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Advocate (Newspaper) - March 26, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 118th 321 TELEPHONE HI 5-H51 VICTORIA, TEXAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 196-4 EslaMUhod IBIS Four Perish As Wave Flips Boat Man Lost Off 65-Fooi Craft BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) large wave capsized a 65- foot sport fishing boa! within 50 yards of shore Wednesday spill- ing 20 persons into the turbu- lent waters of Boynton Beach inlet. Four were killed and at least half a dozen others were trapped for horrifying minutes beneath the overturned craft. Hours after the tragedy, one person was still missing. "Oh God, it was unbelieva- said one ol Ihe survivors, Jerry Hopkins of New Carlisle, Ohio. "We didn't know what I was happening. Then we were in the ocean fighting (or our lives. I was under water for what seemed like forever and finally came up gasping for' breath." I Heard Screams "I heard men Hopkins said. "I'll never forget those screams. One man was yelling for his wife. She had been with him on Ihe boat and I had seen them together a few seconds before it The craft, a drift-fishing boat named Two Georges, was re- turning from an excursion in the Atlantic Ocean when (he wave struck, according to spec- tators on the shnre. The boat swung around 00 degrees and then flipped over. The crew of three and the 17 from teen- age boys to elderly couples- were pitched into Ihe frothy in- let, which is near Palm Beach, 65 miles norlh of Miami. Found Sandbar Some of the survivors floun- dered without assistance to a sandbar, where rescuers picked them up. Others were rescued j by other craft in the area. j A Coast Guard patrol boat and three amphibious helicop- ters probed the scene. The res-] cue craft were dispatched Ihere after the boat Candy Kid had radioed [he Miami Coast Guard that, "Numerous people ate the water. Some are trying to swim ashore. We believe others are trapped under the hull. Dead on arrival at hospitals' were: Mrs. Ernest Whitman, 70, 1RO falcon St., East Boston, Mass. WASHINGTON (AP) Geu. I (he general's condition ami sym- Louis Pollala, Mcdford, N J 'Douglas MacArthur remains in patby for his family. Ernest Jeffries of Boynton critlcal his The (M-ycar-owt general Beach. .progress continues satisfactorily has received persona' Harry Williams of Lyndhurst considering the surgical ordeals nicalions from Ohio. "c endured last Monday, ArmyiJapan, Ihe pri 28 Cents LBJ Puts Rights Plea To South Churchmen Leadership Of Baptists Emphasized Slroiijv Appeal Wins Approval FUiST ISSUE LIMITED Victoria Banks Rationing Kennedy Half-Dollar Coin Ity DIIIKT. PATTON Advocate Staff Wilier v urn n In supply Ihe demand, nobody I mice nf Ihe coin. could say. lino .spokesman living person can drpifletl on hi' Inmighl thai DO days would he regular issues of I'S coins STABBED Mrs. Edwin O. Reischaiier is pictured at the bed- side of her husband, who is the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, in his Tokyo hospital room after he underwent (AP Plmto) surgery to repair an injury suffered when nn assailant plunged a knife into his thigh Tuesday. 53, is expected to recover in about two weeks. (Related story, IB) A fasl-moving cold fronl whistled across Victoria Wednesday afternoon, chas- ing away Ihe clouds and bringing an end In lhc city's spell nf warm muggy weath- er. The weatherman pre- dicted a low of IS and a high of lid for Thursday, or about 15 degrees cooler than Wednesday's temperatures. No rain was prcdiclcd. He said that Friday morn- ing's I n w temperature should be about the same as Thursday's, anil thai Ihe chances of R frost were slim. as customers. One bank has been with Hie Kennedy Memorial (actually n misnomer a routine greeting taking names to compile a list Medal, and the Kennedy Pro-si- since Liberty is depicted) dimo for help .Johnson, of persons who sought one of denlial Art Mcdiil, both nl to the dimo was con- Hie rose garden the coins. All banks expect n which are being struck private- side-red last when coinage was outside his office anil lold ISO heavy run again Thursday. .ly, and which features differ- hegtin early in HHIi after pailicipanls in a Southern Bap-: Ami all had requests for niiin- cut designs from (he coin Hank- veil's death in April liMS list leadership seminar: "No hers Hinging from rolls of 20 ers sometimes had to remind Itut coinage ol ilic Kennedy group of Christians lias a great-! coins ID bank sacks. All rcpoi t- customers that unless eircmvi- !ialf began Feb II n rcuuirk- er responsibility in civil rights ed thai they could have issnw! stances changed, Ihe coin would ably short lime since Kenncdv's than Southern Baptists." several limes as many coins he struck by Ihe U.S. Mint for clcnih Nov. 22 Dm ins Ibnt Inrning into a plea stepped into Some Kolucliint H'cy bad. the ni'xl K years. time legislation hud to be cn- The Southern Baptists, claim- Hankers could recall no new Kennedy's assassination [she- acted, designs Approved, dies ing million members, Hre lhci'ssllc cnm 'lns 'loon ns lievcd to have played n heavy prepared, and many othor dominant failh in many parts o{ popular Virlunlly all comments! role In the popularity of slops before actual coinage Cold Chases Ifiaker Hearings Clouds Away 1 I 111 7 7 I lnc Roel> 'Anil "it" has favornble. Pen-! coins, ns the'ir' appeal axtends could' begin M. sometimes been said Dial Ihe Pr'c approved of the likeness those simply mien-sled A livclv sprnitolwm nlreadv clergy of the denomination has Kennedy, which faces left, and in Ihe coin collecting hobby. under way in llifil proof sola WASHINGTON (AP) The'enue Service agcnls to learn Ibo sllown considerable reluctance alsn tllc presidenlial seal on (he, The coin set n record for fnsl because of the new hiilf. Mobby Baker hearings apparent- Isource of a 000 Hem Baker. about up the cudgels for reverse side of Ihe coin. I action from time of Ihe Piesl-i Proof coins nre nol si ruck In ly ended Wednesday night with i reported on bis income taxi civil r'sllls When slocks will bo sufficient denl's de.-ilh mil 11 the (See COIN, I'nge IDA) I I Vl nl nil Historical Cloud Shrouds Rites Set mi T r i I he silver Lining testimony by a government and-i return have been unsuccessful itor that examination of the for-! "We .......Reading from a text that ob- don't know where the' viotisly '.lad heen prepared with mer Senate aide's 1950-62 came from, but he paidigrcnl care, despite the absence' a] income tax returns had! income tax on Chairman B. of any advance hint that a sig- turned up only "a few discrep- Everett Jordan, U-N.C., said, nificanl pronouncement was ancies." I Baker himself has refused to! planned. Johnson told the visll- The Senate Rules Committee's answer Ihe committee's ques-jinK church leaders: special counsel, L. P. McLen-lions. "Vour people are a part of don, described these discrcpan- At the hearing, Milton power structure in many cies as "unsubstantial errors Ilauft, an accountant, renewed communities of our land. The small and insignificant." !his charge that someone bad, leaders of stales and cities and The committee was told, bow- signed his name to Baker's IflGl 'owns are in your congregations ever, that all efforts by staff in- income tax return and also to'and they si't there on your and Internal WASIMNGTON (AP) The lion of a lung lino ol wnilinR Treasury suddenly halted its buyers left holding nothing but ale of silver dnllnrs money. acArthur's rrogress Satisfactory ____........ _...... GOI.IAD A Memorial Serv- Rev- the 19151 return filed by the Car-'board. Their attitudes are con- Ice for .lames Walker Fnnnln wilh three million cartwheels1" Why? The'Troasui y explained TTaHSHere's" Wh'Ch his sli" "ll lhc the bit; coins rc.muning In 'he didn't know you write and by the tllcir "ii.ssncre will be held '1 ____ _..., rll I AUIIl IUI1MUJIS tlllu UUIU IS igery" although hc testified that no attempt had heen made to imitate bis signature. The bearing ended quietly, .Moving l.cvor grave in the Oolind Slate Park One Haplist spokesman, here James Duncan of editor of the church sprvlee with Jordan announcing 'it was Capital Uaplisl, said most of ls sponsored by the Cfoliad Conn- recessed subject to Ihe call of seemed lo feel ly Historical Society. jibe chair. However, bolb he "ial Johnson's statement was The Hcv. Vi-rnon llreilknislz jand McLendon said no m o r c a roa' 'ever lo move Southern hearings are scheduled 'Baptists to do more about the McLendon told newsmen Everyone rp i r-w I FUCK JDnvci iMrni Answer vSuit Claims wa' sell nf ii'in. Nome (if lhc most wilunbla collector Hollars remain, nn of- ficial said, adding: "We would nbjecl [D these niins going to (inly n f.-w collectors." will happen now: Cnn- Willie Kriinklin, lloimlon K'i'ss will have (o decide, tlm pastor of the St. John's Lulh- Inick driver and said. But Um official cran Church of Goliad. will be Marketing Corp. of Abilene "deled thut Ihe department Is The In- Wednesday filed an answer lo mnking any and released was Ernest Whit- man, 70, whose wife perished. The Two Georges was one of numerous drift-fishing craft Tfi popular wilh tourists who visit Florida's east coast. In drift fishing, a boat cruises to a like- ly spot then cuts its engines while passengers fish over the side with poles or hand lines. OI Aulo Taes With about one-third of As of now, MacArthur has been relieved of medical lubes' in bis month and nose. Me ;s Making liquid foods such as. ihroth and milk in small quanti-! the tics at frequenl intervals. He is1 improprieties. i'ia F ked compassion the main address A short no- ami tniln, unafraid of the con- knowlodgcmont will be given to sequences of fulfilling their Andrew S. donor nl wreath for the past seven He said, There arc preach-, years, lie Is a descendant nf cis and there arc teachers Polish men under Col Mrs K J'lirdy. Treasury r'ratiklm and Inlcrnnllonal containing unnr sny Ihey are nnl disputing th< 11 Laying of the wreah trail (hi- r was on the left side of iiiidway nl Ihe lime of the deny the claim by any negli- WICHITA (AP) A injustices and dissension estimated total of lflii-1 Victoria talking with his wife, son, doc- young Wichila Falls business- <lislriist at work in America this will hc by' Mrs Verna" j.iii- bill County molor vehicle license tors and nurses. man has cabled Premier Khru- vcrv hour-who seek (o historian anil author of w'is plates yel to be issued in Ihe Asked lo classify lhc gencr- shchev (or permission lo fly his tllc nsmg tide of human several published stories. James four-and-a-half working days al's condition as good, fair, sat- 2-enginc airplane which is now h-v sowing half-tnilhs and Myers will play taps ilsk cnllrl remaining before the deadline isfactory or crilical, Murplicy in Japan to Texas over a por- untruths wherever they find __________ '________ jury determine whether, under expires next Wednesday, Tax replied: "He is still .seriously ill tion of .Soviet Siberia. i Assessor-Collector If. Campbell njs condition, although cri'lical Tom Danaher, an ex- directly al his andi-i Dodson and his staff are still'now, was extremely critical onlMarine fighter pilot, says he said: "Help us lo hopeful of avoiding a last-min- Monday (the day of the opera- can save about a week's answer them with truth and me rush. time and miles if he can lls lo Dodson rerwrtcd Wednesday His personal physician, Dr. obtain permission to fly the elvl1 "ghls bill and establish a .1. Coffin, manager of the thai a steady increase of if- M. II. Schleifcr, has returned route, along a portion foundation upon _which we. can Anderson County Chamber of j cense plate applicants has set New York. of Siberia en route to Alaska. Commerce, sending lo Victoria j in within the past few days, al- silver dollars minted in Ihf IliJIOv Tn ctjin rolleclnts find dealers thoKe are worth or nidii'. The .sale wax given ult .c lu I'oday's Chuckle a note of apology on the lines in front of (he tax of the Dogwood Trail, which of- i office counters are still not ficially opened recently without; causing any prolonged delays, the cooperation of Mother Na-i Along olhrr courthouse ture, and predicting that it the tax office will close appears the blossoms will make! Friday for Ihe annual their annual showing between! religious observance of Good March 28 and April 5 J Friday, remaining closed for Jim Sitterlc announcing that 'he remainder of lhc weekend. Queen Victoria contestants; "'ill be three full working should pick up their photographs! days next week before Ihe at 2202 E. Airline Road .'deadline for obtaining li- NOVEMBER Duchess Quits Thi'onc, Son Luxembourg Ilulei to LUXEMBOURG (API-Grand, age re- (Prince) Jean is of age to take wf rown ovcr court ner Ject- suild a hnuse of freedom all men can dwell." Flrsl Strong Try I In this fashion, Johnson he- [came the first chief executive (lo make a strong and direct ap- peal lo Southern church leaders lo lead their congregations into Ihe civil rights fold. However, White House press secretary George Reedy likened Johnson's remarks to state- 1 menls the President has mado think on olnpr on tne Ihusiasts lt pnys lo keep your fret on the ground, nil right, hut yrui hnve to keep them mov- ing. all eirnimslamc, Ihe was They further flnim Iliiil Kninkliu "was nm- fronted wilh a Ifgal just before the occurrence of the Trra.sury asked for resum- ing the minting of silver Hdlhu 'Eliey wx-rc last turned out in ,'inil rcid hnnrdcrs rei'ently have heen gathering Ihem in. The queues of collectors nnd the accident and did use or- nulsidc ihe Trenv dinary care after the emergen- by onli- ey arose EC1AE DAY SET n.'ny folk hoping in hit it ricf) hy [iruling rt coin in ihi- scj'iimhlr. They hni.jfjhl hfiyfiil.s Rnnid Liking scv- era] ttnrl tfie loss flush (innn- 520 rolls You rouhln't lost- A rlollftr is worth ;it lnusl a li'.ss of its rarjly, Witli uonl fjul lh-'it the supply v-ns d'A'iridhnn, SCVIM .1! wornon anil boys they h.'nl Many of Jhf: racing rn- run in somr 30 Iri-tls, r.'ico fjf- [jiishi'S nut of linr hy Victoria To Welcome Horse Race Visitors who will he partici- lieials they reflected panls and spectators at Goliad Mayor I.UJ, Pagr. IOA) Jr. Bill Showdown Kemprr ihe first two weekends nexl will present the purse lo the Vic- month during the. South Texas tor la Sink" winner. This race is 'I'll I I ips rjf men One man said (See SH.VKU. IOA) Race Association Meet at I.n one of several that will hc Hahia Downs will .stay in Vic- slagc'l during the two weekends loria. in adrliliun ID the Texas Futur- I I I I I J Thiirsflay and Friday. fusing to accept any invitations to move north Mrs. V. A. Rippamonli Sr. taking time lo; i i enjoy a cup of coffee. Mrs. Fred Grevelle oi Beeville in town to shop and joining her sister for lunch Alfred Iha Smiga of Inez making a quick business trip to town Uulch Meyer chalking up a week that's a bit shorl on sleep D, E. Musselman, a ranch- er, not complaining about Die, rain, in fact, he could use some more Mrs. James Warner Issuing a Trail of Six F I a g s of San Antonio. Crew Call for Thursday and Fri-l day at p.m. and on Satur- day at p.m. with supper for all. leng'" n! her reign Motels, service wbich has a total purse Cunlcr Thursday and Thursday anil step down'the limit which wisdom imposes drn focs nl ltle civi' i _ ...___ __it. cnnl ml t aLions nntcrlainmenl establishments will be ready lor Smith Te: Ihe influx of visilors, Vicloria of at SM.OOO, Derby with thi: with northerly winds 15 purse in a m.p.h becoming north- easterly at 5 to 15 m.p fi. Kri- t nu o sos, or o .p i. r in November in favor of her to any human activity on ineir talks Wednesday iamher C1f officials preliminaries will he on day. KxpectcdThursd.iy temper _ oflnr 15 .....l.... __ I t lemporarily after IS izes us now to retire from state at six chil'dren and a grandmother Inc. thus was expected by the people, The second vote, on a motion1 Marthn Grceson, who was re- committee, delegation She is reported In good 23