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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 27, 1929, Victoria, Texas Eyei Fitted DR.JACKKAHN Exclusive OpLomelriil 608-10 Voider Bltlg. Phons 233 AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terrm Phone 159 Timely Topics A MIND nol to be by place or titne, The nihiU is Its own place and in llsclf C'uii imika u of hciivcn. <i[ (Ml, a. hell Subicriplion: Per Annum NUMBER 92 YOAKUM BANK LOSES BON A PECAN TREE lociilcd near Sun salw, Texas, is probably the 'mom profitable sliiBlc mil live in the world. Kor many yews Us an- nual crop of iieciiii mils Ims sold for five hundred to one thousand dollars and In a single season it i h.-is produced (i crop that sold for one Ihousivml und slxly ilolhirs. This tree is often spoken of as (lie; rather'of pecan trees and Us towering branches cover-an enor- mous area and there have been hut.few when they were not loaded down with nuis of lliln shell, larnc variety. The mils from this Iree always bring fancy prices. PRESBYTERIAN MINISTER ARRIVES TO ASSUME POST! m X X ill .addition to lhe small fortune which lhe tree bus brought Us on-net- from the sale of its annual crop of nuts H hits''provided Uiou- HiWda of buds for binlilin.- oilier pe- The Wednesday evening Jnntor Cciigrc'sallon service al ihc Flrsi j rrwibyii-rlaii tonight will lie conducted by. iho new pastor. I William T. Itlvlerc. wbo arrived In Vti.loi'la jiis f.imily yesterday afternoon. Thu sunrise Thanks- Kivlng service tomorrow moruliij; will also be led liy Dr. The new uuMor comes" from C'lb- bisni.e, bis first. pastorale, whore be! All Frels Circuit theatres to Become Talkies K K X Chinese Demoralized by Russian Invasion been for more than nine years} ..ircut-hout this seclion. Ui Miiny of tin; budded trees are pro- ducing bis yields of nuts of the BHIIHS variety-as the Jumbo Hollis parent live. famous tree Is Iho banks of lhe Colorado Hiver, ami ils. axe diilc.i buck for inoro than years, according; to Irce experts. :U (lie First I'rcsbyleriaii (jhufcli. I'or a year prior to that lime be was professor of bible "in the Uni- versity of South Carolina. One of [ir.-'l chaplains of the Ijnirer- of South Carolina was .lames Henley Thornwell, by many considered the slri considered the strangest theulojr-! n Ian produced by lhe Southern II) IllCillStry i i.. I IfirioPflfl fmiinlnfrt 'rc-sbytiM-ian Church. The xmly oilier theological thinker and writ- ever wilh him Presbyterians uf Ibe Sonlh was Dr. lluben h- IXViiioy, who pastor fcr a time at Viclorla. so -Dr. Iliviero, having been a successor to Tliornwull in South Carolina, finds himself a remote follower of Dab- ney in Texas. Dr. llivfcre TWO PROMINENT Chinese hi'.vu received prison sentences for violating the opium suppression Inw. ItctHrntiis in San Francisco V.-UITC lie served as Chinese consul. K.-io ying his wife were .ar- rested, when customs inspectors found opium in Iheir hnsgiiKe. the sBlf, inary (formerly in Soiiiii Caroiinv. Frclii realises has lieen ve now al Deeiitur, II- degree; and of lhe 'File Kiw.lmite Washington and iA.e imivcrsily. lhe sale of which ivould have neeled (hem considerable. Lexington, Virginia.'boidiii M. A. and. linuorary o. Thcologlc-al gem Voliiiitarlly the couple returned t'l China to trial there, llolli were convicted. The husband .sciilenceil Ion of eight years fiiipriionmem aiid fined His wife was Kiviui four yenr.s .-mil fin. ed .The Chineso haven't become civ- they convict Ilicir faith- .THE NAKED EYE can only sei: of Letters 'of iiliont tivis or' sis tlionsimil even if il moves from place to place on the earth. The telescope, more.powerful, sees about a hun- dred million stars, each of which n sun just like our own. Tli.-rt Is not ali. however. Ily us. lhe. .sensitive photographic plule with a .lule.scmie i; is pos- sible for rn.-icn.tfsM to receive the impressions of probably a billion stars, more or less, in alj parts of the heavens. ,11 is I'Mlmiilcil Ibal "beyond all these there <vv probably many other billions of such star-suns. and nobody, knows how imiuy worlds may 'revolving around them. Whenever yon feel In Ililnk yourself imjiortani. think about these hillions of slurs. WE HEAR very often Iho stak- ini'iit lhu.1 crime Is on the ini-rease bill Attorney Davis, of t-'iorldiv thinks that the impvession i? an erroneous one. ronsideriiif; all with Diplomc d'Elndes Krance, 'Hupciieiii'di do I'iiilosophie. served dnviiiK the U'orld as second Ileiiletiiint in Company :ilSth Miichine (inn BatUllioii Msl Division, from the lirsl officer's (raining camp at For! ORlctliorpc, Georgia, lbronsh th-; end of Hit. .Meiisi'-Arffonue Hiiltlc. lit! is now captain in the Infantrv Uescrve corps. been re- Undergo Complete -Change. Princess Theatre Closed Down for Installation of New Equipment. Appeals Sent League of Na- tions and Peace Pact Signatories. I PLANES DROPPING BOMBS rently Iransferred from the com- will of machine gun company Hie organized reserve to a staff iswnneiil. assistant lo (i-3, sidlh Division. r member two American i posts and is i-omimvml- Delnrio Xo, Of lie .is n member of (lii: Clehnrne. SueiBtc ID Hoinme.s cl S Chcvaux. Iu Clehurne. .Mr. Riviere active work. and in Hoy Seoul of yews he only Clohnrne, some- limes enrolling as many a lum- lived from ten lo of asK non-rcRistcred or. eanlzatlon which succeedtMl his rroop Four. S. A. .nji, distinctly .mi-nMoors orsaniv.i. 1 ramping frequently "razos ami Nolan Rivers, I, ,nm i i.ii- M- C. A! camps for Dr. and Mrs. ,-sml Mt equipment can lie obtained from lhe factory all' of Ihe Krols Circuit Theatres win he supplied willi lioyal Amplilones. Tliis will hc at lhe rale it! one Victoria News of Long Ago week. Xexl week's- instalfatiini will slreets and wretched he in folnmbus, wher A VK.TOItfA SUNDAY. wagon'-pay car-comes they Thr weallicr. muddy again go to "the circus" as hcfoiv (re was built and with .silent nicltires, week (he inslallalion will .In; llellvilic. where a new iheati-.; bnill a year JIKO. Then the Yurk- town thealre will KC1 the new talkie machinery and lastly the now Ihca- !rc now Scaly, in .tamiavy p Conditions a new Mica-! nuvle Sunday exceedingly disagi'ee- leneil recently The Sunday .schools and The following 'churches were more largely aliend- cil than the condition of Itiiiis.-i warranted, while (hose who had oicasion to move about found it nivessary to riile. A lurgc nnniber sinpt-ficd men. the railroad con- comptetion al strm-ifon ontingont. lounged along west side of Main street, occn- dry soeds and exper'icnic Ihu same perform- of the same old VIGTOeiAN OBTAINS PATENT ON DEVICE FOB GAUGING OIL Both Civilian Population and Defending Military Forces Terrorized. I'KKIN'U, China. N'ov. -While Ihe Chinese Government to both (he League of Nations anil ihe Kel- IOJ5K I'Hit lo lake step, to luslt'thr' Soviet "invasion" of .Manchuria, l.ili-s of priviuious of (he residenls of Ihe u-nr-lorn iiri'.-i jionred in hcr.j 1 lod.-iy. Hore than IO.ODU Chinese and liundrc'ils of Hiis.iiim rcfiiBees fiv.m lUiilar and Dalaimn- uvu now j In Harbin, where uioal uf them lire for by the Itiisso-Ain- i crican Relief Committee. i liombs from Soviet planes ter- rririzi'd boll, the civilian population the invaded district and ihc de- fending Chinese lories. ;aiea was devastated by from Ihe bombs. A lurge fires re- Court Adjourns for Term Soon After Jury Reports. SPECIAL SESSION FEB. 3 Companion Case to Be Tried Tfien ami Possibly Some Criminal Cases. A suit broiiKhl (lie Hunk aSiii'iiNi- ihe Houtheiu Surely Company of SI Louis iij Khaiv. state uim mlssfoiier, and tint :iseiit iippoinied by him I cided in the Smeti Com- pany by a jury in (he Com I hen. today. The bank will ippnal The- suit was fur the collection of er officials of the bank .mil nlhvul that the official had id by II. Saimiol iti- Sidney Miu-fidl and otli. n, whose names byumils in (inancc. wcnl I'rcsitk'iit Hoover untay. biition tht'ir ii niaki' in ifforts at I, Arlliar Commons after-' Thi from vluib' their h, ivhi-ro ilM-y ,-xiv tv.l al (ho city's cx- 0110 Mi.b ihoy would re- member uu. irciVmcul they had n'ceivo'l and avoid like and .llMivsj, no. When (he "band utiuraot for Hie anil dvaina.t'1' Inari (n Tividi, a distance of 11.; lilileH. The cimtriU'l ivi; PLANE WITH AIRPORT MAKING SEEN HEREi Uuby ut ever A "i-motorcd A.TordiiiK in Shn-iif of over Coumy. ihc entire of San, i, wa< s il knows concernms lhe Alrpon." and had army on .or murder of the ,u fears of a bind of night riders. )Unity, if was Hot 'earned UKI.AKO.MA CiTV, Xov. -Tripb' inuiili-r ami suicide iip ari'inly v'lmmilied at least tnv, feks uils revealed wilt, ndini: ihc of M. n, rn- I'-y. 40. fanner, hi.i wife and i-hildivn in nil isolated farm Iwusr no-iir Newell, 2S miles soiiltivast Oklahoma City,

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