Tuesday, December 17, 1929


Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - December 17, 1929, Victoria, Texas INSURANCE DEVISED Bf WILL ASSIGNED PREVIOUSLY f- Eyes Filled DR.JACKKAHN Exclusive Optometrist 609-10 Welder Phono in VICTORIAADVOCATE -AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND I GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDim Easy Termi Phone 159 Geo, U. Frehcii, Publisher, VOLUME 32 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLSf IN GKNERAL. V1CTOKIA DAILY ADVOCATE. TUESDAY AFTEROON, DECEMBER 17, Subscription: Per Annutn Timely Topics NUMBER 100 A MAN Is ii great thing upon the mid through eternity; bnl (very jot of Iho grealnoss of man 1 unfolded out of Whitman. bio YOU evef wiilch a colony of. wee, wee ants busily ctignged In building their liny home'.' Onu by one, back- and forth, hour by hour they work, t'iic.b currying a liny iiiirtlvle of soil rind dcpoi-iliiig l' besido bis wee .comrade's hit, building u little mound wftic.li cti- lirses so slowly thi.1 eye can scare- h detect it, ''yet before lour, without fqrced effort on the pail of any wee ant, the mound is com- pleted, and Ibeir habitat is finish- ed. It is iill done by iieiw a intiriiiiir, never a cainpluiut ftc'jn anyone, but all work together fo, common result, It the men in -the community would take a lesson from the littb; ,nl, bow mud, faslcr would towns Improve-, each man in tin, would do.liis pail, working in mil- eon with every other cllizon who striving to reach the same efforlK Wnulil form ;md results would he evident before realize lie bad expended iuin.li energy in the nude, taking. Stion a lown could be bui place lo be known "out YWELL Sisters Arrayed Against Brothers in Case on Trial Here SONS INHERIT REALTY Insurance Policy That Was Transferred to Son-in- law Left Daughters. (K M ft Ex-State Engineer Supports North-South Highway w M SS -tt X K Sj? w %r tf Last Paving Contract For Highway 12 Let Acclaimed Hero in Uatllc with Convicts At Aiihura Prison our community, "our" enterprise. "our" pride. PRACTICALLY 'EVERY worker receives; .some vacation dnrin.e Iho. yeiir, o.vcepl ihe housewives of Hie country, wlwse work of the Inline lins Icl-mi. ..We llumiushly axree will, Kecre- tary of l.alior Davis that every housewife ahoulil have a va- cation each year. As far us pus- Tile will contest. case is I nccnpyinr; ilie cinsiii'.; days ot this sible, aoiiii: should he ed in every homo whereby llm mother nnii housekeeper could lie Eetil off iiinl freeil from her JIDUSI.- holt) duties fur a iieritjrl of liun. Surrulnry IXivis sail) iti ;i recent "Tim wile is nut looUins (or unr rewards fur her faiili- "flii hnt if we o completed by ul for the Cliri.il- "T'1- A scries of :i-iniiiiiic Katnrday aftermiou ;l! tllt' worsliip li gentleman frnm the' iv-''s planitC'd the I'ole ai rives on the 1: If, i train from Corpus Chrisli. j .....satis r.re a novelty while ti is not known cxacily when the axi-, chisel and to many of contract for the bridge will be inhabitants, ibis beinp tlie owiiin to other projects having prc.'fitst work et its kind done in Vic- cvdencc. but it will be sometime tmiii. within the next two nr (luce the nnx-tiiiA ULLUj I II. K. In rush the cnsineers in charge ot the the- police department! CfiQMCD UIPTnDlAM il'r'T Vl'-vins col'i's lUnliltn W'1J'' "ii: IM nil irnnMii N GAL r URN A n Ill UrtLll Ulllllrt; vMlm_lwl in :NFW YflRif in QPFwn la" "fmid nLn i unh I u OrClfU i WiVi Uu. >tnvo Mill IONS FOB HIH.UUIIJ run nuHuoihad IS COMMITTED AT DRUG STORE e., .ro j I lie hichway ami i, The h.cal had just stoop. >vas made and ca.ried lo that ,1- ed over .v tun> wlicn bin' bml down on aim nnh f nilfihty O11H loff The tal- (he liovs iiml liirls will bave an :piH'lnnily HI see bint. Advircs hiCita is !n-ius invited'litre In- j fi t hi :c Clnb. WEATHER REPORT been received lien Mv.s. .M. J. .ed fmnier Victim Itihn Tlioiseu ot Vnitcd Hiatcs Ainu at Calif., hcccmher 11. r the pa.il tlic liri'le niade home in S.u, culif tin- pi.tie cnU-vrd A. Krnesicr'.s drnc store Xo. l' In this city about midni.-lil last by m-yitij; JllilKK w.is ain Kiitlic-r tlie rcquilud data. "n bis hack and neck. llcnslcy seizod a club and de- fended himself. Instead of (lying II. Sam bird down and Killed it. The eaglo had a wins of more Ih.in siic feel. of viver Hie yeiir. ludi- ChalScs. T tn Moult i-rcc.cd ed of their occasional smib; at the-: similar drawer-, nmlei nay and saloons, which lu-rmctically counter only from Seville. Tin- city Council consists now 1; T. Wood and 1.. by tile the ris'nt one. lie 1 through I lie ,car :is disuuclcd bv and Camcion. W. II, Cin-iiy. n. tlraiisc, Schiilciilimi.-. J-'che, and Victoria in Corpus Chrisli and Midne> Cuuuis Cluis UK- l.nivt-r liin (Jrauile Tbe ,1 The cnliicT wutc-'u irtc.i r.SCttpt Hillsb.w, and. then st.vtcb between lliUletlsvilla lows pr.ictiL-ally an iiiiline Victoria.

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