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Advocate (Newspaper) - March 27, 1929, Victoria, Texas "While Gold Frames" Not only Iho lalcit, but comfortable, strong and slylish. They are wearing (hem now. DR. JACK KAHN Exclusive Eyesight Specialist and Optometrist VICTORIA ADVOCATE -AFTERNOON EDITION, FOR FURNITURK AND GAS STOVES SEE HOLLAND ATOR Easy Terms Phono 159 -ASGeo. H. French, Publisher. FIRST, VICTORIA AND VICTORIA COUNTY, SECOND, SOUTHWLsf IN GENERAL. Subscription: Per Annum If 7 VOLUME 31 VICTORIA DAILY ADVOCATE- WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 27, 1929. NUMBER 221 Timely Topics NO COMMUNITY In the world can become prosiiiuoiis unless there Is source oi iiicoiiK', Tile Ktenler thy income the ill-ent- er the prosperity. Victoria eaimot prosper foe of money into its borders. The coin tbul coini's to live In Vic- toria becomes n truv svorkuiim Hie uiiliulhlliig oi tills section. money that goes awuy, like all all- k Seiilccs, iloe.s us no good whatever. Apply this to local commercial Mid industrial affairs. An cuter- prise gi-tiwi through Hie ai'quisl- lion of a surplus. If ils income ex- cfsedH its H jirusi.ors, Bounty, ti-lebraled their gold- M-Mie bahtice tbu other way, i'. withers away. Towns and elites operate under the aame rules, no VOTE TO X THURSDAY, MAR. 21 Mr. Mia. (Jhas. M, Aillc-r, f Vic- matter how obscure Hie implication may be. fee capita wealth docs not al- ways wean general prosperity, but oT Hint Consider e.'i wedding anniversary on March 21. Ml1. Adler, a well known ranch- man of the Adler community, u 70 years old and born in A' sace-Loiraine, He canio to tliia country with his purcnts in the iM'Ki and tlie family settled al FIRST "X" 4-H CLUB IN U. S. ORGANIZED HEREllOCT Houston Oil Co. tb Erect Building in Victoria i le I ilnly insures the possibility as one joint enterprise, j i lib all citizen's us stockholders. B Moll. Calhoun County. At "Be of he lost his father. Adler, who was killed when one spends, away from >'ls Ilis is money sent away; eneh one st-ll.- awny [rom lionie, i v moil y moi.slit in to offset the Oilier total, If tile inuney tliat arrives is gre'iiter than thai sen' became Mrs. Hen Itic-hiirdson. was Ions a resident of Victoria ami lied at the age of SS years. horses in 1 Cc.mity, Mr. Adlcr became ac- The Old Villain oway the tlvic. e'> groivp. Its surplus uruws. If Ihe balance i; olher way. the civic enterprise withers, the balance constantly dwindles and the word "p-o-v-c-r- i y" begins to be written on liis all. with his future wife ;vi'l Had Reached Retiring Atje i Limit and Wanted to Continue Club Work. i elr.ped with hc-i1 to Victoria. Tbev nuivrted here March 1M, by Justice of the I'cace Charles j Hall'lit the residence of Mrs. Jos.! 47 Urban, who died a number ut years' aKo at the asc of K yfMs. Mrs. BdJCVCd NOW Cllll) Will Followed by Many Others TO -Preston H. Arkwright, president of tbe licnal Electric Light Association, l'j2S was one ol Ihe most progres- sive years in electrical history. Our electric supply was as much as the lotal ot all the'rest of tin jorld. and over a seven-year pin- the nirniliiir o( i iriiiitjinfrsr ba- by more than w.UDU.UUO. Adler was formerly Miss Helen: Tluileineycr and wns born and reared at freybcrg, Kayette Cuun j She was the daughter of Mr. mid Mrs. t'. Thulmeycr. who spent] the last year's of their lives at. Shiner. Mis. Adler Is years old. j CHARTER MEMBERS Throughout Nation In 1SS1, Mr. and Mrs. Adlei uiov-1 from L.OIIK siding where Molt to Victoria, the fair grounds when M Victoria County's 4-11 Club work is responsible for one of the most iniijortant aud progressive steps ever yet tnlceti for the advance- incut of rural development and community progress through its -increased by more than W.UiWJOO. j section Ihe :Wi'ek "4, with a: piotiuVtiouiile u. Wood ranch in the southern j cll'b- f'K{ o! lls klml .'fc-eueraiius antlUistribiitins the V in the United "is. ,.r their pVescnt home. During number of ujeVs [diildren are liviiis, four sons and Afiml 4l. 11. Hoss Thnrs- oi eiL-ctric ciiri-ciit a re- cord of liS.OOOjOuO. of which nearly ivllon ;l 'ro111' er HI met an thu four Sam of Sidney of Kenedy and Den- are household user.-. and .Misses Sadie, Katie Electric service has now been ex-i and .Mamie Adler of Ibis tended to every city ot more llnui Mr. and Mrs. Adler also have two j The new club for its mcm- S.COU population, to U7 percent of i grandchildren, Marie Helen anil I former club boys and all towns with between ami I'nlli I.ille, both limit-liters ot Mr. who bavins completed tbe projecla 5.000 population, and lo :a vast j and .Mrs, Ham Adlcr. Thc late; fur which Ihey enrolled have now j number ot smaller communities. [Mrs- Henry Iliermaiin of this city rcudu-d the ivliriiis sine limit oi was Mr. .vller's sister and the work. This ase is IS years! Transfer of Employes May Cause Walkout on Texas and Pacific. [SEEK REIMBURSEMENT Contend Railroad Should Complete Payment on Honias at Marshall. To Be Used as Office for Company Supplying City With Gas. One of the mosl pronounced (Airs. Alois l-'imbel bis halt sister, i tor sins and 20 years for Hi- bad no brothers. Louis Thnl-; There are approximately Tuii.UOi) PLAY TO BE GIVEN THURSDAY NIGHT AT TELFERNER SCHOOL phases of last year's progress wiy: iu farm electrification. At the present time nearly farms have this service, and more than JOO men are now devoting their on-, craics lo promote and e.vpanl farm service. T o s 5 i b 1 y the achievement of cleclricily is shown DIGGING OF CLAMS i FORM, 'VICTORIANS STARTS ON COAST! ARE VISITORS HERE FROM WEST TEXAS DALLAS, March 11 UKUI trainman on the Texas Pacific Linen in Texas have vntc-d to strike, it vny aniiannced tnduy by Krcd Itarr, vji-c-ptX'HidiMit of tlio linMliL'rhood of Locoriujtivtj Fire- men atirl KnjOnemtn. Tlio main complaint of tlnj iVaiu- ALSO FILLING STATION lhal tllc' faiisfor- ______ jrml L'inpkiye.s from Marshal! when _ _ _, i that division point was moved, Texas Company Secures Op- heavy moner- tion on Beckhatn Property jty ami homes which UH.-J- iionsiu in Same Vicinity. wcre pay <mt wiitn ______ moved. The employes contcml the The Houston Oil Company has [company should complete the pay- purchased Mcliitoah's lllt'ir property al Hie corner of Main and j Company stale, that liio Grande Streets mi of'icinlly ad- No. 12 for Hie erection of an office vised "f lllc vcvdicl. and filling I .TimP M t V .iroper.ty is several lilueks fiom n'w I Hi fl IIKr ffi fl I main ;business disirici.'ol ihe LLUWLH UI1L H The confjiderLition wa.s TLie office building will lie occu-I pied by Iho Texas (Jus j Hillitigs, 'the' subsidiary 'of ilie i Houston .Oil Ccnnpany vvhivli is sup-j plyinti Victuria with sas. The filling slation will lie (lie first one j I'slablished liere by the Houston' Oil Company and v.ill lie c-o with undcrsionnd lor the of curload Kliipnu'iils of gasnlinc1. A nearby SoiHin.'ni AHKUIIKK.V, Wash.. March horde nl enthnsiaslic armed will, a motley mover, decensed. for many years j-l-H l.'ltib members iu the tmited couniy sui'voyor of Victoria C'onn-; States. The clubs are under I st-nterl f ty, wivs Mrs. Adlcr'.s brother. i suiiurvision of conuLy and home All of Mr. aud Mrs. Adler's ciiil- Idcnionsti-atiOH who are (lien and grandchildren and n lew working under the rulings of tbe 5 i i.ilimate friends were present at I Esleiisinn Service nepartment oft 11 lie celcbriitioii of their Sflhh-n "lo A- M- Colicm! co-operaliim anniversary and tbe Lulled States ncpartment of all the power in industry is a most one. triral aini, on the average, rac'n' in a factory ly five borsi'iiowei- at his com "Civil an American [assortment of ie pie-1 .j descended upon that member' of llui hivalvu i drama in three acts will be al the Telferner Thursday nisht. April I. The characters Old ii. T. i linrriiiglon. I Til. IMPEACH. GOVERNOR-.; 'VOTE INDICATES- in tlie iihijr :irc annual harvt'sl Mr. Klecrlrinty hern a I re dona publiir hone fur. tor in i'1- living 11 nd worUini; ami the ccoiioniic and sn- ciiil PtsV.Ms of Ihu worktr. Its -IDEATH SENTENCE INEGBO IS AFFIRMED'jrr ASSAULTED WOMAN a iHiirlinr ;us Ooclinin (jil Vtihrnin Tlio I'nsttnistroiS, Mrs, KeyiLolO.-i for which I jioncy Order Clerk, SU'v.- iL-iillal i-lum- c lies ti[ liniy of of "-.m-i- t-Mir" ilissrers. v.-linm. tlirv claim. Mr. itntl Mrti. A. lirou-n frinr rhildrt'n, Mary Liirn, Mar- Ann, Ceot'Ru Kdwant nnd' i .losriihinr. Mrs. Mrown's mnlh- Mrs. (iussio Linn, ;ill of tiro in Victnriit on ;i visit arid vrill remain lien: about ten dnys. Tliuy arc at Ik-river lluU-1.' Mr. lirowti is a k'adins rant-IiiiKUi of U'rstcrn Mrs. is tiif? widinv tif tin.', lalu K. 11. 1UTOX La., March 2.1. is unw cleur for tliu itui'oihiftujii of Hit: moni rL'nOliitinn against (lovcnmr Hti'jy P. T h rotiDlution coatiiinii I'acitu; s in MIL; lie cxleinied to 1110 Oppos.le properly an-. aiso on Highway No. 12 (he TOXUH t'om-! pany lias secured an option to pm- 1C' cotinlri. (rum an rJk'pjd at- tt-miit lo "lie tu I'luHC Mrs. J, S. I tack m's re.Hi- dcnco propurly lor ;i tonsulunitior. of for tlio uiX'VtiuLi a filliiif; slatkin. Mr. McliUosii, [imt; been otnployed in the division offic-es Eiove. it! Ui'.- cotilrnct to Kd Winner for tiu- eroctimi of ;t new six-roMin i I-M- delicti uu JoiuiH Struct, A test v-itc In udjoiii'ii the tCTiitiy ufici'tiri'jii Ijy u voto ut to 35. 1livi-' c Iliwi'iniui, fortuor frieitii ot jjovornor, to kill is tat m Kepre- ;iiiVL' J. V. Sitrnlcis, Jr., un- nHy In wa, y to owner and puhlisher of the A-lvo- i was today, of tliat i i Fordo Caulkms. persons in Vir-! lo im-m- [bership at the iirosenl lime. To jH sluitild witness a very rapid a splcmliil for the future. Lust hnt iiol Ic.isl. develop has Riven our ritijpni use of as ni'.irti olpctricity H t-njini'd liy all [lie rc-sl tif the i uoj'iii inuTcr iTin Al'STIX. Miireh of Willie Cnidy, n U-iircd In (In- fur c-rimiii nil a IInnt ('miniy white woman, was afth mud Unliiy liy Hn: Court of Criminal Ajipt-iilri. The uf ArmUu-jnl tloilami. v.'as titu iwonlenif] from t-.vslt-iu of I'll- Inr 'nuriU'i' itti'l irivt-ii Jo years in criiMKinfi initiative ami was HJVCTM d and I trrpri.o niul'-r suilablr I'oinnndrd. not liy and rusi; nf A. (larrolt. The IKS it wi'h K-'vornmoiit owncr.sliin ICIT fd l" twn from onu, and is tho nut-oC- Connty pra< iit in most nf (hi1 for- an it hi- fed through tin: of -I- II Cinbf -if tlie i-nunly. There if IF: for dtM-pcr and deiiiiis hy jlhcir unskiUtd Smite of HrnyhiU. ;tiii- vcleiiins sc< aro j Tlitf Country IJiiy, Goldie- i Ihuiiett. Voiir (-uuir-rien in opeia- Tlic J'ostniistri.'s.i' during tlio cprii season. lleatrico Ohsla. i A i'f .Mrs. T. Jeffs HambteUm. A riirel CJiri. Hinlii- i Hidh McCoy. I A- ('oilri tor. CokhK'in i V'arnier, Tlie nncky i Ki'iiyon- Nedith Mtf'ny. j "Civil df'iiif the :nnl [lie and I I'Miipta! itiiis; of ii ir( Iiy-hiw.- call lor ;i nu'etiu.u'! K li year anil v, ill lo attend wlipthi'v or nut cute in llie uutl Inns prom- inent in (ho poiitical affairs stale. Mrs. Ijinn move Alptnir from ia many I tirown vas tbei a tiinall child hni sin: lias i n cotUM'tinns (if lier rcsideiu- Their many Victoria friends i 'I in set- them attain. ........lniornlll pnrrn 1P AIRSHIP COMPLETING 'ti BASEBALL SPEED is m m E NONSTOp years! PimUfM DV Till COT I1UI.U I1UIIU I Vi HUwNBl lALLtil i PITCHER IN LEAGUE 15J member.-; enrolled nt liiis tinit- j in Ihn ,ijn! flubs, juid i of [itunber 07 per cent are i EifK-en yeais of This inviins Ihe "X" Ml Club constantly a stream of new nieinlKirs from one of the avim- in tlie IASKETBAU. TITLE WINNERS ARE. GIVEN CHICAGO CRIMINALS i TAMI'A, Kla.. Mardi 'Trying hard l' vurk road IValm llu- ;COURT REVERSES PRISON SENTENCE OF LAREDO BANKER I'asr- of K. MIIUK. pie dvnl of itui Stale Hunk and Company of t oiivick'd in i.'nniiiy nf hinds and ed to jeiii.s hi t lu- uenii eniiai was Tsrd iiml rc-mandi'd loiliiy hy Coinl nf CriEninal Appeals. lU'y livo in or out ut fhe s'-Sr-ion is ID 1b- hold I lie fiini'Ili sday in Ihi: 1'ii :1 one to lake nlare citi LM. tlii.- Ttu- jiffnir In- a sort of a lnmn! Knur additiinuil will rtfldvil to (.1'.'-: lioanl WU.MI i' met-ls iii '1'lu' L'otnitry Inn- i m. I'd nf of ihi Kind, 'I'll-1 ,s.a'i tnejiis and is lo and niKTiini'i1 oi Tin d lh-_- "eiini'' ami a 1 ii'1 aHemlefl >li-rn Ti ai li- in 111" :i' all College in KelUltvky. 11.' ci-ib won tin -'iiv n-i l in- iiit'iiiiur; tliis star player 1 'l hit -uul pi AHUM T mrtropo'.Hvs, liav tutinMi it "pro." vy d i--i broach t th" nanir- joiliet] MS ;pitrheL- tn I'.-JT and rlnif ,es out tin- intn nulil he pim b.iM liy i IV'. e An' Nil n T lit t 1 i i SWcn' il 1 last snnnnrr, !U- won fov.r1 in i'i' 'i n !1 till r.Jr-1 (.OIU lost tn- th" "1. i.iK llie.itid .1 HUT u iTxi'vlul Biu-ly of Me may urn nnl.'' Uvrll. llynn. 1 ma.joi> tins year inn ck. also foL'lioth in ho will, in tJie nv LU -1 Vi-d ;ill ui liomithhrs per He liu, in ml 'V 1 ''IM U- fi'.', it has from I'MI l.rua. Kv to Ihivi11 and ;v qnarter lU'iiniLs leithitr.; in; I hiip-'rl.i? iVc-> u b. ,T, 'i'. 1'utliT. wil h ;t and h denumds sp'.'uVini: of TV- s'.vcaii'r in lii'luiii" of naliU'dlly, resnltini: ciitwn.' lirivo tndei' of tl'.c mhul nuioiis its inhabitants city a ini-j yi ml tin 3 CHILDREN BORN TO DEATH WHEN FLAMES DESTROY RESIDENCE The ii i Sirnili. Aim Sinilii,

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