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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - September 24, 1929, Victoria, Texas Eyej Filled JACK KAHN Exclusive OptomctrUt Welder Bldg. Phone 233 -AFTERNOON EDITION i FOR FURNITURE ANP GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terms Phone 159 P Seo, H. Frenchj Publisher, VOLUME 32 Timely Topics THE JHORNS which I liavfl reaped are of (lie tree I tliay liiivc lorn IT ALWAYS runns' w hear an able bodied nuui <svliu lu.sn't done a, good day'K work tor ten years, kick on lite taxes. TlK ideal system of luxation would be 10 the idler S sihs, lorn wills key -n-lftf from sum- mei No doubt lOiietl II 111 tlaoxic nioio tjn tiimiiioi "lollies, ns ilic iMnlci nii'l ivitnmn 'clothes, no: oiily" from (lie man wliu drinks II. bill fiiim Ih wife -iiid ihllditu as It itmoie Hie MiiliiK, of liih fiom lieui, tc.eih tonsils, reputation ami helf ie spect. It. will reinove wliul little fceiisi. Ihe iliinW In-- mvke i cat out of Hint would otliti wlei be an Inofttnsiio plug 11 will icmoic Iht food rrom the labk Ilio fin in 111 re fiura Ihe house "id (lie h ipin citser look from the fate, of chlldicn As a re mover of Ihinss corn whiskey lias nu WHEN .vitomnblltB nisi emit us tlieic ,1 i ulio rill I in d (lint utitliliiK would [.MT them into in iiiloinobil" heir the lliim; sjitl iboiu iiinliue I tip poison his llot ndddi In in diUotngblle !s an icplion mil twenti M.U the c mo will lie (rue of Hie slorlis In the diillos in riltate tint (lils. 1-5 botoni Ini; ilr mnnlc-d about rapldlv i' lienmi. automobile mimleil IF YOU'RE a btlf Mirier IK Si wont lo bi unnk BETTER STOP and pointer than puss o'er yonilei THOUOHTFUUNESS is saft't) SAFETY FIRST! pt-rmaiient. Deivlh is so THE FACT Unit the, people, of the world seldom agree uiiou niiy sin.iile question is pii-nitivo proof n-Hli .-ill our liilelh'KiMice. we have a let to letirn. One of tlio sleps loivard wisdom is to uncletvtaiid Unit the "nut" who idvLiites i idoi bt right, it is hard to .admit Iliis to yourself, Iiut afler do. you woa't find tt so hard In Bet along with your neighbors. A FATHER told hi.-) son. who had Just secured his flrsl job that lie .should lay-up Something for n rainy When iio .qol his first pay he brought new slicker anil put it up on the closet slu If THEY SAY it lakes several'him. dred nuts'In hold an automobile to- gether, bill one nut tun scatter it all over tho highway THE UNITED STATES Is send- ing Ihonsand--! of used i-ar.s t.i Soiilli America. Hiid-thls.' (lie AMiison Glolie. is no way to eslab .liEli trlciidly relationa. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLSr IN GENERAL VICTORIA OAILY ADVOCATE. TUESDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 24, 19Z9T Subscription: Per'Annum NUMBER 38 VICTOR ISONED :SPEAK1NG OF poetic Justice, what of tlie two prohibition agents who became lost on tlic desert in i'lah. and bnii but milk lo drink for several days. THE YOUNG daughter thinks she I.-; a lol smarlei- tlian'her rnotli- or. Hut w-e have yet lo hoar her ordering mother oul nf the kitchen so lhat slii- can the bread, fry the .steak rr irash Ilio dishes. MORE MOTOR car .iriiileiils are i .iiiswl liy ratvlofs driving tlian by fast driving. Some drivi-ra are KiifiT IS miles an hour than others are at 15 miles. As a mat- ter of fad a slow driver is a source a' danger on a highway. Cars piill- iaj; around a slow driver run a, f haute of mvrrviop from Hie UK nl or ineeliiis an oncoming driv- or. it is safer lo keep up with tho you <un. FILLING STATIONS us a rule MI Ihc examiilc in the town for well Kept premises. MISS KATE FARRELL, BELOVED VICTORIAN, IS LAIDJO REST Vliloiia ins igun been tilled upon to mourn the loss of oue of -st' and 'mosl useful citizens in tho death nf Miss Rule Kanell. which occurred ul her home at 107 Ninth Sticct it tut clock Monday iifit-inoun after :i llltuss Miss Karrcll was born in Victor- May 5, 1S75, ihn .daughter nf Peter Furrell, :i native uf Imid, and' Klleii Kcef Fafrell. a iullve.pt Vietdria, bold deceased. :Ier parents wero amoiiK this city'-, jest known pioneer citizens and ook ill uthc mil piomintiit pin n the ndvnitceniiiiil -of its affaii; It I-. seldom III :t unoiii, il ,ains Ihe widespread popularity :hil Miss Ibis ras'.dife to.her nobility chanit't- er and an linselfishnc.Ha thai-'was nh s linlh Slit is ilwns so loustiiful and consider.ili-. of (lie welfare of olbers nnd In- ter moans nobody was ever moie hnilablt i ten ifiei slit kneu ler condition boneless she oncerned her.splf more Ibe and sorrows of her friends ynd sought lo cninfort ;ind console I hem. Practically everv ay during her loin: illness .nuiiiv iKiicuhu hedsiile uid nuirc leiotion tiiiild not h ivo Ijeen shown tor oni! occnpylns tho most .exallcA station In kitplni; with liei pure anil spotless lift, she u.is peifeetlj resigned to hei fate mil rein lined laliii arid conscious to the end which i-iime peacefully. Her final words expression of con- ilderaticm for others. A moment before her spirit depaned .she told i number of friends and relatives who bad been kneeling in prayer sellle u large sum on his daughter.- CHINA BEATEN BY GEN. KWE1S ARMY LONDON. Sept. Chinese .Nationalist soldiers wnif reported killed and 100 vvoundc.d when tho artillery supportini; the forces of (.Icm-ral Cbani; Vail Kwei shclloil tliree Iroop shlp.i the Xatioii.ilisl force? ivho took Hi-; firtd aRainsI him. according to dis- patches piildisVd In the evening horo. General {'liaup caplured .Valfonalifts in addition lo muni- Continued ou two) WEATHER REPORT l-'air toniKlil. Wednesdny partly Victoria is Given Publicity in Stones About Lizards. GIFT OF THOMAS STEELE Young Man Obtained Frogs While m This on Recent Visit. Tliomas steele. a young nuvi who .'incveil from Viclorhi lo Milwaukee xeit-> ago duing n iccenl ta this cil% four lioin. ei' anil took back to with' him. He presented them (o the U ishington Pnk ?oo the sift received prominen! mcnllini In tin; .Milwaukee news papers. The Milwaukee Journal published a one of the toids ind Hie foUownm -irttcle, erroneously states thai Jli'. ateelg is still a resident.of Victoria and shipped frogs to Mil- MEET MR. IGUANOIO LIZARD Four of th'o'famous horned toads have conic-. 16.Milwaukee to make their home ire slmertni? in the Waslliiislon Park ztio now and of their warm Texas sands Ode of the four tuads is shown The quartette came to the zoo from Tliomas Stecte- ot Vic- toria Comity, Texas, who remem- bered Mlliviiiilfcc pleasantly and so shipped them as a Bift lo the town. These loads are of the' same variety svi lhosc that have caused so mudi scientific wrangling re- cently over their alleged'ability to live for years shut up in rock pri- corner'stones, etc The scientific name ot this toail is mnannid lizard. GOEBEL ONLY ONE TO REACH BORDER FROM MEXICO CITY IIUOXVXSVII.l.K. Sept. Goebel. leader in the inter- national air derby from Mexico City to Kansas City, delayed his departure Icdny on the second lap of his joiiruey lo aw.iit the arrival of Ihe, vau of-tlu- race contestants. floebel was the on'ty one of Ibe Bi-nnp of 'American, Mi'xic.in and (.'nl.an fliers (lint left Mexico City yesterday to arrive here. He said be probably would hop off fur IV.il- urxl overnight slop, lomor- rov.- t'loitdy. MEXICAN ACE SAFE. MK.XfCO CITY, Kepi. Colonel Itobrrlo Fiorro, Mexican forced down by engine trouble ye.Menlay .after he hopped off ill Jleith-o City air rra'c. was found safe today at Acttlpo Hidalgo. Kierro said n combination of fog and engine trouble compelled the landing. Peacox And The Jury rtra HI Seriously Considering Plac- ing Town Under Soldier Rule. CRIME SITUATION CAUSE Governoi Will Await Report on Conditions from Ranger Captain. It- Sept limit positive tliirtit ot m uti il foi norku ojl boom toun u.is luiced bi Goicrnot I7au Moody to Tho Koveinor ht wab sen uusly considering 'martial law for the turbulent community. A threat ot such aclioti followed upon the heels of a xlatement by Ranger Captain Frank H.nmer that a worse i-riino situallon exists at IJorger than he lias seen for years. Governor. Moody said be would mil reach a decision until Hauler returns and makes a report on cnn- dilinns. 1 lamer has been slalioned at Horger sinci: tilt- assassination of District Allurner .lohn A. Earl Peacbx and the: jury, in whose' In progress in White Plains, N. Y. of his wife, hands his tifeTesls in trie trial "how' Peacox is charged with the murder OWNER IS -BLAMED FOR CABARET FiBE MANY 4RE SUIN IN I HORSE RJCING ELECTION RIOTS IN FEATURE VICTORIA VERA CRUZ, MEXICO FAIR, OCTOBER 8-12 MEXICO Sangiimary clashes dnrins local Jlections in the Slate of Vern Cruz Snniby resulted in ileafh .'oil of person-.-, .icicfdinp to estimates today by the newspaper .al'rcnsii here. The horse raiing features of Iho fairs llu-oiipIioiit'Tf.vas this fall lo atlrac'ling more Inlerest and enthn- _____ siusm from the public has been maiiifi'st heretofore. DKTKOIT, Sept. Colin, propricliir of Ihe Study Club, Ihe downtown cabaret in which lives were when it was swept by fin: Friday, was blamed for the fragcily today by nnnnin MtCrea, assistant prosecutor. "The hlauip, if there was any blame, resls fairly and sipiart'ly on Ihe shoulders of McCrea said. The- Sosiiin Kairf which closed Patimlay. hud its double capat-ity Further advices indicaleih that chuck'full each after- ilie nuniher in Ihc clashes horse- UNSEALED TELEGRAMS TO BE DELIVERED exceeded 200. LINDBERGH PARTY IN DUTCH GUIANA MIAMI. Sept. bis trail blazing tropic niail flight ,-OM- pletcd. Col. A. l.indboinh resllnK today at Par.imallio. Dutch tiuiana, in preparalhra for bis starl Inmnriow on another Irlp in which he will describe, a lon.e ircle over tin; Carihlu'an men save them as good and as cs- an osiiibilion pMvtdcd a special blank and envelope whii h will be tor turned li> KniKSMlle HI fate n ;e of murder attordins to Coniilj C II Reese of Mchers Coimtj Shcritf Tf left foi Salnidav nlghl to relmn the attused woman to thh cit> from Austin, tthcrc bbe Ins been since Longs death The tlMige against Her was made h> Ihc sheilfts ilep.irtment and count .iflnrnei .iftor an in _ yesliRatton of seveial dajs Jni{ upon leteipl of. a report from tiw pathological ,nboratoncs of Ihd slalc health department of the coulcnls of Lous s stomach showed traces of-slrycli- nine. At in iiKjittst held before Ins lice T M Colston mi Ihe d.iv of [.ling's deilh, it developed that ,L pol-'ilosf tu the fannh had died just i iKiuutes be fine LOUR died MM Longs tes linioiiy was to the effect that she and" her husband had relumed from u shopping lour that a tier- nonji and that he.had partaken of a Itghl limed. later'complaining of fielini; ill hht bid gone to neighljors nnd on hei- return found her husband iincouscldus with'-'ati cmpij liottle bc.iiin: .1 lii'ii.ilu.i label nearby. She called a sician. who pronounced life -ex- hint Testimony of other witnesses Idd to Ibe cxriniiuatiiMi of tlie contents of Long's stomach and the sub.-ie.- iliicnt .irresl of Mrs. lieiiry Kalm of Houston, who has been" re- tained as attorney' for Mrs. Lons. was In KliiKsvllle Sunrtay lo ar- rnnxe for her preliminary hearing. MURDER CHARGE FILED. AUSTIN. Sept. .'nl her cotifinenifim in lho Travis County jail since Friday on' ii charce nf murder growing out of tho death nf her husband. Mrs. J. S. Long of Klngsvllln today prcpai iiip to seek her freedom -im a writ of liaheas corpus. The woman was arrested hi-re by Sheriff Coley White on a cum-i plain! made September IS by ISIicrilf W. T. Moseley of KleberK 1 County. Her husband died Sop- jU'inber 11 and an'analyais of his js-tnmach. slate Iinilth offiriajs wiid. showed of pjisoulup. Jlrs. Lous; has denied since lit! airest bore any tonncc jtlitn with her hiipband's sudden death. i_________________________ _., {suggested phrasing? for thc.sc mes- 5 have been conipiled for lir: i cdiiveinenie of patrons, j The company also .that'll has made provision, for tin- sending; oC cadkM greetings to jbc sont lor as little ;vs to !these countries'.

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