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Location: Victoria, Texas

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Advocate (Newspaper) - April 1, 1929, Victoria, Texas "While Gold Frames" Nol only Ihe latest, bul comfortable, and (stylish. They aiv wearing tliem now, DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optomclrist -AFTERNOON EDITION. French, Publiiher. VOLUME 31 FOR FURNITURE AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND mm Easy Terms Phone 159 AND VICTORtA COUNTY, SECOND. SOUTHWESf IN Timely Topics THE FIRST April, some da suy, it If fitl apart for All fords' day ivliy (lit people ciill it mi Nor ]_. nur they themselves do i, know. 1'oor Hohin's Almanac. APRIL Is lit're! Listen, ;i blue-bird in titrullug neV; Low mill sweet is the SOUK ho As he sits In OK, sunshine will! folded wings. lioxfoi'd. FOR CENTURIES I customary lit play irresponsible VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 1, 1929. Per Annum NUMBER 225 Irieks on one's neighbors on UK' i A. nty larKe "umber of pi fir-t day of April. Tills day i? funeral of .Mrs. variously called April Fools' or ol- dub woim Tools' Day. "''5 death occurred FINED FOR STRIKING MOTHER-IN-LAWJI rv f% if fcs w Property To Wife, Dies In Poor House MBS. L G. w i niiwiitvi i i mil i J !IU --.____________________ ____ lice. Tlie most plausible is that was ia j dales back the adoption ftt the lolie CemeU-ry, Uimn Itev Geori-inn calendar by Ihe Frencli jsfeuor John Sheehan. pastor 01 tin. I" 151M. I'rior to this date the j church, officiated and n-as French were aceiistonied to pay In. [ed by Itev. Lambert Sliiel. tin is formal visits to their friends on fsistiini pastor, and Itev. L. Ktscben- April I, After llnj change of Ihe jiiers. pastor of Onr Lady nf calendar ilii-so visits were made on jt'linrch. There were a jtreat many January j. beanlil'ul floral offerings, ineliid- Hut muck visits were made on iins of April 1. Especially were lliese I11'1' of Ihe made on those who rniubt have for. i "f Texas and llronle CMnb. Eoiicn the to the new order 'Ml'S' "s 1 prciudcm. Among Urnst; in aticml- or thmss. Tlie rrsucli term for ance at the obKi'ituies were many Ibis custom '-poisson avrll- U'C means "April fish.- or a young or' 7'allv" "rar alul 'crislly GXiRbt fish "'e re' ii -o.i eeived iminerons mt'ssngea of is with iis, we are easily ctiusbt! April fool jokes. j 1 .Mrs. Kreisles devotion lo our BROWN'S A GOOD fellow, but i" -he's ditferont from vou lie isn't 1 c ..rttll w. succcssdil the way you are. He'.- l got a funny taste in clolui's. untleratiiml n-liat makes Mod show or a good book. H He isn't popular, flags flyiiiK in Ihe city were, half masted. liy order ot Mayor S. S. Kilterle, (he on Ibe Public Square was placed at half mast and the teachers of St. leilLIH.IS OL OI. Nol the way yon j Josephs' llijih School, assislcd by Oil, Ilrosvn is as far removed some of Ibe members of (be 1'ire _ from you as (lie >'orth t'ule! Deiiaiuneiit and a manlier of Iliat, there are certain !Samls< larpej things. Both ot you feel suddenly j TMils !'m pole in Mumorial x old wlien you see a iiack of kids wlioao beiinlifkatieli swlminlus frankly in the creek, i M''s' <g Hc.Ui ot you set a throat when ......__ Hatch men lioist (lie flu- Bolli rJOuSTON Cfl W oi yon fiercely want your sons [o "wuu uu- ILL Governor Fights Impeachment ;Ben Linville of Bloniington i Enters Pfea of Self- j Defense. TRIED BEFORE JURY! I: I jBoth Parties to Difficulty! Testify and Make Elo- quent j A motlier-in-law. incident iliat j into I'oiirl instead of the? funny f papers formed the basis of u cssoi that: of the''Victoria County Court this! grow into fine, respected men. Ilolli of you want to set on, and save money, and cut sonic kind of figure in (lie world, noth of you set liuugry along about dinner time. Not ;n very different all. j hi lots uf nrown and you liittly close, lu tbe iiuninn. sinnile tilings. it ever struck you Jifjvv closely adrurllsing deals wit'j just tiioso hiiniiiu tilings? Storm Originated in North- ern Arkansas and Swept to Missouri. DETROIT j Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin1 Also Severely Struck by Winds. II r iiu run 11, OE i'oyucr, _ i ari; in a serious condition -to- w. A. Garnuer Had hair ance and Property Worth property damage was RAN HOTEUN VICTORIA lon'iidi) wlik-h struck SuiHheasU-rn Missouri last GovcFiior Ihiev Ltiuy. K-it. Louisiana, is carrying 1 '.niver.iof niiev Ltiuy. Icit, i, .oil i is cair-t-r' nn a This-exclusive'photo shows Dor-j was charged with assault and hat- %ln gainst diar-es w'li'ch arc b S 1 othy: Collins; whom slain Harryjlery in connection with Ihe inei- asainst'liTin In- siatc iii' an Adarhs is saitf to have considered! dent. lie Kiiilty by n j Mr tin? iiujk.itcil wjll.ust: all means ut liis'wn- himself married to according to {Jury and fined ?i5, whieli lie i lo ilt-l'cat tlicir efforts.. Dr. Paul Al Cvr of fc-'nercUe'' the Buddhist faith. Dorothy paid. j l.a., Hie sugar bdl disniri of j', considered tile him that her heart beat double] The complainant in Hie case was in the cvtt't llic legislature impeaches thirlkina nf i-kneKnnrf I., Mrc 'iilVCltlur ____ t'UI'.'AflO. April n _. j ''i-ailis were reported i Unwcver. seven ur eight seriously A suit i injured are fxpecleil lo die. hi'i-e today linmslii 10 sad i-ir-j The storm originated in Xonli HMThjen, Arkansiis ami extended il; H'. A. Gardner, ll-t, n: few days j of as far.north Missouri. a litter i -w'- <'ardiii-r and lil -'-w j the evidence jivbich the defens: I January 2S last l.invillc i-nrsccl fiN WFinFR drovc Mrs- Olive Adams !ier- flf fiPFRATlMR rn VVi IfLUjLn her husband, the ill, bis fist and threalencil to! UUO I Ur UrLnA I !NU i AilAL I OlO lATAL TO j fcrd meteorologist. strike her will, chair and a OniJTyrnil Hinirm linn ni 1 'llc'" !lraui o( Wi's k "tre- I t'-tchet, interference nf iUUJnhHN PAU F G MRS SARAARA ____ r duusliter savins her from fur- niuu0 unuln Slllflj IS April L im.pui-iy 10 iuingars nt the airport beneficiary Mf "LaSalle" of thl of Ihn World insurance pulley, j K'lry Line ivlt- Kllortly lliercafter she lefl him amli1'1'1 wind-; 15 minutes to f-n last hi-ard of w.js in i here. L' PlflMpFR HITUFM .-omplete torsion balance survey of UJ Artverlislng gels down to fund a- fiO.ooi) acre lease, an-onliiii lu'nnHT i JIUOI mcntals-lhe Health of yonr chil- Friday reports from two reliable i HuH flVflRA dren, UK- hamdness of yum- wife, sources. I'.wn fciTtnUrtj comple ils fiO.ooi) acre lease, un-oriliiis loi dren, UK- liamdness of your wife, sources. your xoinfm-l. 11 lelis ways lo Almllm. Wlll] is s-ave money ami lime and eiienjy. i R touches you in a. hundred ways Hie ways tnakt, yim and that good fellow. Brown, ntui-li alike. l.avaca sis and in a destilutu cmifli, .-'.nids nf dollars uf property dMi- __ u'lls UK- .-nimty done in Uu. West iwlicn she filed the complaint' cost !l (tw ami di.-d i-'lay as result rjf terrific wiml iasainsl her son-in-law ,be dav M.i a "L' nrm.t. i( rain storms. j lowing the difficnMy. Hoiilhvn, facific is SllifC1'Pl1 i ,f Indiauu. Iowa and l.indvilli- an entirely differ- it is fisnrrd out. Saturday and; ueim.iiu. Mil-van1-'e jeni version of the affair. ,es-j The figures furnished J. al licr home Smith Main te to the col- ,L-................. are for hi.VmiM'v ;'U Kirc A hoar in [n- d .ii.Ki'in; is mjliy nl-'t" j abused him and advanced mak luar only th, wind ratlins the stale, lor all (he- il is siven out. from wlieiue opportunity lias t'ANAMA April whu have A CONFIRMED pessimist al ;ilict- a lale sinini sum. cr ami an early and hard halt of it: "My wind my li Sin- foil; tin- nomaii (li-clnn d ill-am a aliially ulun nuiiM-l fur Ih- d-. li-nse, T. IV Morgan, i in mm.- sialcmcnu, ti. KIM-. Tin- iricd In furi- I'oun- MiiihudiM l.v .IniU-c -I. .i. SViiiiilbinisi- prus- vi-- abselie.-'" ivi T. K. alieady "f r''vl- mcmb.-r. that Hirer r.f four Sflc v Irslen lo (lie "f i' S. M "r "i! ;l molion can b-.-made m, Ibe nuantitv n r. Cnmdri-. o' negative now rronireil it is as- t ,P i T' l] N K. nnd K> era inventor has i.urodute.l. or oil in commercial 'm --Hid us verirn l. "All oi mt-i, iai have nmilirrs alul tn 01 llu-y him. li.i.-iliVl- tin- niiiii i-.niild i, wilb (hi- i- i.- NEW LAW IS ,H APPLICABLE TO EVEN THE ii ill v. li-ii j i 1 v L -I 'MM III 1 IH I U'' ,11110 J U WEATHFB REPORT IIL.IUIIA mil Hie. s> vv cr ils I. I 1'arlly ,md i (V Of William 11. I- I'- .l.uin-s M va-'iWl V. ta, y lour ij ,utv m Mvv :Ji. U livi'uu' i.'m jiiri.

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