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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - February 1, 1964, Victoria, Texas THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 118th 267 TELEPHONE HI 1-1451 VICTORIA, TEXAS, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1964 Established 1BI6 BOOKMOBILE DENIED 12 Cents Local Library Facilities Ruled Horse-and-Buggy I State Awaits Final Rush In Politics By ROY GIUMES Advocate Sfnff Writer Vlclorin Counly got the won] from an aulhoritnlive source Friday it is not yet ready for one of (tie Texas Slate Li- brary's book Us li- brary facilities are strictly horse-and-huggy even while the age of gasoline fades into the oncoming of the jet age. Charles Gholz, a field sullant for the Texas State Li- brary, tempered the harsh a condition approaching hope- lessness for a community of this size and resources. The present library facilities, he said, are not sufficient even to consider the acquisition of one of the stale library's bookmo- biles. Gholz has been in charge of a, two-day demonstration of one of the bookmobiles, which was carried out on a schedule cover- ing both the city and rural areas of the county. sound of these words at a meel-i The meeting Friday was ing in the Victoria Bank and..... Trust Co. auditorium with what was obviously an earnest desire lo offer helpful suggestions and constructive advice. But what he told the meeting of interested patrons and groups supporting the Victoria Bronte Public Library left no doubt that in his professional view the library actually offers next to nothing. The Victoria Bronte Public Library currently lists some books on its shelves, the field consultant reported, hut it was doubtful if even ol these would be of much salvage value for the needs of a modern library. From a professional view- point, he said, the library build- ing at Moody and Commercial is wholly inadequate, not having been built as a library in the called to consider the possibili- firsfplace. At the same lime, he _ ties of a longer demonstration praised the public-spirited at- nnl-inH Kill flhnl? V :_lln rOfl tt Orln IO period, but Gholz said there was no point even in discussing it, It would be a complete re- Filing Deadline Due Monday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Some of Texas' top political figures sent out invitations Fri- day for weekend political com- ing-out parties. U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Tcx., recognized leader of the 'liberal Democratic faction in the slate, called a news confer- ence in Austin for 1 p.m. Satur- day, obviously to announce for re-election. U.S. Rep. Jim Wright, D-Tex., news conference reveal whether Sewer Rule Proposed In Local Subdivisions m j ir i1" I'un >i ui in 1 w Mc9an ln, he will seek re-election or chal- providing the building free, of charge, in taking care of its lenge Yarborough in the Dem- ocratic senatorial contest. Some i. i I auimiui mi auiiic versal of a logical approach to: maintenance, paying the utilities sources predicted lie will pass tin! main problem, he and making other contrib.i-up the Senate race until tli out, to start a bookmobile on aj lions. I when he can tackle U.S. Sen. ty lo stir up interest in what a present library facilities are in library has lo offer when the regular schedule over the coun-i "But it is said John Tower, R-Tex. Gov. John, o i 'to call on a single (Sec LIBRARY, Milam Won't Ask Board Re-Election lly I'AT W1TTK Advocate Staff Wriler Joe B. Milam, a trustee of the Victoria Independent School District for the past nine years, Friday said he would not seek Grady Yarbrough re-eleclion. Trustees and C. Al. Ferguson, whose places on the school board will also be at slake in the April 4 election, declined to say if they would run again. "I'm not ready to say any- thing right Ferguson said, "but I will reach a deci- :'i'm not Y a r- brough said, "in trying to press something that has this degree of controversy. I'm convinced in my own mind that it needs to be done some day, but 'when' is the big question. And I don't know if I'm in a position lo say. 'when'." "There's not a very good rea- son for having an issue over the he said. "This is a very minor item in the over- all duties of a school board member. Our primary objeclive sion soon. Yarbrongh had only n "no comment." It was felt in some quarters, however, that both will decide to run again. Thomas J. Tight, of the pe- troleum consulting firm of Tighe Wcathcrly, .said Friday that he would enter the race. He said he would file for Milam's post on the board. i Deadline for filing with VISDj Business Manager Roy Green-j wood is March 5. Milam has 'ol occupied Place 5 on the school board during his term of office, is to provide the best education (See MILAM, Page D) Pay Poll Tax Poll tax payments totaled late Friday, but re- ceipts issued by special deputies, plus exemption re- ceipts, arc expected lo push the total higher. Exemptions totaled Friday night. County Tax- Assessor Collector II. Camp- hell Doilsim estimated that poll lax receipts Issued by special deputies will (op In 1960. the last presiden- tial election year, the coun- ty issued poll tax re- ceipts, and exemption cer- tificates lo over-age voters, first voters, and others ex- empted from payment of the lax within the city in- creased the total to Mothers Collect in March Marching Mothers'collected Friday night the March of Dimes, despite mud and a sizeable number of barking dogs. Smith School led collection areas, with 45. while Yarbrough and Ferguson [Members of elementary school PTA groups and mem- hold down posilions C and 7, ,he club o{ victoria conducted the drive specti Belli Yattjfoug'i and son, along wilh Milam a n d I Trustee Conde Anderson, been active supporters of Ihe proposed football stadium near! Victoria High School, and havej been instrumental in ihe hoard's' purchase of a 46-acre I r a c I near the high school lo be used for that purpose. But the board's public- Connally also is considered a <jood possibility for the 1966 race. Kilgore Decision (J. S. Rep. Joe Kilgore, D-Tex. whn has said already he will not isk re-election, will announce Monday in Auslin whether he will face Yarborough in (his Senate race. Otherwise there were few fil- ings Friday with many candi- dates apparently planning last minute announcements before the Monday deadline. Allhout'h Monday is the dead- .ine to file for an office, state or local, the filing fees do nol lave to be paid until Feb. 5. Slate democratic and republi- can headquarlers announced plans lo keep their offices open all day Saturday to accomodate lale filings. Sl.OOO Fee Paid Slate GOP headquarters re- ported Friday that Dr. Millon Davis, Dallas, paid his filing fee for the U. S. Senate race. Davis had announced prev- iously. Horace Houston, Dallas, previously announced as a cand- idate for lieulenanl governor, also paid his filing fee lo Ihe GOP. Dallas Cahnes, 34, Hous- lon businessman, announced and paid his filing fee as a GOP candidafe for comptroller. Slate democratic headquarters reported one new statewide can- didate. Fred N. Williams, Dal- las, filed and paid his fee lo run against Land Commis- sioner Jerry Sadler in the Dem- ocratic primary. Application Voided The headquarters also said the Planners To Allow 'Variations' Thoroughfare PRE-CLASS SESSION Checking over notes prior to Friday's opening session of the Victoria Police Acad- emy were (left to right) State Rep. R. H. (Dick) Cory, Mrs. Shirley Koehler, police department criminal investigation division secretary; City Patrolman Steve Brown, one of the newest members of the department; peace on Cyprus. Initial reae lion the Cyprots was un- favorable, but high-ranking offi- cials voiced belief that the plan has better than a 50-50 chance (O j it uic jicnuiiuoi LCIO aiau saivi me -hinder the general supervision fee Of David Copeland of of Miss Novalme Jowell, was nol paid, voiding his representative application as a candidate for At Inez The Inez community's annual opponents of Ihe stadium have i parly-willi-a-purpose is schcd- hatlled the issue into lo Sd under 5 p.m. amounts to a stalemate at at (he Incx Comrmmi- eiit. jly Hall lo prove the way it Asked about Hie stadium. about the March of Dimes, brongh said he did nol intend i The auction of 32 cakes, plus lo press the proposal for Ihcjsome selected dried sausage lime being, and added Dial he land kolaches, is expected lo be did not Ihink il would become (a highlighl of the event. If lasl an important issue if he does year's MOD party was an ex decide lo run again. ample, some of the cakes will bc sold more lhan once help the drive. all to munity service for the Pilot Club. Other tolals were Stanly, Hopkins, E. W. Gross, Shields, William Offer, O'Con- nor, Mitchell, and Juan Linn, Police Chief John Guseman announced that any persons missed during (he drive could call the police slalion Saliirday the Slate Supreme Court. A group of Houston attorneys filed Die application Monday for Copeland. It was accepted with the provision thai Ihe filing fee be paid by midnight Thursday. In Austin, Jack Riller Jr., former stale representative, said he had decided not to challenge U. S. Rep. J. J. (Jake) Pickle, D-Tex., because his opposition or Sunday and the contribu- might be considered as opposi- tions will be picked up. Members of the police force, as well as members of Ihe local Texas Stale Guard unit under supervision of Lt. Col. George Filley, escorted the women bringing money in from the man of the aitclion committee. Hamburgers aplenty will be The Rainbow girls all set for 'available, to be either ealcn on a Bake Sale today at or taken home. Last steins 111 and HER No. 1 with an amazing fiOO of the bur- Wantla in charge .lt'cl's were sold. And Ihe WBA Travel Club hold- J- F V. Rep- ing a rummage sale al 6 a.m. kil arc co-chairmen for the today al Citv Hall Square ar.e lhcn clll.vcd significant of space experi- wjthin 600 mjlcs of iu hack side menls. Concert Bnnd present a concert at Hie Patti Welder Jim- or High School Auditorium Sat- urday al p.m. The varied program will fea- ture everything (rom "Death and the sym- phonic poem by Strauss, lo se- .eetions from popular musicals. Sponsoring the concert is (he First English Lutheran Church. gard to the regime which now There will be no admission The correction ol about Its fruits could be the first clear, close tip photographs miles, should put ,he crash with- K i in n rirplp nn he moons pocked he very area where men per-'1 laps will land a few years '''The' fantastic-appearing Rang- is, 7'" er 6, launched Thursday from lll( c la f'cgrccs cast Cape Kennedy. Kla., is lU'te r'osc lo the original! ed to smash into the center of 'lofirecs north the moon's bright side al and 21 "eSrccs casl Ixmfi- r circle on known as Mare Tran- luillilfilis, or Ihe Sea of Tran- cjuility. a.m. Sunday. itudi; The impact, which could The area is one ol those un- charge, but a free-will either a flash of light order consideration for Apollo will be token. a cloud of dust or both, may moonship landings. dominates China." He expressed belief, however, that diplomatic and other con- tracts between the French and the Communist Chinese will help diminish "the contrasts and the dramatic opposilions of to hear." Members of (he 45-'Rnngcr series and the people cameras arc supposed (o start HOPE: QorrA SPEND MV GIVIWS CUSTOMERS FAST SERVICf Help your Advocate carrier- Under the direction of M.A.'bc visible to large telescopes Ten minutes and 000 miles bc-jsalesman succeed by having Nyquisl, Ihe band has not to the naked eye. jforc impact, as Ranger 6 rushes payments ready when he calls the unique distinction of provid-' Scientists at the Jet ist doom at miles by to collect Too please see ing "music which people Laboratory, creators of ine per hour, ils six television that your receipt is (illcd out properly. It's Ihe best way we know to avert misunderstand- ings. piece band hail from seven are tracking and guiding taking the first of more than fcrent slates. iNo. 6, told a news pictures.