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Advocate (Newspaper) - June 2, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 26 TELEPHONE HI 8-1451 VICTORIA, TEXAS, TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1963 Established 184arty nominee who would repre- -cnl "responsible, forward look- ng Eisenhow- >r lold reporters: "You people read Goldwalor Hit of the Republican party. I tldn't." He declined to discuss politics urthcr. Eisenhower's description of he hind of candidate he wnnled lad been pronounced accept- able by Goldwatcr but was In- terpreted by Rockefeller's sup- porters as unfavorable to the Arizona senator. Rep, William E. Miller ot New York, GOP national cliair- nan, told a news conference in New York that if Goldwater should win in California It would put him "very close lo the noml- bulky brief cases, Secretary of nation in delegate strength. Stale Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara strode into Pacific Military Command Headquarters for the start of two days of Intensive strategy talks. As they did so, the pro-Corn munist Pathet Lao apparently were trying to break up a coali- ition with neutralist and right- ists. The U.S. Stale Department refused to recognize the action as signifying collapse of the'fir- rangement which was supposed lo have kept Laos neutral. Serious Situation Although this development ob- viously meant a more serious situation in Southeast teia, none of the officials taking part in he strategy talks would com- ment. They were under instructions from President Johnson lo ex- amine the massive U.S. efforl in South Viet Nam, the seeming deterioration there and in Laos, and the threat to the rest oi Southeast Asia. Basically, they must decide whether the present military and diplomatic measures arc enough and, if not, what new steps are indicated. News Unlikely It is unlikely any of the major recommendations would be dis- closed in Honolulu. Basically, the United Stales considers North Viet Nam at the root of many of the troubles In Laos and South Viet Nam. The Communist North Vietnamese regime has been supporting In- surgencies in both countries. Initially, the pressures mighl be in the form of demonstra- tions of U.S. military for example sending American jets along Norlh Viet Nam's frontiers or over the Communisl country's territory. Civil Rights Cloture Vote Looms in Week for Senate WASHINGTON (AP) The long-awaited showdown vote on would he available, but that a nose count probably would be ng- vil civil rights may come in the Senate next Tuesday, June 9. Moving up the scheduled by

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Publication: Advocate

Location: Victoria, Texas

Issue Date: June 2, 1964