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Advocate (Newspaper) - May 8, 1929, Victoria, Texas I- "White Gold Frames" Not only Ihe latest, but comfortable, and stylish. They arc wearing them now. DR, JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrist VICTORIA ADVOCATE -AFTERNOON EDITION, Geo. H. French, Publisher. FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMOUR Easy Terms Phone 1S9 VOLUME 31 FIRST. VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY? SEOTND.'sOUTHWLSr IN GENERAL." J Timely Topics BETTER IT IS tliiU Ihmi el'uulilsl not vow, tliuu thai tliou vow mid not puy. Kcelta- WHEN WE GET to heaven we BIO not concerned about whether vi will tilay linrp. The fact of matter is wo don'l cart: what the btreels are paved with, as as they are kept clean <unl the pow- eu Unit tic do not permit Ultra to dug up by gas, water and sower v.oikmeu. Ami, as for playing u Jiaru, it is easier to tune- in oil a j.iflio. Hut Ihe we. do waul is a roitrved mjobsirnclcd by posts where wo (.'an watch the fel- Jry, who hove oil earth took impel until u'C presented tlicm a Mil for it aw) denied llie ae. count, they never ordered !t. This paper nor any olher lhal kjion- about has ever put a man's name on the subscription Jist without his orders and then expected to collect for it. Alons [nilh this crou-d we u'ould like to see thu wlio claims he order- ed Ihe imj continued stopped, tjiit who bus to take out ot the post office and read it until the trutor presumes to attempt to col- lect for it. when the subscriber dis- cliirgei-i his oldiiration by ho ordered it .stopped last year. COOLIDGE HAD loss trouhl-; than any of his predecessors in Ihe office of president. Not a little o; this is due to the fact that he knew the v.vlue of silence. With such a worthy example before the race the pi.utico should receive no lillle at- lenlion both in official and more circles. __0__ NAODERN FIRE prevention slo- gan: "Tim flapper should take cigarette out of her mouth before pulling her nightgown over lii.irt lias. her WHAT SHALL WE tell Hie chil- dren? asks a writer lit the current issue of [torpor's. If yon want to lie popular tell thorn "yes, you may hove the car this VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 8, 19297 Subscription: Per Annum NUMBER 257 CN3 tt Tf MANY PAY LAST T, TRIBUTE TO DEAD i A hree Murder Cases Affirmed by Court of Anneals COUNTY OFFICIAL'M K H KM X HIT! G SCO III Edwin Klein, 49, lax collector of Victoria County for many years tragic death occurred yestcr- l.iy. was laid to rest in the Ever- ;itcn Cemetery this afternoon, the funeral taking plate from his late at 402 West. Goodwin at four o'clock. The pall flrers were J. M, 1'ickerinj, W. Smith, R n. Shields, T. Scott, 11. s. U'olslger and W. 0. C. Williamson. Presbyterian minister of Austin, conducted tlie rites.. funeral was very largely at- ended and there were mrvay beau- tiful [loral tributes. Mr. Klein had from life boyhood days been a mem- ber if the fire Department and an escort and truck from tho depart- me-nt took part in the procession. District judge J, 1'. Pool adjourned caurt al noon for (lie out of respect to the memory or tile lie-' Phi-led official and all offices in POWELL Ihe court house remained closed throughout the afternoon. n tl M Mr. Klein began his public career JVHlSi----------------., is a deputy in the office ot his' ln PCIllletltiary fflr father, the'late August Klein, who] TCX3S KiililKJS. was county clerk for myny years X Wife Testifies for Preacher at IVIurder Trial Hazzard, Saved from Chair for Criminal Assault, O'enied Bail. AND MEAL Serve Loncj ind mayor ot the city at the lime AUSTIN, (INS) -Dick o( his death. He then served a? IiMznrd, sentenced lo death in sheriff and tax collector for a few bounty for criminal ns- n.cnths and when those. WE WOULD cite the practice o thi Chinese, who have for years <l c.onded their children's feet into "liics, too small ami tiRhl that many Cttiiifse have feet upon which they arc never able to wnlk. The Americans Inive had and still have 'nnis equally foolish and liarm- ful which (lisy blindly follow lie- it is "Hie thing to do." TO BE SURE, il came up at the offices denied bail today hy (lie were divided he was elected tax Criminal Appeals, collector and continued to i rwemly reversed and that civnacily for over n year- reulalulcl1 Hazard's case but to- Ife was a faithful and efficieu: toy's thp public official, an enterpriiiiiE and hlm ''i''1- mblic-spirHcd citizen, a true friend1 "f JaB1M iiitl kind lo a fault. Ilc was Leon .Means, wus nffirmed. his biiddea Kils .v .n clmpl- penitentiary. The deaih sentence imposeil on .Marshall Hailirf. couviVted of mm- in coiiiieetion wilh the "Santa jf.'laiis" bank robbery at risen, in !which iwt) were slain, was affirmed. Ic-mise came as a Rreat shock to lis tamily and friends ;ind is BEAD MAIL PILOT FOUND IN in Mollty (.'oiiiiiy for the intir- of J. W. Haltle was uffinned. MIKYKXXK. Wyo.. iiattered liody Iran B1BU, ,tab. rnr t n WILBODRNE-M'GRABB ARE DEATH OF CHILD teacups for nearly a since I In- 1.111.3 had settled in old r.irnum estate on Weslwoivl: Cheyenne. lioiid? Mow could any mortal wo lioiid? Mow could any mortal wo.-------------- Cynthia l.oe included. TEj COD A DUIP RDirtC The trial nf H. H. Wilborue of home fiom lookiu, I CUlUnArnlll DhltrO nnd John McT-rabl, oi fri'yh as I__ in [rout ;i Cynthia's IIOIIKU p the were .vulkin 1 Intel national Xows Ke Tholnastim. set for yesterday I thi' lice Cniuily L'nurl on ;i cbaii.w nf venue from MI >i-iiuv jio.'ii the bndirs of three men shut to'.. m with lh die Hid., were M..._. jihl! where she's qoint; ln.forc "s lluise flf Kl'iil in-old Ilefmio fill, was I'cned until tomorrow because- of a i; lite ones thrv show His she Then she swinq.) around atloi neys. is ti> ho tried first and UK- Sennle tndav iirai-ied is ue died nrsl Mil T i-it's n' 1 ,h" Mil limilin, the to TIKIS all Ihere ,s lo ,t. mmty fffkm M If YOU V.'.mf fOiili. and iabted the fl'nppiiiS as fresh its dill passed Monday thia read tin- advertisements reconsideration. icrm of muvt. The dialh in the family is Miid to have liceii a littlu neiihew vlio swallowo'l .i, nna Along the Concrete I1T1OTH f SllLOKEB 1 Relations Extended Over Period of Three Years, Mrs. Duke Says. LAID IN WAIT FOR PAIR Minister Testifies He Had Heard Stories of His Wife and Cox. FATHER AND THREE DAUGHTERS PERISH IN INDIANA BLAZE j Lloyd Flit era i'l. ami his three children burned ID death. l-'mir mPiiilir-i-s of dm fain- Illy were saved. The children iwhn perished were Maljcl. ij. dred. 5.-and Marv I. WEATHER REPORT AKItO.V, Iml., May After trying heroically to rescue' his three daiiglilcrs from a fire in! Wednesday iii.tln am his home llriir here c.irly today, i cooler. Thursd.-i.c moslly (loirdy. JOKES ON VICTORIANS LAMIOSA, Tex.. May Armiinenls were begun loilay in the j trial of Rev. K. Dukes, liaytist jcireuit preaciier. charged with llie [murder of .1. A. Cox. Mrs. Duke told yeslerday of iiiti- jmate relations siie hail wiiii UK- i slain man over a period of three I years. j (.'ox was shot in the yard of Ihe Duke home as he wus leaviiu; Mrs. Duke while Imruini; burrs at n nearby cntum gin lighted the i scene. Uake had Ihe trained on his wife when she call- ed to him. tiie testimony developed. j Duke said he had heard stories (it' his wife and Cox and had re- DIES AT FUNERAL TOMORROW v AMERICANS WATCH t.. Halves. -17. v.-jfc of a. well kiii.un HefiiBio County FI Illfl died at the I'nmily home ai Anslwcll' IlLUlUUu ILUIU ai 7 o'cloi-k ihls niornini; of heart! linulili for a year, her riuidiimii _____ coming critical a few days aco. Mrs. ll.-Mvt.-i was formerly .Miss licriniida. May S. Mnry Hill of Aransas Coimly and a American visitor.; si-iti r in law nt Uant. Milton Danes Iheir t.vlh in mo of Sc.idiift. whose death ncciirn-d Kivllons nf fine old rum ran down several moullw nan. The TK on rront Ktrei-t tlii.- family loiali-d at Austivvll finm moruiiiK and nvre lost in ivlion a tin1 wuterfnmt. Officer Shot Down in At- tempt to Rob Bank at Van Alstyne. CONVICT 19 YEARS OLD Trial of Second Youth Becjan Today and Third Testifies for State. All acliiivl Victoria happenings.! years A public utility com- or coucoriiini; Victor-; pany applied to the Khreve- ians, old or new. ure I'nnny are port City Council for a franc -nisi: wanted for this column iiml not re-. ;md McKcllar, who was hi-.terly vamped jokes or die-stunts tliiil or- opposed to sraiitim the trancm.-o, feinaled rlwwhm, or have no IKIMS Wf uutbursls oi fact. The editor will pladly re-iaddressed the loimoilmen lifted lo (h-. floor ccive all worthy and VOI, .ir. j l.y ijirt-e sons. p.roth.-rs' warehouse fell prepare them for publication. Imr-' K' 'j; Jr" hie and -ontribntions ihev did as tomnub- '.I sinner of shrevcport. SIIEHMA.V. .M.-VV Ris Dixou, 13, of Colcmaii today V.MS under a sentence of 40 years in the penitentiary following tbe. verdict of n jury in the District (.'unit ho re this morning. He was found guilty of slaying W. i.. Ecliols, Van Alstyne city marshal in an inisui-cesswul attempt to rob ;ii bank there. The principal stats witness, Clif- ford Harris, was one of the three charged wkh the killing, lie suirt he joined Dixoti and Rob- ert Mason at Dallas. They drove t'> rotisbovo, where ha they were frifiuloned away from.a -hank they planned to rob there. They then drove lo Van Alstyne, wltera lich'jls was slain( lliirris testified. Til'; trial of Mason begins to- day. MRS. P. H. FAGAN IN HOSPITAL HERE WITH BROKEN THIGH Mrs. fagan. S3, the in' ivti'r H. ragnn, ive.ilihv- lieftigw County lanchman and one tho fi-u- sm-vivinif Confederate veterans r-f Ibis section, fell and broke her I'U'ht while attending her chickciiH at the rauch home McKaddin early Tursday aft- erno.ui ami was conveyed to the Vietcri.! in (be Ooldman- U'ai< is mnliul.uHe last iiiLjJit. Mr. l-'auan. who celebrated his S'ltli tiinhiiay unnivcrs.vvy Monday, ij in s-.H-h feeble hcalili lie wa- i-iia'ijli; to lucouipany her. He too, siiUYred :i fall about ten days hut was no: seriously injured. Mr. i-'i'.pv: nttractoil nationwiile notice a few yu.u-s -.vhcu he, built an imusolc-nm of iMariih: for bis family near hia r.inih Inline. MONEY WILL BUY ;l Inl on CfiRMPR UIPTHPiAW llniss it I reported I UnmLlJ In: your hoily Hint ,ire as good .-is jinillcc lod.iy. The adiiiiiijsirnllin liic orisiiial one.'. jW Clnb ;ority report. The Ki-ller a! time credil for Texas f< r WIT! beliavinr was pissed by lln' Honte loduy. ruder Iliis bill i sinner ol Shrevcport. i ------------.________ i............. Ihe iieccssi-ry miiiireitienls., IPIIOftlHirn in Ameruaus only Some IbeM- ,-.-mie from J-P j HlxflHll'l-K !R however Proth Levy ami ho desin-s Kw name.-, j 1-J.L LLUOUIIIlUn, luvi already tb-'i lo rrmlrid Iliese two fienlle-. f'rc oniilitld from tlu ac- III liPT MIPUY IS''IM'O f r--' f men Hut hn i.i not running of an incident which inJUIltU LAo i nluil I UVi la Ii per month is reached in jinslcii'l of ton ycais, as lh.: pn-s jiUHlca'l of ten vrai 11-5" In time it will be-' law lucsiribes. ilias readim; reimris is bet-1 part tins h.-W tlii-iv Ihv -early (In. week, iioni-diirj; lo an tvadiiiK tin; stars. When A bill introduced in Ihe T'-.v- jniiich- i.-i tli." lleiuiinont iin-rlini: and clci-tion (hat k Ml. I VAXCOrVKii. Ji. c. M.iy II. Kirby, ii.m-' jl'.T Tc'X.L--. drill V'illis head smirk ihe. mirror. He' i nir tt Mrs. Cohen 1 I "U'l.v _. JP'I'Mclinl !'l fit, "Why. tiuit isn't my, it's .minor injuries. The others your clietkl" vere make the race bin o'risimy ,seeking the Kirby I'm. ji" of lh'.- credit for the c.ip- t'.i-.' of 'hroe men to rUIo ...if-- of the Ivl M.'bher Coir., p.'.r.y .-tore early Tviesdiy to Miss Kdua Jiukson. nijh'. 'ii-'i Ilk' al.irm and hr.nKlit o'v.iiTs :o Iho before th-i t-seape. aU'.m, iustjilh-'l in ii >'OIT- alt-.r two recent robb'-r- ul ri.ui.-l -roro witlt Kd ,Mt-K-h'.-r ,ir..I J. o'Xcil ,-ind hroiiBlU i.-.i'ii from lh- loi'i. nluic- they bidJi-ii. Thu kudo oi in en iiiu-clifd oil'. An avl- 1 o'lM- -.if.., .r.ickiiiR imidcaienu

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