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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - August 13, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 98 TELEPHONE HI VICTORIA, TEXAS, THURSDAY7AUGUS'F 1371904 KsUliUshcd 1616 State Water Master Plan Accelerated Coimally Move Aimed At Inter-Basin Plan Advocate Seivlcr slop-up of stale water planning was begun Wednesday as Gov. John Connally exercised his emergency budget powers lo ask the Texas Water Com- mission to produce a long range water master plan for Texas in a hurry. The commission agreed immediately to oblige. Under the authority tie used, the Y f VVT commission will shift money I l< I and manpower from other jobs Violence to Be Punished Promises Aid Where Needed NEW YOI1K (AP) I'rcsi- dent Johnson raised his voice above the nation's racial clamor Wednesday to warn that acts of white or Negro violence will lie checked and punished "whether they occur in Mississippi or in New York." Tile cliief executive told Uie American Bar Association thai the United Stales seeks world order Cyprus and Viet Nam. And at home, he de- manded racial justice and civil peace, declaring amid ap- plause: 'Wo person, whatever his grievance, can bo allowed lo attack (lie right of every Ameri- can to be secure in his home, his shop and in his streets. Wi together a stale water master plan as quickly as possible. Tiie action was triggered by the lad that the U.S. Bureau o'f Kcclamation is preparing to re- lease a report recommending construction of M reservoirs and a -100-mile long canal lo carry the surface waters of Southeast Texas to the water- shy areas of the lower Gulf Coast. Victoria Ili'sei-volr Tlie bureau report proposes a huge reservoir at the confluence of the Guadalupo and San An- tonio rivers, creating a lake just below Victoria. (This re- porl lias previously been out- lined in detail by The Victoria Advocate.) It is designed to provide water for the lower reaches of rivers from Hie Brazos southward, so needs of cities and industries in the upper reaches the Brazos, Colorado, Guadalupe, San An- tonio and rYueces basins can be met with upstream reservoirs. The U.S. Corps of Engineers is preparing to release the rc- iwrt on the Colorado basin which would hold Colorado sup- plies for use in the Permian will not permit any part ofibasin, in the San Angelo and America to become a jungle! Brownwood areas, where (lie weak are the prey of] Talks Leaders the strong and the many. Connally conferred with mem- Musl Be Slopped 32 Cents Barry, Foes Part In Partial Accord Goldwater Claim Seen Unfounded Den JUKY Clerk Pearl Staple's (left) and Deputy Slicriff Blhlyn Krohmuicr are sliown placing the first group of county taxpayers' names in the jury wheel in the clis'lricl clerk's office Wednesday afternoon. The wheel is refilled each year at this time for use in selection of venires in criminal and civil cases. Mischief Case Becomes Felony Gave Order WASHINGTON (AP) 'Cabinet officers said Wednesday {night Sen. Harry Goldwater [made an "unjustified and irres- ponsible interpretation" .that President Johnson author- jizcd use of nuclear weapons in the Gulf of Tonkin episode. j GciMwatcr, Hie Republican [presidential nominee, toUl aj news conference at Hershcy, Pa., that Johnson's declaration ion the Southeast Asia incident.1- Full Support Pledged by Ike 1 IIICHSIIKY, Pa. Cheered by the backing of form- er Pre.sidenl Dwight Ki.wn- Eisonhower, silting with Gold- walcr; William K. Miller, v i c e-presidcnlial N. Jswmeil to give military com- inlanders authority to use Sl'jl I I whole inventory" of U.S. wrap- j _______________ Ions. I "Could you amplify the ro- imark you made'.'" a reporter asked. "Do you mean Uiiil tlic Prcsiclcnl has given field com- manders thc right lo use any 'weapons including atomic woap- a car belonging to Use Any Weapons j I would suggest you read his The malicious mischief charge fender of filed against David Walkins, til, City Patrolman Jake Pinu of of 3005 E. Rio Grande SI. E. Brazos amounted lo 552. June 24 as a misdemeanor was! Kilgore said ihe county court refiled Wednesday as a felony case was tiled on thc basis Of, admonition to Ihe commander case in Judge Alfred C. Haass' a damage estimate of It isjof 7lh Fleet in which he said justice court. alleged thai Watkins caused use any Goldwater County Ally. Wbayland Kil- damage by throwing rocks at said, Ullllk kllow wllal hc gore said the new action Pina residence. m-nnu taken after the actual case of. The borderline in detcrmin-1 At a news confcrenco on liie repairing damages to a misdemeanor and o[ Aug. 5 Secretary of door and a wooden door and lliei malicious mischief cases is S. McNanuini -i Under that amount is a niisde-lwns asked "What orders now imeanor and damage oithcMlie WiJIect or tor Elementary to and over serves as "nils thc basis of a felony case. j Filing of the felony By HEN t'HAU.SK N" o" veteran law enforce- ment officer, was appointed DcWitt County sheriff effective ihowcr, GOP presidential nomi-jformcr Vice President tticbard mv Harry G'oldwaler wrapped jM. Nixon, and Guv, William W. up a new measure of liepubli- Scranlou Pennsylvania, said can harmony Wednesday aflcrjlbe "inicerlaiutLes" he had fell saying be will "seek the suppniijabnul Ihe nominee had been re- juf no oxlremisl-s of Ihe left nrjsolvctl. of the right." j "1 fully .support Ihe Hcpnbli- (ioldwater tolil a news ticket in Ibc coming cam- cnce thai he looked forward "10 former pre.sidcnt "lircatly increased unity" in 'n response to IIB icampaign as a re.sult of lle dn all ho can for [ho 'outlined his views on exlrcm-jllum'tlCKt reiuintled roporl- ism, civil rights, foreign will be 7-1 years old. 'and other issues lo lit; party: One governor, who hail prev- lenders at n tlirce-liour withheld support, was meollnii jquolcd as saying ho Ls nosv rcal- 4 !ly behind Ooldwnlcr. 1'Yar.s Dispelled I Hep. William Avcry, of Kan- jsas, a candidalfl for governor there, snid Gov. John Heed Maine (old (he conference his reservations havo been dis- jpolled and lie will support Ihfi jtickct 100 per cent. An aide lo jllccd confirmed this. i In n wide-ranging speech at answering criticism of I him by both Hepublivntu; and j Democrats, Goldwaler said ho University of Texas in Austin.jwi" "sccl< "lo support of no ex- Clifton Weber, chairman of of thc left or of Ihe Dietze Named DeWitt Sheriff thc committee thai is studying presidential cam- hospitiil needs in the was to n area, appeared before the court was made DcWitt County sheriff effective lo to newsmen. Sept. 1 al Ihe county commis- Trrror of Violence sinners meeting Wednesday. was "We repmliale character as- Dielzc will replace Sheriff (Scr I'nite 1'lA) vigilantes, Communists Ray Markowsky whose rcsia-L '.'._..' and any other group such as the ,-.....-..................._ naliou was accepted by court Monday. Markowsky will J ,.l [VI I Namara replied: "Our or-'romnin in office for Ihe rest of l IT 1.11. commanders are lolAugust. and any other group such as the Ku Kiux Klaii Hint seeks to im- pose its views through terror or [threat of said Gold- jwalor in the speech. handcuffed following his arrest: Ip is needed I with its li or federal law is violated, because federal agcn- sliull be there Wo urill M'ork (o nrc out 3 Icxos i gcthcr to punish all such law- the not made !.f 'aUcnr'' a, bn0kcn, iaw' ai Pre-sidc-nl gave no au- hreakers. whether (hey be mur- studies lo evaluate _ Jracture, Jaecralions usc p. register uil the Pina home. He fracture, Kcpulilican nominee in thc gen-. eral election, virtually assur-'calculation mnde by bis depart- ing election lo a wns September, IOri.1. said llm last c.vacl I'ccaiisc Welch nc" statements in it. 1 Slujiiil inger range wi'mti for Texas, oilier Kilgore has refused (o .tcc-ept an ii.ssniiU coniplmnl wliich Wat-i Alarkmvsl.-y. ing to .'inn.-.! ii-A night operations at the for Ion twecn and IOW arc center, day: up in racially troubled areas. ;prcsent slin (.aM ,or H ln ists a good indication of thc mini's capability to operate the for long-duration flights of up to a voice for the Koulli Texas "In Russia, the feeds himself and Uie speaker lold Uie vest season crowd sons. "We are thc ._. and cloUiod people in Uie world and at costs inexpensive in pro- portion to our income." He pointed out lhal Ihe farm- This Infuimaliun f r o ni Ihe U.S. Wcalher Victoria Office. (See WdUier Elitwhcrt, I1 coltpn industry. Hill Kcnddck, presidrnl of (he club, prcsidcKl. ly, cruel, telfhh ninlr ]K clicaling {Icsorving unman out of her rightful alimony. Ifc did not say whether (he 18 manned flight, thc first renclezv- orbit projxisal had been reject- ous and docking mission. i Thc first manned flight is scl The problems outlined in Ihei (.See GEMINI, Pane I3A)