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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - August 20, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 105 TELEPHONE III VICTORIA, TEXAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, Established IBIS Districting Bill Passes House Vote Blow Struck Upper Court WASHINGTON (AP) The House passed Wednesday night a far-reaching bill thai would strip the federal courts of juris- diction over apportionment of 'State legislatures. The vole was 218-175. The legislation aimed at blocking redistribution of seals in both houses of state legisla- tures ordered by the Supreme Court on an equal population basis now goes to the Senate. iMildcr Proposal A filibuster is already under way there against a milder pro- posal originated by Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, the Re- publican leader, on the same subject. But the Senate bill would only delay the court-or- dered reapportionment. An underlying issue in flic fighl is rural vs. urban conlrol of the legislatures. In a scries of rulings, the Su- preme Court has held thai fed- eral courts have (lie authority lo step in and direct the reappor- tionmenl of the legislatures where necessary and lhal the upper as well as (he lower chambers of these bodies must provide representation on the basts of population. Power Display Most of Ihe upper chambers have given rural areas equal! representation with more popu- lous areas. The House hill was introduced! by Kcp. William M. Tuck, D-! Va., and sped lo the tloor in an impressive power display by Rep. Howard W. Smith, D-Vai, chairman of the Hides Commit- tee. Smith invoked a little-used House rule to snatch it awav 'Of 32 Cents Threat to Goldwater Causes Airport Switch Connallj MILLION iBarry Says All the Way Johnson Family Foreign Aid I For LBJ Holdings Listed Majo Issue Hole Uni'lear I WASHINGTON (AP) Tlie'biised iut a more emisi fortune of President Johnson approach which il said his family totals 'ami has more limn with OlTtM-s To Pay KorTVDcbuU- IN OrERATION Union Carbide's jjer year Stymie, unit al ScatU'ifl is now in operation, Plant Manager R. P. Barry an- nounced. Slatting of the unit is some Uvo months ahead of schedule and the plant itself "incorporates basic improvements in design, techniques anrl know-how" that make possible what Union Carbide offici ik is a substantially improved pcifoim uue over previous processes. The liqvml of the plant, one of the larg- est of its kind in the United Stales, will be used internally by Carbide and sold to maiHifai'Uirers of plas- tics, coatings and synthetic rubber. dent Johnson hasn't asked me ito manage his campaign and I don't know what I'd say if be did." family's bonks conducted (hiring the pusl six weeks. .outside Washington. Hie fuinl.i Speaking before more lhan In TO.M K. I'Tl'E Atlvticutc Staff Writer [his role in Ihe campaign of his Sclosc friend, Connally said he has had to turn down (xililical [speaking invitations from the .governors of Alaska, Georgia and North Carolina. "I want to help President 'Johnson campaign for three rea- he said. Interest nf Nation "Kil'il, in Ihe interest of (lie [nation, President Johnson would make a better president than! iSen. Goldwaler. I "Second, the best interest oh [Texas lies in Ihc elcclion of also said he didn't want "to (axes levied each year. governor a yes or no answer until I have amounts to some 000 lo'Jn titular head of the stale 'parly, I think il behooves me lo Although the llils at the Illinois Slate Fair ,.o placed on the Johnson lo nearly Sa.f. million. Springfield, Goklwnter had answering questions about Haskins It Sells was far! Johnson is Ihe into President Johnson's below some published esti-iinomlicr ol Ihe family with hold-iforeign policy, dared him lo mates, whirl) have ranged valued by the aerouiilant.s'debate it anil said the Itepub- high as million, the highcr'al jlicans would fool the television estimates were not necessarily) Johnson daughters, incorrect. Council Members Divided On Personal Auto Taxes year-old Linda A waiting limousine sprit llaskins A; Sells did nol IV, arc1 I'idiL'r lliaa (torn the plane, and tempi to estimate Ilic Linda's net worth was i''is press secretary, Paul niarkel value of Ihc Johiisonjput al and Luci's sit iiicr, ho homo. Special properties. Its figures were1 (Sec FAMILY. Page ISA) ipoliee guards were posted at Hie senator's Washington air.irl- ment. Iilnilifli'il I'nltci- In .Sin'ihgfiuld, Police Chief Silver said a man who identified himself as LI. llnu'i1 Allen telephoned imd told Holer- live SMI. John Nolan: "Then; is going lo he a bit on Troldwalor. Do yon know what a hit ights Leaders Ask Demo Pledge; brought W minc bucai'sc I from mosl mcmocrs, 1010 OT memls j j House: If we don't have the in- teslinal fortitude to stand up Connally said he will leave Mayor Kempcr Williams Jr. early as the Nov S gem-ral dec- Frillily !ar "lc National Demo- ns called a special meeting of lion. Convention in Atlantic City Manager Jolm Nee said California Coy. .....i co-nominate 'of Hie law's constitutionality. No N'tiw AHion Police do not think the call Hut a well-posted committee came from the Kast because .source indicated lhal pnrly phone charges from Uio Bast Victoria County will he hoping lo avert a floor' lo Springfield are less an Council for p.m. from the lower federal courts and appellate jurisdiction ,hi away from Hie Supreme Court Ccller called the legislation vicious attack" on the Supreme Court and said it was complete- ly unconstitutional. II could lead lo further nib- bling away of the court's juris- court to "a and pro- ducing legislative dictatorship. Hep. John V. Lindsay, R-N.Y., with some of the court's reason- (Scc BILL, Page ISA) 'baled by holh the candidates for Jack Calliiiam inquiring about the price of saddle soap C'ollio Meyer of Yorktown drop- ping in lo say hello to former costs Ibe revenue gained. Councilman C.C. Carsncr Jr.! pointed out that the proposal was made lo council while ho was away on vacation. "1 just returned home last week and there have been so Isaid. porary quarters for city hall. an tig up running down people. Yorklowners The Ladies said. "I will make a study of it, however, and he prepared to; vote when it comes before thi council." Cuero Chamber's Banquet Tonight Arlvwcatc Nrvtt.Sei Auxiliary to the Plumbers and Pipefitters scheduling a garage sale today from 9 to 4 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Leroy Spiegel, 1612 Anaqua Robert Scrrala due in from Lawton, Okla., and Six Flags at Dallas after a va- cation visit Honald Davis, president of the Young Repub- licans, reminding members of thai group of a meeting tonight at Republican Headquarters Mrs. Joseph Weardcn back from Houston and a visit with Mrs. Mary Rilcy Mr. and iWrs. F. 0. Parkan off to Dem- ing, N. M., to visit relatives and to vacation Freddie Picpcr of Yorklown over on business and telling about some fishing experiences ho and his wife had al Cedar Bayou last weekend Mabel Ann and Heil Miller celebrating a 29th wedding an- niversary today Ed Picper changing the menu for his cof- fee break Henry Matter de- bating whether his late lunch would do for supper Cliff ilcrkman offering some advice, free Carlenc and Tiney Duke marking a wedding anniversary today Clarence Alex maintaining that a busylLcmpa, Jerry Hanys, proposal was tabled and no in- preliminary orbit Wednesday en Hanner." Voice and teletype tellite. Practically none of Ihc many other things before coun- 'Olympic Star" Satellite Toward Outpost .demonstrations" arc the out- ens! about .WOO.OOO to air a de- ma ion of a vice president or a; (Sci, Patfr. ISA) (See TIIKKAT, 1WH platform for the Democrat- ic ragr. The other delegates from II Ninth District arc Congrcssma W. Thompson at Waive ton, John Hancock of Wlin County, and former Sla Jimmy Phillips of Rr.i i County. George Darron of Yoa- jkum, who gave Mr. Johnson his request to purchase storage, asked for addition- Fla. Kennedy, it received and'Canadian and European inter-second job as a school teacher ynr'ls of KtK' l" "swl in lllc ;l1 im ailjoining build- i glitlcring beamed back to a commimica-iests have earmarked nearly when the President was vouni' "f 173 was ing for use in the storage of communica- tions ship a recording of thc'millinn lo demonstrate Olympic man is an a'llcrn-itn to thr- m (0 "icimhors the fotKls. When originally presented, the lions satellite, soared into a music of "The Star-Spangled: television capability with the sa-iMnm'l loria Airport Commission al I nt-nli mini vi. m-UIl n_____ n tr--__ _ i i i..... _ E HUIIilJ LUIlVVtHlUn, fin Sod From Airport Sought i n In Loop 175 Construction APK Syncom i "Olympic Star" dicalion has been given as to route to a stationary outpost lo communications when il may come up again, 'televise the Olympic Bill _ games ccssful. Councilman Velton B, Cowden from Japan. United If the satellite successfully ex------------ ccutes a number of complex, State.s, fiaucr, Port company excel s delcgale-at-lai maneuvers in the next J2 T l it will come to a seeming still iOcean still high above the mid-Pacific! Partly cloudy and continued: ropean also were sue-j transmissions will be live, prin- jiipally because of time differ-: The major Olympic ac-j <ic.itgaiL-au.ir6c. ition will occur, for example, al OIJ ]hours when mosl Americans Ut'OlllilllCC asleep. f Ironically, Canadian and Ku-jUlllllS He i'Xplaincd in some detail meeting Wednesday aflernonn improvements he has l.jv.ic.1 Victoria National Hank. ricd out, and cited work on com- Smith Texas Construction Co., and other equipment .which holds a contract for work ,hilt must hl_, :on the loop, delivered the [n [nr business jpany's request lo the successful. !SJDIlt'l's- f-'inal decision was also ric- No action was taken irmne- hy ,he commissioners in _.. iewcrs probably will p diatcly, hut Chairman C. K. this matter also. ami be in positmn lo hot Thursday through Fridayiscc more of Ihc pictures fed! "he city s new ordinance rcg-Mcf-'an, llerndnn .Scott, ftogcr '.speed lo North America and En-'with scattered Syncom 3 than spacing and sanitary llamil nnd Airprjrt Manager television piclures of Ihe Friday. Daytime in the United States. This facilities lor animals does not George House inspected thru of approximately 500 persons isjOcl. 10-24 games expoclcd at the Cuero Chamber' of Commerce annual banquet at St. Mark's Fellowship Hall Thursday night. _ I.IUI.-1IH.1-I nj Ljiitnn iiiu.iny iw ti.m uijiLUi -ill I speaker will be Benjsion of piclures of the world's cloudy Thursday and Friday ty films flown from Tokyo. A request from a firm lo lease spare .it the airport for htur.-iKc ol ammonium nitrate Smilh of St. Louis, an official of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. greatest sport spectacle would scattered thunderstorms he dramatic evidence of what; Friday. High Thursday M-lOS.'ijnion. satellites can do to improve gli man, said a reception will start! The Defense Department also Tides ,o- Wednesday temperatures: Highjcanadian Droadcasling low 7-1. I agreed with the U.S. Ci SO Tides (Port rnrnnr; provides that within the! Scott torn Hood lhal il limits no such animal can sale is the commis. f ?hrei Amn m urn nitrite The Rurnpean quartered where any part wuhl ask a price of 20 ?hil causocl the in association with the. ihe Is within 100 feet of an- cxolosions at' nrnneriv linn to he removed al the -v. txplOMOivs at Cmrmmi. iiuuiu .ijsu .v.i-.i I at 7 p.m. in Ihc courtyard. The is considering use of the salcl- O'Connor Low Thursday.receive two hours of l.avaca Satellite Corporation to The Tempests, a 8. group of Cucro High School musicians, will play during Ihe reception. Members of the band are B. .1. lite to improve between Washington and Nam. Syncom 3 showed early lhal it is ready lo serve as a communi- Baromelric prcsure al sea level: 29.82, at Olympic transmission via com 3 at the reception daily line. With regard to birds, the ordi- nance provides (hat no more the ex- Point Mugu, Calif The pricel may b al 'he maintained and no schedule keeps a krest sharpened, person s in- Mikejcations beacon in the skv. As il rise Friday: Macha, Hardy Warwas, Andyjwhirled over the Pacific fouri 'rhls bnc.1 Garza and Ricky Kocnig. (hours after launching McCan and others were in- in touring the airport ifrom the viewpoint of any el- upon drainage that remov- lnorc al of the earth might have. A final decision on the pro- posed sale is expected within The piclures are lo travel by 'he ordinance passed fcw channels to in Cily Council Monday! Wayne Key, who bsl 'leased space aC the airport as Cily in April, AUcnhoffcr Chevrolet Co. bidder, and was award- Sunset Thursday: Sun-'of for the 15 day.9. will be S150 a minute a ,of, w any corn binalion of birds. The IN DUX (See SATEUWTE, I'Kgc ISA) IA FMfluiln! 1.4 JA <7.irfn 7n ....IMII) .VlafVpli ........HA Moslem ......IM