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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 21, 1929, Victoria, Texas Eye; Filled DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Optometrist 504-10 Welder BIJg. Phone 233 .AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Terras Phone 159 Geo. Hi French, i, VOLUME 32 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLSr IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per Annum VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 21, 1929. NUMBER 87 Timely Topics LANGUAGE IS THE DRESS OF JOHNSON. THANKSGIVING DAY miKinally v.-as ii harvest festival, and while liie purpose has become: less SIM." 4lIUr, tin.' celebration .-till tiikfiS place lull! !ll the filll Hi'! crops hove be.'W xntluii'cd. in Plymouth colony ihc first dreadful winter had taken a of nearly half of tlio people of die Ki'oup, hut the summer brought rc- iicvvcd anil in ill'' I'M after tile crops bad been Katheri'd (lov- j crnur liradford decreed a day FIVE DIE IN Lion's Santa Clause Arrives Saturday mber 2 lireal were1 ilu- preparations, Ih-i 'ft-w women in, the colony spent days lii prcparim; tin- Ivveu lliu children were busy luniing Mi'1 roosts on lliu spils before the open nres, 1 RPT Tin; Biiesm .were liulians who 1 NT I 'hiYjtiiilit ivil (HurlieyH and venismi Sponsored hy Victoria Lions Club. from Ibe woods. The tables were] KCt out of doors and all sal down j g ft j m a laryi' family. This flrsi Day was not. a day of feasting aloiii'. There were prayers, amli sermons n'ml aoiiKS of imiise. Three j p y (_ days had none by before the In-j tlians hiid returned lo their homes and Hie colonists lo their tasks. DETAILS LATER I Will Be One of Many Fea- Hires o( Christmas LONGEST HIDE IS ON EXHIBIT HERE It's the longest hide ever taken from a I'.rajima. It measures II feet and 1 inch and is about half an inch i thick: At least, it's about. Ihe lonh'- est hide C." I- Tibiletli. veteran Victoria sivldoiry man. lias i .seen, and lie lta.s been saddles iHrre for more than a decade o[ years, heckles serving in a like department iliiriiiK the war. (j Tlie lei'.ther man declares v he knows the hide to hi: from a tlr.ihma it had a lai'Ke hump near the head, a characteristic of this type tif Heaviest Losers in Gem Raid Census Bureau Shows Gain of Over Over Previous Season. TEXAS YIEU) SHORT 'Victoria's Supply Was About! One-Eighth'of Crop of 1928. THE SUREST feign of apjlruach-j ins is Hie advertise-1 incuts oflVriUK for sale radialnr As was the iase last year at lohol. Christmas, tbr Victoria Lions Club will s-.-e ly it thai every child in the city mill coutily is visited by A strip of the leather is on display at Mr. Tibilclti's.slion on Mast Juan l.iun Sfre'Jt. THOSE INTERESTED ill briliK- spinach to the frnut missed :i lid when (Jiu.v overlooked announc- ing that spinach will jirodnce a slim figure. Kolks ;we not concern- ed .so much days ahont what is. healthy a's they arc about wha! will keep them slim. THE "ALL AMERICA.N" lUKh-! way Is the name for the proposed paved road Io run from Ottawa, Canada, to t-'aj'e Horn, South Am- erica. 'We ivish they would fix 'some of ouV roads a little better Santa Chins when the time roles around nexi inonlb. i-ast season the Linns'had old Saint Nicholas slop over for a brief visit en route i frmu ilu; South In. the North and1 spread cheer the hundreds Victoria children who kept a! watchful eye upon him while here, i >lers cither, more than a hundred Bids being distributed, along, the way as he passed through -the busi- ness' section of town. A Hiroiii; was present at the rail- before taking on so much new when the louj; whis- I licicd 1'cllov arrived and ii was with difficulty that he wivs escort-, .ifely to an awnitins automobile; rilorv, THE AFTERMATH of the stock market dehacb' is bringing a series of stories, about bank clos- ings, Milndes, fortunes wiped tint and other evidences that it rarely pays to try to make money too fast. when you are l'm'1- ing with fortes that yon do not understand. Tim'fact thai ihe buying of for a Ions; time pint lias been on a speculative basis, with the purchasinK public expecting to turn Insc on another Imyer scon n'. a bit; profit, rather than upmi ant inveslmenl basis, whcro the 'jmr- clnvc'i- hays with an eye on the dividend rales ot' Hie companies. The stock market losses are bad, because in loo many inflames arc lo be home by innou'iil In- vtsinr.-1. who had no business in (be gallic. tlmvevc.r, fundamenl.-'.t- ly. there Is notbiiiK to justify the enormous depreciation of stock l values. It. Ihv spceulalioii that weni before, been carried too far. CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK ir i-.t hand anain. set aside fur honk publishers for the purpose stim- ulalin? the sale of juvenile pnlili- WASHINGTON, Nov. Census Bureau today issued the following report showing the number of hales of cotton ginned to November 14 from crops of 1929 and 1928, respectively, total running bales counting round as half bales. "i'lic State of Texas on .November t was in need of 720, OS j bales of J cotton to Ihc 'present years supple to Ihe total Ik'parimi'iil of Commerce at are as follows: for Postmiw'teV George Ireland and IMfi-and for ISliS. 1 liis efficient group of mail sorters, Some cnuntics in ihe. state have f carriers and olhers are .ectiins broken all lust records in Ihe mint- evc.rythiuir in excellent shape in her of bales produced. wTiile olheis preparation for the greatest Christ-. have, broken all existing records ill; mas and Xcw Year rush the city Ihe least number nf hales produced, i has ever witnessed. To November 1, in id. Victoria lldliilny receipts in Hie post of- Comity had Kinnvd -.7150 bales nf exceeded any pre-; the flet-cy material. Al ihe same It is expected the rush'time a year agn bales had] this season will be even greater. o-Sam's BV jd my tdl ly. Prominent Citizens o( Leon- ard, Texas, on Way Home. ______ KILLED NTLY Neyro Chauffeur and Motor- man Received Only Slight Injuries. DALLAS, Nov. women wero killed, them in- stall! ly. on a railway crossing liere today wlieii ilieir lifilit sedan .skid- (led on the wet pavement and crash- ed iulo a Kauta i'e motor train. The car and occupants were .around beneath the train's wheels. lliu dead are all of Leonard, Tex- as, an follows: JIKS. CSE01KJK CUlDKIt. MHS. AimiUU I'- OKUJKIi MtlS. CHAULKS CLARK MRS, K. G. KiNCf MRS. Sf'OTT I'llBXDKKCillASS- Inn. llrsi I'ehdcrgmas were killed instantly. She died in -an ambulance en route to a hospital. The five women wore members of prominent Leonard fainilies. chauffeur. Uolicrt A reward of if taken alive and if dead the principal sufferers in the raid (left to j has been offered for the seven bandits who stripped Mrs. Ray Van Cliff, Mrs. Philip Meti and Miss Elca- j (Mass, is especled to die. trie guests at the home of John L, Carson, Jr., Buf-1 nor Cameron. falo, N. Y., of in gems. Above is shown i International Tlie Lions will repeal ilie stunt this Christmas; in fact, they voted f'ce last year last year to make it mi annual year, event. The exact date is ihc Saturday Brilliant colored Christmas shr.w cards can be seen in every Will. Calhoun. .lackson and Ooliait Detailed plans of the arrival noticeable place in the post office and other important, matters will jbceii ginned. The iiciuliborini; cunnli of De- did not fare much heller than ibis MI don Cue dnparlnient's ni'itor: cnumy. DoAVitl and Calhonn prn- i ieiinipment heraltlini; (lie approach dnced ,1 the prc CARSON TO PREACH AT PRESBYTERIAN SUNDAY hen will be no the First i Santa Clans and every- one tu mail their parcels as soon as possible. 1 Probably yon haven't mitici d it. about but letters sent cut from the local office al this lime which are not addressed to a street address are stamped plainly "Have yuiir mail iuldressed to street address." or somelbini; to lhal effect. P BJT crop was slishiiy less ilian Ihe Ratliff'S LyilChCI'S May .lacksou had only Prosecuted. AGE-OLD XMAS TREE WILL BE MISSED SOON third (lie your. ;is a yirhl os ilit-y did in Ilioy linU-s oi rutton. Atlanta's Bad Man Ends Hunger Strike Vi< I' ftl bom- as the pastor will preach al Ihe Tirsl rresbyleriaa Church. service at the l-'irst Ciinrcii al p. m. a i'I tur for lite ('hristtitas lp iliem. callous. U'liilc it is n scltlsli purpose The Advocate can tiol hnl wilizc Hint it is aticmptiiiL- that lo cm Mail Planes to Load Without Stopping Pepper House Burns; i ,x Chili Price May Riseimcnis in (.liable mail airplanes to take on new mail al way Kialions CAUHKN OIIOVK. <V.Hf.. Xov. il. ivillunu landing an: bi-im; coiidnel- --Cbili was hotter lhaii usual at the Tcmpelbofer l-'eiM, when the pepper dryinK houses lin's airporl. it ,a Japanese rancher burned to- 1'lie mail bji; is simply allaciu'd the .m-olind. winlh nf cbili i 10 a li'pe which the mail plane Ii; uoinii up in smokt', lenilly ealches "tin the ATLANTA. Ha One more hmme ed and inn- mure llei-n dci-onred. Roy SI. I of Nov. r slrike has end- meal lias Tile Christmas ee Hiat for yj-ars was Ihc center of atlnvclion fnr thon- saiuls nf Victi'i'ians during (lie holidays will not be lighted as customary next month. Tlicrc will lie no diildren run- iiini; and shoiltins; hennvatli Tex.. i( no poor child made happy Cram! Jury loday prepared j, to open an investixatinn inlo simple. It lynchini; Tuesday of Marshall'.... ]ln[ siorm of Itatliff. nionlhs ago tore it Tin; lynchini; ivas condemned authorities who demanded Ilia! liie j. j., nlr fm ;i ]my leatleis in Ibe limb of two hundred- ,han- wlin slaved the , dcpanmciu carted it a-.vay Iminsibi l" iusiicc. j '.'onnly Allnrney Joseph vvin un-a-y A. T. McOashuiKs of Clclnirne, .inolorman on this two-car train. for ir.iiu for Col- Icci- Mialimi Turkey Hay. No- li ot thv yinmssters. -_is order that they minhI White House .I...-SH-. Mistaken for President, "ere? me A ial I rain ir-nn Ken mvrssfiil (hi1 mtn in inhoiluci.' tin- FRENCH STATESMAN IS A GAIN-AILING; CONDITION CRITICAL BLAZE LAST NIGHT SLIGHTLY DAMAGED HOME OF NEGRESS I'AHIS. Nov. M. (Ji'iirm- I'leinem-.-an. veierai, Krencli stales- man and wartime premier, is ju a triliral eoudiliiin auaia loibiy fnl- linvini; an abdoiiiinal ailnn-nt. Tlie I'tirmct (iretnier lias tvoii ailinc 1'hyr-ii-ians sev- eral lim-s :.avim: Ids life. prnbe. Hat n risi-o bank Decemhi'i1. KCT. a Salila Clans ro-inine. lie was under a dealh si-nlcin" in-hcli ivllirned from Ill's slali! penileiiliary for a sanity hraiine npoii an affidavit signed by his mnllu.r. Hallil'f a from .t jailer altcmplini; a juin.'reiik. He shot Jailer Tom Jnae> in Hi-- at- 'leinpl ID died lertUu" frnni 111-1 wounds. liatlitl's nnil her of Cnisiraiia i- In claim tin- body which nuw on rlispla> in ;i h'eal ilu- cvlilel of a milliir- cluwd ot spec Xlellt the Nl'W [nl'lr aleral iicell ;4iscll in al: eflori al wood l.lri llll" I" The mur. I'll.ilis prarllce tills i very disasrc-.iblc. WH11 L FOR SECT OF WAR JAMES GOOD inns sliiit featur lul foi ward JKI-S havi- .1 them addition- ver. ilnb has an line i-li 111" pi di'Velopeil I.J its will ih, la-; u( Will Be Opened In Rosbor-: ouyh Home. WASHINGTON. Nov. j rnpreccdciltcil honor was paid In nd a set <w War .liiliies lii'ini; :1S ihe tv.iin hearing ibis body traveled w, sluaril lo Iowa for b'.iviiil. j Wiibiini i.msiiliim; anybinly. Tn shleut llonvi-i mdered th" i White llmi-c al half HUM.. 11 was the first time Hie was ever (INS) Ihl'ee Nov. it.- licnrp' Akerson. one of Hi: While ILrllsc' -secrelarii.'-'. I" intii-li IVesitli-ni Hoover In- i.- ofien inisiaken for the president. dy tenimiy will puss through Cnero al IS o'clock tin niorniiii; of the -ainf. It will re- isirn ill midnishl the same day. The ronnd-irip fare will lie 'Hie tnililv Ma-'eliNi' Clecll. iK'iiress. in Hie smilliern pnviion of ilie eiiy. sliglnly damaM'i! by fire abnnl S oYhick lusl Tlie blaze originated in ihe kit- Ichi'ii. ijuick wink by the 1'ire lie- paiitncnt proenteil (onipleie ilu' frame slrnctnre. WEATHER REPORT Auto Runs Into Deer; Passenger is Killed Xov. uisln. I'ri'lay vain ami inn miieh men were killed and a ihiid in n-inpeiatnre. ly inlnved when an ani.i ran cltnidy a deer crossiim the mad lu-ar Kas-1 l-'riilay lain nr fivtv in the si-l. The aiil" mined nv.-r nt-'d '.Icasi pin-linns, its three passeiiKersi in p-i.inii. Ihe opelMlli: of lil-.- All Ibe sliuli'i in Ibe ItKsborinmli ,-i Ni'iib. Main Sine! V'riiia vemh. r J-'. Tills sallerv to brill-.: sonic of the ialis of pirsfiu day arli-ls loria bin il i< IK encoura.. of pici.ire-' liy Texa- Til' l.iaelte s 111 uf Ihe Ciraud Cenlial New York, which Hies in fi. way KI i lie allies i f Ilieir vittnr.s. The local U-aviie liepes io defr.iy ;he I'xpi-nses nf ihe s.illeiy and 'ixiiibii., il biinus IK Victoria in ut'ilcr Illalt slice! sales CoiKiiincd' on two) WAVE SWEEPS COAST Hlg OF HFQUNQ LAN Women nr nn-re ]hi and ..t building Clt. was tin' ii'iiii-ution i'f 1'r. isi-eiuon It. Lul.. professor <it at Utisien I'nivcrsii y'.- i olb of iiuerM an-- A woman'.- iii'd I." a <o her hi'idlb. Prnftis.rtr l.ll'v. said, s were with lilsb I'ccls pniniini; to a t.ill s w.-ir in scncial condUlan. Anyihiiiv iv lackinc -biBbiT than a sensible sliwf .'cummun should In' nfi the slmlriit I area,

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