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Advocate (Newspaper) - July 15, 1929, Victoria, Texas Filled DR.JACKKAHN ExcJuiivc Optomclrist 609-10 Welder Bldu. Phone 233 Seo, H. French, Publisher. ,-...._ VOLUME 32 VICTORIA ADVOCATE Timely Topics FOR JUST cxpcrlonco lulls, ill every soil. 'Hint those who -think must govern those lliul lull. GOLDSMITH, FUNNY what makes, nil (lie dif- ferent kinds ot 'J'ho cyclone make? UIL- house fly. The blacksmith nuikcs th.u fire fly The jockey makjs ttic horcc fly. Tlie hoi cake makus th. huticr fly. JULY IS the mo niti in which masl of the deaths that come to 'swimmers. to .siiy, It Is Mtcn the out vbo :an swim Hint dies, cill.ijr from carelessness or overcoiitideiicc swim (.01 tar or loo long and get th'i crciil'3 or become exhausted inu far safety. Dr. Shirley Wj-un1-', Now York health commissioner, Ins is- sued admonitions to bathers ot the and (hose, who take. Ihclr dips in Victoria County might take time .enough to read them. After- wards, whcm you go !n water, think about them; you might save your life: Do not stay in the water too long. Don't attempt get a coat ot tail all in one or two dftys. Exhaustion is dangerous. Use the ropes, it is not sate to .go beyond tliein. Do not go inlo the immed- iately after a heiivy meal. Uo not swim If you are complete- ly tired out, or feeling below par. not go swimming alone. Persons subject to attacks of fainting or epilepsy .should never Indulge lu swimming. Persons having kidney or heart disease or high blood pressure may possibly be permitted [o bnlhc, lint only upon the advice of their doctors. Do not change seals in a smalt boat. Do not gn into a canoe unless you know how to swim. If yon do not know how to swim, learn how, not just some time, hut right now1. EVOLUTION nf women's styles: uecklcss. backless, shameless. WE AGREE with Professor Rog- ers that it is all right for a young man lo many [he daughter of the boss, if the lioss1- stenographer won't have him. NOWADAYS you can act as silly as you please on the street and people will merely wonder when; the lumeras WHAT HAS become of all (he cotton-topped silk stockings lhat were manufactured on the theory, lhat no one would be the wiser? ACCIDENTS KILLED per- sons ill Ihc United States in IMS according to the National Safety t'imm-il. This is an increase ot ii.i per cent over Of tlie lo- lal number ot deaths, 27.60'J were ;vttribmed to automobiles and MS (o civil aviation. Ktillrond acci- dents, (lit- report said, are on the wwie. POOP, PEOPLE will timl It (lifff. cult lo understand why Ihe govern, input harl in refund, in the last sis months of last year, something like lo various taxpayers In sums ranging from to more than While the refunds Mere allowed last year some of the trweji ran over a period of years. II seems lhat (he tax collectors make many in (he case ot Iliosc who are able ID hire able experts figure out Ihe errors of Hie government. Poor people, un- able lo right iheir taves, have lo do the liesl they <-an lo amnuiils ascsseil against them. EVERY TOWN would he a l-clter loivii if tho fellows who aro hooding it did not have to drag behind them, the knockers. THE OLD gray marc isn't what 'she used to he. but she js still ,-M. crt iipnn lo gel the more modern car out of the mud. -AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Terms Phone 159 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLSr IN GENERAL? VICTORIANS GO TO BROWNSVILLE FOR ROTART MEETING A Iwo-day meeUns; of Iho presi- dents and secretailes of the Notary' Clubs of the -17th District iifgati at Brownsville Ihis morning. The district comprises the counties soutl. of Houston, Austin and Del Kw uiul II. L. Hobbitt of I.iircdo ib the district governor. Dr. Ailan Shields, president of Ihc Victoria club, who was unable In attend. Is being represented al the meeting by 11. A. Lawrence, Ihe vice-president, and Dr. P. W. Tom, Jr.. Ihe secretary, also is In attendance. They went to Drowns- vlllo lust night as the guests of Gail R. Goodloe, of the Victoria Division of the Sonlli- ern Pacific Lilies, in Mr. Goodloe's Iirivale. car. VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE. MONDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 15, 1929. Subicripticm: Per Annum NUMBER 1, BURIED THEN ALIVE FARM BOARD HOLDS ITS FIRST- MEETING WITH PRESIDENT WASHINGTON', July Eight solemn gentlemen will As- semble in OIL' cabinet room ot Ihe While House today and there re- ceive from President Hoover au- thority to '.ittack'and solve a iiroi- 1cm of truly imposing proportions farm relief. H will be the first meeting of new Federal Farm Board. Ileart- C'l by Secretary of Agriculture Hyde iviid Alexander the hourd comprises .lames C. Stone, Lc-xinglon, Ky.; William P. Schil- ling, Northfield, Minu.; Charles C. I.os Angeles, Calif., and Charles S. Wilson, Ball, N. Y. KING UNDERGOES THIRD OPERATION! TWO RIBS REMOVED l.O.VDO.Y, July tjcorge underwent (bird oiicra- lion on his chest today. Portions oi iwo ribs were removed. The attending physicians an- nounced thai the operation was successful. It was made necessary by "an ahccss in a cavity in Ihu right side ot the chest. tt H X X it gg K H Occupants Of Auto Are Victims Of Flood H x RH'K x K'H ss First Week-End Excursion Well Patronized Along the Concrete Wall, ol Water Sweeping from Creek Engulfs Fam- ily in Car. AUTO CARRIED 40 YARDS Disaster in Missouri Claims Lives of Members of St. Louis Family. UNION, Mo., July A wall of water created by a clontl- sweeping from" I'iue Oalt i Creeit struck an automobile, car- ried it W yards and claimed the lives of seven members 'of a St. Louis family today. William Ihc- father. was the sole survivor. The bodit'-i ot four of the dead have been re- covered. The dead are Mrs. Becfc- her four children, (heir grand- mother. .Mrs. Mary Triggs. and an- ollier. grandson, Lawrence Triggs. LAW ASSISTS FAIR SEATTLE BATHERS FUNtRAL f NOJKE LATER. Victoria News of Long Ago SEATTLE, July (INS) Ut- maids will not have lo stay in i IOWA WOMAN CLAIMS MOVIE FAN TITLE CIIKIIOKKE, Iowa, July .Mrs. Wilhelmino Aid of Chero- kee. Iowa, claims the record as a moliori picture Although she Is noiv more than S7 she has at- tended the theatre on con- secutive nights. ILLINOIS CRIMINALS WILL BE EDUCATED STAGE COACH DAYS, i been having their own backyards to acquire a desirable "sun-tan" hue on their "'S shapely backs and shoulders, ac- Strccl ;lml in lllu rciir ol cording to a degree handed down Saloon taken down this week by Police Judge John Gordon, jto Bive place lo a new and belter The decision was made after Lu- structure to he at once erected, c-lle Larson, 13, had been arrested The old building had become some- ut a local beach and charged with wiMt of ;l Ilct.ausc .disorderly conduct for wearing innumerable bats that found dccollettc swimming suit, which, shellcr among Ibo protecting accordiug lo.the manager of the ers. The removal of Ihis "old beach, exposed too many vertebrae veteran" lakes away one of Ihc few to the rays ot "Old sol." I remaining relics of the early his- Miss Larson's counsel declared tory of our town. At one time it she had not violated any city or- was part of one of the principal dii.ancc mid' his motion to dismiss taverns Viclm-iu and '35 or Id Ihe charge was granted. i years ago was known as the The only ordinance, found in Iho archives of tho city pertaining lo bathing suits harked back lo the years when only' men jvent swim- ming. It ruled that "jiuituble bath- rUtirc, at leasV coil-ring the body from waist to knee." should bo worn. L_______ ;in those days. It was in tlie palmy .limes nf the early when Port I.avara commanded Ihe commerce nf a quarter "f tho continent. CHICAGO. July criminals found In bo deficient in reading and writing when being booked al the Illinois Stute Pri- son, will he made to lake courses rlfcriris their slay. State Director of Welfare Uraiidon ruled. road House, although in Ibat period Victoria did mil boast a single rail- Kind, nor. for thai mailer, could many towns in Texas so boast. In tlie old liailroad House was located the stage office, a post nf honor and riislinctiun always sharply con- tended fur among rival hoslelrics YOUTH FROM EDNA IN UlPTflBlA :ls (ticl 111 I lU I UnlH New Mc-xii-n. the northern slates nf IMPORTANT LEGION MEETING TONIGHT A verj- important nwcling of tlie I.roii Xrar Post. Amerii'in will ho held tonight at S o'clock in the Legion hall. It Is urgent that all members alteud. J. C. Slaggs. Iho ninn-year-old sen of Mr. and Mrs. William E. StaRss of Jackson Coimly. died at Ihe Victoria Hospital Sunday aft- I'rniuin al o'clock of a nip- lured appendix. The child was broughl lo Hie Saturday nishl and bis case was so hopeless no surgical operation was perform- ]cd. The boy's father Is a well known farmer of the Krina section. In adltion to his he is surviv- ed by two sisters, Virginia and j Mexico, and more than half of Tex- as, as ifio shipping point for all that territory. Then Ihc daily ar- rival nf Mic uld stagi: coach from San Antonio, uiinmnm-d as it was by Us mcUon- swimling imru. brunch! many ;i .stained Pillion tn the old llailrnad tavern, whi-rc In jipenil thn nigbt with an rarly bn-akf.lM tn depart tnr l he bay. And tunny n niciry dance high iVstivat in Ihc uld lav- unfa dining. for it was tor many a yi-nr iln.- laigcst rnt.m in inwn. thc-se Ihincs have lone sinrc dialled, and Time with re- -in .lull I III LI- II II K-- Mary Venice, and one brother, liar- ,cvc.k ri.-oi, Wayne The. body Lls was shipped to Kdna for burial this pushes ,ltwu. ,.flslty afternoon l.y the Goldman-Waters sinu liu-cs to the front.-From The Undertaking Company, 'Advocate September 10, mr. ED GAUGLEH'S PREDECESSOR. Mr. Lee Sing iXanii, the I who has resided in ibis city for several years, left on last Monday on a visit to his na- tive country. Heretofore, Ihis meek- eyed- celestial has been known to the washing-wasitee world ;is Ging Lee, bill desiring to obtain papers declaring his intention to become an American citizen, lie handed District Clerk Nenmeycr a row of hieroglyphics, which was translated into the name nf Lee Sing Nairn, under which lie sails for China, and under which he ex- peels to return to this country. Some question was raised in legal circles respecting the right of this Pig-tailed foreigner assnhiing citi- zenship in this country, and m first, the district clerk was uf tin; opinion thai he was not proncrly entitled to the imiH-rs, hut (he pre- ponderance of nniiiinn lleing in favor of granting them, Kami was duly swoin to alliance ,lo Ihc United Slates. He sees tn Hong Kong, China, to return in about six The Ad- vocate of Odobcr t AL McKADDIN- HOME. Mr. Al McKaiidin returned frnm Chicago on Monday, to which place he shipped three cars of fal calves from live County, some three weeks ago. He secured fair prices for his rali-os--. but thinks In- ran do a- well witti markets near- er home. By Inc. way, wo wmiM like tn why it was thai Al returned tn Victoria frcim by way of and Goliad Cnnn- when could liavt- mmc straight through from Krom Tho Advocato negro population. '1 lu- wi-i e from Ihc Inwn artrr a nccro buy had i killed a policeman and rnmmittod The negroes iuut not re- Port Lavaca.Texas, July 13, 13-21.. Mr. Gco. H. French, Publisher, Victoria Advocate, Victoria. Texas, j Dear Mr. French: certainly thank you for the two articles which have appeared wiihin tho last week In your paper concerning our llug-tlie-Cuasl Highway. The generous appreciation in yoiii- wiiteups is greatly appreciat- e.i. Yonrs very truly. H. C: INXI.S. Sec'y Chamber of Commerce. PARIS, July one of Ihe flights attempted Saturday from France to America ending in disaster and the other being aban- doned, a jion-slop spanning or tlie Allanlic Ocean'from'cast to'west remains unaccomplished. Major Ludwlk Idlzkowski was killed and his -Major Kasimlr Kubala. seriously injured when their Polish plane, the 'Mar- shal Pilsudski, crashed near (he Isle of Graciosa, one of the Azores Sioup. Motor trouble arid stornjy head winds caused them to make a forced landing. Stormy head winds caused tho return of Captain Uicudonne Coste and Jacques Belloiite in their plane (Jncsliun Murk after they had reached a iioint heyoiui tlie Azores j Islands. They made a safe landing at Villngouhlay, Ftlancei .Tjie Kronen-airmen-hud been in tlie air nearly 2S hours on tho out ward aid return trill ami when Ihey were ranking litlie progress against Hie gale and their gasoline supply was becoming consumed. Major Idzikowski ;s the eighth airman to lose his lite in an ,it- Icnuitcd eastern flight-over the At- lantic. WEATHER REPORT AI! TI-MIS tonight and Tuesday fiilr. GROCE-PARRISH CO. SALES MEETING IS HELD ATBEEVILLE BURIED ON ISLAND. H011TA, Azores, .Inly A little niuunil of sunbaked earth upon tho isolated Island of Rraclnsa at the tip ot ihe Azores today mark- ed tho resting place of Major Lud- wik Idzikmvski. Pulish airman, killed Saturday night in attempting a non slop flight from Paris to Xow Yurk. His companion, Ma- jor Kiisimir Knhala. is In a seri- ous condition at u hospital. bis son. Mr. H.-nry llanschild. The im-mlu-is of Wagner's Silvn j UI-IT present by Mia) and .-added nnioli on- fn ilio cvi ning [ins: pirccs o; rxccllcnt The Advouite of Xo- j vemticr 12, 1SS7. Tlie officials and salesmen or the Groce-Parrish Company ti-nded a general sales meeting at lit-cvllle Tht' imnpany lias branches at Hay City, Alice. Corpus Christ! and li.-cvillt ind all these wero. well icpicsfnteil at liie meet ins. Thv Crrocf-P.mis Company is one of ilw Hate's leading wholesale griui'ry t'irnis. CHINA TO ACCEDE TO RUSS DEMANDS DISPATCHES STATE l.O.VDON'. July j arc under way In Kasv i-rn Siberia and near the MfiiKhur- j ian frontb-r in c-onsc-incmo of quarrel that d between and Soviet llusnia. j TUore hasi been no clash so fiir and intlii-alc I'liinn will make a siiisfm loiy it-ply tu Ciovernmtnt.

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