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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - July 15, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 69 TILEPHONC HI t-1451 VICTORIA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY New City Budget Near Final Form ESTABLISHED 1M vicc Presl' about 600 men during the nexl of this contract is although that will be only a'for- andD general manager of of ere mn..fu.. _r comnlfitnn ihp full famHiinc nt or lonecr Products Division. (nIH south U.S. To Add Viet Nam Manpower W. E. Doyle of Dallas finding a cool place for lhe afternoon and mixing some business with lively conversation George Armstrong in town from the Kceran Ranch and reporting that it is hot and dry out there Don Edwards, James Hunt and Richard Cullen heading down the street for a coffee break Mrs. M. H. Williams, president of Morning Study Club, notifying club members of the postponement of the called meeting, originally sched- uled for July further notice Dave Keith of Hous- ton, due in town for the day on business Charlie Raska coming home with a flounder, t red fish and a three-foot alii galor after a fishing trip on the barge canal. Oliver Malchetl in Melhodist Hospital, Room 471, Houflbn, and doing better Mrs. Verda Flowers explaining what one does on a vacation at home the Fred Kruegers driving their recent gift lo them- selves on their 25th wedding anniversary Jesse Baker Jr. haying a difficult time with schedules (o meet his father.. Mrs. W. D. O'Neill appearing in a different place and missing some familiar faces Mrs. Linda Balti under the weather, but feeling better Maude Harrison reminding that there will be a meeting of the Red Cross Board Wednesday at p.m. at the ARC office, 103 W. TAX EQUALIZAT1ON Board Hears 43 First Day Education Plan Bared By Connally Tax Increase A Certainty AUSTIN CAP) Gov. John Connelly's higher education committee proposed Tuesday lighter central control over tax- supported colleges and univer- sities, plus a million ex- cellence program for 1965-67. The governor immediately pledged a personal effort to push his commitlee's recommenda- tions through tho 1965 legisla- ture, slating that new laxes al- Wealhcrly said, bul not all of mosl certainly will be needed, lhe adjustment were down- ln a three-hour briefing for ward. newsmen, committee members "Some of them were explained the conclusions they 'nn tli J rpflfhpH ttlnln Weatlierly said. Weatherly, a former council- mainly in closed meet- man who was named to the of Texas' higher educa- board to succeed the late T. 0. 'lon needs. Connally was pres- Miracle, also said that between 10 and 15 persons appeared be- fore the board because they reached during their year-long ent nnd ne'1! a news conference atler tne briefing. 1. Texas is lagging in higher in quality and in tho state's efforts to support Tlie board, which includes its public institutions of higher John Smock and Charles V i 1- larreal in addition to Weatherly, will meet again Wednesday from 9 a.m. until 12 noon and learning. In many measure- ments of excellence, Texas is behind other states. The present effort is not sufficient to meet ,735 Bid Low On Canal Project about 600 men during the nexl of ________, few months to restore part of completed the full facilities of mality. The ?5 committee mem- the cutback which was started the cana! wiu become operable, bers are his hand-picked an. Lne Br.ouP assembled for ground last year. since work is now under way pointees. The study was author- ceremonies for Wilco Of the 600, about 200 to 300 turning basin ized by the 1963 Legislature, ne.w eoal, tar will be additional Social and leg of which appropriated for rode pitch and cresote oil Forces experts to bring the total f.Ilannel. the basin wllh the committee's work. plant at Point Comfort Tuesday the existing channel to the of those forces up lo about DuPont plant. Special wt taijpiuyimiuu channel linking the basin wllh the committee's work ._ [0 the morning; Above Estimate tu, ill nUW IUXUS t.j u in- The low bid was approxi- anv Connally fus'ry in Calhoun County, nor al because it .is Pioneer Division's and the over-all U.S. strength to about This information became me low ma was approxi- available Tuesday in Washing- mately above lhe gov- sald- ,n ton along with additional word ernment estimate of A controversial feature of the "rsl t> anl ln 'exas, but be- on the infiltration of North Viet- but the difference is not enough "commendations is that tuition cause lhe company is taking namese regular army personnel to hold up award of the con- at state-supported colleges and advantage ol the waterways and equipment into South Viet tract, Micheletti said universities bo doubled-from the raw materials hero Nam. present to The two prisoners told inter- rogators they were North Vietnamese soldiers. i- Water Ratioiietl i- 111 in vimo opponent, Gov. William W. Scrnnton of Pennsylvania. It came on an amendment proposing a new platform plank that would have put the GOP on record as repudiating "the cf- 'orls of irresponsible extremist groups, such as the Commun- sls, the Ku Klux Klan, lhe John Birch Society and others." Snowcil Under The Republicans thundered a 'no" lo (his and then on a standing vote snowed Iho am- endmenl under. It looked as If Ihirds of Ihose on lhe floor leaped up In opposition. It looked like a tlpoff of things still to come, In Iho platform fight and in the presidential nominating session Wednesday. There was roaring, booing, cheering, chanting from the partisans of both tho front-run- ning senator and the trailing ;overnor. Next Up Next up and next'down was a modified version, denouncing extremism In general bu naming no group or organiza tion. Another slnmling "no' vote went overwhelmingly against this proposal, loo. Gov. George W. Romney o Michigan was Iho author. The original extremism am endmcnt was offered by Scran lonltes as part of a InsUHlc': at tempt lo ring up some sort o victory in the convcnllon anc persuade some of Goldwater's delegates to desert. Another to buttress the clvi _ "P nexf' wllh 1 uphold ng j nrc Dchnle Interrupted Down from tho galleries rolled chants of "We wnnt Bar- interrupting the debate and drowning the words. Scranton's campaign manag- jr, Sen. Hugh Scoll of Pennsyl- vania, proposed the anll-ex- remist an issue an which the platform draftee by n committee under control o: Goldwater forces was silent. Bul this is n convcnllon h the Goldwater pconli _je ime. The mingling of loud cheer. ._........ ,----------jnd boos that greeted Scott the bodies of two Negro and he same type of cord, came during the search for three civil rights workers who disappeared at Philadelphia, Miss., on June Philadelphia is 125 miles When, lower portions of the wo bodies were recovered from lie river 17 miles soulh of here, he search for clues lo the fale of lhe Irio shifted lo Ihis area. The (livers, from Charleston, S.C., were requested by lhe FBI. Tentative identification of the wo bodies was established Monday. One was Charles Uoorc, 20, (he olhcr Henry 3ees, about the same age, bolh of Meadvlllc, Miss. The bodies were found about five miles apart, both in a former portion of the Mississippi River called Old River. The depth ranges from a fool to 50 feet. It had nol been established that either-youth was engaged in civil righls or any olhcr con trovers! a 1 acllvlty. Jcrnnlon people had on lap, Cnlcalls, Applause The others dealt with civi rights and civilian control of mi clear weapons. acrnmon saiti ne uiu not sian Mere mention of lhe Birch So-lhc leUcr sent lo cicty set off a torrent of catcalls Sunday, and that he did not (Sco GOLDWATER, Page 7) know who did. Another revealalion Wednes- day night will be In the dress of Texas' men delegates. On Gold water's nomination they will un- hulton their coats to display specially made vests that resem- ble the Texas state on one side, white on the other and trimmed by a field of blue. Pin ned to the vest will be a bit sheriff's star, gold and five- pointed with lhe wording "Gold- water in B4." A good many delegates and alternates, both men and worn- en, are wearing big While cow- livery to a white citizens group soy hats with a red Goldwater band attached. Wallace Insists He's a Candidate LITTLF, ROCK, Ark. Jov. George C. Wallace of Ala- jama said here Tuesday thai he Had no inlenlion of withdrawing 'rom the race for president. In a speech prepared for de- icre he said he was a candidate 'or president because "I intend auu <uiauiii-u. mi ui'iuusG i intend However, even In the heat of to give lhe American people a nominating speeches and con-clear choice." Wallace told a news confcr- vention balloting, the Texans and other Southern delegates have been given repeated in- ing for electors pledged to him structions not to boo or jeer or rather than (or unpledged elcc cause any trouble with any oth er convention grup Nelson A. Rockefeller 01 New York took lhe rostrum to Scranton Won't Ask No. 2 Job Withdrawal Report Denied SAN FRANCISCO William W. Scranton said Tues- lay "I do not think it would ba lelpful to our party" if he wera o rim for vice president on a Republican ticket headed by Sen. Barry Golrtwater. The Pennsylvania governor old newsmen he Is sure the Democrats would bo glad to ex- )loit the differences between limself and the Arizona senator on some fundamental issues. Scranton made these com- ments in the 20lli lime as he put there is any chance ho will seek or ac- cept the No. 1 spot on the ticket. Emphatic Denial Scrnnton also dented empha- Unity Ihnt ho Is considering withdrawing from the race Jor top place on the ticket botora the balloting starts Wednesday. snapped Scranlon when n newsman asked about rumors [lint he and his chief advisers were considering such n move. "Don't listen to those the governor declared. Scnmton's statement was con- Firmed by one of his advisers, Francis McCabe, chairman of the Scott Paper Co. McCabe Inughcd off the suggestion as "Goldwater rumor mongerlng." Seeks Mote Scranton said it is his under- standing that Goldwnlcr also had made It quite clear he Is looking elsewhere for a running mate. A reporter had asked if Scran- Ion was trying to be conciliatory loward Goldwater by denying Monday that he wrote or even saw before it was sent a sharply worded letter to Goldwater which has caused a stir at the party's convention. The governor answered there was no such significance In his denial, declaring he simply was trying to set the record straight on the Incident. Accepts Blame "This sort of thing happens In campaigns some he said: "You simply have, to take Ihc responsibility for it." Scranton said he did not sign 4LUS Meanwhile, Back At the Capital... WASHINGTON (API-Back in Washington- Things arc strangely quiet along [he Potomac what with the Republicans in San Francis co, the Democrats keeping their own counsel and Congress in re cess this week. The lourisls still arc here mingled with them Tuesday were thousands of Boy Scouts, trooping along In Iheir brown or ?recn uniforms lo sec every- thing possible before going on to lhe National Jamboree in Valley Forge, Pa. Except for the young and en- ergetic scouls, the weather and the pace seemed languid. But White House press secrc- ary George E. Reedy wouldn't apply (hat word to the atmos-j phcre at the White House. Things are he told and other Southern delegates ence that he Is now campaign- his noon briefing for newsmen Hc lha[ John. son had watched a television 'ors- broadcast of the Republican doings briefly Monday niarl. Otherwise, Reedy said, the President has been pulling In busy days, reviewing1 reports Previously he has been seek- ing Unpledged electors to draw IIVSTV- niv i liji IUMUK, UIIJIlLTJfJvU UIUUIUI a IU Ulan said Morgan. "Why should we support away from both nallon s Of L VT -1____il__. al parties, and plans and talking with busi- ness leaders about adherence to the new civil rights law. The First Lady appeared briefly at a dedication ceremo- ny near (he White House for a nutrition demonstration van for Latin-American children. The [wo Johnson daughters were in town, and Luci, 17, was busy at her summer job working for an eye specialist. At Democratic national head- quarters the word was thai "We're working away." Some of the staff had gone lo Atlantic City, N.J., (o prepare for the Democrats' convention in Au- gust. A check of Republican offices around town: "We're very said a man at the headquarters of Ari- zona Sen. Barry Goldwater. The skeleton staff tliat didn't go to San Francisco was filling supply orders for buttons, literature and such for Republican clubs around the country. Volunlecrs were handling the letters that they say have jumped lo thou- sands-a-day recently.