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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 14, 1929, Victoria, Texas 1'iiltd M.JACKKAHN Exclusive Optometrist 5C9-10 Welder Bldg. Phone 233 -AFTERNOON i FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terms Phone 159 t'ttnch, Publither. X VbLUME 32 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWCSP IN GENERAL. Subscription: fS.OO Per'Annum VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 14, 1920. NUMBER 81 Topics i MAN IS the merriest species ol Ihij creation: ahovc him or f low liiin are f TRUCKS WHICH ulierate more Ihaii fifty miles from ilielv buses f arc taxed in North Oiroilnn three nnilp pi DUDUm times ,i< trucks. UliUU ULtHK DUHNtU only engage In lot-ill business. He-j (ciillv! this law was held valid by i 85 YEAR-OLD NEGRO PERISHES IN FIRE th6 iS'orth Carolina Supreme Court. We. think the dhtini tlon is worth making. The state liullds Rood reids. and it a trucking concern Jisos, .them lo make money they j bo taxed heavier. It Is al- _s 8 fllr Ilial truckii which are only in local liaulinK pay a spiattor lax Uian ihose which RO -i iillu the business on a lane AND .THEN them tllR BY CARBOLIC ACID KNOCKED FROM HAND W. It. Kasso, employed ul Knic- cr's Drill; Store No. was sen-re- ly burned un the side of Ihe face; when somebody knocked Kalrisl his arm while he. was hold- j IK an bollle of carbolic :icld.! Home of lite contents also enter-j wl .Mr. Third Wife to Divorce Texas Multi Millionaire w EC flff tf Vf M tt M M M Congress for Income Tax Reduction Plan Scotchman .who was so close thai lie ippcd THE DAYTON Jonrmil tliat l un -lie Ilko postage stumps. They lip.yo (o stlek lu'Ket iinywlicre. SCIENTISTS HAVE found Ibal cantor oil given oneo in awhile in lilaali will make Hum or.- Children ivill no duubt be K'ad tr BCU it used that way. IT IS REPORTED liiat I lurry I.inder, oven ihoilKli n lias otfOrcd J10U.OOO to the first man or- woman to swim the Atlantic tkean. Ml .Mr. Basse's ihjlii ,.ye but not n fl II f I T U cnoiijili to'prove harmrnl. I U 11 L I I I bis face; was badly marked he wjis jj J] NT 1 I J able lo return on duty siiorlly aft-! u mm er Ilic aeeidenl. IS PLACED IN DALLAS BANK FOR RELIEF OF FARMERS Relief in Sight IN THE HOUSE of Commons lust, week premier Hamsivy Mac-i Donald reported his Amer- ican trip, very frankly to his audience that "1 went unt not leader, .hut as nation- There .was anion.u no- leaders, whose praise of the success of the trip was notable. SUnlev lltldvln former premier, and lender ot' the opposition il and callle'millions, today futd lhe prospect of. losinj; the third wife, he has had since ho fell heir to his father's IniKe fortune. Alk'gins crnel tri.-ainicnt, excess- en and (Jliiirtnttu Morgan to whom Ibe yonnt; innlti- tnillioniiii'e miirned in Californ- H DcCLinbLi T I'i2o ilLmiudid tns Modi of thui iliitUiIci IhVee. and 'piiriHlon of his propevty.. Tile petiliou marks another slop in tin: marital career of the wenlUiy nnd handsome yomij; i Reduction Will Total One Hundred and Sixty Million Dollars. AFFECTS ALL j George Barefield, Retirei) Farmer, Loses Life at- Mission Valley; ISDN DISCOVERS -BODY 1 Justice Lenoir Pronounces i Death Due lo AcciderU- al Burning; George liarefield redrtd ne JKro farmer, was. hnrned1 i when fire ileslroyed Ills Mission Valley some lime during the The house was found in an early hour thin morning by Hob ert liarefield. 3 i son who'lKcs CLASSES iii iinarter of i mill, Tlio I body was found burned to a crisp House Leader Predicts Ne essary Resolution Will Pass by Christmas. ied by Sheriff U S Uusigcr ed ibe sceuo this morniiic and'ren- 'di.Tcd a verdict of 'death 'by acci- Nov. tlentnl liurnli'iK. Coup-ess nillied strongly beliind llarefield iiwnid a Ii icic farm Mhi' Treasnry.'s proposal to enact a i .sm-ronn'din'p his home His wift j tax rcdnclton lolallini; Kmina' Uratlsb iw Hirtfii-hl ilnd i j The-Treasury plan to cut ImiTi year agn." Of twelve children, six i the corporaliiin and Individual in: sons and four suniii. jeome taxes by a resolution for (Tin j IIP in the Mission present year ami 1U30 pro- Valley colored ecnielery.tomorrow feasible by factional lead- essnian llawley of Oregon, i Kepnblican, cliairnliiii of the House I and Means L'ommitlce. which originate such ICKislalion, pre- j dieted l hut tin; House would puss jliu1 I'esoliition by Christmas. dipt. PiUil C'oitti Liunl. .John 1'. Seheunuick at I lit; IHlti tnin.'rs, Toxas Xalionnl (Iiuii'd-s, are in Austin tudny with sliitc officials in rciianl lo the ln- riil .solilii-r company. II i.s hitiunl tluTe is soini'tinni; in Iho with refeiuucr lit Coin- puny Illth Knirim.'ors, siiict- UIK Insuecior .visitLI! uiid Iliis nntt KIHUI; lime tnnili1 ii far better tliau orl of tlie'roiuUlimi of OIL- out- il. The slaUi i lisped or's report tif ho foiidititin of, Mu; pnipt'i'ty hu- lo the I was niosl favonible. 1 DESERTION ASKS DEGREES, TESTED IN ACT TO RELIEVE1 WHEELER PROPERTY WEDNESDAY DEPRESSION: FOR j6700 from her former fimice and whisk- j i-d to a brilliant, surprise u-eildint; i lo be divorced a few months later, j yesterday n Hcoll was married lo his present iwiii wife ii short lime llller while. iiviiiBJto Tlie weiilber in Cnllforniii.' They lived logether ihcaiiiifnliy wiih not a at Fort Worth until four days be-] nll: sky-todav. fore Iho scniiration suit was -.7- I-an- wealber wnh a freeze in Ihe ____ The constitnlion -of the IJnHcd di-srrees cnlder plates is, heins invoked "in Ibe Su- pnme Courl to iiroteci wife ,'f down lias Slate which loud accordinj; lo Mrs. VJ.tiiiti's 14 KILLED WHEN CAR W. 0. HUGGlNS DiiWO uiTn njnc STERLING FOR GOVERNORj KUNO its eommH- sioner.-i of- welfare lo seize properly of an absconding imsbaud and apply it lor benefit of his finn-'. Inonh portion and henvy frost in 15' the. sonlh prnliiiii of Hast Texas.; Tin- case arose. however, (with wliieli the Vfctnriii seelion is L'jpli lire desire! of a New Turk i classed by lhe Weather llnreaii. Is City bank lo proleol itself, nstlier j forecast for IniiiKlil and Friday. than wife deserters. LOS ANGELES, Nov. an open l-ttler to President- Herbert Hqover, William Randolph Hearst today called upon, the chief execu- tive to take definite steps to al- leviate conditions caused by the depression on the New York Stock i -I. II. Dnrhiim. owner of tlie Hel- Hotel nn N'ortli Main todai: iinnonnciid llu- pnrcliasV of'0' llrc.nll-in lhe properly in tint rear of tin- hotel! (m' known us Itn- old U'heeli-i- Ifrom II. Mr. Durham obiahii'd the well located pinrn-rly for a cash run- PIRATES READY FOR BLINN CONTEST; CLIP AND USE TO LINEUP TaiiefhiK off with oiili i light isiiiiiiil drill, tin. bold lor the .Victorin Junior CollcSiS. to- iiiKht await but the dawn of -'tin- j olhcr day tint will Viwl clawinu slNshiiiK and figbt- i iUK as the pirates of the days gono by fought In an iltcmnt to ivrcbt I 0. llnjisins. filllur nf Ilio iunston Chronicio. proiiost-ti for governor in n .'L'ch bofore iii.chvvay officiulfi n Snu Antonio. "Tc.fivs lius never I .such a Highway rommissioii us the nun lieEirli-d .Mr. .Mr. Hiissins suid. RUSSIAN IS FILED AGAINST PANTAGES IXIHAXAPOMS, Xov. fonr per.siins kiHed IKTC tn- whoit ,HI iiittoniubilo in 'they woi'o riilini; ran into ilu- side oT a IVmisylViiiiln Uallvoail iniin. Victoria The Champion County From trie San Antonio Express I .OS AyCi-'.l-KS. Nov. 1 AlexumliT I'iiiitaxus, millioniiirc Ilieati-f mall, now in jail followinc cinivielion for Kiinite J Adding lo a notable, record of triumphs in Slate and re- gional compclilions, lhe Victoria County 4-H Club boys have lakcn lhe grand championship tillc wilh their crop exhibit at San Antonio's Fall Fair and Race Meet. The display occupies a 60-foot frontage in the agricultural hall and conlains practical- y every product of South Texas gardens, orchards and farms all of the highest quality. The youthful farmers produced them on ihcir projects, under lhe county agricultural agent's guidance. These results are a convincing demonstration of what scientific farming methods with industry and resource- fulness can accomplish, even under adverse conditions. For Victoria County has experienced a comparatively hard crop year floods in lale spring, a tropical hurricane in June, droulh and insect invasions in slimmer. Resides the club boys' honors. Victoria also stands firsl al the Fair wilh its county exhibit. Perhaps this shows that farmers generally are learning from their sons how to produce crops under difficulties. Anyway, the exlensioi. work is bearing fruit. Victoria has great re- "ffb sources and always has shown cnlerprisc in exploiting them; and against such a spiril, flood, storm and insect horde do little, feel damage. ai-n Priimli1. dalici-r. today was sn for half a million dollars damage by XlelioiiiK A. Ilnnaev. liussiiin playwright, arior and frii-ud of Miss After roiniHissioiier uf I'nldlr U'elfan; Coler ill New York that liaffaelo Stefano ha'l he asked "tilt- ronrts lo force lhe Corn ra.v over a ilerinsil ot' Stefano. lhat simo the N York; ;statntf: provided no notice lo lhe' aide lo make lhe I lie de- I'f-sil ,tvvii> hy itMirovini; tlu- rharge. the hank attacked tin; con- Millllifinnlily of liic slatule. Tin- efused CONDITION OF GOOD REPORTED CRITICAL frrjnls on of Stroel. Till; WEATHER REPORT Nov. Sc-crclary of War James {Souil is in "a dangerous lomlilion" to- day nt ilu. Waller I'.ccd llusidinl. foliowins an oiK-raliou in iTnmrc night and Ki-lduy. I'rolmlily his perforated rippciiilix. i" ih" snnilu-iist poriiiiii Kiisi Ccni-rally fair niKlil and freezing in Hie nurlli portion ;nnl hcuvy frosl in Ilir soiilli imrtlon. Friday fair. West Ceuenilly fair to- METHODIST PASTOR TO ADDRESS LIONS CLUB THIS EVENING L! XIMV York of i! to dismiss ihi- suit. 15 Tin- York liiw. il is 1 Uh ni ilu iVilenl 11 (inttion by rii.Eztire of proiictly il'it of law. Victoria News of Long Ago FORMER VICTORIAN VISITING IN CITY T. 0. lioi-ie. Jr.. pastor of tin- F'irsi Methodist Chnrc-li. will iidilross tin? Father and Son meet- inu of the I.ious Cinii loniclil at Ilio Denver Hotel. Ki'sei-VKlliiLis for inilicale a yatin'r- iim will lie in alli-mlance. .1 C. Cinler. SimlUi'in Pacifir offli-iiil ol Minision. uus in liave lii-cn Ilu- speaker, hnt due Iii an fn- i! li-s will he nmilrie lo allend. rdiiii: lo'a rt-pmi rr-i-civi-d lir-ni. Mrs, K. HiteRs of in llii- ciiy on ;i visit lo liiT Mv. and Mis. l.miis Sillorle. Mill tie lu'iv fnr Mr. ItrEirtrs. a liii.Ii ufHi-iiil nf r.u-HJi' Lint s at Dii ami fonnr-r ni' ibis wlio scv.s'Hy liis sjiinc an jriitomouilr anil CoiTi'il to in a or two tine liorsf.s. and "Country." were shipped was A ihrt) itiipht liavo ro- ion sly nlur JKMV N'UTjsi'ry ;Vimii .SatunUiy n i L; hi A i i' r vi orki n c hou rs T n iil ay, .1. IT. SUilibviuan II'Tmau Kit nor ongaKtNl a I cam at Soiulnvrli's slahlc .-laricil tin- I'IUTO. (Ui-y ivai-iK'il vii-iniiy of Nnvsrry. .k' l iho IT- and iiv-'ay at a fnntni; Tin.1 two VOUML; in- n wore linvh- lUt1 biiacy d to lhe Ri turn lo i nn i NEW ARABIAN RAIDS ON JEWISH COLONY STOPPED BY TROOPS LONDON'. Xov. A no atluinjil by Arabs to raid tltc .K- colony of in in a C' il i'-Ui'li fvinu Jcinsalom loday. Ilriiisli in annurcd far ilrovo tin- liiuors .after, half a tiDur of fr-'hUim'.

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