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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - April 2, 1929, Victoria, Texas "While Gold Nol only the Intcsl, but comfoifnble, strong and stylish. They are wearing Ihcm now, Exclusive Eyesight Specialist mid Optometrist VICTORIA -AFTERNOON EDITION FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HQLLAHD M1DUK Easy Terms Phone 159 Geo. li. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWUF IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per Annum 'VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, TUESDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 2, 1929. NUMBER 226 Timely Topics WE HAVE SEEN yuuiig me" whose- fathers, nnd'jr the mi'-- taken idea that Ihis was a part o; llu-Ir duly have fa clr- cuinscrihed the actions and plans of (heir sons tliat initiative was finally doslroycrl, Dial plans were uo longer made .....t ilio ahilily to dream iilroplilcd llr.-oueli misuse. V.'c believe Hit-so fathers felt they were doing Iho right thlni; by their How much hi-ltcr It would have hcen for the father In have Uken a hands off position unless his Lid- vise wan which case, in- stead ol nit ins it arbitrarily he should haw tonlinU'jd to .shape his mil's ihinWng to the I'lul I ha1. he came lt> the correct con- >lt'luslnu of his own mind instead of y I1 linclly fultowinj; jldicf obeys his superior officer, E. 8. NEISWANGER18 ELECTED PRESIDENT OF LIGHT COMPANY K. II. S'clswanyer, formerly vice- president and general manager of the Central Tower and Light Com- liauy. was elected president and general manager of the company nl a mod ol the Hoard of Directors held Friday, March 1020. Ed Slotnick Buys Deleware Hotel Property K K or as ;iti employe llio rules ot or- .aniziitEon. Oily of the nitvst am] ino.st val- uable of human trails is inJliaUvu. i It la thr imiin sitrhiK to action uiiil j ['or lil'1 creative it is tlie quality ljOL'il that sols ;i nun] fellows ituikou oC him u cr Inslotul of First Suit Over Oil Contract Filed The former president, James I'. Ken nc'dy of Dalian, was elected vice chairman and Mai'tiu ,1. Insntl of Wlls -Mv- Nelsniiimi in nmmious apart from his of electrical, mining mi entjnca j hvavs a follower ?n "c intrepid audacious" dreamer and witl' tlin I'OHU [and Light Company as chief inu tiinikor instead o! a copvist, T ueer, and later as consulting c A Few Iliinxs nhuiild lie taught, rul. compiiue ohoilicnco, religion. identified with the de Usy, thrift, tm! Jmlsim-iil., deci- i velopment ot the utility business in sion and initiative must Iw dm-l- Texas. As a engineer. oped. lie yaw the possibilities for future I development in tin; lower Itio t1 Valley, and In iiu went ValEcy lo supervise the util- jity ilevcloimiCMil for Morrison ;uul Millie tliut I him he lias unfair tasks, disreuardiim the stern hl ins the welfare of the Valley ami .Jic-r will, in the end, pay the LS Kc< THERE ARE MEN in Victoria "who linast of their Rood Ki-lyins upon Ltieiv "strolls consti- tutions" they put their jsks, disregarding law of nature Hint lie who violates i Dr. Arthur lieeker, of Miss- ouii, recently declared Ihat men who enjoy perfect hi-jvUh are ir greater danger of developing pre mature conditions, and o' from heart disease or sonic related aliliclion, suffer oL'uaainnal sayin? "The man who is always well feral. j On .Inly 1. ivhen Ihe Middle militics Company of Chicago! purchased the Central I'ower and Company, Mr. Neiswanger t was, promoted from the old lu Ihe position of vice pres- ident and iieneral manager. -Since Ihan those who j die lime nf reoiKiinizalipn in. lliia; Central Power and l.ifiht Coin- y has morft-lhan doubled hi will often neglect tho laws of! is rendering serviee health woefully" while his less for-'1" lr'6 in South and tunate neishhor. will of necessity, j Southwest Texas, respect laws and take great-: olficers elected at the Hoard to live disLTec-tly." Uiree-tors' meeting were: C. j.Sharp. S. .11. ITdden and II. C. i Loehr. vice presidents; 1 Uoone, secretary; N. Siljestrom. that the "healthy" men of Victor.a A will read !hb article, and he-sm K, observe proper care Ot their mu, physical lives. j assistant treasurers, and tj. Men-: DIAMONDS'to the value nt more At a stockholders' meetin. Property Fronts on Main Street and Goodwin Avenue. MAY BE IMPROVED Hotel Mah's'Uease on Build- ing Runs for Eighteen More Months. Curtis D. Devonshire of i'liiln- 1'a., is being lid-.! after his arrest in Charlotte, N. where he was picked up with Alice Lnhmis, aged invalid '.Philadelphia girl. Ho was when he called for a telegram which he believed Congressman Indicted Claimed They Unkriowintjly Conveyed Royalty Inter- est in Perpetuity. SUE FOR CANCELLATION John W. Greer, Formerly of Houston and Saiv Antonio, is Defendant. Tlie Dolav.-nre Hotel properly'at. Ihe corner of Main Street and Good- win Avenue Was Hold yesterday-'by jllie Victoria V. 31. C. A. In Kd merchant of for a consideration of The Victoria V. M C. was 01 fjaimed ahonl o't years Iml hdb not heeji aclive fur.many veins. acquired the properly in and femno in trie Connecticut river The first suit Involving a miiv leuso or nit royally t Ic-iei n-ioideil tn Vkioria County 1n filed in the ..District Court 'today Mela' widow of' ('harles V.'lspi'k 'throe''ot. her five chltdrr'n Names of Opposition Candi- dates Used Without Their Consent. !A MOTHER ELECTION Such Will Be Necessary If Ticket Wins and Men Re- fuse to Qualify. -lit 1 It it Pi Hi i ot touu s city IK n liv th v 1 value annms the who finil them in Hie1 sand, jl( nredic nnd who would willingly surrcndev Two nf tlie directors no lolifit-r live in Victoria. Mr. Holland is a and Mr. Hail ot Mrs. rites and hnrial will lie mad'-" he Kversreen Cenudery. The hndy was bronslil lo victoria Iliij aflernoon and i onveycd to the Of Hon.st Hoizhenser rosidince. i resides at I.os Alif-lts. In addition lo her parents, the) wil, cltihl is survived hy ;y little sister and hrother. Mr.--. JU Donald is the ycal- a an a K-asi; hel Kr cher (if Ihis city and widow the liolzli fharlci; Kinusford-Smith Caplain f'harles t'lrn. famous i Allanlic airnie'ii. arc slill mi t'iday afl( r a fnn ed i 11' the time of htr marriage lo Mr. und IK in for of tins' THE'GREATEST i ulli-etiosi politicians h'.-tweeil I he covers any one volume is contained in ilirertory the ii -an finiRri-s.-. covering years Ivln.i-n 1771 and can liny a eopy of this Tor which is "cheap (or a voluni- of that n'- dl Hn' coulonis. t i> mMih "i" however, i ill such a linnli in it there an- FIRST TALKIES MAY AT LOCAL THEATRE from a at the home. Vnirchihl told anllinrilios Iliat ll'.e on vliicli the war- ra n is highly jiroh.ililo that torian.! sumlay will have an iioitnnily to hear for th" Vic- first a lalkim; picture This was the a il own Ii. hnrr.im. lii-- pro-cnl of lin. Delaware Mold. due. nnlil Ihat time. It i Ilial Mr. Slolnirk con templates making extensive itr provemenls. in the prop.-rly. II icccntly purchased I In- j fr ImildiiiK on North Main Hired.j formerly the of the Vic- 1oria N'alional Hank and now occu- pied lin- John Koian a chain dry I'irm. Mr. Slntniik was almost penni- less when In1 loeale-d in Vii (oeia County ahoat 15 Sin cess in (li" mrrcaiilili- and iriVfstn-.'-iHs in live sln( k t'liHowiiis' .-scil Fia.. on ualioilai uh'ivd ycs- narshal. ap- vdi'i-al i in'ioi1.. II''- iv.cntietl, of the same, while thejfcre the commissioner lie v.aiv .i ,1 Ml! i-nulract represents an altsohiln j pieliminary hearing. p'H'.-d S-.m1" :s I and pi'i-pelual died to an undivld- i fo; ills appearance e; I e' i fotir-tiEths of one-half of ail the would :ro vnlunt.srily io Tind otiier minerals under j to fau.1 tlu: him. land and not Icrminatc-1 crn-iliaticailv v.irii the niiueral lease held by ia liiv >a i Smith, as ttiuy chiini they were led i ihat h" li.i into niv VOK.IS. a mnjoriiy of the nuali- or any .suhstaiui.ii Hum- i. lo tierfovn their duty inoviiinents Tii.- ticket r.'tvivi- a iniiiihov ,i[ vo'i s and in the even; sue- lln: ciiy v.-ili liv p'.u ID (lie cs- War him lo ac- t was olilained was inaccurate dpi lariiiw he personally hail made llic purchasv1. He paid .Tolin- son. son of sfr'tion owil-'i- ;tl lialavia. ill., had hern the actual ;diy. hcjer of Ihe liijiior. usiiiK money liii A li'llonal )V IflHtli' pit with hy oreor. hill at the- liii'iur nuliy, 10 of tiic Slnilh lease Greer'J i jn it Ih-lerest would increase lo eight- io hurry il (In; jiv.vnti'.-ihs of nil royalties and ren- dec without osamiiriiiois. !I: 'ih-ra's j h.; w.mhl he- aid" io disjiiov-j ihe Jin-.-i TWO <.f tho children. Mrs. Jolm I thaiKe.-. liamilion of and Osc i ________.________ [I'.cik of Ihis county, refused ftTni pii itr-ei lifi'icd cnntrad. which lhc STOLEN HEN to many i li lib sooil aii'i valiant i I lie tiiinor at th- vrd 111" nation in a wolmin, r fc- di'-pnrlmeni. Miu-li di-ilarc was iLikcn lo malvc it made-. Jnhtise ate and l-'ony lh letters i.clc written aski had !M IP- initial smid.y. i-'mail in fion! of Stafford's fillinc I Mr- l-'n-ls will le.iv (Million.'' wliich is near the Dt-kins Dallas, whero he inl' talkies'' in llu- pi-rt tiilkic. loniplcli'd nn-1 j installation nf would lake unit [ini-hed this and a test in.uli-. A fov'.ihir (levin-, tomorrow, nill hi.- i I a numhvi tit1 talking pictures, in th" Cocro thejilrc slso "Wcjliy Mrs. Kids. sin-iiff S: with flayiiii; Mi.-- irl a dry Aili'ira. Iv-lifa the .-lii-1 s ai-iiilciual. ol. CUarlfr; soillll Tity ded ai Ihis silent about his pl.u-.-. oUn.T si.sij.ituiY.-i nit'l il sin'vr iis a U-ianfrr Tln-y fnrttu-r ul infu.-i.'ii tn rt-Uirti v t to nlhrr.i I'Xv'i utc it ;iml tiifv ;i (.liock tii'.-y vcil (lofcti'l'inr t ton for lu-'l th-'in p.iyiiu'iit relus'-c t lUtl U'Jt WEATHER REPORT EGG IN COURTROOM: LEAHY IS GRANTED STAY OF EXECUTION :day partly'Ilit

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