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Advocate (Newspaper) - June 24, 1929, Victoria, Texas "White Gold Framed" Not Only the latest, but comfortable, strong and stylish. They we wearing them now. DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrut VICTORIA ADV -AFTERNOON EDITION, FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terms Phone 1S9 Geo. H. French, Publisher. I VOLUME 31 FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWUf IN GENERAL. Subscription; Per Annum VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, MONDAN AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, 1929. NUMBER 297 Timely Topics 'r GREAT MEN small means oft arc overthrown; y He's Ion) of thy life who con- lelmiri Itis OWLl. TH.E INSTITUTION Iliat best typifies Aincrli'ii is the cafeteria. Men and women rush into cafeter- ias, nervously pick out llielr food, exl it hurriedly (lien gutti llieii' Hals and rush out. We were in u cafeteria, the other tiiylit, ivud took the trouble tti wiilcli tin? sllesU. Their faces wore expressions. 'J'lifcre were few .smiles and consid- erable impatience. i-Vo one alo leisurely. Xi> one seemed to tie- liticriitcly enjoy the meal. Our conclusion was tluil Amer- icans, with more blessings than any otli'T pi'ople, fimply do not kiunv ID live. Americans arc t'JO nervous, ton important, too pro- to to happy. Occasionally we are K'lunleil to shriek. "Scat, i-ial, Brown in ft, Atclitsoii, (Kas.) Ololif. BIG K B M THE OTHER DAY variety of we heard of a referred lo It was tip- IF YOU rtruw n line arouml Vk: you can easily imagine lh< flow of imuiey info ami oiilside tlic circle. The coin of lite re aim v.'hkfj ccninjs iu helps the who live here, while the money that goes outside never IKIS an- other ciuiuce to help, Thitt to he plain lo anybody. Keeping money Iiome is common sense. You kill birds when they fly aiul yoii can't find money when you semi il out of IT TAKES ;i lot oE nuts lo hold an automobile lone lu wreck it. only NO ONE hits ever lieeu known to snFCcr eye Hiram frnm looking ul the bright sulo of things EDISON'S SUCCESSOR will be chosen by himself frnm a group of High school stuileufs from the sev- eral states higUeit in their SiU'h a system would tint Imve sclevteil Mr. KUisoii when he was a liny. His re- iuiyitmiir hut brilliant. believe tliut there should have tie en as one of the qncittfi- cations the comlHion that the ap- must Le a persistent ''plng- gc-r." Most iicconiinish- jncntfi wns possible not hrilliaitcc mil because of i tl r- liit-t that he .was a persistent worker. He himself hus snid that Kenhis is one IHM- cont inspiration ami nn per cent peivpiuxtion. AIR CIRCUS WILL BE GIVEN OVER VICTORIA ON SUNDAY, JUNE 30 II. K, Thompson, representing an airplane concern in Houston, willi lie in the city Thursday afternoon lo complete arrangements for an tircn.s to Ije staged here afternoon, June 30. -Mr. Thompson will give Victor- an.s a sample of the circus on initial trip here Thursday, when ic holies to confer with officials o! .he Victoria Aero Club in regard placing an airplane and Ik-eitscrl .u'lot in Victoria for the benefit of litrsons interested in aviation. The plane will arrive here at :i o'clock Thursday afternoon. Definite an nmincemenls of the time of (lie air circus Sunday will be nuvle at an early date. The following lettei to the Vic- toria Aero Cluli is self-explanatory: Houston, Tex., June 21, 1320. Victoria Aero (jlub Victoria, Texas. Gentlemen-. I have been planning an aerial irctis for Victoria Sunday. June 1 will arrive in Victoria Thurs- day via airplane to arrange for the advertising of (he show on that day. Sunday. June 30. I am working OH tlie hones ot soliciting a few more students for Instructions in flying- before sin- limiiug a mid pilot in Vic- toria permanently, r have four members sisncd now and expect lo sign two or three, more Thurs- day, when will give Victorians a sample of stunt work ami aerial .vrohatlrs. I'leasc ask Mi-, .lack Second Wife Meets Fate Of First From Victoria No Trace Found Of Spanish Ocean Plane _Seek Justice in Border Dry Killing Hunt ycur iiresiilent. to call a meeting of your tluh on Kriday, June 'JS. Yours very truly, H. B. THOMPSON. IFE WIFE MID SELF Acquitted in 1922 of Stab- bing First Wile to Death with Scissors. USED DIRK ON SECOND FUSE IHE HE! Gives Rise to Belief Flyer: Tried to Make Non- stop Flight. DERELICT IS SIGHTED Program Will Begin at 8 A. M. and Last Until 10 P. M. PLEASURE ISLAND SITE Public Invited and Barbecued Chicken and Mutton to be Served. Two versions of the slaying of Arthur Gordon near Plattshurg, N. Y., as he attempted to escape arrest by custom patrols are shown above. Lucicn Bos- worth, left, says he saw the shooting as pictured when the customs guard fired on orders at Gordon, who was rumiing through a'field 'adjacent to the road. Collector Tulloch insists that the men re- ported that as they pursued Cordon one fell and his A TRUE woman never anything can 1 GUESS they don't have bnli- tOKis anymore. At least the maga- zities have quit pase ads aliotil it. BEING POOR wouldn't be MI lnvl if it didn't last so but il gets terribly mnimlouous. EVEN THOUGH a woman looks l heavy as a truck slic'll believe i von ami be pleased if yon say slic look.; thinner. THE AUTOMOBILE has (ome in for a share of i ottdeminUton that i( eiuiiu n'e of tnnuey. iho expnuli- tif ami otber iiys. Hill on tin; -erc not for Ilio t nsi- BORAH WILL TRY TO TACK DEBENTURE ON SENATE TARIFF BILL WASHINGTON, .lime Senator William K. Horah ati- ninced today tliat iie would lead drive to incorporate the export plan in the new tariff The Senate twice adopted the export debenture phut as n rider to the new farm relief hill over IVesi- denl Hoover's opposition 1ml elitu- ted H afier Hie House rejected Attacked Her as She Left San Antonio Bus. Wound- ing Her 17 Times. C. Mi-Daniel, who stabbed his wife and himself to death with a dirk in Kan Antonio Friday was acquitted in of n charge of murder in connection wHh the death oi his first wife, who was slabbed to death with a pair of f-dssor.-. McDauiel pleading s.clf- Tiic first -Mrs. McD.inie! was formerly .Miss Lottie IVickett and a resident of Victoria at the lime of her niairiase. Her moth- er. Mrs. Woolriiiiie, whose r.econd luishaud was killed in a railway accident a number of ears J is now a resident of Houston. The second Mis. McDamel. was slabbed to death after she had alighted from a lius. The wound which caused her deatli was one just below and behind the vi.ulit ear. I aud came to Ihis emmtry irom his j Sixteen other wounds in the body 1 native land 2fJ years ago. settling were only flesh wounds, covering i in County. He Jocaletl at j (lie arms, hands, and lite upper part j Illoomingtan five years Stir- i So Unconfirmed Report Says But Gunboat Wakes Fruitless Search. riHe accidentally discharged as shown right. ever statement is right. District Attorney and Judge R. C. Booth, right, swore out "John Doe" u-arrnnts for 'lie agent's arrest. The townspeople have assured Mr. Hoover that they wiU co-operate with him in CveTy way to stop smuggling, bill that innocent persons must have some assurance of safety from shooting agents, l liU'jrnuliuliiii JOHN SEOLACEK, 53, TENANT FARMER OF BLOOMINGTON, DIES .loo Spdlacek. well known tenant lUoominston, died ut the Vicloria Hospital at o'clock Sum) ay mo Mr. SedLitek was born in Austria wi'j-y held SI. ;in'( iiHermenl v.'as in Cciuclec.v. KRV. J Iiun tlio riles. Tim were Man Zhuiiel. Jelynek, -iniui Mykewk. Joiui M: Jr., John Kajtefer ami Jos. Gpr; ItOUTA, A7.fH'OH, imu Thu Portuguosc Xaire nr- riveil here (ot'uy lifter ;i fniitlcss searcJi for Iniues of Oio JORY FOB SANITY TRIAL OF PETE NI'KENZIE DERELICT PLANE SIGHTED. LONDON'. June confirnieil messages I'rojn Madrid slate llmt a derelict plain; Ijteti sighted off the Azores. K'l'inrts being maile to ilctertuiue wliether Ihe matliiiie is (In; uiiu iu which llatuoii Kraiicii uiirt tin ions disappeared wliiU: ai- 4 BANDITS STAGE DARING DAYLIGHT CHICAGO ROBBERY AXTOXIO. While John ,M. "I'df" Jk-Kcnzie, slayer of Cliit-i' al Deleel'ves Sam) from Spain lu York by (lie n-ay nf Hie Azores. Vif Ilornh ann-i'iiim oairnt ivill (lie ranks of (lie ffir nimtJi- cr buttU- in i-niiiu-clion the laviff bill. Meinltevs nf tlie insurgent him- al- ready iloi-lnrei) llidr inlen- lifin nf for nilnptina of Uic Xorris lU'lK-nlnrt- us llu- now larilf bill. The .Yonis plan, diifernts slight- ly frotii the ntd one, unuld lunviuE: for the payment of :th ifcbenUu'ev; on eroiis lo ihr Kavm llon pay in t; the nf op (ovimiMlio of tier Imily. tui liie tln's'i. McUauiel tilahlieil heart. Mrs, Mi-Daniel of Jlrs. Manila Gel liinio. In .-Klditioi CACO. ,lnne t K rubbery in the heart J are his wil'e. Mrs. .ro.-epltiue himself iu the Sedhicek; danslilers, Mrs. [Stephen SweUU-k of Hobstcnvn and Itnvuliter I-'- K. Krause lUnomiuston; iof llle li'ire tnh. San hriither and five sisters, all nf j four heavily armed halidits lier ninllier. Austria, and Ihree yraliflehililieti. j as patrons invaded a Htreel of Kan Atilouicj, (vas Uein'0' KtftijcLCiMt to menial U'tts loihiy u jury wiis sclt-tieU to ik'dilo Uu.1 dnoined man sane. The Mi'KeiiJiie's las', staml lo escape the eiiair [or Hliiyinj; Street. the he five lnr.tliers and five j Tin1 funeral was fninl Hie (Inhl-; iHUinil and [aMirjre lapel here tlii.s aft-; tile assistant antl i u'cfoek. Services ''.vtdi OFFICERS WILL Bi TBIEB FOR MURDER OF NEWSPAPERMEN RED FLA.RES SEEN. YORK, June i red flare in miii-weali luilf way lietireen Hie Azores and New I York liy (lie Aincrirait KreiKliter lliiffiilo Smitiay may siilve tin: mys- tery surrounding the whereabouts i of the Iraus-Atlatitie hydni- I plane. Tiie of the (lave Kave [rise lo the Ilicory that tin flyers jmay have decideil lo ronlinne past Hie ill Impi- of makins the Ainetie.tji mainland in unc- liotr. FORMER VICTORIAN i GETS ANOTHER PLACE: AS SCOUT EXECUTIVE! JOKES ON VICTORIANS JIIH CAPT. HAWKS WILL TRY TO SURPASS OWN RECORD Sl.HlNSt-rjiCTIlOI'OIJTA.V AIKI'OKT. I...-' SUITS KOIl IX 1SS5. (jenilemon's winter suits eould ie for rneli ;wil over- I ei'Hers on New Y aud cuke is In, pi1! Ml. oacli In ill -'lo in u-jtie, they should Ijrr fj.r. Thf Victoria Hoy seouis will rti- 1 ISSr.. ;ucoritius lo an ac'vrKisiv jolilifici! lo set it olsowhciv (lian in xviii (in- tvatfic tomorrow iliiriiiK jiiunt nf 11. T. O'Connor, (try j the parlor of a laily -iv Ihr ylioit roursp holil lit Jlio VistrtJBioils niiHi-liant. opiicaring in The j The Advo.alc hut vuiicals its tonn- i'ark. Tlii- will nirel at tlic Aiivorak- Xnvcmhor It o! thai !or iK-rliiviitlims wln-n it insists thai on a lint al a .111. in full uniform j year, and wilt he- nsfisiied! out Ihe city. j AN INVITATION' i (I'vom The Ailvoe; sines llial man e other lianil if it nutnmnhile In wl money he put that would ai'euniu- late? It is thai the aulo- the other purposes it .selves holds Ihe in Hie r-f the dDllar for (lie dollar's sake alone liy man with the Inie re lo spend it rather than hoard it lo aver as a miser wrnlfl. WHICH FROM my own expert- 'i ars, ilrojipinB the nuinth.-. A'ivm-alc fnini our- end of llu- i and .lays. Multiply the sum n.-ute to (tie other, but owiiiK to cs- tuvo: add lo llir result nlitai i.-liua; eivinniitanr.s. the offer figures add dvo. an-l no- Tlie idea of a 'divide liy two. s.iWr.ul from thvul" vavi.uiini sugsested itseU; ifsiilt nhtaineil Hie number di.-aiilk'al'.-d last ind later his oniprj.-ed body wa.s fotiinl IJi.uiilv. tooK .oil here today tin; first U-s of his Yi.rk. llav.'ls expeels ti York surpass his cross Si. l.oui to Committci's from HICL Victoria County Hoys' uiul Girls' Agricul- tural (.'lulls, Cliamtier of ('fitnniL-rce committees and dt- ructcil by (.'oiinly Agent II. H. Ross Miss SyJjil Diitcs, county iiome demonstration URCM, arc iiusily at work ul IMcasnre Island loilay com- ilu; for Hie tliiijV Fli'jsi Animal Short Course, ivliicll Is lo lie lie-Ill tomorrow from X u. in. tci 10 ii. in. President T. 0. U'allon of the Texas A. and M. College and oleveu specialists from Uio Uxumsion Service Di-pat'L- inctit of Hie uolleae will participate in ihc progvam. An attentliitice ot fully 5.0W) peo- ple from Victoria aud adjoining connlit's is expected. The biggest outside delegation probably will come from Jackson County, which will reiireseiitci! by several hun- dred farmers and tlieir families. HoL-hbeim, County: Olivia, Ciillinuii Coiiaiy, and Tivoli. liedi- Coiitity, alavj will be ropresent- ed hy large delegations, which wilt liejiu to arrive aliuiit tkM o'clock HI the morning. The seneval public is cordially inviicd lo minslo with Ihe crowds. Hiamls serving all kinds of wliole- eatablc-H and re- svill lie at (licir service. There will lie a barbecued chicken ilinuur for TSc, a liarliecncd uiut- lon dinner fur and a fried chicken dinner for 5Dc. The liar- beciujd chicken dinner will con- sist nf half a chicken, poiato salad, i1. sliuL' 01' ntta1 anil a clip of cof- fee'. I'otiitii salad, coffee unil cafce ht- screed the liaroecne'.t iniition aud the fried chicken ilfn- ner will lucliidn peas, potato, salad, tomatoi's. letlnce. ciiliu and coffee. Tlieve will be a free ciiicken bar- iiei ue al !bt- niiiMi hour for the Agri- Club members, (heir par- ents and hi'ilhvrs ami sisters. Over KI'II reservations liave liecn mndo foi tins event. At six o'clock in the i.'vetiiiiK the Faitilers' Luncheon t'luli will Icmlel1 the A. and >i. Col- leue i-vii-ris and others u ha'.i'i'lec al tin.- Dvnv, i llmel. THIRD APPLICATION IS FILED HERE FOR MARRIAGE LICENSE TWO WEDDINGS IN THIS CITY SONDAY umiev pcrfovnit'il in VU'- imtlay In1 Itnv. A. V.Virtll. former l.iral yoiilli. who Illn 'om-e. The si-out mi of a rul.licr (Iwiii'l "ill mi-el lint Tuesday! ath'T from liere Miss Clark will so to Xew York from where she will sail fur loutimiiir-- the Ions; Hint: at to so to tile park i rlilvVOI-ST-KAl) ADVICE. r-rt lioi'oro the 4-11 ('tub i I'roni Tin1 Advoi-ate of Den band will luncl its -.vul Ihis t es. wlio intend to on ih do no! obtain finui-' b.- likely to fortjrt. Ky cliatitciuir one tn be ivlded from 3,

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