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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - September 18, 1929, Victoria, Texas WOUNDED MAN FOUND LYING NEAR PISTOL IN STREET HERE A Eyes Fitted DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Optometriit 609-10 Welder Bldg. Phone 233 Seo. H. French, Publisher. AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUB Easy Terms Phone 1S9 VOLUME 32 Timely Topics CALL H holy ground Rm soil s first livid; Mr ilnsUlni'il .where (hey worship (Jod. L 'Ihti THE UTILIZATION of waste prqiluiis tor sumo, definite Is gain., wood utilization committee' nf Hie Department of Coiniiierrc urges grocers. 'depart- ment store amors ami other Merchants, (u capltalizt-' the suud will possibly in inakiiiK the old boxes mid wooden packing cases iV'i Incentive tur Ihi; boys to maim- some of tiie many useful arilcleK possible. The iK'iiiitfinent's statement "Impressed with Hie possibil- tlly of eliminating much of the M'-isli! no.w resiilliuff from iliroivlng n or Ijiiminf; -these reeeiihibtes, tin- coiiiiulUiie lias collceteil. over j FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTy. SECOND, SOUTHWLSF IN GENERAL. VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 18, 19297 Subscription: Per Annum NUMBER 33 WHOLESALE AVERTED fcf Tooth Swallowed Years Ago Caused Girl's 111 Health OFF First Heifers Arrive for Jersey Calf Club Pistol Wrapped jn Blazing Rag and Auto Near Body. suggestions fnr makInK (hen, (THOUGHT AN ACCIDENT ii-to inlcrestini; ami iisel'ul articles. J _ Unable to. Speak, mitlec's booklet, 'you Can Make- 1C. now distributed.. "This booklet and project of wlnib it is a .part 'muTt'e their to the lioy of man- tun training: Smiill wonder. Ilieiefore, that dozens of orsauiza- lions representing in their incm- horahlp more than a million and ,-t half un.vs liai-e endorsed the. com- mittee's project nud are "lending; assistance In tuiihc-rlns It. 'The interest aroused In the cmn- imtlec's project. his already re M'llcd in a demand for wooden IKVXOS on the part of .siiuill, Avhoso alletillon has been called to the project and to the commit tee's booklet 'You Can Make it.' 11 is expected that merchants will capitalize on this demand. 'My advertising that they will bu Kind to dispose of Iheir second- hand boxes and crates lo those de- siring them to use for making art- Ictes described in (ho committee's hcckletthey civi not only ceiucul relations with their present cus- t tomcva but can make new oues al- Rushed, to Hospital in Ambulance! Kmllri Nitcslimann, -15, a well loiowii fanner of Telferiie'r. this co'unly, wax found lyinjf on the side nf South Oel.eon SIrecl opposile the llanniK residence with his chin shot away about o'clock this alteration. His Ponl coupe was u i sl.imlslill fume Dartli aboutj tin en fioni him ,md between the cti and his hod) w a -t2 caliber Colt's pistol on a 45-trame in i bltzmi; rag Mr. N'iUcliniann was conscious hul utuhlc to spcik He insli ed lo the Victoria Hospital in llic fioldiitan-'Waters ambulance. Since- Had .Lodged in Lung and Caused Sojourn at Kerr- ville Sanitarium. HAD OPERATION Girl 'is Outstanding Coynty Club Worker and Well Known Over State. there were no eye witnesses to the affair nothing definite is known us lo bow it happened and will not be known until the Injured man Is able lo but it is believed to bare becJi aecident. "J'lio report of the pistol altnict- eil larse crowd iind traffic of- ficers, hud to' dear a way for (lie nntuulniicc. While, My. Xitschinann is dangerously woiiuded, Ilioiii'lit'tlcil lie will recover. "ilerclnuils in communities in j chilli boys have not yet been! aroused to tlie possibilities of mak-1 ing tilings oiit of wooden boxes can, with a.'little; effort, call at-j Ifiitfnn (n the box utilization plan TELEGRAPHIC NEWS A baby tooth Unit she swallowed fifteen ago duiing MI of whooning- and lodged in one of her lungs was coughed up a few weeks apt by Miss Leuora Urban, only -daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Robert and the ycnuis, lady, who had been threatened with uitu-rculosls, is now rapidly regaining her heitllu. j. Miss Urhnii hail spent several I mouths at a. salitlarinm at Kenv i vllle and underwent a i operation here as Hie result of !Uc i Icdemeiit of the'tooth iu her lung, [the presence of which was nn- Fall Spraying (Inlcnmlional Service) forest fires continue to take 'n the National Committee- 011 1 Uli.lization 'a loll tin il has issued." on 'and to tlie liull 'led i The young-lady, now a member toll of property in Washing-i of the Couuh III Club w is, for Xiue'major fires are report- {four jeir-, in on PAULA, "Pansy cup last night.'' 1'aiil, "ph: I didn't know they .gave prizes for that.1' von a IDVJIIB i .Itu.s to say- on this Ve necessary ucnv Mial Ihe new size is in circulation to dispose cf the old moili-l at a loss. today. outstanding niemlici IJI Club -nirt g 1 mneiite In i Come -from; Registered o( Merit Stock for Generations. Escaped Convict Recently Caught Here Leader of Break. ARMED WITH IRON ROD Sawed Through Bars With Razor Blades and Dug Hole in Jail Wall. IN f er, .Who is to Give Lec- Uire '.'at Fair. yictpria News of Long Ago JMETHODIST ORPHANS [WILL APPEAR HERE si across the I Dallas st.ile fair in 1126 'i Carolina Itntf, dec, Tcssner. j sojourn at kei Rational Textile Workers' i l.nion organizer, is under the care of physicians at Charlotte, N. 0., 24. took off from Uooscvetl Field. N. V., ibis morning for Washington THE UNITED STATES and Can. and Miami on the first less of their the bl lie iniule her a jircsutt of i bi uitifiil fnr coat with hundreds of from fel low tluli numbers She MS j siH-cial guest at the recent Victoria i Comity Shnrt, Course and highly LOCAL DOTS I (he subscriptions on Saturday night i t A. I.eyi and Company shipped on amounted to over Sl.dSrt.' Victoria I Thursday about. bushels of (will lie-remembered by Ibis mis-j This is the first season jsion ivid its ciersy tor its courles-j that .pecans have been shipped jes and hosnilaliti .Nine registered Jersey heifers and one registered Jersey male im'rchasc.d by County Agent II. B. Ross for the Victoria CounU lei scy Calf Club from the Fair Point Dairy. Farm In- lie.var Comity reached Victoria last iiisht and are 'Hi.irlered at Ihe fair mound-- where they will in; kept until the fair. On the upe'iilng dny of the fin, Tuesday. October S, Bins ,ind C.irls' Club Kully Day. Iho beiiois will be drawn for and distiihiilcii! n'muni; as many members of thf Jersey Calf Club. This method of' disiribnlion decided upon be i cause enough animals not vet for all tlie Air Hie.girl and boy of ties. r.'la exported last year flight mobiles whiih was almost as ninny j South America, as Ihe rest nf the world produces.. America is by'ions odds the home cf the motor car. honored 611 that occasion. Urban's rather Is one of from Victoria since the storm of Angnst, The trees inch de- ii 6.1 (he operations of which ue bcini; I financed by the Victoria and Kronp of xirls from the Mctbo- p'rust Company. I (list OrhamiKc at Waco, Texas, will. The first lot nniniub The defeated candidates are he-ibc in VMovia next.'Similar to ''iwds In ..Texas' and for lo appear on Iho ftri-cls'lon a specif, musical prnttram. at (several geiicrations Ihvir iires and n-clished have sim'e put out and j lioys, when! Ibe Methodist Church Sunday night llams sWl5 ire again bearing very fine nuts. They now nl ?2.lfj bushel i yon once liavi: griuwji used to it. S o'clock, '.livery one of these There are prisoners in the cala-1 boose iv...i yol the gntten are H is whispttred that a. litie of tilway is to IH- constructed at an I early'day between this city and i V'o.iknm.. Should this lie j Kills is a Kunjiis in her line. They will ship, they will recite. Ihey will cd of merit slocli.; M.min fjinith, 27 an escaped held on' three cliVirses-VoC bursl iry, almost succeeded in leading n wholesale delivery from the counts j ill this morning anil hut for the outciv of a negro might nich.nd A Moulin the <iffi ce'r enteredHio jail lo feed the prlsoiie're'-iit breakfast Smith had gained access to Uio iiiuuionnd by t.awln? two bars of bis cell In tno tilth i.ifetj razut blades and making his through an adjoining cell, the door of whluh? was open. Armed with iron bar from his bunk, he was cioucimd hehind a cornel 01 tho cases IH a IhreateniiiK attitude .'Hi' tht ofiicei appeared and made it letreat when shouted, Mr. The. prisoner had dug half tlirousjii llic brick jul wall on tho side bv making use of the bar Ilishi Sitfet) laror liKides neru found in Ins [Kisscssifiii Some -ot them hail been chipped to opcratu like hack b.lws Four while prisoners were con the -..iiiie cell tilth Suulli .ill accomplues In the aj tempted escape. Three of thtyincn Mere ineslcd a-. Mispicious char ictei1; on chargeb The fourth, H I- Duaii. 10, of 1-ikl- H lies, Horldn 11 held on an. auto theft and two forgery charges. He is kiuiwn to have helped Smith In. his 'effort tunnel through tlio jul wall Smith is from Killb, lexat, and AloiiK with at. Ihe penitentiary. i-f dislribnlii.n of llic heifers on Ihe 21 of Una .Jrjm rlay of tin. fair, II. A. Wichita Kwlls to serve a to (.'entral and! Victoria County's best known farm-j discussing tlie The Victoria liifles arc already j other enterprise play uiioii various musical inslni- They l.uve a complete or- "reedlim-. feeding ami cart- of Jorsev -t It is THE HUMAN race is lo blame iVo (race of the assassin of Dis- Violoria. The news that the young Irict Attorney John A. Holmes has almost completely recov- liorgcr has been found: ;ncslioii of it wiu lie the sinMis com- ins the Clalvcstou Drill, wltlcit tee. intmity. a few miles southwest of comes off next May. U is riot like- i This is n roprcHOnlative group of Continued on iiase cxpcctecl that fully 50" chib peels have been released. Hcbecc.i liradlcy lioircrs, on trial at .Vew Hrannfcls for hank robbery, lor all the evils that overtake il. A man ulio constantly over is K'llus lo pay for it all fnoner attorney at Ft. Worth, will later with some sorl of illness or j sllt'l'f Holmes until Governor hcdily offlieiiflu. mail who sils makes a permanent appoint- in a draft will pay for il with a mpl11- cold. An uii.-ranttary condition will always breed disease. In the same measure Hit- rate is to he hlame-l for Ihe economic ills Mint have overtaken It. People will patron- ir.u a business until It pels a strangle hold on UK- nation and then howl their heads off ;shoui liusls. Tho human race has crcat- i''] every trust or monopoly that liiroalcii.1 indiridiial ciiterprisc. Ihe human race is like a child. I! eqiialls for candy until it makes it- si If sick syitl thru in lurn squalls for a ilocliM- autl bUuncs iirtivi-i rtiDfft and Ihe conditions of All from her long illness will Hen K.! cause much happiness among lier j Allrcd, former district atlorney of! many frioiuls and acqiiaintnncts Wiclilta Vails ami former Fetloi-al i throughout flic state. tin- VW children (hat arc now h'.'lns fnr in Hits home. They are j uvcry advantag< until Ihe new officers are elected.'mULl1 sw'01'011 Sunday, ami linn-j CVPr talcnl they may have i: which will be In January next. .T people .visited the scene vi-Iopcd as rapidly as possible. i''miu out and anil hear this and will he ly that they will reach a conclusion i Tllc Iti.vcr was Owing lo the bogey condition ot of the railrojyl bridge construction.: ACCIDENTAL DEATH VERDICT RENDERED IN PLACEDO CASE I'otlowim; a thorough 'egnmln- tht- street railway oiv Commercial Strecl the were discontinued on Main street beyond llic junction of .Main and Constitution -Streets, and passengers were carried both ways for one fare. Is it not-high time that the hoi- They COLLEGEv? HFPIITY STUDENT COUNCIL, "-iUiMHIbl UtPUll j .MMnimprninniY AT MEETING OF TODAY WOODMEN CIRCLE', may know her fate within the ncxl i 21 Imnrs. The final summation i hy a hallery nf lawyers, most them yonnpster.-i. is Ix-lnp madt- to. i jalton of the luidy by Counly llealih ____ 1 Physician S. McMnllcn. Justii-i; Martial bw'was'proclaimed T' Torreou. MeMc-, foihnving Ihe killing of iwo persons and mlwily to Ms wounding of at least twelve others j after an unsuccessful lo j assassinate .Jiwe Vasconcclos, lllc J'aclfic track above idential candidate, "while he Tuesday morning. Id- wasjmai! Riven a papuer burial, i lives could be located. lined Hie bank and free; primp of spleiullil children mid! j bridge, intently watt lung the J young people ami you will not be 1 j bridge men dislodging the drill .disappointed in Iheir ability to i-n- j that accumulated against tuo tres- u-rtain you. j work and whii-h had reached A free' will offering will bo taken i pearly way across the defray Iheir expenses. engine a nil machinery used; Itc.mcmnor the lime ami plate: ,for niu-drivlnc was Used. Men in. Melbr.di.H (-liurch Sunday, scptcm. ius a spirited business session Iho slcrons languase that skiff earned a line passing over 22. ,it S p. m. during; the recent campaign pulley ali.irhcil lo iln? engine cease? Certainly we have had from the summit of .Iho tmvcr and j fastened tlie line lo thr drift. The The county Commissioners' jnwhhiery wan ihen put in motion. Court has ilelbrnilucd lo erect on wlik-li the tower bv.ildins in Ibe Court House Square are mounted would 1iy hy ltilil1' dead body .was found for offices for county t-c.inity jitdM ,viil roiinly attorney me are treasurer decks (bo overflowed lni ria Junior College for the curreix? itenn has hpcn announce'l as fol- lows StMilciv: Henry a Kischer i Stofecs (Continued on page two) Well dene for th? court. The .MclhoilIM Cbiirdi WJIK crowded with Im- larcgalions on Saturday no smulay nights. The sermon [IJishoii Duncaiv was liUurcaiing and: mlied and wont its way tl-.roiiRii waters on its i j cucst Mr Irish section of the pageant i given .is one of the Victoria liislrid fair Oclo-. of corn for home s Mid meel j _____ Mite (Vulral Kire Thuvj'l.iy cd cu pase two; [nixlit. besiwiing at o'clock. f frcshmeiits 'vcvage lo the sea. The work !the men exceedingly perilous.'01 The pric WEATHEHEPORT Iritiqltt itiicl TluKH This coninil is the gi [holy of Iho school. .ill nctiims of the students beins taketv i thi-m for .k'liou. They meet wiih the school faculty at varuiils j times In tho, activities i il.i- fiii-uUy commit. lee. however, making fiiml

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