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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - October 24, 1929, Victoria, Texas m Filled DiUACKKAHN Exclujivo'Optdmclrist 6W-10 Welder Bldg. Phono 233 VICTOR -AFTERNOON EDITION 3eo. H..'French, Publisher, VOLUME 32 Timely Topics 1 WOULD RATHER BE BIGHT rHAN PEOPLE WHO know uo heller may tiilk till they [ile.ise wlnu tliey arc nlciiKMl to call ''bcnk leaniliiK" but tin- work in.- ii'M done with ihc boys on the farms '.of lhe country, mid (he leadership of the I juml and-. agents, liave dime a lot In tha past decade, to bring r.buui an approi'lullim of the scion- tu everyday Iu fad, whal tioirie ticople fall lo imderstnml, even about school .IlKGiict! that onp iicfinires from stinly as lhe development brain into u thinking machine that mints. Tliiire we'Brown people In Victoria today, who have been through bul they have flopped loiis HBO ihelr (ruesl for linowieiJise ami their minds are us dcad'aif Hie dodo.. On lhe other blind there educated veoplu who have never gojic', .-ilir'oiiffli: Jiljjli school. If unybody lias- 'iiiiy (rouble Figuring out tho thought Ix-hlml let them tell i us about (l' and we will write it w.t iu full. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, ___V1CTORJA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON.OCTOBER 24, FOft FURNITURE AND j GAS StOVES SEE HOLLAND' AMDUS Easy Terras Phone 159 Subicripb'on; Per Annum. NUMBER 64 KILL x FROM JACKASS BRAY P x x K K K TO BROUSSA! TALK S. P. Employes Hold. Regular Monthly Meeting Here VARIED LION PROGRAMS 5 K (Si IF YOU WANT to go' where Hieic are no parking troubles try riiinu. There art only can In (hi1 entire country. HEAVY MEALS of and latHL's mechanical tiebl ;m such Ibal sometimes speak livinxjln the "imiclilne ase." It i.-. in; wonder Iheii that changes ha ye .come about In our mode living, in our pleasures, and in our rlk'larCes. Tills hii-roiifc iu consumption uf vegetables a radical chivigc -iii tin; American diel. In Prom the imitatuil brays of a ekiiss lo a on lires by Joe .cussurd, lhe Uons In weekly cothiK at noon had .111 ex- Ircnii'ly varied program thanks t'J J. C- FcUer and M. o. Kinion, mier eiJtertniinneiit-wetters' of the club. Her. J. Homer r'ruclunil of 1'ort ivtava, who looks mnre like a boxer or wrestler than a 1'resby- lertan preacher, imitated a jtow members of the organization by al! of freak omuls and noises. His almost jiarlntt imitation of Die bollcw of a calf, the cackle of a chicken, the sound of a triimnet and trombone and the whistlinj; of three decidedly different lunes at cue mid Ihc same lime were un- usually good. Several .selucMonH <m a coucer- liiii1, by Charles Lunge weie of a natuie few of the Uons had ever heard before. Jlr. Lange unusual talent in the of the instrument iiiat is similar iu many respects Large Number of Additional 1 Applications for Cal- Tho Lion fjiub's part iu the an- -_...... luuil Clulslmus actlvitlbs of ibe tily was [lisciii-sed by H. Daniel iu a' address that was timely-tc say the least. The vic- toria j.ions ,-gways promiu- ent .iwrl li.clij in tin- (iliamber of vice-iiresiilcnt of the Southern 1'a- ciftc Lines, who is in the city for tlie purpose of uitenrliiis a safely and fuel meelinK of tlifs division. Mr. Carter received several rounds of 'applause al tlic conclusion oC Ills tcii-minute all these splendid fea- lures the mcctins was over nroiissard, al I r .1. r. vice-ii resident; Hoirseworlh, second vice- Ill; Ronald Hill, -secretary; UavrhiKlon. Ireusm-or. niid mmm i Fired on After AnnouriceriieiH I of Engagement to Bel- gian Princess. r HAPPENEOJN BRUSSELS Italian Student Arrested Says He was Guided-'by'- Conscience. MUCSSKI.S. (INS) unsuccessful attempt to victoria Second to I'riMo number, Division in Safety Competition. I" Ihc'coiintry. In the absence .innms Bar. rs of Youns, en Smejkal and .1. 1 :titivi'. Conimiltee. A committee1 of threi! was ap- poialcd by the president to drav.-' VICTOBIA WILL NOT BE REPRESENTED WATERWAY MEETING Victoria News of Long Ago MAX ZAUN'S WILD UIDK. [viewed with much interest the Wilde Messrs. Max Xnlm and j snored wound on which were Frank Alonso were enjoying a back ifinmhl Inttles in AHhouB.-.toUR list of Ulc ,v :lniininleil Itv c c oil I _. r ttfin ieb H' .Ailvor.ilv ilour they nsed aiid.coru1 v.'en- not dcvitiillwrl the irn iir.'thcds of lotlitf. c.-inn: tin: !-ni of lin meal moil- 7 o'clock in lliu evening instead of Chili memhcrs'.- aiifl while ii is still iu voRile. ihe Increased ni-e of raw vesvtn- hies reineseuts a uinvi'inciit lo hal- iiiiiu the dietary system, which hau disturbed by certain develop- ments of modern civilization. Kripiiri: biSi sicppcil fm-ward and has .-hi.nn thai not only are the nccwsm-y: foods, the vitamins ami mineral sails essential for tin: nu-' tritjcii of mini, imt Uiai iln; nrceii iniiticr :iud ohlvr parts of arc nf thi'r.liieuiic value iu .lay on problems rent d.s.overy of quantity o, that noon. ilay will known and Knu nay tin., tlnh tin [and all fuihers have been requesl- of whom lire tomorrow! socLitiou to op'.'t mid the aiiuual con- ,a .lirlilgu on Convent Street' lalracixistal Cunal a ll'.'aiimout cd have, (heir accomjiany them lo I ho Imu-hcou SOMEWHAT GOLOER WEATHER FORECAST THIS VICINITY nlisiOle. to join this auxiliary large unmber of additional applications tor calves are on lile and will he filled coon i'i suitable aniimils can be fomul. The Committee will .in County (Ii. jj. The was orgnniioil in ,'ictori.i in 'ISOS and ivilh (hi: .work lint tin- anpropria- is helicvoil lhat completed within .Mr. L. I', f.eiimtd donned a ed by a rembliiiK IIOJA-I-, became lua Wednefday ami 'b. niaiKiBnMc.aml darted away at soon lollowed. Kniniils lilsh speed. The street, on {lit, a culnctilence. doesu'i The the (leelivily of a bill, was sonn-- j ladies who had of ice what imovcu ami the. johiui; of hack did noi remind Uu: of a swinging iicimmock. the mailer. Mr. Xahn on lour fit herds In lliu hope preseul uemautls. iou of of fiii- Mich as nic Diet ch ly and ra, il Is W> WEATHERlEPORT Kast Texas--Omei'iitly fair. M.mowhjn ID south lioil. first iu the and in the nmtliwcM i'oriifin tmifKM and Krid.vy. UVsl TiAas- Kair -omv- ii, ih... jdulhcasl por. I'robatily lniiisln fair I'l'i.Uiv. HAS PRISON SITES AT AUSTIN IN VIEW AI'STIX. Oct. Slate IVistui on of .'irs, .1. Mnrcuk of tinailiilnpc. is a iirucl iu tho Kcbreiu- r.- luslitulir Hand hero. Manak i.- ,s'hewins up well iu ytur'.i at the school. S.hroinrr InMiluv li.'is ihu inru- band of die schoiil's history. i a lotal r.f f, miisicfans. in- some ihe year's Kind member.- and much splendid new tnatarial. Dircdor Ki win Krnsi says this year's musk- 'lUaliou will bos ,nor dom- Tin: firs; ilnuii ;iiul tijrpj over ,11 .Schrelner i-i pra, ticlns lure now. Tliis unit iu: i iudcs eisht b'V.leis and -ix drnr.i- canal, work probably will In; i-e-j awl'He ami sn mado a leap to the ,i sunied on the Iriiadahipe Hirer, ISrouod. H was a snccc.ssfnl jump; t. which is an jnill.oriziffl scrtioti of 311ri t'lu worse for his' ,w Kdit' lliu ranal from iis mouth to Vic- experience. .Mr. Alotiso kept his lorla. Years aiso govoi nnient en- i M'licn (lie runaway's reuch giiiocrs vec'inimciMlcd the inslallu-' ct' J'r. Jou.Fftzgeratil's corner they (ion of locks ami iliims the .riv- turned and raceil down Class er after exleuiloil opera-! Street toward Hie river. The hack, lions had VaiUnt make 11 per- i wrenched and turned from side lo manfully iiaviKablc. sl'le. now broke a wheel and ihe tnngiip. scraped the grouail. Tlieii SlonuiiiiKits pliol tlir lluadaliliie n> Victoria prim- ,'itul tho Civil and also m mure.! .vcai-s. Since the river is i fcil by sprints at its source il 1st ri-Mvdeit as lhe miMl reliable wa- ter t'ourse in tho stale. ,a singlfitrce snapped and I hi: I gue. was splintered. of shnrp iwinls woimdijii; .1 lior.i furlliei ase was Tli of June tsai. be- light at ilin cnrnci- of f'liiislilnilun .Sirwlj- is llu- rinhl Ihitls' iu the riKhi ptnci-. A few Mich lights nu Main street wenhl Iinvv a pleiisiin; A certain VOIIUK !our city received beautiful b.m- (rillll ii Items averse m i.i such iscnliincnliiliiy. y.iuiii; man Uiri'ir flowers inin ihc slice! Final: The inform ALSO IN FUEL USE Large Attendance Present for Service Club Meeting and Dance Tonight. Simlliorn nioiitlilj- I'adl'ic safely iof Italy was mado Imiv today. The cniwii prince, whose giiKement Ui lhv lielgian I'rjjisesn llarh' Jose rormally aiiiionnceil yesterday, was nltcwliiig .the cere- monic-s at lhe tomb of the unknown soldier n-lieii a inaii wildly brand- Ished.a revolver iilitl fired Hever.ii shots at the distitisuishi I hut- missed him.' Tlu1 monetary panic th; cd the solemn scene uccai meetint; to conservation meeting.s for ihe torla Olvision in, tho auditorinui <he Central Fire Slalion here in- day. The Victoria Division Houlli- em I'acific Service Club will I'm id its regular monthly ineeliiii; ;n the same place tonight, ih be followed by a danci The safety iiic-clmi; was in it' innniiiiK anil wus conducted by H. il. Xliiyu of Houston, superin- tendent of safely. All points 1111 division from Hosenhcrs lo viisvlllR und Hau Anloniii were represented. Ciiiulluu, di- vision -supcrinteiidcul; .Me. Neal, assistant superinleinlciit; ,1. C. Carter of -Houston, umon.'il represenlalive of Vice- rresirlenl H. 31. Lull; .1. [I. .Smith of Kdiiibiiri; mid linlier of Stciilmon.', tniiniuaster.s. ami ,t. K. Krels, master mcchnnie of ihe Voaknm were. HIIIDIIK ihe of. licial.s present. Addresses were deiivereil by Mr. riondlw, Mr. Car- Icr. Val Foind, vice-presiileiH of the South' Texas Coltoii-Oil Company, ami Rev. A. J. Carson, pastor of the Victoria llaplist Church. There were, a number of slmrt .Since Ihe last mccliiiK then., were fourteen acchbiais ami Di'. Allan Shields physical illustriituiii of Uu'se neeiduiils. Dr. Shields used bandaged Victoria Hoy Kcimts in illv demoiistriUiims mill was usslstcil by w. K. Kckuls. local scoui executive. Viciurhi nivisiiui is ihc see remained calm tlie erflivd quiet- ed iloivii when ii-liocame aiiparenl that he -was not' lift'unit i'Vcirtuir-'- troplie which might' have had far renehiiiB cousequeneo was.averted.- Onlihjd by a "coiiscieiu-e 'which he said mailo. his duty clear." a young the Uni- versity .or Sorhunne was (akiiii iiilir eiisioily immediilely after. Ute al- teinijt lu the 'crown NEGROES WERE NOT TRYING TO WRECK H00VErTS TRAIN Oc-r. H. Jloraii. chief of ihu 'irniicd Secret Service, received word from his opor.itlves iu Louis- ville loday linn they. dent linn two nosroiis wlui slufloit an autoniubile uii a crossins; in front of 1'iesiilenl lloovui-ls..train' had no liuciuion of possibly ivrcck; lhe train or even know ihe train ami its ilisiimjuishi'il iwsjciiser'. were line. Tfi U STRANGLlNGiUNT CAR. DAMAGED BY FIRE OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN IN INDIAXOI.A Col. C. A. Otsbury. at IMS.! M .'I m.ivs Cnero lliilleitn. was in and Tlnirsday 'iway lo Coltail, u-hiilter lit back hii- uiwe. .Mi A new IV.rd roadsier owned by Jr.. ly by, fire Hit- hi'iis! r iinrlli of (he eliy Tuos- ,'.11 nii-'hi senn afiei- ,de hiu', homo. tillior eals in the removed oritin i if ,ho lire is nnknnwn. in s l.'llit- u that lie TEXAS WARNED OF GALE FROM ROCKY MOONTAIN REGION SA.V AXTO.VIl) 'I'.vo hiiniini; s.'iviiin H limil- Jllll- sliiHtl if TOMIS In 'I J iM'.nlh tif Xovcni! liJif-r TlKinm- Fonrih from ii. Dillon. il h. th- u since be six years obi. obtained from John Sojtl, ico'-iuty officers aniuinuced J The motive fni1 ilel nolili.-- I'l'JSeil. Mrs. Helmut: tn In- wraithr. aski.d his ace repHcil didn't know exactly, but lie was "scvcnly-i'ivo or thirty." The oily are lhe only survivors nf The Xtw Orleans reau h.'is issn, il sionn w.uii for ,h, .Mexico ami US ;iinil-s I'lpurli'd in a lifcli pressure nic.i over Muiiniain on f.fl'iicr. Iliii, 'lid nnt hav Ui bun tin-' 'lllile.l federal i At'ciirdiiv- lo fl imay IK: hunieil in iflVRl lober ibi-y mill- lie iimi I ffulj, i ;nuj t ill.e iilllflhl in til III" V'llel- .-.v.1 GO, SOFFERS LOSS; ONE MAN KILLED ,-onlii U.I. .'i.-tlNSI join nirili killed ami half ,1 p'l.-iins ia a six flien liii- lii.-ii ;'l'i' .1 h.ur.'e. ti.-e in ihe film I-.XMI, el ih-' Film i.iry -hi.uly midnuht c.ii'M1'. -in pjniil ibiincs.

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