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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - May 28, 1929, Victoria, Texas CITY WILL COPPER WATER CON MEMORIAL DAY THURSDAY, MAY 30 Buy a Poppy and Come to the Ball Game at 3 o'clock; For the American Legion and Ladies' Auxiliary. DR. JACK KAHN FORi -AFTERNOON Eajy Tcrnn ion: Per Annum NUMBER 275 Geo. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWEST IN GENERAL. VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, TUESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 28, 1929. V'. Timely Topics WHATEVER PEOPLE may Ihluk of you, do that which yon think to bo Pythagoras. FEW PEOPLE perhaps slop tn consider i'hc worth of a newspaper to the community it serves. Kvery ccpy of the local newspaper thut onl lo iis rnliscrilicrs Is advertisement of the home town and county. AuU it should be n memlieieil that Ihe more busbies houses that are represented in On. ailverllsiiii! columns of u news paper, the heller advertisement to the home! town. Discussing th' worth of a newspaper, tin; I-'ayettc ville Observer says: "A newspaper is the most unique institution in the history of the world. It is the only business en- terprise, conducted upon business VII.KS mill in a perfectly legitimate manner that a'-lually serves '0" progressive life ot Ihe slat'.- more Ihan all other institutions of the country together, and Ihis ser- vice is rendered without thought of cost to the public or the slate. H is still more peculiar in thnl, re- gardless of the profit it makes tor it-; owners, it returns more profit to Ihe comm'inily in which il exists than to the owners. In oilier words, there is no newspaper in Noiih Carolina today that is nol making far more profit for the community and the state limn It does tor it- self. Anil this profit to Ihe com- munity is the result of n service in news and editorial space freely given in Ihe interest of public pro- gress. Destroy tho newspapers of the nation and you liave lost Ihe greatest influence for -progress it the field of industrial, civic and moral life that exists Sampson (X. C.) Independent. Jury Secured At Noon For Trial Of Ethel Little H it K We" Honeymooning Somewhere In U. S. A Ordinance Adopting Copper as Standard Passes First Readintj. COST IS MUCH GREATER HOW TO IMPROVE the world i n question thai every citizen o Victoria can solve, by improvin himself. IF SOMEDODY would get up collection of undelivered speeche thn worlfl would pick up a lot o fine stuff. REGARDLESS OF WHAT sec- tion of the country a citizen comes from, you will always find them Is-.lkins about the climate of his home, section. Kvoryboily, from anywhere, maintains that one of Ihe "greatest assets" of his home community is Ihe climate. Florida, California and oilier re- sorts have, nothing on the rest of the lOinitry when it comes to claims ii> rcgrwrt to Ihe mailer ot climalc If one-tenth of one cent of Ihcse claims arc well-funded, cli mate is easily Ihe most roniarkablt a; well the most veraltlc, IhiiiK ii the world. BIG BUSINESS men in Victoria probably lit! amazed to leiiru that one tobacio company spends a year advertising its products, which are already so well known as to he on sale, and in do- mand. in practically every cross- roads in the country. It is also hard for these local leaders lo understand how a chew- ins sum maker, for example, can spend to for a sinsl Rtivcrlisenient thai only tells pef pie what Ihey hnc.w before, lha ho made chewing glim. Those examples ot foolish espen dilure ouplil lo couiirni the non tidveilisiUK Inibits of some of on "leaders" v.-lm feel secure In Ihci I rado beianse everybody know them. If they waul additional il 1 lustrations of Hie habit of away money on unnecessary advcr- lisiiiK bH I he in call to mind the millions h'eins fpent to tell the pub- lic about automobiles. lleally. a co'.nmiln.-ft of these- small town wi-.e nidi olIRllt to make serious rc-picscnlaliuns to these leaders in our national who. strrniRe lo say. are crs in iirolit-makins, Frcciuent Leaks and Tearintj Up of Streets Causes Action by Council. The City Council at its regular i weekly meeting last night passed i its first reading an mdiiK.nce re-j iring all future connections made 1 consumers with the municipal 1 mains to he of fivc-uiglilli- j nch copper pipe and the present j onneclions be replaced with the j kind of pipe whenever they' jccome leaky. Contrary to the rcsulaliuns in borne other cities, Victoria water onsnmers are remiired lo pay for ill conned ions beyond their prup- >rly lines lo Ihe mains and the pipe heretofore used for such con- nections has been five eighth-inch galvanized iron pipe, which now costs III cents per foul as compar- ed with IW cents lor copper pipe. Copper pipe is much more per- manent than that now in use and Ihe purpose of the ordinance' is lu prevent frcnueiH leaks -and (he tearing up of the streets for their repair. Copper pipe WHS specified nsleatl of lead pipe, adopted in naiiy other cities, because of the latter requires special connections. IS FIRST 1 MARRIED SUDDENLY YESTERDAY Ward Explains Plot Made at Sce'llC Of BOY TESTIFIES Youth Who First Said Charlie Little's Death was Ac- cidental Accuses Wife. Following Ihe examination nearly !'o venire-men. Ihe jury foi tile trial of Kthel l.itlle. negrts'- chatted with the murder o husband. Charlie- l.illle, was pletc'd ill Ihe District t'ourt her com- here THREE BOYS DROWN IN BOAT ACCIDENT DALLAS. Tex.. May Threi: youths were drowned early today when their boat cap While Rock near here. j The dead are: Clifford Hall. Wiley; Albert Me-1 Guire. Clear Lake, and Roy iulcliardsou. t Two other yunlhs, Hobby lirovos, i brother ot Koy. and ttuy Wat-; stjli, Dallas, were in the parly. Vsvlsoii was in the boat with tin: .ead youths lint saved when clung lo the end of it as he vas with cramps. Hobby was on the bank cooking a ncal for his comrades. The boat sank Ion feet from iluire in seven feet of water. Tin: todies ha'l not been recovered this iimmiug ilui! to a four-fool <if mud in the lake wheie th near I he iiuon liour Ibis mornin-, are on tiie jury: W. S. Harvey, Simon llolzbenser, j C. S. Cook. Louis lleibei. Will un j .V. Crawford, .Ice Staff. Willlim i Janota. K. .1. Wrfelil. llerlhnid Siev- ers. II. Klephi-nson. A. A. Vost i and John Watcliik. j The introdiiclion of testimony bc- ipali when court teconvc-ned at I I o'clock this aflernoou. John Ward. j county surveyor, the first xvilmjss. j i explained a plot In: made of] the hnnsi: when: Little was killed. Hit was followed on Ihe stand by iu til-.' Ionise when the killiliu' oc- curred nnd who leslificd at Ihe in- that l.illle was Killed aod- denlally and later accused hTs wife! m of slayine; him. 13': is ex-[ lamlncd a! steal length. j Unless Additional Heavy Rains Fall No Serious Overflow Expected. NINETEEN FEET AT CUERO Stream Falling at Gonzales But Rains Last Night Will Cause Another Rise. Occurred Quietly Late Mon- day When Not Looked For Till June. WORD OBEY NOT USED] Announcement Is Made by Bride's Father 3 Hours After Ceremony. Col. Chas. A. Lindbergh and bride, formerly Miss Anne Morrow. loused to Dave Rohisnn. was mil injured. II is believed the colored. BRIGADE where the horse stood, four blocks j slrui-k Ihe elc'flric wiles near thejan'iiy. JOKES ON VICTORIANS MADE TO RAGE ON WITHOUT MOISTURE The Unadalupe Kiver was up feel at Victoria this morning and still slowly rising. It lias out in a number of low places- but a stage of 21 feel is required for a serious overflow. Tho river was reporled on a 19- foot rise and almost at a standstill at Cuero this afternoon. A 20- foot rise is required to put the dam out of commission there. Ifonzales reported the river fall- ing but reported another rise eom- line to considerable rainfall in lIIP section above last nislil. I The weather remains unsettled here and at and several i POPPY FUND TO GET I RECEIPTS OF GAME ON MEMORIAL DAY A public official always sails- jfics Hie public when he is prndeiil- j Iv economical in Ihe expenditure the public funds and Victoria lain! Victoria County are I'ntb. for- iiiblic af- LAYMAN SAVES LIFE JITTER flT TlWfll n''vin? "'c'r public af A! svlminislercil by officials o slu-rifi In Kl, PASO. May C. before Louis; Pyh-'s. I-U Texas to. Irtay over Hie route for Las U'inies. N. M. The runners had summon a jury lor j ,llc inc. (rial of a case in the Justice's ]iridvi' into Mexico. Inn jCourl. Tew men line to serve on tmniigraJioii restrictions prevented. and Kied isVnii'.'idcr. Vic- returned lo form About a or so I O. Ilndler retired required lo NKW YORK. May and Aune......are oneymooninu today. Where tell (his morning but im- ikuown. They were nuietly mar- less there sire heavy additional ed late yesterday, escaped :i cur-1 rains before the river goes down of newspapermen and photo-! there wilt be no damaging over- raphers who bad lu-en around tin- ilow. lurrow estate at Kiiglewnod. .N'ew ersey. for weeks, and disappeared. Tin: was annouuiid hree horns after they wc-ix- inar- ied. The marriage look plare at our o'clock yeslerduy afternoon ai he home of tlie bride's father. W. Morrow. American am- ___ jassitdor lo Mexho. The cere- mony was held in -he draw ins! Poi-py day and bargain day will room of the Mom.w the i b.'-' observed Thursday tflernoon, house in which (ho bride: was burn Memorial Day, at Rio Vsla Par... years ago. I.indy is 27. j wiieu the Victoria Kosebuds anil The ceremony was by IV-rl Lavsu-u Sandcrabs are fetfur- William Adams Hrown oi New ed in a return game. York Cily. professor of systematic lllc'oloyy in Ihe Union Theological Hetllinary. Tlie ceremnny the abbreviated form of lite Ifial an'.i Presliyteiian ritual. Tic- er. obey was not used. fli. i i.-b. Proceeds' of both games will he used instead. Ambassador to the Poppy Fund of tlie row gave (lie bride away. The American Lesion and Auxiliary, bride was dressed beautifully bill ihis week ate selling popple? with simplicity. She MUH- a 'omn and ba.-ehall tickets to aid the-dii- K. L lloin.'y. sides near the hoi seen In fall following iln- li'-luuiiii.'. The animal instance In- carrleil his c.inir-mies Ion far. That was in' j the pnnhase or a mairiage liieuso ibrok. These hmiks ordinarily il.-'iu in-') pages owh order to tiit. coualy mon-'y on the hiud- 'ing- Ibe clerk bad six made in one inn! il Has been a burden to him 01 er sime. It is more than the i.-v his store early in the day to [draft him for Ihis servile and found him out and Fred spent the bal- of Ihe mornina (he officer. The jury was completed I without him and about noon 111" sheriff found occasion 10 call hisn lo his office, lie mallard to p't ynnus ir.cn bant over the tele- plions! and Fred, si ill Iliinkins he iwas for j'-iry made all sorls oj excuses as lo why irnnldn'1 ionic not evin (or a or two. It was near Iln- holi- ;days, two of bis wre .-ick and be had si car of niillil'iie In unload thai day toria fnrnilnro dealer, is nol on" l.-iidin? the puck from n V P II PlPMIPTn of them. Sheriff Iludler had i-alh-il iino PSIPO. His time was D. I I. Uj rlUnlU III tl ice hours and niinuK'S. linn TlllinOnllV PRESIDENTSUTTON BE DELIVERS KEYNOTE AT ROTARY ol'diniiiy man can lift and Mr. Sit- (0 (leir.iin Idle nol overly ?tnini; him- vjin-riii1 llu.ilei linall) >elf bus bt't'ii (ompelled to makt: to ili-r souu i-sp of All his tli'iHilies and Ihc jf y.m-v. Court House janitor in the sivc llu- to Ho h-uk around. In nm' case, in fact, Then it vcl i In- had to i all in several persons nol uc-aily as In: from Ihe slreet lo help move ii. verliial cat and Ihi II' lias a dictionary st.md hiirdlv up Ihe s.df do should lit- lo dis-: ii" Into of ii lo Mr. Silterle. i ready to receive the V'd lll.t i'..' ns pr, shi i iff h.o Iteeiv-'i- Ilia: Cl-l-.il illl'l: t A Ihe pump Ire. day. There will in Sown spcaKers ami a DAI.I.VS. May '.'S.- of instruction and fun throushoai e sps.cl iciilar fornialitii-s alitl tiic aflormuin. mill- behind them Hoy sionl Troop will iio.--: in a hot ball c.imi- ni'.ii th" e'i'i liotary Clubs from Ji) nations; lioy Si out i at 1 Uir.vu Lo tho serious hnsi- piior lo liie I int. of '.h-. ir "''th Annual Comcil- u.inie ,it IJio lion 1'iday. vi-ur bas's-.'U t'iiu'd wiil'- not e of tin' convention's jgoi.d lliiu.ss to c.r. ar.d enjoy tin1 v, .1 i liy I'lvsidellt i dsiy. I. .J-iiton of Tanipiio. Mexico.! hi-- Hi- oullilie.l a stoic i-l problems.' .-oiiii- e' lit: boldly favored: _____ ,iv denounced. He b'ft th'1 other- to ih" foinniitiecs to wotk Toniilit and Wednesday out. lin'infclvcs, ..hl-d Mihlicrs who lie in scores oi' hospitals over the country. The lioy Scout contest will ba a'l aiilni'viaied affair, lastins prob- ably seven isiniiiS'i. The Bub-Sand- till will gft under way at iibont following flai; c'.re- miinie- conducicd by the Inert! unit of lilt' National Gll.u'd. I'i'ar in mind when olfer- ci a baseball ticket that your litios net tn toward t'ie iluli. lo the worth-whili1- of the Au-.'-'rican Legion Kand. Tickets were pill on ...lit Regular pric.es prevAil. BIRMINGHAM MINE WEATHER REPORT Al-i L- killed ininro't yes- wei-o of ih i iu- ilobri Two of Ihr ami iae uE the blust,

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