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Advocate (Newspaper) - November 6, 1929, Victoria, Texas Fitted Oft. JACK KAHN Optomclritt Welrfer Bftfg. Phone 233 ADVOCATE, WEDNESDAY FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE' HOLLAND AMDUft Easy Terms Phone 159 Subicription: Per Anntirii Timely Topics] i WHEN'tiR iakt in) ttnlka minj poor I see. Ml ill 1 rcntlci to raj r 1 ui his to me' v THE STOCK MARKET will take months lo net our tin dhislious n-lilch ban- an avalanche o' 'lulling The value uf slocks dion- coiihiderabl) and uiomliienl Imhi'iUlnllsls iiid President Hooter weto iiuick lo rcvisniliif, hi ilenienl-, on UK' 5" of business to steady the The disaster was largely psycho- ,v logical. .iHbough there, Ime been s min> opinions expressed In recent tlmt the stuck market t bolufi iffected ,yi unreal sllmu- litlon under in iggicisne snecula- f lloii. .recent reaction was u J severe -panic, during which, it seems 1111115 biokeia lost f.tith in Iho optlmlsDt thei bine been for months. Fundiinoutnll} the iihit of the 1 nne Industries reprcbciited on the niirkol w js the siiiic is it l-nd been' The simc phjsic-il uio- pc-rtics were involved, but the buy- ing public In the me ultima hid be- 901110 doubtful of a continuing bull market. IT WAS ONE time believed that people blow to leirn ib compared nllh Die abilty of >oung people but leeent edu- titfoii U teals demonstrated that the power of adults to im prove tdoli education is only sllshtl% less each icir Lreu this ilmih Ullage, is often offset by Kicitcr experience which ficili- Hlcs the acquisition of knowledge. Iu a recent speech before the Southeastern ribr-ir> Assocntion Morse A CartMiight director ot the Amoricin Association for Adult 1 iluc ilion "aid it uscil to be tin: ci e that after man graduated fiom oollcge he cast his books i lile ind considered his iiertod of i matter o' (be pist Now, the silnatioii is quite different: If a man.hopes to keep step with the in his business or in ofca- xioii, be must be informed and keep n'jrcasl.-pf tbp topics of the Uai .CartK-1-ight said' that he saw increased use of library facilities the onlj logic il out- come of the adult educational NUMBER 74 DEMOCRATS WIN SMASHING VICTORY l We ijuote the above to direct tin; attention of our readers lo the need hi Victoria for a complete and modern library. Xew books are comliiR out every month on many subjects but the average man can- not ivtfonl to buy them as m.-nw- of them cost 15.00 and over. THE BODIES of .eighty-six Am- erican officers and soldiers, who died In the Arrh'niiglc campaign Of IDlS-ld, hive been embarked t nro on their way to America for burial in their homeland. The linlled Slates was never of- ficially al war with Hnssla, yet we bad our soldiers around Arduuigle and also In Siberia. Keilhor cam paljjn accomplished very much to- wards shortening the war. As a matter of fact, very few Americans knew al the time that any of our soldiers were in Hnssfa. These were some of the things that tlie general public Brad- ually found out as the fighting was over. COMPETITION has readied such a stage In Iho lire game that owner can'gel more tor his money when II ionics .In tiros than anylMns else he, buys. It use.l lie thai or MOD miles a gooil record for a tire. Xoiv ua- conditional guarantees can be so- ciirrrt on cheap llfes'of 1B.OOH lo lullns. Also wu used lo iioar Ilir.'. tiio would have to find I) siilistltiilo for rubber. This, when all the use to which rubber was was pen.'II erasers and overshoes. Today there arc a DR, HOPKINS GOES UNDER OPERATION IN NETOBLEANS Ur. Jos. v. Hopkins, a leadjnu Jhysk'lan of this city and iiiomln- ent in American Legion affnjrs throughout. Hie state, is reported lolng as well as could be expected after a major surgical operation at the Infirmary In Mew Orleans. Dr. Hopkins' wife, his brother, -yrll II. Hopkins, and Dr. 0. S. -McMulIen were present when tho operation was performed. PAMlJNSON WAS NOT INVITED TO HOOVER DINNER WASHINGTON, iVov. rongiics are 'wagging Washing- Ion over President Hoover's fail- Six Die When Luxurious German Plane Crashes X K Judge Defense Called Fabricated lire to invite Senator 11 Irani John- sou of California, Republican, to the formal dinner al (he While HDUHO last -night for Amuassadoi Charles CI. Davves. 'Kvery other member of the Sen- ate Foreign Relations Committee In the city was asked except Join sou and the cut was so marked us lo In-Iuf an open discussion ot the loiig-slanilliig coolness between the two men. iOTiALLGAMEflN SATURDAY AND NOT FRIDAY AFTERNOON times as lunch rubber used formerly and it Is rhpttper than t'vcr. Tho ninn who says a thliiE can't be done those days is taliins a ihanco. 1 DON'T BLAME THE maUli. ymi slionld luivo .ii.-'i'il ynni- IHTI.I. football Tans lire askeil to take notice of the change in days for the game between the Southwest Texas State Teachers College He- serves of San Marcos anil the Vic- (oria Junior College this week-end. The contest will .ue played on Sat- urday afternoon, beginning at o'clock, instead of on Friday, as many persons are of the opinion. Coach 'Adams' I'irates fire cer- tain to give the liobktllcns the isbl of they last- Friday vanquished the powerful Houston Junior College Cougars In the best fray of the season. Every- thing'Is in readiness for the event Saturday, the uiiciinccrs having gone through intensive drills tbo first three f fonnei- Kaiser I'rincc Max von Batcn, dncd Ibis morn- IB- Von Mitten's death' was nllribiiteil Victoria Long Ago o hardening of the arteries, vas C3 years-old. GRAVES DUG UP BY CAIRO, Nov. A NOTKI) CUIMJXAl] CASE. On Hie lath inst., Dick Duncan, a coivboy from the West prairies, was hanged in the Eagle He I'ass jail for Ihe murder of the Williamson family of four persons. The .bodies of the victims .were i found floating in (he tlto Grande jubniit the middle of February, 1SS8. Dunci'.n's triiil was an IntcrestlnB ito save his client from the gnl- BOONE'S KNIFE IS FOUNDJ INDIANA SUI.I.IV.V.V. Ind.. Nov. What is believed lo IM a hnminc knife owned by Daniel Ijoouc, mighty hunter of pioneer days, was found .lames II. Willis In an ancient hollow (roe near here. The knife, which is of noivli-r, and has a blade enr.rnstcrt with years of rust, bears (lie Inscription. "Da. The groat Indiana fighter ami hiiiilrr was believed (0 have hern In Indiana late in Ihe ISth rpn- Inry. Iterenlly an Induvia farmer linmd a turtle lhal had "D. llooue" tnscrlbeil on Us bark. Tin; finditiR of Ilie knife gives that Honne once roamsil lliroush Sullivan County. The ascs have left Ihflf tool rm the relic. The shcalb has ''I iinlil it Is of holes. Worth Monday charged.'with steal-1 i ]I'K (roods from his employers, thcj in the district of Mansur.v ar'3jablc press comment soine time ago Worth i Dry flooils Company. I elicited .consider- iiifft-ring from the depredations account fo Mr. McMinn's con- some wild animal. in some portions of Ihu liUlIdiiiB. The" court, ilc'clded'to ad- vertise for bids ju'the Houston IJallas Ne.w.s aud'thu San Ant'onio'KxpreSa. Tho bids will be oijencd .'at' 12 o'cjofk (noon) on Tnc'sday, November The of September 2G, VlGTOfilA WOMAN IS GRAVELY ILL AFTER PARALYTIC STROKE -Mrs, illWr, .llosler is very low at Iho Victoria folloiving ;i Candidate for Governor Who Helped Smith Wins by Record Majority. WALKER SWEEPS N. Y. Democrats Also Triumph in Kentucky, Boston and Indianapolis. J u d g e Delivers Special Charge at Request of De- fense Counsel. HAMILTON- HAD MALICE; _____________ I Because He Did Not Go to I Relief of Mortaliv Wound- ed Boy, Prosecutor Says. WUATHKUTOKO. Nov. .fi.-wsij ASHING! OS fi _llln -AftackiuB whal he termed a jUeinucuts i OH smashing u< tones fabricated defense, Husli H.C'oop-1 in all of elections m cv, special prosecutor, In his ai-Bn- man) sections of the country -v the Jury trying Judge It. H. cept e ,10imal Uonub Ilaniilton for iiiiirder loilay.declai--j lican of othci slitcs of thp Solid ftoulli was cirrled bj the Republicans 7n last national elcclion, n turned lo the Demociatic fold bv electing John Girhiid Poll ird im mer jirofesbor of law 01 the CollogTi of tnd Miry 115 a record majority cxceeiline The teil hj IlishiJ) Jr., of the- Jletlni disl Kpiscopal Church, Sohlh, form. severe stroke of oral: nnii'nienihuf- of' Ihc State Ap- peals Commission made him more aiiiciiablo to ilie law. Cooper opened for the prosecn- lion after Jinlce J. K. siding, delivered a special charge to the jury at the' request of defense counsel. Hamilton is charged with mur. ti'iiiK his soii-iii-law, Tom Wallnn, in his Amaiillo law offices last May -I. "the fact that Hamilton did not relief nf Walton after he had been mortally wriund- cil." Cooper declared "is that he had malice in his lie-art." Knfrh sidy was (jiven four' hours in which lo complete its final nrgu- mcnls'. Mrs. .Mosle-r's son, -Hoy I.nerson of. New her sister. Mrs. Archie liacun of Houston and Mr al llcv. Maw, well known In i Mrs. Mosle-r Is also of Victoria, arrested in Moslcr of I'ort Arlhur, form- i: Onoils to'the auuHinl ot ?20U resident, ot this C. R i Wcluria. cily. as a t tending that the whole penal code "found in the roonis of a Mrs. This beast, described by some as.of Texas was unconstitutional claims I hat she boiichl wolf aud by olhers as a j ing to some irregularity in its them from Mascy for ?2T. Id's cm- has come down the Nile, nnd is ter- adoption, and that 110 eriiiiinal RUSJICCt voriziug tho old countryside i attacks. could be convicted under it, ami {consequently every convict In the The cemeteries are all being visit jrt'iiilenliavy was entitled to liberty. cd by this foul- legseil ghoul, who The case was taken to the Federal diSs up the graves and Court but decided against Duncan. tile about. In the villaRes 2S people hav.; liecn attacked by iho animal, and some of Hiem seriously hurt. GRAND JURY HEARS ABOUT BOOZE PARTY FROM IOWA SENATOR .WASI11NOTON. The now famous "Wall Strei-l" din-; nor party" Riven here by Wnltcr .1., Kahn. Now York broker, in was siitijcctcd lo a double Inquiry A respite was granted. The cil zcns of Kafilc Pass feared that the Fcnlence of ileath would not be ewrieii out and (alk of lynchinK j was indulged in, but im attempt ivvas made at the irregular way of moling ont justice. Duncan was j hanged, protesting that he was in- noccnl. The evidence nil which he was convicted WAI purely clr- rumitanlial evidently stronj; enoiiKh to cnnvince twelve thai he was Tli "f September JO, Plovers bad .been for months and did not Slwey on account of his higli stnndiuc. younR man named Col.' Her who went (here from Kansas i ANNII.AL MEMORIAL SERVICES HELD BY K. OF C. COUNCIL City months a discharged on suspicion several that was tho Ihcif. Collier sued the i The Victoria Council of of Coiunitius held in m i d' bper.iti to wrest conlrol uf the slalo troin tin- Heiiiw riltc ttcn, which supported Al for piesldeiit 1'oll.inl wis tspec hilly i-cpiiKiiaiil lo Mm Cannon fac lion lictau'-c he slumped tin for Smith. 1'icMiltnt lluoici mailu -.cienl visits to Virginia'during the c-lim- pai'Kn anil .louetl Shoitse: director Ihe Democratic National KxCjCii- tivc Commiitcc, slated that "liuMiey was poured into Iho static ill srft'iicr volume than during the which ty Hi r he.rl flobvcr. Jnnii'. I ilUr i-. u el c'nl mayor-of. New York for aimlhcr four years by-n iVmucriitli: laud- slide. Ills .pluralily will ruich over half milUoii votes. As in Virginia, tlie 'llonnblicans' in Xcn- York made if- sue. "I hope this Will Im Ihc luiu jiiml it was equipped in San Anlniiiii. lot the time-worn, nuilhealvn.-iina- cily will a small innnpcr lo-inary slogan of i Us equipment. j Walker declared. A! Sinilh- SIXTH FIRE TRUCK PLACED IN SERVICE OF DEPARTMENT A fin.' li'iu-li (in: cily by Mil! -Pin: Dcparliucul and Mm l.iulics' Auxiliary of tin- pavlincnl was placcil-in survive Tlic new Iruck is a can. The body was built by .Jos. Conii jot this cily on a ChrvnilM chassis cd a roiilllion with Ihc Itepublje i company for for' defamation of The Advocate of October 1S91. memorial servicos at Ihc K.I ARRANGEMENTS MADE TO FINANCE SCOUTS d FOR" ANOTHER This llu.-. cily MX iMrallls, consislim; ot livo L. llnll last Tributes', aud ,1 -ore Haul to .the memory two c.ut and HdnVr members of the council clainicil by mililv de-ath (lurliij; Ui6 past year. Ticlrl ami Alphonse p. Jeck firu i present at Tammany Hall umiiers.: Hie neraocrais ccli'liraic llie-ir jj'rent viciorios In New York. Virijiuiiv he present on an probed Federal Its hiiozo asr mil .Inry and Ihi-' of fi lie Com-. Present -Tt '1 The Commissioners' met led at to for- illlllcas Bivc ,he j {m i architects of tho ne-.v court hoii.e Kcout work in Victoria durlnfi ,he Led In- H. Hofor, :1S- j Tom Cvccson. dcuuty' srand knisht; Hev. Lambert Si hid. i liaplarn. and Acting Chancellor J. _____ nianchi. conducted the services. ATLANTA Nov. I.mils Koclik was n.ikcr. a sans hi K Cm-ley uf llnslon for the third linn-. twoj mlllce sludicil Us rclallon to an alloKcd "social lobby" in Ihe n.itli.Li- al capital. (W' Senator Smllh W. llrootihai Iowa. Itepiiblicaii, Told Senate abimt Uui party, went fore Ihc ('rand Jury lo repeat his On slnl'v, and explained his plans i )rco Hall la.n nlslit. ami specifications In a manner sal-j In tlie absence cf Krauk H Cnin to court. The plans j the clialrmay, D. K. DlacklW altered lo conform the vtcv-chairmau. presided. Tbo com- nur connlry, buiimtllcc decided lo carry out Us ot vequiremonls the will not materially i tosk by the oollcction of ontslan-l change the looks of building. I Ins s.ibscrintlon, now 1 omit cif jot a prison sentence here. j Discovered loo to a wlii- wiw deliv-ilicy slill, ho was taken before U. prin. I s. Commissioner K. S. Griffilh. nf St. Joseph's lii.d, .School. Tlie negro prolcsled ho un- -ibiilc to Mr. Field was paid i aware of the still's presence until A. Krausc and J. asetils _____ on (he WSsinR of Mr. Jcck-familiar air a, they ft. j ,..mis Kccljv. known ________ !smith of this city, was "As von sniis woll." Ihc ka eye Monday by a pK-ci PARTIGLToWEEL LODGES IN EYEBALL OF LOUIS KECLIK of ,he chances fs (he subscri of a 'you slug it to the court." Then ncsro burst forth flying steel. While thn Injury is sorioiis cut-, it is not thought that Mr. aiRht will he permanently impair- ed.

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