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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - October 28, 1929, Victoria, Texas ICTORIA BAROMETER BELOW NORMAL '4JEyt-s Filled "R R.JACKKAHN Exclusive Optometrist p'MO Welder Bldg. Phone 233 VICTO -AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND I GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUft Easy Terms Phone 159 fpSlp. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLSF IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per Annum 32 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 28, 1929. NUMBER 67 fTimely Topics i MAN over sank under ill'-' of i lie day. U is when ow's is added (o tli'i jn of unlay that the weight Ilian a can hear.: Never i yourself so. If yoti rind your- it is your dointf, not THE.World War (here an urgent demand merch-j H vessels to sunk liy s and to keep tlio sup- j moving; uci-oss the oce.iins. In to that need, (ho l.'iiiU'd ijoreriimeiit spent billions.: to ennstruirt a mei't'hant' NORTHER jState Will Ask DeafK Penalty for Judge Hamilton M 'f J-t 8! [dAnother ayon was onerate. Ihcm l.y HaS BCCIl FallJiKj Kim-rmncnt in. hopes es-, SicadJly Hd'C f OF an American meretianl u SliMftannc. (14, HOUI'S. 'nimeii. DOWN TO 29.42 AT 3 P. M.j L y adv.H-ated liiat ihe scvern- I I sells its stilus tc, private ft{ Any Yeal' fully awar. gg sidered Dangerous: j Principals In Pantages -Prmgle Case in loiiiimicd io lime Hie Ship- lioanl thai it sell ships V'U'ioria for the pas, 2J liuiirs.; reading at o'clock this aft-, ill W? >dnT With Murtld _ S.feilfM Congress lias recently received a me uuiiiu j iiuoti lioi'r loihty, uni'n Ihe MI- 'J'e iiii'lil of the seml-ofii-; f ii-in-law on Trial at Had Entered to Tell Him Weathcrford. registered a drop nf leu I 'SHOT BOY FOUR TIMES i public's interests being surri-' A aleatmy liammoioi- of cci loprivalo I'msiucss men could sn'Jl I ions would he consirt- told. of lr. Veary's IrucK' and cjiitsefl il to taki.1 the iiltiiiK'j. Mr. Veary jiiniiieil from lliu truck down lliu enihank- N7VV YORK, Ocl. Co-1 nienl and the truck followed tiliii incident with the violent shakcup t down and fell on its side un in the stock market on the New j fracturing liis skull. Hit York Exchange today, hankers motived only a few moments, hurriedly in the oiliccs of J. P.! Newl Morgan and Company, directly j across the street from the JUK on the truck with Mr. change, and pledged themselves to. Om. the iMfK support the market in an cmer- j wjls aml i other Mexitran, Juan .Inni'Cii, fioEdinj: the dorse. Sir. MOITI'M and A slock in whclti Victorians have i MKIlAo ln and invested heavily declined today ami 30. A days ago this stock was jajmv quoted at 63 and il the local hold- j was I ers hfld sold il at that time they 1 would have made thousands of] As it is, lost thous-1 1 nnds( although the losses mostly s.-iicar Pierce lust Aiinl, He ivas represent accumulated profits. All Mr. CLiry :v brutiter-in-kr.v 0. Coffcy. wjio was foljijly jiiViMl in ;in iiutoniobitc wrcrh and Mi's. !''red Meiss and was liorn LI) ULs htnly. ships would reveal a 1S. lived at Port H, sramlal almost m LIK as lhat cnlCTril i l.avaca and served ,m (lie O.mnih- .whii-li folloved thf: leasing, of Klka i "C A'1'R'ills Hill ivud Teavol Dnnu, Pm- jl'V C-vornor Pat Xott. poi-.M-m.-K-MCs renivsen.alives- to: wrts i n nodes the thereof at; his 0 C RARRPTT small frarlion of their amonnls Unlllil. I I, I f Urging thst clemency be extended the millionaire theatre ovyper, Alexander Pantaijcs, a superior couri jury laat nialit rji Los Angeles found him guilty of a charge of Assault on Eunice 17-year-old dancer, and sentenced him from one to 50 years in the stale pcr.Hentiary. Miss Prinrjlc and her mother i are siiown-in trie upper left, Pantaycs, left and Helen Davis, in the Pantacjcs theatre, j in upper right. well stocks have been sen- ously affected by the record vjhich is hcl'evc'J to be only tern- iorn at FamiersviHy August ISSS, and (K.'iUcd iu Victonu .frnin ftic-rc in Ho is survived tiy Victoria News of Long Ago DJIOC rioiMP HUSS rmlNG FYFPilTP tAtUUIC OlAI I flw ncifniT UN KtvuL! ATWCWNG DANGER' iioriu; lii.s 1-vcil; unii'' i .1 _i uiiui inillum? ;UuJ ;t lite Hu? .sttlcs nf ilid ctr frrim tJxp nrlivitiys 7, Tiu: ;u( vr.ii In- Sftvli-l Russia iLMi-lnM rd cr fviin t-illivt siili-. imlny witit -th-' Tlii' wilh ;i ;nnl .sllorl." E SaleMn.ln. "Too short? Why. ,.V.madam, they all the Tile West Texas fimfen.....e ;hr Methodist has assiure-d clialie-r heal til-Ill and In.- I'K'S III 1 nflllilTU IN ViGTOBfA COuNTY "And now. littl, she in-. Utlzv1, Tl.llllly umi, hjs victoria ASt.Kl.KS. (I, HNS) J Well. Ihc Vie, over I., of a lad in Ifie cad low. ihe home and Ihe i Ml< r wife of: Ulinriras' l !u, pi, is your j odd KeUowi will conduct I he Imml hi, M, lil" There was a hi, vkes. T.umn si-ntener tor .''t-'" Th, Vi's ,n to C.liai! losliwd.-d l.-id. of Claynvmr. Ky.. lo whom wss sd.iy "iml it ail n-r nOTnOfn 10T11 QFWATnR RIIRinN K T 7 IU Ub I UotK lo IH n-d' OLlMlUn UUn I UK 10 K. of tins one oiueh- nml nnnR Kwi1 nLHn ULMin 0 .iml _______________ ,he ril.- .v-i-ieii ,vf TJioaiaV and Hee.h, Car'-' DCPJIPT horae Tho ;H v ill.' -d in i lirewst.v h.'lure comiiiK also of WLflinLlt RCrUnl -Wvoralc nf July IS. ISOI. ,s hl ,VH. ,o, ia PfiuMn o, IS. as ol Ihe Kl hono for (lie ivc.iu.ry of funeral will IH, from Ihe resi-; 4 favor d "ill, Binned i- He has splcimid uf llle Cli.inli si-tu Ut-v. T. O. Ilorio. fornl'M'ly ilu- Laredo Clutivii. .to Ilir naior. IMS virually o'< link will, inli'imciit Jft PHYSICIAN -If h" loses con- nsnin him a lea- lor Th.-odmo r.nvtnn. whiskey. Why, he'd never for-' The reiiatorV louditi'in was re tuuisht an I HAS INVKXTOIi. Mv. M. O. IlinviinsliAui of iif Tritii'y Ano'liei- same will he h.'.'e aiVl lur stiavi- lull iluit Hee- will id ,Minion other ,ar i-nupler llust for <onveii- ___ ieace and duralu'lity is said to be Continued oil [rage two) IN. .M'.-.l !lnlde niaiiy friendn l.H'KXSK U. icsidoin-.' ill and J.-.mes lutes and ii.i-.h i'ie Iransfor was made at Ids own' W. Kinst and K...SIC An-. iv.piesi Kir the benefit of hi-1. 'lieallh.

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