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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - June 6, 1929, Victoria, Texas "While Gold Frames" Not only the latest, but comfoi table, and stylish. They are wearing them now. DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrist -AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND CAS STOVES SKK HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Termi Phona 159 Ijieo. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWL5I' IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per Annum VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 6, 1929. NUMBER 282 Timely Topics V. juieil an r< iH'luMl IT IS THE MONTH OF JUNE, THE MONTH OF LEAVES AND SPEAKING OVER thirty-three radio stations last Kn'.urilay Dr. Miller MtClintock called attention I') the deaths In highway ac- cidents in PJ28. lie slated llial nearly one million persons were in- an Unit Ihe property damage ed Knrely, if ever Hie nuoil of a. cam palun for safety existed, here is UK Afield. Records indicate. Unit al most "all accidents are caused less Iliini HIT- iicr ot liio di'iv ;jre "eilher careless reckless." So slates Dr. McClin lock, thus making out a perfec case (or strict inquiry Into all ac- (hieiits and the licensing of driv- ers. We have these nicas- ...nres he-fore anil Texas should In- sist upon both of them. v There arc now Sii.Dflft.OlJO iiutomo- Chiles in the nation and Dr. McC'lill- lock expects SO.OOO.ODO in Hie In- tnro. but he liohls out this promls- inn fact, that imprm-omenls cars w H PIPE ORDINANCE TO BE FINALLY PASSED BY COUNCIL Tile proposed ordinance iciinir- municipal walcr consumers In use copper pipe in malting future main connections and In replrtelus .eaky connections with mains re- ceived its second reading at this week's ntceliiiK of tlie City Council and will be finally passed by the council at its next meeting Mon- day night unless strong public ob- jection iireveiits such action. Tlie connections now in use are iron and copper connections will cost three times as much In order that Bankers9 Life Absorbs Victoria Mutual Company upe BacK Within Banks At Victoir GUTGH FIR and will make the public may fully understand the mobile safer. This lias been dem- onstrated in the past. Deaths in wore only half as many per hundred thousand cars as they ten years The incrcfliiC- ed death list lias been caused ex- clusivoly by the phenomenal Krowlh in the use ot the autoinn- hile. THE PROPER course lo pursue is somewhere between that urged liy ihe liberals anil that demanded by iiie conservatives. HUSKING CORN ahead of the plow this spring is about like (lo- last week's ironiny on Ibis ivash day. THE FAITH possessed by Col- F.Tiibns that thn world was round s into Insisnif'ic'jince hesulc tliitt If tlio indiviiliiii! who believes Ihul the Mississipjii lliver cull lie inaile Tlic Ailvoi-ate publishes II in full below: An ordinance of the City Council Ihe City of Victoria, Texas, fix- and declaring the c-huracter of manner of making repairs of con- nections now in use ;uid fixing a penalty for failure to comply with the provisions ot soiil ordinance. [DIVISION MANAGER HERE Section I. He it ordained by the City Council ot [lie Cily of Victoria. T WE DON'T much ithont it, will admit, lint our guess is that Heavon will not. liave o, wins 'o( piivcment vvor'.iors who will come arouuil two wcfjlis after Ilic pnvemeiu is tlown ami illg it up to find a monkey some plnni- I l.ov forgm when lie pnt in tlic wad'r system. 1 WHEN JAPAN InnAod her troops in Kliantnni; the newspapers car- riul si'iwe-licnils. Tlic arrival F of soMiers from Japan on Chinese scil was uiinsnal ami full ot potent possibilities, therefore, it sefiivcil mnih prominence. Section 'J. Be IL further or od by the City Council of the City of Victoria, Tcx.v, any ami all; verHU'rf of ounce-lions now in HlinU be ittixlo by (he use of copper, pipe with ground joints with cop-j per KtttikcU point of ctnmediou j itli wider main, material to be' approved hy superintendent of wa- ter ;imi sewevs; service PU'C to be laid not less ttuvn eighteen below the surface of street uml oxteiKiLiig through curb linu of street. Lift1 Insurance of Ilitii lias rirc (.I nil ra itly Lift' Company, iinoiyinr- iitt'il uiHifr (ho lilt's ni li'Mv niint; of tin- .Miitna: LilV ItisnritiiL'o of Tex formerly linvinu, [MS al IN BUNION DERBY ill-ISA. .lune John Sulo of I'assaic, N. J., Intluy conliuiieil to lead in C. C. I'ylo's htutfon derby. In the ill-mile jaunt from .Snnev- ioi', Arizona, to liiiy point yesler- flay, Salo led tiie naek. Jlis time six hours and ol minutes. Pintl Simian n wns SOCOIK! iinrl IJtiiok of Italy Msinl. JAP SHIP REPORTED DESTROYED IS NOW SAID TO BE SAFE LONDON. .Him.' Cim- sMerablo mystery surrounds I lie: fate of ihe Japanese Steamer Marn, yesiorday repotled h> krr" been totally destroyed by off the coast of Kamchatka with a loss of more llian T'III lu the face "f newspaper reports and official casualty advices, an Telegraph message Iron: Tokio tniiay s'.ated tile steamer had arrived safely at Kamchatka. The mcssaKe is vii limit detail ex- cept liiat it throws additional mvs- (cry into the affair by t It Japanese aiilhoi ilics had launched a strenuous investigation lo uncertain the nriein nf Ih'j re- ports Unit (he ship bad been lie- slroyed and tlie passengers and crew iosl. HOUSE IS MEASURE TO IMPEACH LANO COMMSSIIONER AUSTIN. June pro- numniu nrnr (lt UHIM ill V IH-MI- against .I. T. Itobisou. vet ll lit I 111 1 ill fir CKl" Commissioner, (ook I U L. t I I L. 111- (j entire session of lli-i j House today. The proposition w a Until Wednesday Evenimj sti11 pe jtisl. as significant as llieir laiulinj; "hiiil foi' Onr histories, how- ever, are written altont war, not peace. Our minds readily prasp j f tti1.: rout roto of war- !_ fare, hut not so easily iinilersliiml ll-.i; inlansihle results of friemlii- lit AHti peace. r In the centuries lo come, some I preat of Ihe growth of mil- versal will he makins; sonic similar incident tlie basis fur a Brent chapter. THE COST of ocean i-ablr-sr.lms beea fm-i eil lower, due tn the radici ii inmiietiiiR incllmil of I V-'omniunii atirni. ALUMINUM IS Hie most plenli- 'i of all metallic elemenis in ihrlh'J ELEEMOSYNARY BILL PASSED BY June. Senate eleemosynary measure. aijsrORatinB passi-il Ibe Senate today after amendments increasing the total li.v.l been addeil. WEATHER REPORT Tonight and Friii cloudy and probably showers. JOKES ON VICTORIANS A large delegation of Victoria .business men and farmers, beaded ,by tiie Hoy Si'ont Kami ami Drum 'and Corps, went to Yo.iiuim iloiiay to attend the Tom-Tom 'iiie- Ihvation and advertise tit" tnral Club llally ami Sliort Course to he held here on June 25. Miss 1'ailline Putney, the lovcb youns daughter of JndBe and Jlr.- P. f'uiney. will he liucbcss of (Victoria in the Tom-Tom par.vle ami pageant. I The Scout Hand irave ils tlii; t-oliad roarl are open lo I mostly traffic. A bridge has to ve-' built on the Goliad highway at: foot of Goldman Hill and Iraf- j fie is taking the Kefuyiu road to that point. Cotton on which the flood waters remained for several days is dying and corn that was flooded above the ews has soured and will be nl- most a total loss. Many acres of these crops were ruined but a con- siderable acreage will lie saved. All ranis out ot Victoria TI1KY TAKH A NKCK Heforu the day of flappers, sbnrl skirts, rolled stnckm'-s. prohibi- tion, feminine smokini; and ilriiik- pallies, L-irl revues, etc.. vie., ami several more etcetras. it was TOWN COW. i Many years after William Shakes-1 and quite a number of yeara: fore Charles Yonnker, j ,1 a poet whose identity is now "cckiim iknown. His unsigned verses i- lo be found in Ihe old files of. be Advocate and one s e 11 repulsive [o, a sentlenian JUM lln'in mi "The Town Cow" J if April 6. lells wllil''' nre'id depredations of''' 'liud in anytliin-. away from the nld f onvi alienn almost forly ye.irs ib 1 prudish wails, a roams at i the following Iv of .Inly iT. ISSS: "Tlie very awkward i-ustnm r cently adopted in Vidmla of L-'-nil when walking on Jiie sticels 1 to a >'ouu'4 lady of ihis ciiy lier and well as f. FURY OF ERUPTION OF MOUNT VESUVIUS DECREASES SHARPLY regular weekly concert on the I'uli- lie Stiuare irisl evening and nuule very fine music; for Iiie short time in which it has been In its music was most creditable for any band and it ilniibtle's will make a OIL; bit at Ihe celebi OOiTS BANK JOB TO PRACTICE LAW Ivlw. c. Thomas has his position as teller with the Victoria Hank and Trust Company lo U'io np cjuarlcrs in the law offices .1. W. widely known Vic- toria attorney. Mr. Tboma; is one ot Victoria's and best known young men. He is a graduate of the Law School cf Hoiton University and in to the practice of his pro- he has the bcil wishes ot is many frleniB for a successful c.r.cer. Itrfnrt- nrUtiiaiice, llu: .KS. .luni- ilH E Mt. Vesuvius l iiss, Camiuf'-lli anrl .nil still llu: lo will Onr snt'forini: cily o'er. Vtid rente niUit she pirls h As yho wuro in d si n )n shoes, filthy raps. Konl from llu- suMors. With shiny hoofs, from ami -l[ rviic it) nf liviiiL- civi'r by m' was sn ilividr-'i a fi-w Inun. n I IP- rV.trll.Uiim Uiisti'I, KMlny. throe air.l oopctl up ;riipeiI in Nni .-'en comrilaitll she utters. The fniit men and Ibe Kiocery men. elnnull" May swear and thumn If. c.uel. i recenlly re. She eir wealtli ivilbnut Hefon1! lu- m.ul" ij sU.tcnu'iil the otsi-T CONSTRDCTIOTOF i HIGH LINE BEGDN: 8 JUHORS ACCEPTED TO TRY BOB SILVER Til" 1.. IDLE ON mm Ta- ir with SMI Antonio ,'Ui Hie Koscbiifl: will me-i's lian liiicly retnain i.ile Sunday aft- tii) -11. rl'bo: Vi< Keve of- ith she Seadritt in V'.'pip.i; with ive Victorii f.inilom only they will es yield. s'iie'll pass. Wlien alt s.r.e sin- are sle lii.ii i1 (illblie sil'iwilli: familial iry ranlablc and lo mall in oflciiiiL.- bis aim I nr a lady ill takilli: i' nr-ll as Jim-- (iSSl- licr-n arccpled fo Ilidi Silver, life i-o ii !i iisbln ry with fin r.ipe Iconi Ibe i-.-ih fnur other nvi is asking tile Coiilinuci! on page two) 1'iee us, us lea is and ilwiiiilliiiR i Ilir :i< t lilisnllll do entreat you. i Ibe salVi nice. Mooi in llic sentence. Inter '-.HEBREWlENEVOLENT i SOCIETY TO MEET v monthly weel- nf Mrs. afternuLin, Juua T, a; I i o'cluvk.

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