against Ihe Communist Viet! Wore bones were found Fridayicar a Cong. in the ashes of a [ire about three; (t. Tlie constitution whieli Khauhiiniles from where the first bones' TIMES STAND TOU Sen. John Pas tore (D-RI) tries mil the lowering speaker's stand for size at Atlantic City's Convention Hall. The senator will deliver the keynote ad- dress Monday night after (ho con- vention has lieen formally opened at ly.'M) p.m. (AP Photo) Demo Platform Takes Tough Anti-Red Line The insistence on a signed pledge that Alabamans will sup- port Ihe licki'l of President Johnson and his running mate camo Irom the credentials coin- jinittce at the end of a four-hour session. The committee put off until Monday a decision on a ji'onlcKl embroiling the Missis- jsippi delegation. Tile fuming Alabama delega- tion promptly voted to re- ject (lie loyalty ullimalum. To Tfrc fnur fire o.vpcclcrl to take Ihn pledge. But the 32 said they Adequate Credit "We pledge the development of truly voluntary commodity programs for commercial agri- :ulture, including payments in <ind oul of government owned surpluses, diversion of unnecded land lo conservation uses, price supports free of political mani- pulation in order lo stimulate, and attain fair market prices, together with adequate credit facilities and continued support of farmer-owned and operated cooperatives." Humphrey Sees Chance To Settle Delegate Row .GoUhvater, who favors Uie shur-i of presidential control over; sliiled: "Control of (lie uso of nudem nnisl n1] "j Tin: I'cinvonlion Oficns Monday J night, innlnly to care of Lhc it'.s of turning over its eve oMiis departure for political lie believes swciijbc bnck Monday rnorning. An stops in New. York and Clove- said ho assumed McCarlhy land, lo he followed by a vaca- tion in California, and (he for- mal kickoff of his presidential campaign in Prescoll, Ariz., on Sept. 3. oul if tlie regular Mississippi party1! on Ihe slale election ballot un-- On the radio-television der the Democratic emblem. Bul Then, Who's Going to Slccj) ATLANTIC CITY (AP) Seven members ot Hawaii's 25 n Wit- Iflll :galion would pledge that. soric to Wiishmglon but did ly's nominco will be know definitely. Sen. Eugene J. McCarlhy, thciahonl reporl5 Dial Johnson other Minnesota had asked him lo work out gram Humphrey was asked ast llm eve c i vc dcci are for Johnson. IJut cc sin are ,b eel r v cw "f cnliri; 1 "l "'c Ihe full committee, mealing Monday. Committee sourcn.s said no demand is mrule for any now civil righls measures, although steps to bolter Ibe economic lot of Negroes are promised. was challenged because Ihc stale's fire.sidenlia] electors are not pledged to support Ihe Dcmo- cralic nominees. Seals Cnulrslcil The Mississippi contcsl whirls This part ul Die platform is around a regular nil-while stale Jiscusscd Ihi La wren Iliil h vii I 11 "Ucnmeraey nnd 'hedelcgalion whose claim to scats witliiI'1'iivfclUl'111'.' twilhoul mf contested by the rhClar by idominanlly Negro Mississippi of'l''rcedum Democrats. The Tree- posls in Ihe government went (o military men. Sot Hmdf Afire Sluilenl and liuddliist npposi- lion to Klianb's government ha1: been mtishrotiming for a week. In the style of tbc Buddhist fire suicides in protcsl of (he1 Ngo Dinh Diem regime last year, a 53-year-old man told his! Texas Woman Re-Lives Lost Days in Mountains of Ihe leading possibililics lo be chosen as (he vice-presidential .nominee in the convention open- ing Monday, appeared together on the NDC nidio-televi.sion in- terview program "Meet Ihe Press." Both said they had received no word from President Johnson IN Till'] WOT LIGHT daughter early Sunday he was! ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. said from her Sandia base heavy brush Wednesday. angry at the Khanh regime and She wandered, lost, for 2% hospital bed here. as lo hls and had noli 1 ension Grows in Of 2 Veep Candidates set himself afire in a street in ,hc norlhcrn New Mexi. the Saigon airport. He was rushed lo a hospital with severe burns. co mountains. When (be thrist came she The Buddhists announced thc.coultln't find water, and sucked formation of a movement lojnicc from a cactus plant and save their religion and declared sucked the morning dew from Iheir followers arc ready to mountain grass. She ale a! [fjyranny returns to South Viet; few yellow and green flowers, The only animals she saw chipmunks. There She was only about a cily block's dislance from the car and her family, Capl, Coyte said, when she strayed in the ik'galion.s were .called into a Dixie cmiciis .il Uie huur the convontion credentials t'ommiltoc wtt.s to (fecitle whclher to endorse the of all, part cr none of the Alabama and Mississippi ii'ontingynUi. Hanging over both meetings wa.s IJH.1 pavsibilily of a floor a possible walkout. Hut the Southern a flop, II jjtni'lcd, stopped, or so delegates turned up in- stead of an expccled 300 or moie. David Lawrence, credentials committee chairman, announ- Nam. WEATHER Partly cloudy and a little warmer Monday, with a few widely scattered daytime thundershowers Monday and Tuesday. Mostly southeast day- found she was about 1C miles discussed the vice-presidenlial; hut equal Is all I find her way back. ;enlly put in a call for both for the vice-prcsklrntia .cly "She .ells her -Uer-inornlnallon. who have fowht .Presen.e.l and i Ihn conn I f..hi I said, "that she got scared when Dystrophy Fund deslroy the legal principle, have jusl Tilikc! suilcs in the Shelburne Holcl.f McCarthy is on Ibe Ihird floor, (Humphrey is on Ihe tenth. them on the rolls provided 'they the same pledge mem- "Wc are very a Me- ,Sop .arlhy aide said. "We are very inlarge." On Ihe olhcr hand, McCarthy' VlCloriJl iuulahipc Rise were dozens of insects, and on the third day the gnats pestered time winds 8 to 18 m.p.h. Ex- Caused h'Hains cuts and on her pected Monday temperatures: to go to return to the car and was screaming for us. I went S When Harriet Coyle, 39, San South Central Texas: Partly back that way and called for rally milii weather Tex., was found Friday cloudy Monday and over Texas Sunday after "V an unidentified Explorer widely scattered But they not only share Ihe Tuesday her but heard nothing. The wind; d Mrs? P ioiiiid McCarthy: liegular sprayings at night trickled in over damaged rural band, Capt. George Coyle of a.m. and p.m., highs at Brooke Army Mexico! Center, p.m. and a.m. Tues- to an old deserted house. She Tex., and her falher-in-iaw, Ar- stayed on the narrow dirt road thur Coyle, San Antonio. Barometric pressure at sea which led up a mountain. That night she slept near a Funds collected during telephone lines. The heaviest rainfall-up to 10 in Ihe Kerrvillc area I sent the Guaclalupe River on aj "I kept trying to remember sharp rise. jhow long a person can lasl with- Downpours also occurred in out water. I thought it was three Ihe San Anlonio, Houston andjclays and the third day, I fig- San Angclo sections. 'ured 1 had just aboul had level: 30.06. Sunset Monday sunrise'cliff, she said, but got little real Tuesday [because her hip was sore after (Mud on of the falls end it cold. from Ihe U.S. Wntlicr Virliirla Older. fRre WOMAN. H) Who will it be when Presidenljihy. drive will he used in finally makes up his mps- arrying But _______ Ihc i health director said there scem- aimcd al finding a cure for thcjmind? disease, Mrs. Nolan said. With two of Ihp front runners, Hut Humphrey, the happy ex- ed lo be no reason al present Irovcrt, is alwnys buslin'oul allllo increase the frequency of over. 'spraylnR.