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Publication: Advocate August 13, 1964

Advocate (Newspaper) - August 13, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 98 TELEPHONE HI VICTORIA, TEXAS, THURSDAY7AUGUS'F 1371904 KsUliUshcd 1616 State Water Master Plan Accelerated Coimally Move Aimed At Inter-Basin Plan Advocate Seivlcr slop-up of stale water planning was begun Wednesday as Gov. John Connally exercised his emergency budget powers lo ask the Texas Water Com- mission to produce a long range water master plan for Texas in a hurry. The commission agreed immediately to oblige. Under the authority tie used, the Y f VVT commission will shift money I l.'inn.-.! ii-A night operations at the for Ion twecn and IOW arc center, day: up in racially troubled areas. ;prcsent slin (.aM ,or H ln ists a good indication of thc mini's capability to operate the for long-duration flights of up to a voice for the Koulli Texas "In Russia, the feeds himself and Uie speaker lold Uie vest season crowd sons. "We are thc ._. and cloUiod people in Uie world and at costs inexpensive in pro- portion to our income." He pointed out lhal Ihe farm- This Infuimaliun f r o ni Ihe U.S. Wcalher Victoria Office. (See WdUier Elitwhcrt, I1 coltpn industry. Hill Kcnddck, presidrnl of (he club, prcsidcKl. ly, cruel, telfhh ninlr ]K clicaling {Icsorving unman out of her rightful alimony. Ifc did not say whether (he 18 manned flight, thc first renclezv- orbit projxisal had been reject- ous and docking mission. i Thc first manned flight is scl The problems outlined in Ihei (.See GEMINI, Pane I3A) ;

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Publication: Advocate

Location: Victoria, Texas

Issue Date: August 13, 1964