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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - April 11, 1929, Victoria, Texas "Wliito Gold Frames" Not only Ihc latest, but comfortable, strong and stylish. They arc wearing tbem now. DR, JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrist VICTORIA ADVOCATE -AFTERNOON EDITION. FOR FURNsTURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND AMDUR Easy Terms Phone ISO Geo. H. French, 1'ublisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWWf IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per AnnurnI VOLUME 82 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 11, 1929. NUMBER 2341 Timely Topics HARDWARE OEALKIIS will prubiiljly Ijn iiitorvslt'il in Ilin I hut in China grow on IIHCS. tin! syMcm could lit' foiled xa Iliiit oilier Implements i v.-.nili] <lo Hie Eiinic, maybe llns! fa rtn ITS wrmlil In' lo BI'DW AT X LEGISLATURE i Cosj. Of Crime Increased In Justice Court By New Law INTENDED TO PASS the new method. Hi' found Ion" ludKorows of willow trees growing near a viilace ahum fifty Th Last nail's issue of Tlic Ailv LAW AS ENACTED: X X X X can- slated that Stale Senator Stevenson ilic inten- if I'M from the srouiiil. Ordinarily "f an amendment at !vl. produce hranch.c i ro a.s to meet tlic oh-, S; pliuol in thi- -outer form- iu Albm 1 U t U E J Indictments Now. Necessary In Liquor Cases; i This Bomb Was Meant to. Kill Roosevelt IJORY I--, will, Hi.- other two shoots a ll11' iTi .ciiRh (hree.iincd. natural fork' or j "llj "C '.yji. Iriilent. Tin- lateral uranchi.'s alul i this coune.ctiim it Is the j UK- cenlir shunt aiv oil l.'ack iun of Ihe iimler.-iigncd lhat ilie In-1 vf lo wiiliin two <tv tlin-i' feei of tli.. ivaiion of tlie I.cnislaluro, in pass-j point where tin: Inanehes had their; ins tin1 law attacked, Unit it mean', j :.lf sour, c. to iirumiiljsatc tlie exact law as. it j "The making -if fluvi' liranrli is now written uml llial lh'; I.eti- I slicks into harvest works U a NIIMV inlalurri alter dne consideration. _______ frcni Ilii: sicm and hvanrhei. A law written and ihal tlie intenlio'i i SOD 10 olICCCGQ LuUC dozen or more ai'.' at a i if. as (lie words read. i. e., "Article P. A. MUfTay. ;Ji time in an open-top tiriek-lined No. W.Wa. "............................Such j oven or kiln to lie heated. The: uVpnties as arc provided for herein i OFFENSES FELONIES e.ieenvvimil. which is spi'inklcd will, slin.ll he appoinicd by tlic Commi-i-' _______ ff? water from time to time, is son-. sinner's fonrt and lie deputized by n Thnrpfnrp in heal iron, the fire i cither .He sheriff or any conslahle NGW Ul V LaW. I llCfetOPe of ilie county b. wliii-li they are an-; MakCS Jlll'V ActlOll NeCCS- "After tin- forks have been iicimed, and no other officers shall i S3Py. fOP All ViOlaUOtlS. jjjt flcamed in this way for an hour make arrests in tills slale for vio- ifyc or two tin: branches can lie bent ilation of laws relating lo highways'; .1. C. flutclu-s......Ir., of wiihuni ilanccr of hleaViim. Th-' new I" effc-cl ill this Houston has aiipoiini'il pay inm-li i Many m-ople narrowly Ihan formerly with a now law iix- injury when the lent of a jtiiK-iilKlier costs in such cases soon wen- altciiflins was ca lo into effect. away by the wind. lOthlJesishttilrl' al its rosiilar sen-; much. sion in eclltu'-e'tion with retinal' TM'' also wnn felt in i of the fees lit; justices- of the peace. sei-i ions of the county but ncitl While repealing the fees tlm :l.'eB- js" severe. Tlic- rainfall here was! for ilipni to lie. thrr-r-tenths of an inch. .The! Assessed .as eiisis milled a ''Ciiailiiliilw Itlvc-r is almost out of dollar trial rosl. So the lianks at this point hecaiij'i" of YOU FEEL n little iu (.nin hm> and sorry for her. she looks so Ussne of April "The At: arlmniiiK and envious, jtorney cieneral's UnLianmrnl. lilinm. ami fii---sn-iiicifeclive: (in rf-ndorins an oiiinimi lo the 1 violations have IIUMI made felon-l Dr. of Dallas, nation-; Her i-lotlu-.-- r'.ro always sn eounly attorney of Wichita) the ics lxl....... poor liltk- thiiiL-. Anil shf pays io, j lansila.m' of Ihis and: ami indictments in cadi case will j crinariiin and L. R. Jlaolne, his j for theni. Her home is fur- inclusive, as as explicit; it ,li... However, tiles POULTRY LECTORI HERE LAST NIGHT! ROLL GALL ACCOUNT Salo Saons, 57f brother ot s follows: Tria! cost Old foi1 ni" j fen Saens, had his left leg broken. were present ai a Urge-1 jn places and was badly' In its account of the Fire, rile-' Sheriff's ii-lmuiu's annniil roil call. The Ad-1 icale inadvertently omitled the the deinirtmcnl's new Tolal......... MORE TROOPS ARE SENT-TO MEXICAN BORDER BY U. S. nisheil will, all considers Ilia! the Inw menns wiial dictmvnts can returned liy mcolins of tliw (julf i nru'iscd about the body when Tc, lhis 'Inlls, hr'a.Wed WAS1H.XCTOX. April She seems lo have n does sranrt jnry. Asso.j was struck hy an autotno. sim thu in mi1llv ine. liispat.h of Knui-ihure V..SHHS, inoiuj. uni-n she statement (Attorney DC- next term of itic- emnl in j ,-nltion at the fnamber of Com-j bile in the southern portion of T.wjn father addilional lees for sum- American ir-Hips. lo Ilie Mcxk-.m out to buy any soap sil-, emphasise the fact that Victoria will bcsin on Monday. May Tuesday night and I the city last night. :V n( wilnesJcs. sla lions, tiiere are now venvare. or lingerie or she's ,na fees legally may he (ollected The cases umilina include three Diseases of ateii fur Saens is under tratemcnt at sure to turn iiji with somellilni; from iiersoiis with '.imiioiianl civil suits and a number nr. ileinniistrateii the Victoria Hospital and his nany No. 2, Ilie company which j .Justice T. I.enoir is hdily ever heard of before on the highways, no matlor of liquor eases, iloesn't want to hear of iipvin. made of Slie is Dial easer, not very sn obtiiineil, ete. bright, who. "my di-iir. rlorsn'l tin' offccttvcuo.-1.-? of a tlu- worminjr oi In oliier n snnill ANOTHER-DRY GOODS Ilie condition is such that he has not been able to give, any de- aills ill tails "lc accident. The city only 2n niintite.-. I tin- silver loving for Ihc auondauce at the roll wall. that the result of tlu authorities are investigating the case but so far no arrest has been made. now on display in A. anil H. T.cvy's show windows. t Tin- name of IH-v. Martin A. oE Titnity t il (hsi in tlio ailveiliscine Oil" really a little vexed v.-iib lint let's iiril wnstc too nun li on ITS ahoiit lini'- fur dear hvly. in liave your daily H..isin. Ir'cvunin. or ('ra'm havt: a niolor i-oji and hy I rsimpl.v ineorimratini; a few blocks 'if varain ierrilovy. I.. DUS'I.AI' April II. i 'hliers. infantry, ami artillery. Sic points on Hit: horder- lo are unable to pay' to lay out their American lives. fines in jail, therein- deiirivin.- tin- officers of their fees .-.nil 'PI OT TO DYNAMITE TRAIN Ihc whole expense oil the county. OF CALLES DISCOVERED fITY, Ainil U.- size of Telferm-r. Inex Ilioon, CTflRF TR (1PFW pmilir'y free of worms 'U UrC'N dmrch, also inadvertently Dn0rn. IHO V u, ilvnamite -h, m r JHF SIMRN RllliniNG !isi nf VlGTuHlA ROSEBUDS :1 byl lnL DwILUinU nmon, Inrk.ys. ,Ie also UVVNO rAnlYl al ihe nteetitiK. ;rllnlnr umiwmiTO of tin fewhlocks ___ hens ,ve He-- RUz, was S army and urcsi- ANU UAImO as mommnncins the J3AMKQ MIS rillif.n'lENGAGE IN WUKHUUlb L ;'v >M- Mr. has, icon associated J j ,k..Inlllilrt, show also wa, nninten-i Rahl ,mt a v" he held ill connection with tlio lAel of land in tli" n-i'l .ollons. yj( -.vMi- :L: in .ouf.c ai Pleasure li-bml; 1M' II...- i.... inmi. >o iram, wlii.-h more than tw-nty asim-anH v" .WORK STARTED ON DfiQC! I E Dllll PIMP tor ihe IK.SI five v.ars 7- imcl its :l a Tuesday hj Antonio, a. Ihe I'.olary Cliih a-- (nihlished in Jlv. Scoti i? deali-r ii.-ic lor t th.-se columns antulil jliilo. 'ill.' milSdlt, Mill !ie at will later 'h'le. s.ilv at l.aili.-l llr.ll Tii.'Sd.iy. April asreenieill to hav-: The! Intei'e.ieil La-.-Iwll fans in Hi- .11 Mivernor apologize for alleseil :ire'ii ,.f ihiMa.c lii.-i" v.ili ,.n pl.iin ihiilni: his food he- of Commerce Hall tomorrow CM n- clu-. k.Mi and ho, oHV-e, havior. ins a.'. ..iX'.'s m.iy be hoiitlu. f

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