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Advocate (Newspaper) - May 11, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 119th 4 TELEPHONE HI 5-1451 VICTORIA, TEXAS, MONDAY, MAY, 11, 1964 Established 1849 12 Cents Goldwater Gains Votes In GOP Race Nomination Seen All But Clinched Says Newsweek WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona picked up 23 more first-ballot votes at state conventions this weekend as the number of delegates to the Republican presidential nominating convention passed the halfway mark. An Associated Press survey of the 701 delegates ow chosen shows Goldwater with 266 first-ballot votes. The remainder are lined up this way: 43 lor Ambassador lenry Cabot Lodge, 7 for for- ier Vice President Richard M. Nixon, 4 for Gov. Nelson A. lOckefcller of New York, 63 for "lov. William W. Scranton of 'ennsylvania, 108 for favo rile- on candidates and 210 uncom- mitted or who have not staled a hoice. Home Delegates Although Rockefeller has only oiir delegates at this time, he s expected to capture most of he 82 delegates in his home lale primary Juno 2 and also ould pick up 86 more with a victory in the California prima- ry the same day. Goldwater's headquarters lias claimed Uie senator will have 50 of the 655 needed for Uie lominatton, not counting the 86 le could gain by winning in California. Ex-Leader Pulls Ahead In Panama Election Draws Heavy Voting PANAMA (AP) President Arnulfo Former Arias ap- peared lo have taken a slight lead Sunday night in fragmen- tary samplings of the presiden- tial election vote in Panama. Official tabulations were not available and decisive results were not expected before Wednesday. The early sam- plings were from Panama City. Arias, 63, backed by his own Panamenista party, and (he government coalition candidate, Alarco A. Robles, 58, were the expected front runners in a field of seven candidates. Secandary Role Despite stifling heat and a tropical rainstorm, thousands of Panamanians flocked to the polls in an election in which the Panama Canal issue had only a secondary role. The national guard and the national electoral tribunal re- ported the election was carriet out without any major incidents Of the remaining five can- didates only Juan dc Arco Gal- indo rated a chance as a dark- horse. When polls closed at 7 p.m. supporters of Arias, twice de posed as president, and Robles went on tho air claiming victory Claim Victory Newspapers and radio station: owned by the family of outgoing president Roberto F. Chiar hailed Robles "as the new pres ident by a crashing victory." It was expected that decisive results would not be known un li! Wednesday. There were 110 major incidents although national guardsmen had to break up crowds of an gry persons in Panama City who said they were not allowcc to vote. Wear Emblem Election officials said a largi number of those turned away had failed to notify the election boards of new addresses. aMn; of those turned away appearet to be wearing the purple, golc and red emblem of Arias' Pana memista party. Arias has claimed that lh nalional guard commander, Col Bolivar Vallarino, caused hi ouster from the presidency i: (See PANAMA. Page 10) 61 This Week Goldwater added 23 delegates n Missouri, Virginia and Wyo ming last Saturday. Republicans will chose at least 34 more delegates this week, In eluding 18 in the important Ore- gon presidential preference pri mary election Friday. Delegates also will be selecta n primaries in Nebraska ant IVest Virginia on Tuesday anc inventions hi Rhode Island on Monday and Vermont on Satur day. NEW YORK (AP) News week magazine reports a survey shows Sen. Barry Goldwalcr, R Ariz., has all but clinched the republican presidential nomina-! -ion. The magazine said its cor- respondents polled party chief- lains and delegates in every. state and found Goldwater is likely lo get 592 first-ballot dele- gates at Ihe San Francisco nominating convention. To win the prize, 655 delegates are need In a slory in the May 18 issue, on sale Tuesday, Newsweek re- (Sco RACE, Page 10) Plot to Kill McNamara Smashed in Viet Nam PATRICK TUCKEK For Slinkespearo Festival FESTIVAL STAR Talented Briton To Appear Here Another talented Briton with an impressive list of theater credits has been signed for the Victoria Shakespeare Festival, Director Charles McCally an- nounced this weekend. He is Patrick Tucker, 22- year-old Londoner whose fath- 2r is a professor of African languages at London University where Patrick look his bachelor of arts degree. Tucker will be most helpful as a consultant as well as an actor, McCally said, because of his part in the organization of the "60 Theatre form- ed and financed by a group of Dutch Rebuff Plea by Rusk THE HAGUE (AP) U. S. Secretary of Stale Dean Rusk arrived Sunday in a diplomatic quest for support of the be- leaguered government of South Viet lo mecl, reporl- ediy, with a prompt rebuff from his Dutch hosts. The Secretary, who came by train from Brussels shortly be- fore noon, called on Dutch Premier Victor Marijncn, then spent an hour with Dutch For- eign Minister Jttacf Luns. BARE COVERAGE Clothes Here to Stay, Vows Nudist Reporter EDITOR'S sailor .anil a brunette were married Saturday al n nudist camp. In order fo cov- er Ihe wedding, reporters hail (o undress and alteml nude, as did 200 Invited guests. One of Ihe reporters was Marian Dale, a 5-fol-fi brunette re- porter for Ihe Fort Lauder dale News. Here Is TMarian's story. 6aic by one of the visiting wed ding man in shorts He asked for identification, Ihen we all drove inside to a parking lot. By MARIAN DALE DELRAY BEACH, Fla, (AP) I've been lo a nudist camp Ho took off his shorts righ away and told us to undress be fore we went on inside. I didn't know what to take of first. Anyway, this man cami around the side of the car am talked to me. He didn't seem at all concerned. I was. I jus kept looking straight in his eyes and talking like mad. I put on my once before, bul I didn't undress they're we wen and there wero no nudisls around so it really doesn't mat- ter. This was different. They'll tell you first off you gel used to naked I mean. So who gets used to at- tending a wedding In Insect re- pellent and sunglasses? They told me when I look the fag the wed- ding of nudists Sissy Sawson, 16, and Charles Morrow, the thing, meaning the lime 1 had to be nude, would be about Pompano Beach five minutes. There were 200 obviously didn't belong. Every guests and we were there an one had beautiful tans. Our Un boor, gave us away. And I'm still not used to it. Someone should have though nxt at a guarded CLOTHES, Ptfe U) New Railroad Walkout Seen Ending Now By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The latest of a skipping pat- ern of railroad walkouts ap- wared ended Sunday night as ncreased numbers of trainmen eported for duly al Ihe Chicago witching yards of the Pennsyl- ania Railroad following a bacfc- o-work injunction. "The work stoppage is defi- illely a Pennsylvania Railroad spokesman said. The spokesman said aboul three-fourths of the night yard :rews had reported for work. Almost the entire work force 120 called in o report sick Saturday night and Sunday. The Pennsylvania management obtained lh< njunction in U.S. District Cour after branding the rash of sick calls a wildcat walkout. The Pennsylvania walkout fol owed a 7-hour, 20-minute strike Sunday against the New York Central in Mattoon, III. The men to work at p.m. Both railroads called the valkouts defiances of the fed :ral restraining order issued in Washington on Tuesday. A federal judge issued a re- straining order last week direct ing that union members no strike. The controversy arose from a ruling set down by a Congress appointed arbitration hoard which was upheld by the U.S Supreme Court. The ruling held Ihal Ihe rail roads could fire a certain pro- portion of firemen on the grounds they are not needed The ruling opposed by UK unions, and President Johnson and labor officials slopped i recently lo help solve a ma jo rail slrike threat which involvec interpretation of the work ml changes. The Railroads began putlin into effect the work rule, changes last Thursday. Fou railroads, including the Pennsy vania, were struck by unau Ihorlzcd strikes, but all wer back on the job by Friday. inside. I had to concentrate hard on talking to people. After all, you have to concentrate on some thing. I learned lo recognize people by their hair, sunglasses and their eyes. One little old man seemed lo be following me around and saw a couple of guys watching now and then, but everyone was well behaved. We Including Don Meltin oung actors who later foun "jemselves chosen to beBril in's official representatives t ie International Drama Fesl al in Zadar, Yugoslavia 961. 'In forming Ibis group encountered many o he problems which we wl ave in gelling our own test al under McCally sale and he will be a greal hel ff-stage as well as on." In addition to his aclin tiores, the versatile youn rilon will do Elizabethan fol ongs before performances A Midsummer Nighl'sDream nd "Taming of .the Shrew ere. And just in case he ceded elsewhere, he has ha pedal training in sound e !cts, serving as consultant i :iat capacity to the Royi Court Theatre in London "in Stil. During 1Q62 and 1983 he worl d with the Edinburgh Fesl al Fringe Committee. H as studied voice with Dr. F Hachlin and dance with Josep jifford, and Is proficient English, Welsh, Irish and Sco ish dialects. Currently studying at Boslo Jniversily where he has don elevision work, Tucker h a ilayed Capl. Ironleaf in "Th Captain's Louis (n View From the lr bird god and grandfalhcr 'Camino and Ballha er in "Much Ado About Nol ng." The local feslival will ope June 2e and run Ihrough Au '.6, presenling 12 pcrformanc jach of the two plays chos or this season. Young Audience Concerts Slated The final Young Audience concerts of Ihe year will be pre scnled Tuesday and Wedncsda al three local elementar schools. Strings will be featured in th concerts to be presented Tues day at 2 p.m. al Smith Schoo at Wednesday at Juan Lin and at 2 p.m. Wednesday a Shields. Ten concerts featuring profess tonal musicians from the Hous Ion Symphony Orchestra wer presented under the Youn Audiences program thli year, Today's Chuckle A brat is a child who acts like your own hut belongs t a neighbor. Rights Bill Inaction Stirs CORE Strife Scene May Be Capital WASHINGTON vil rights leaders Sunday pre- ictcd a new round of dcmon- trations in Washington if [tie cnale does nol speed action on le civil rights bill. James A. Farmer, director of ic Congress of Racial Equali- y, said thai if Ihe Southern fili- ustcr is not choked off by the nd of this month or the begin ing of June, CORE members ill mass in the capital. And the Rev. Mar I in Lulher iing Jr., head of Ihe Southern Christian Leadership Confer nee, promised some form o emonslration this summer i fforts to compromise the bil ontinue. Peaceful, Orderly Interviewed on NBC radkv elevlsinn's "Meet the "'armer declined to be specific when asked if was calling fo i sit-in at the Senate. But he lid say lhat whatever form th lemonstratlon takes II will be 'disciplined, orderly, peaccfu and nonviolent." Both Farmer and King, wlic spoke on the CBS radio-televi ion program "Face Ihe Na registered disapproval o efforts to amend the bill. Both denied that Communist, are making headway in the civ 'I rights movement. Useful Tool Even if the civil rights bi! were passed intact, Farme said, il would merely be "a use 'ul tool with which lo work, nol a panacea for the Negroes problems. If weakening oment inenls arc adopted, he said 'they will cut tho heart out o lie bill and render it meaning less." Rejecting FBI Director J. EC ar Hoover's suggestion tha Communists are making in roads in tho civil rights mov encil-like fuselage have finally wen solved, the Air Force says, nd the giant craft should tho heart of the conlro-ersy that lias raged around Iho so since Its conception 11 Co cars ago: Can it compare in m ost ana effectiveness with rs first short hop in a few push-bullon missiles dc- in the meantime? That hop will take it one side of the question is P' I miles north to Edwards Air Force, which wauls a orce Base for a series of of these planes to supple- own flights aimed at any missile slrike. y reaching maximum tho other Is purse-control- ance: three limes the speed Defense Secretary Robert m sound McNamara, who has cut tho or Despite ils swiftness back to two or three co 370A will set no speed craft whoso main val- m Iready flying at Edwards is in solving research prob- tie le top-secret All, which for Ihe upcoming supcrson- C( wrledly has topped airliners. So T f the New Frontier planks In the national platform. Liberals want a state platform hat will dove-tall wild Ihe na- llonal program. What kind of state platform the Texans forge and how much dissension is generated by It formulation could affect tha sarly's strength in November. Texas Republicans held their county conventions Saturday in ilmosl complete harmony. Mostly, they passed resolutions (enouncing the Democrals, urg- ng the nomination of Sen. Barry Goldwater for President and party unity In November. Gov. Connally Saturday night :laimed that his forces were vie- orlous In 180 counties to assure him votes or more than a najority at the state Democrat- ic convention, He said he viewed Ihis "as a solid front for me at the slate convention In Septem- ber which will work (or me for a strong program ot betterment (See ISSUES!