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Advocate (Newspaper) - February 5, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 118th 271 TELEPHONE H! B-1451 VICTORIA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1964" Established IB13 Cox Poses Threat to BAPTIST Among those taking an active part on Tuesday's program of. the District 4 convention, Baptist General Convention of Texas, at Baptist Temple here were, left to right, the Rev. Harry V. Hamblen, (Advocate Photo) secretary of missions for the district, who brought the closing address; the Rev. O. A. Taylor, who was re-elected president, and the Rev. James Ver- million, pastor of Hie host church and a district vice-president. Baptist District Changing Outline The annual session of Districl 4, Baplisl General Convention, attended by more than 200 pas- tors and laymen Tuesday ;U the Baptist Temple here, renamed most of its current officials and made plans for phasing out the district this year. The district will be dissolved by lhe end of September, when meeting; the Rev. Grady N. Allison, first vice-presidenti who is pastor of the Wooslcr Bap- list Church at Baytown; the Rev. James II. Vormillion of Baptist Temple here, second vice-president; the Rev. Mar- tin Miller of First Baptist Church, Pasadena, secretary, and the Rev. J. Vernon Wheel- uj me uuu ui oumtinuiur, lilu j. vtuiun llccl a new organizational structure Ifss of Rice Temple, Houston, will creale areas of two asso- treasurer, ciations each, unlike lhe current Other officers in their same district of eight associations, posts are K. Hubbard Hurst o( The theme of thc meeting Plaza, Houston, "That Ye Might Believe." school superintendent; Rev. 0. A, Taylor, D- .Teague of First Baptist presided at the three Lake Jackson, brother- entitled, "Belief lo (Sec BAPTIST, Page 0) "Belief to and lo Engage." 8 Arrested At Pentagon WASHINGTON (AP) Treasury agents swooped down on the Pentagon Tues- day and arrested eight em- ployes on charges of op- crating a numbers game. Two other arrests made in the city of Wash- ington. The arrests by agents of Ihc Treasury's Intelligence Division were similar lo a scries of arrests made in the Pentagon three years ago. All of those arrested were civilian employees, a Treas- ury agent told newsmen. lie estimated (hat the daily gross collection of the alleged ring was about SI .000. 7-Maii Race For Senate fly THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Three Democrats and four Re- seven-man group 'epresenling a wide divergence )f views and aunch a bailie royal in coming weeks for the U.S. Senate seat of Pasadena, preached the an- nual sermon. Board Draws 1 Hit rublic Meetin district brought thc closing mcs-i sage. Thc evening session also included an address on Chris-ijuvenile Readers held its sec- Victoria Hoard of Review for HILIUUCU (in (Uiurcss on Lnris-j ...i lian education by Dr. W. njond meeting Tuesday evening in Ilinton, presidenl of Cily Hall council Baptist College. :chambers without anyone ap- Dr. Charles iMcI.Hiijjhlin, Faulkner, Bon Tom Harrk 13M Dick st' Truman said their were filed before mWnight The Ulree commis- sioners of lhe drainage district, primaryvhichviU and H. M. Hobbs. Octkes Files Dave Oakes of Dickerson filed late Monday In the Re- publican Primary as a can- didafc for congressman of Ihc 9lh District. Oakes will come up in the November General Election against Democratic incum- bent Clark W. Thompson of Gal vest on. Neither has an opponent in their respective primar- ies. Oakes ran an unsuccess- ful race against Thomp- son two years ago. "At the present time, none of the three commissioners is a resident of the city, although over one-half of the revenue for this district is collected from within the city limits. "We believe that the lime has come for city residents to as- sert [heir voice in the operation of Drainage District No. 3 to 1 v e the obvious problems State Opinion To Be Asked By ROY GRIMES Advocate Staff Writer Manuel Velasco, a Victoria ment of our position on issues will be released in the future. "The rumors being spread in Victoria during the past 24 hours stating that the Republican can- didates, if elected, intend to dis- band the drainage district are definitely false." Faulkner, who moved to Vic- toria in 1950, is married and has two children. He is a member of the First English Lutheran (See CANDIDATES, Page 8) Co-Op Expansion Envisioned fice this year. j generating power of i M nP e race plant of the f includes Democrats Yar- borough, John Van Cronkhile of Dallas and Gordon McLendon of Dallas; and Republicans Cox, George Bush of Houston and Dr. Milton Davis and Robert Mor- ris, both of Dallas. Oppose Democrats AUSTIN-A doubling of the t lhe Sam South Tex- as Electric Cooperative, Inc., next year and future expan- sions which would make it six times as large are outlined in an application filed wilh the Texas Water Commission Tues- day- The cooperative, which i-avim up- Texas Republicans opposeioperates two kilowatl gas proved mvilmg relail dealers lo Democrats in all U.S. House turbine generators at its plant appear al lhe next session on races in the stale for lhe firsl 10 miles north of Victoria asked IB. time. The GOP has also put the state agency for the right They also decided to bring the gubernatorial to use acre feet of wa- cxamplcs of any n deem objectionable. ___ Several members reported water to cool steam turbine they had addressed various or- kT Connally filed al generators which would p r o- gaiiizations in town, or have ac- mlcWay Monday for re-election duce kilowatts of pow- nnninri uw chief mc American Embassy lind a Greek-owned hotel housing Brit- j i Onadalupe association. Officers re-elected included thc Rev. 0. A Taylor of Ihp <nt- (U iMcujiui inesuav I-irsl Baptist Church Spring The U.S. miiBassador ini- Branch, who presided at the'mediately authorized voluntary evacuation of nil American wo- men and children on the island. In Washington, lhe U.S. gov- ernment expressed shock and [demanded punishment of JB'iiily. concerned with objectionable material juvenile readers may ibe coming in contact with, but is also concerned about young- sters not having access to good material. After two members mentioned hearing complaints that the committee was not doi'g any- thing, Kiicy said, "This commit- tee isn't failing to act. We are trying anyway." ln Papers into parly race erator turbines, and one mroine would oe in- headquarters. He is the Rev. M. stalled later under a long range I. Banks, 69, a Negro minister growth plan developed by For- fi-nm p, member of the One U.S. Marine was slightly The panel has been invited lo HIO (screen a movie al a local ihea- ter Saturday morning, it was lilll m 'be SCCOnd Of ...v. MICI-UHB wci: ;sl for a' "le -'i-f-slory embassy journed after about 30 mi; iinding an cxclllsivc residential area, and the panel went into i morn con- None of lllc 12 Suests or em-isessirai lo view some me Scott, chairman of Queen's Conlesl Livestock Show, rcmiiu....0 clubs to Ret their queen con- ne of, ...slants fn soon Curtis Vi rranKe, age 8 months, enjoying, n dicl of ivy until his mother; ncv put ito plants out of his reach lhe Vuu-enl Umpainnnli Jr. Archbishop Makarios at lhe reporting thai it's loo wet for presidential palace following the (liggmR post holes at Giiadalupe blast. Makarios, who also was .Thomas liagrr reporting visibly upset, had examined lhe the pies baked by the Inez bomb damage and he expressed women were Ihc bcsl al lhe: regret lo Wilkins. recent Inez MOD benefit American officials said about Ic'filher Emiliano GiiezuriiRaj of the Am.nrU-.ns on having to stop bird island are women and chil- sincc their garage was scaled tlrcn. Aloiun Uiibrysch now al Kv.ictialion lo Beirut, I.eba- llo.spilal, having by chartered commercial may begin Wednesday. .....t to 18 hours, were placed indicated. Thc open meeting was ad- journed after about 30 minutes, lo closed presented for their inspection by jibe chairman. The proposal before the wa- fer commission protects I h e from Beaumont. Three Republicans Republicans seeking lhe gov- ernorship are Harry Diehl of Houston and C. G. Weak ley Jr. and .lack Criehton, both of'Dal- is. The congressman at large race ballooned to six Democrats and one Republican Tuesday. Democratic headquarters re- ceived mailed filing papers for (See COX, Page 9) per cent evaporation loss. Acre F At full usage of lhe mount of wate i iciiiLug, a memuer 01 uie .1 j Brown t Root Inc. i-M inches of ram staff. 6 has been recorded for Febru- ici commission protects ine water rights of downstream wa- clearing skies ter users in that the co op temperatures for would agree to restore to the A low of 38 was stream all of the Guadalupe Wednesday, dered the National River water it used for cool- u C s for January bll'zccl for al ing, and to put well waler into showed a "'fib temperature of where heavy snow the stream to make up the 7fi' 'he 19th and late in the day wi- per cent evaporation loss agam lhE 22nd day of lfle mated 12 inches on Today's Chuckle That sage who said "Go IVrsf" evidently never had to figure out how lo do it on a cloverleaf inlcrsectfon. ROYAL MIX-UP Princess' Engagenient Cancelled, Queen Says I (11 I Jllf, IHIl Jl i hroiighl from Houston recently P'anes may begin W aflcr an auloniobilc accident" would lake cighl to near Bay City and Kilivin wet AUU (Vlll ltd Wllil US LIIHl, UUr Juliana told lhe daughter now is going through Dutch people Tuesday that a a very difficull lime. planned engagement of her sec near Bay (iahrysch, City his brother, ui uti iru, maxe an ur- ond daughter, Princess Irene, gent appeal to all of you to give lulrn L.n.. It______I 1 I Betting out of the hospital last week Ralph Wall remind-! ing all Jaycecs of the n c w member orientation tit 7 p.m. tonight nt lhe Victoria Rank (or wn j u s "'9 embassy and the would nol lake plac. Irene, 24, was linked roman- U.S. Infovmalion Service library. The bombings followed a ris- ing wave of violence on Cyprus which has included al least one killing in the pnst 2-) hours and several kindnpings and other in- cidents between the feuding tically wilh a Spaniard after it stances." was announced last week thai (Sec U.S., Page Ball nnd lo former Victorian Mrs. Mnxie Mayer of Wheat--------------......' land, Wyo. Mrs. Vcrmi Hall in from Placcdo glad for lhe! May h OVOt rain and hoping for n spring hay crop A. Drown admitling that he loves! r to dance, but docsn'. care L THE HAGUE, Nelherlands "We, therefore, make an ur her the rest which she is need ing so much in these circum- Three Trustees Seek Re-EIeclion Intention of three incumbents niui The queen concluded: "We on the Bloomington Independent she had left thc Proteslant hope to sea our daughter again Board of Trustees to file for re- uiilcti Reform faith of the Royal in our midst soon." election was indicated Tuesday An official spokesman for the night by Alvin A. Wynn, presi- House lo become a Roman Catholic. At the time of the announce- Dulch government followed the dent. queen's speech wilh an an- also speaking on behalf of her husband, Prince Bcrnhard, sairi doing all of his dancing in one week Otln Schucneinann six Flags Theater, will open a promising some weekend work in exchange for some refresh- ments ICmll Lirhnnvsky ac- cepting n ride to work, and do- IIIIL 11 VUIMU Jiui IIU UUJlC, M1U SliltT UG' five-dny run Wednesday at 8 cause of the enjoyable posslbll- plans of her daughter. But this could nol he done, she said, "he- p.m. at thc Devereiix School Theater at Kosler Field. Tlic. play be presented i-----o .........-r lupjiikY till cidine to Ret his exercise on n a maiinco day lhe sun Is shininR. 12 p.m. nightly ihrougli Salurday, with scheduled Sunday at ity of an engagement." Thc quoen Ihen added: "Rut now, we liave to (ell you, nlas, h. nVir i i ij is Zrnom Inl ihk J "S mini wm nrt ake nlaa win nol lake place. "You will feel with us that our ,.._ niinuuutc- quuen s speecn wim an an- wynn sain he nad conferred mcnt Irene was in Spain, hul nouncement early Wednesday with J. A. Piwetz and Luis G she vanished from the Dutch that it was Irene's decision to Robles, and all had made Ihc embassy in Madrid last Satur-break off flay- Thc spi Queen Juliana, saying she was in Spain. break off engagement plans. Queen Juliana suddenly re- treasurer. lurned lo The Hague Tuesday milieu lu mi; nuguc uicsnay Decision 01 tne inree came on she would have liked lo tell her with Prince Bombard from Ihc heels of a board meeting M Austria, where they Monday night in which James K Iiail Of nlans Of her dnnph rr Ru Ih games, rival, she were reports that in a four-hour (See MIX-UP, Page 9) Rages Over Southwest AMARILLO, Tex. blizzard raged across portions of five southwestern states Tuesday, whip- ping snowfalls of more than 22 inches inlo drifts 10 feet high. Traffic was paralyzed and scores of cities and towns isolated as the snow continued into the night. In New Mexico, huge snow- Iplows were Irying to reach about 30 persons stranded in their automobiles between Tucumcari and Santa Rosa. A bus with 38 passengers was [stranded for a time 12 miles west of Tucumcari. Three deaths in New Mexico and three in southeast Texas far south of the snowstorm were blamed on the weather. A team using a snowplow TV7 Cl "if 7 Predicted New Turbines application says that February is starting off the way December and January and rainy. December's average temper- alure of 48.8 was the coldest failed to find two cowboys miss- ing in the Texas Panhandle and was 1.1 degrees below normal. lAnd Fobrual'y is starting off kilowatt turbine would be T chief metcorologisl at the U.S. Weather Bureau at Foster Field, said the 30-day forecast called for below normal tem- perature and heavy rainfall. ary. Average rainfall for the month is 2.34. aga month. There were four days of 32- degree readings or below, wilh would be evaporated each year. This would be pumped from wells at lhe Sam Rayburn plant into lhe Guadalupe. The application proposes to pump directly from the river when stream flows are ade- quate and to use a ground wa- ter with spray ponds lo cool the generators when flows In the river are inadequate. The appli- cation from Co-op President Ro- mero Korlh of Ecleto expresses the hope that in the fulure the co-op will be able to buy stored (Sec PLANT, Page 9) Rainfall measured 2.03, or .31 below normal. The greatest 24- (Sce FEBRUARY, Page 0) Wynn said he had conferred decision to seek new terms, All ii-un piuiib. lu suux new lerms, All Thc spokesman said Irene is three are officers, wilh Piwetz as vice president, and Robles as Decision of the three came on J i------ uifciii. ui muM nc m me YOI attended the winter Olympic Lewis, board secretary, James of the AKS by Feb. 15. K. G-rner and Ronakl R. Peck Vim, aim nuiLcnu u. rucK Actually, Mrs. uarry said h i Bn f V0lfd thc "the New York office has been e a same we recinct containing a city over in population, according to his opinion, such an office can- not exist until it is officially set up and designated by action of he county commissioners court. Whether the allerapt by Vel- asco to file for the office Is to result in placing his name on lhe ballot in the May 2 Demo- cratic primary is a decision thai will have to be made by the Democratic county execu- tive committee. County Chair- man Weldon B. Mallette con- ferred with County Atty. Whay- land W. Kilgore Tuesday, and it was understood that Kilgore is requesting an opinion in the mailer from the office of the atlorney general of Texas. To Meel Monday The county execulive commit- tee will meet at p.m. Mon- day in the district courtroom to fix the filing fees for all candi- dates in the May 2 primary. It is not mandatory that a deci- sion in the Velasco case be made at that time, but it was hoped that the attorney gen- eral's opinion would be avail- able by then. Velasco had first filed wilh Miss Voigt lale Monday for election as county Democratic chairman, to run against Mal- lette. Just before the filing deadline at midnight, however, he withdrew this application and then filed for the justice the peace place. Technicality H was pointed out lhat a technicality against lhe filing michl be raised because Velas- the five-state area. Thousands of motorists were (See BLIZZARD, Page 9) FIELD SERVICE were isolated by the heavy snow drifts and ice-coated roads in co's designated the For 'Adopting' Parents Somewhere across the ocean a high school student hopes for the opporlunily lo spend a year with an American family, go to an American school, and be- come, for 10 months anyway, an American himself. Bt that opportunity may be denied unless some Victoria family aels quickly, according lo Mrs. R. P. Barry, publicily chairman of the Victoria unil of (he American Field Service. "We'yo had very good suc- cess with lhe program in t h e Mrs. Barry said Tuesday, "but now we're fast approach- ing the deadline and no fam- ily has volunteered to partici- pate in next year's program." Slic said the local deadline is Monday, and that ail papers must be in the New York office Mrs. Barry said, iiuvv JUIA uaiiii- nuuiujj, twin llllilj VI lOCtll Mul- hoping for some lime now thai housing committee, at HI 5-1531. it tMirt it They .should also feel free to conlacl any of lhe families who have participated in the past if ,YC- could lake two students. It The move was defeated when would be a shame if we can't a foreign student arrives in Vie- toria sometime in August, spends the school year wilh the hosl family, and Ihen leaves for his home the following sum- mer, richer in memories and experience. "And it's also a wonderful opportunity for the host Mrs. Barry said. "All the fam- ilies who have volunleered in the past have nothing but the high- est praise for (he program." This year's student is Miss Heather Hogarth, of South Afri- ca. She attends Victoria High and is the guest of Ihc Alllan Weigand family. Olher families who have participated are the W. L. Xirjacks, the office as Justice of the Peace, Commissioners Precinct 1, Place 2. The. precinct properly should have been designated as 3 justice precinct, it ivas noted, hut since the boundaries of Commissioners Precinct 1 and Justice Precinct 1 are identical there was considerable doubt lhat such a technicality would he sufficient to prevent accept- ance of the filing. The application was accom- panied by the prescribed ?50 de- pcsil which is required pending the formal assessment of filing (Sec OFFICIALS, Page 3) TFTE WEATHER Joe Reddings ami Rev. high 56. Kermit Gibbons. Mrs. Barry said that anyone interested in t' should contact Faubion, chairman of the local Clear to partly cloudy Wednesday and Thursday. North to Northwest winds at 10 lo 20 m.p.h. Expected Wednesday temperatures: Low 38, high 56. South Central Texas: Clear lo partly cloudy Wednesday and Thursday except mostly cloudy extreme north early Wednes- day. Colder Wednesday night. High Wednesday 48-65. Temperatures Tuesday: Low the p r o g r a High :t Miss Nonnn P-m. Wednesday, and they wish lo do so, Mrs. Barry said. Rainfall Tuesday: 0.95 inch. Tides (Port Ltivaca Port at a.m. Thursday. Barometric pressure at sea level: 29.92. Sunset Wednesday Sun- rise Thursday This Information bated on dala 'rom UJI. Wetlhtr Bureau Victoria Oflltt.